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#Pisces: You are now able to see the world differently because of what it taught you. You don't see any reason walking around being mad at the world. You found clarity within yourself and took a look at your life to realize you don’t want things to go back to how they were.
#Aquarius: You know how to rise above all those who doubt you. Once you decide you want something, the right people you need will appear and the right doors you need open will unlock. Shyness is not in your vocabulary.
#Capricorn: There is a method to their madness. When it’s time for most people to unplug, a Capricorn might just be getting started. You know how to reset, readjust, restart, and refocus as many times as you need to in order to truly find your happiness.
#Sagittarius: As long as they want it enough, nothing can stop them from fulfilling their dreams. Their ability to find an adventure wherever they go is nothing short of magical.
#Scorpio: Their eyes never miss a thing and sometimes they will ask you something over and over again just to see if you are going to lie. Underestimating them in any way or thinking that it’s easy to fool them is one of the biggest mistakes you will ever make.
#Libra: They don’t find it difficult to be single for some time, because they know that the wait will be worth it. When you step to them you better be prepared. Remember they are usually the ones who talk people out of doing dumb things so they are not fools.
#Virgo: Virgos don’t just talk the talk, they also walk the walk. They need to understand that not everyone has the same level of intelligence as them. So, even the tiniest bit of incompetence irks them to no end.
#Leo: If a situation goes south, be rest assured that a Leo will be there to handle the situation and help you out of it. As much as people talk bad about a Leo they always try their hardest to imitate them.
#Cancer: Sometimes they don't even have to say anything for someone to feel their wrath. Cancers are pretty chill people unless you push them too far. If they have a problem with you they will convey that to you in a very constructive manner.
#Gemini: Always very self-reliant by nature, they choose to build their own path and have their own experiences. They are big smooth-talkers who can get anything done by anyone without breaking a sweat. You will either learn to love them or hate them.
#Taurus: They always try to keep things genuine and real. Even though they have so much love to give they're not afraid to have boundaries. They takes the term ‘love thyself’ very seriously, and know the importance of taking care of oneself.
#Aries: Sometimes you are so full of passion that it can sometimes be translated as you wanting to fight. People don't realize having you on their team will always prove to be their biggest asset.
Earth signs are usually the type to kill you with kindness or let their success do all the talking. They can be very sarcastic and sometimes very intimidating because they just seem to always know everything. Definitely not for the weak types. twitter.com/gurpreetrai04/…
Then get you a Libra man. He would probably be your best choice at happiness. twitter.com/dianedds93/sta…
I think anyone with water as their moon sign should avoid a Gemini or Sagittarius. That’s just a recipe for disaster. twitter.com/perrywinkle76/…
These two can be very much dangerously in love. These two will truly ride or die for each other. They especially don’t do the whole back and forth on social media when they have problems or let anyone else comment on their relationship. twitter.com/ADL1023/status…
It’s not exactly the most ideal match,but a Gemini and Cancer would definitely have to be more toxic for me. That’s just my opinion. It’s some matches that I think really are better off as friends or never crossing paths at all. twitter.com/cheesecakes_cc…
#Pisces: They tell you that you're gullible, but you are always the first one to check up on people. Game recognizes game and you know how to adapt to anything.
#Aquarius: They tell you that you're distant, but you are smart enough to never let them catch you slipping. You stake yourself worth on your ability to be different.
#Capricorn: They tell you that you're predictable, but you only let people know what you want them to know. There's a reason why you are always ahead of the game.
#Sagittarius: They tell you that you're reckless, but you just living life and don't want anyone coming to you about unnecessary bullshit especially when it comes to gossiping about other people.
#Scorpio: They tell you that you're controlling, but you always seem to know things even when no one else does. That's why people can never play you like a fiddle.
#Libra: They tell you that you're indecisive, but stay blowing up your phone for advice.
#Virgo: They tell you that you're picky, but you are the greatest at everything you do.
#Leo: They tell you that you're arrogant, but you truly are one in a million.
#Cancer: They tell you that you're sensitive, but they should never confuse your kindness for weakness. Like a true fighter you go all the way in for the win.
#Gemini: They tell you that you're crazy, but you'll never let them change you.
#Taurus: They tell you that you're stubborn, but people know they can always count on you.
#Aries: They tell you that you're selfish, but you are always the first one to the rescue.
That’s the thing a Cancer woman is going to always hold an Aries man down no matter how difficult he can be. Even though he might not say it he needs her just as much as she needs him. There’s something odd about this match but they always find a way to come back to each other. twitter.com/thatrutkogirl/…
These two together are very scary there’s always going to be a need to dominate. They could destroy the world together,but will probably end up destroying each other first in the process. The sex will be out of this world between these two powerful signs. twitter.com/cheesecakes_cc…
She better find a hobby because not much can catch or keep this man interest. A Libra woman is the total package so the last thing she needs to be doing is wasting her time. twitter.com/kikidi30/statu…
Get a cancer man and learn how to be treated like a true queen. Lol a Gemini man will definitely ruin a Pisces woman world. He will have her emotions all over the place and the whole time he won’t be losing sleep. twitter.com/SurayaMarsh/st…
I think no matter how tough they seem scorpios always have a soft spot. At least with them what you see is what you get. Not many people can truly handle a Scorpio. twitter.com/Mmarielicious/…
Sagittarius best matches in order for me would have to be Aries, Aquarius, Leo, Gemini. I think you can’t go wrong with these four signs. twitter.com/holdmylatte/st…
These two are very much compatible. When they get together everyone else better move out of the way. They never let outside influences cause problems within their relationship. This is probably one of the top matches in my opinion. twitter.com/iM_MollyGirl/s…
This is usually a toxic match,but I actually want these two to work. As an Aquarius myself I think there’s something so sexy about scorpios that you can’t help but be drawn to them. These two are really good at pushing each other buttons. twitter.com/ijezabelle_jan…
I think whoever steps into a relationship with a Scorpio better be prepared. Scorpios are one of the most powerful signs so they need someone just as powerful as them to keep them from bouncing off the walls. twitter.com/the_illipina/s…
Two Leo’s together are too hot to handle. My biggest concern will be that they will tear each other apart trying to determine who will be the dominant one when it should be 50/50. twitter.com/Domi_BdaZen/st…
Scorpios can never catch a break in the love department. twitter.com/RealGood_/stat…
I love these two together. They know how to keep each other humble. There’s never a lack of chemistry and when they enter the room they steal the spotlight. One of my favorite matches. twitter.com/Falsfa2/status…
Cancer and Taurus is a solid match. I think Taurus make great lovers regardless of who they end up with. twitter.com/caramelbean18/…
#Pisces: They always have faith that things will work out in the end so they see no reason to stress. They sometimes have a “it is what it is” mentality.
#Pisces: The minute a Pisces walks into a room, they start picking up on all the vibes. They will catch every shady comment. They may seem chill on the outside, but on the inside, they're trying to keep themselves from asking, "Are you mad at me?" every five seconds.
#Aquarius: If you have a tendency to overspend, overdo or overreact, an Aquarius will be that voice of reason you need whispering in your ear. Conversation and consolation are never forced, they are genuine in everything they do.
#Aquarius: They are far from pushovers. Treat your Aquarius in a way they consider disrespectful, and you'll live to regret it. They know better than to start a pointless argument that would lead nowhere.
#Capricorn: Holding themselves to impossibly high standards means that Capricorns often manage to achieve nothing but greatness. Capricorns are more than happy enough to give you tough love.
#Capricorn: Those born under this sign are all about getting that money, and if your career aspirations not aligning with their own don't waste your time. They don't feel the need to justify their actions.
#Sagittarius: You'll probably have to ask the right questions to get the real answers when it comes to any state of negativity they are feeling at the moment. They simply don't broadcast negative vibes without good reason.
#Sagittarius: They have a blind spot for red flags, so they approach every person and situation with open arms. Optimism is great, but it consequently sets them up to be disappointed.
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