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Sarah Eaglesfield

I never know what you guys are gonna like, but God love all of you.
Retweeted by Sarah Eaglesfield
Well, thanks for ruining my trip, @realDonaldTrump. You guys owe me $15K now. Personal cheque accepted. 😐…C
Any of my US friends know for sure if the IRS Taxpayer Assistance Centers will be open? If not, I may well have to blow this one off.…
With this government shutdown happening, another blow to my US trip - one of the reasons I needed to go over was to get a new ITIN without surrending my passport for 3 months. Customs already a nightmare & regularly takes me three hours to clear. To go or not to go?
"Shutdown" and "Shithole" are structurally very similar.
I've known @RagingZen for a few years now. He's ridiculously talented, I think he'd been learning guitar for a month when he recorded this cover of @foofighters St Cecilia. He's having a go at rap now, and it's great, but like hell I'm ever posting rap.
people whose retweets equal endorsements belong in a fucking cage
Retweeted by Sarah Eaglesfield
"Pizza with Little Pizzas" for The Fake News Awards 2018 #FAKIES…
“I’ve lost a lot of sleep over this,” Sheriff Joe Lombardo, #LasVegasShooting, 19th January 2018. We noticed. A long time ago.…
A lot of teens seem very angry at this tweet and to you I’d just like to say: stop eating laundry detergent idiots
Retweeted by Sarah Eaglesfield
Some conservative women are bigger SJWs than the left, I swear. Go & get laid, start reproducing already, none of us care how much you care about whatever the hell you're virtue signalling about today.
I've wondered the same about Piers repeatedly.…
Morning, snowflakes.
"but climate change is a hoax"... burn, dumbtards, burn.…
* makes a very reluctant push for 10K * "follow me, chances are I won't follow you back because Twitter uses people's connections to target promoted tweets and doesn't take privacy or free speech seriously but follow me anyway because numberz"
I'm at the "please don't make me go back to America on Monday" stage now. I'm on zero for four with potential meet-ups, the gigs aren't appealing, the weather is horrendous, and I have so many better ways to spend my cash than pump it into Trump's economy...
Not many folk with protected accounts on Twitter realise NO ONE CAN SEE THEIR TWEETS - even their @ replies, unless the person they're sending the @ to follows them. I don't follow protected accounts. If your tweets aren't good enough to share with the world, I'm not interested.
Thing is; he's literally, categorically, and irrefutably not my president. Why people get so pissy about that, I'm not sure. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
I'd like to officially announce my Twitter love affair with @camstaquinn is back on, after a 2.5 year hiatius, & you should all follow him, because he's, like, really smart. A very stable genius.
We need to start workshopping our Fake News about @realDonaldTrump for next year's Fake News Awards now, folks. The more outrageous the better. #Winning #fakies #FakeNewsAwards #UnintendedConsequences
This gentleman puts it a lot more eloquently than I do. #YouTubeBoycott on 20th February 2018 - now "Small Creator Day". #BoycottYouTube…
People getting copies of a book they ordered, but they can't remember why they ordered it. Sexual goalposts for men mysteriously moved. Paddock was caught up in a kidnap attempt on a Saudi Prince. Jacob leaves the island & becomes a founder of The Capitalist Party. Literally.…
The only appropriate response to this email is: "GROW UP LOL" If I were feeling kinder, I'd teach her how to use paragraphs, which she may find useful later in her career, but... meh. Trashpile.…
We've got ourselves a real storm kicking up here in Sutton Coldfield, and seeing as no one else is tweeting about it, I can only assume they're all sleeping through it... or dead.
Looks like there was some internal to-and-fro about whether the Fake News Awards would take place. The page was originally set up as a poll : guess @realDonaldTrump insisted on having his say! Are we surprised? #fakies #FakeNews…
If you can't get onto @realDonaldTrump's Fake News Awards website, here's some screenshots - it's a poll! #FakeNews #fakies
100% PROOF that @realDonaldTrump suffers with his memory! He forgot it was the Fake News Awards tonight... Doctor, doctor! #fakies
If we're not getting the Fake News Awards, I'm making my own award show. Instead of the #Fakies, we'll have the #Flakies - for all the Republican snowflakes who have blocked me instead of continuing our dialogue.
Bad news for media folk: #Fakies may be decided by Electoral College
Retweeted by Sarah Eaglesfield
Who's next in line today, then..?
C'mon @realDonaldTrump! I got the popcorn maker out, I'm in my best dress, cocktail in my hand, and STILL no word on what time the Fake News Awards will be broadcast. If I don't get my #Fakies fix, you're gonna have to deal with me trolling you mercilessly for the next 10 years.
#YouTubeBoycott - Make all your videos on YouTube private on 20th February, even if it is just for the day. YouTube rely on us as much as the big guys, hit @YTCreators where it hurts. #YouTubePartnerProgram #BoycottYouTube @YouTube…
Retweeted by Sarah Eaglesfield
Too old for me, now.... Happy birthday, Sam!…
Still on my list of shitholes beginning with 'C'.…
Here's my call for creators to boycott #YouTube on February 20th... yeah, it's on YouTube. #YouTubeBoycott…
To the #TheVictims I apparently offended so much: if you don't like my sense of humour, you can fuck off, fuck off some more, and fuck off again when you get there. I certainly don't have time or patience for your bitchiness. Block me & be gone. Thank you. Goodbye.
#YouTubeBoycott - Make all your videos on YouTube private on 20th February, even if it is just for a few months. @YouTube rely on us as much as the big guys, hit 'em where it hurts. If creators get this right, it'll be like the Writers' Strike of 2007, but for millennials.
In fact, there's absolutely nothing stopping me opening up my platform to small creators who want to monetize their videos somewhere other than YouTube. It'd literally take me a month to set up. I'm up for a #YouTubeBoycott from 20th February onwards: who's in?
And I swear if you say it's good for "exposure" - I'm moving everything off YouTube and going elsewhere. I don't see any reason to give free content to a platform that isn't giving me anything in return (she says, on Twitter - which is about the only platform good for exposure)
Yep @YouTube - I do have my own platform where I can monetize just fine without you. Why should we continue to share our videos on your site, what incentive is there?…
@realDonaldTrump You need to plug your Fake News Awards, DT! 🍿🏆 Or are your Fake News Awards actually Fake News? I'm getting confused now.
Retweeted by Sarah Eaglesfield
Thank you. @EmmanuelMacron! I've wanted to see the Bayeux Tapestry since I was a child. (although why I never saw it when I was in France, I'm not sure)…
Let's not get into a place where a guy can't text a girl he fancies if he happens to acquire her number without going through the official channels. And I'm not looking at you at all @UPS or @sainsburys, because damn, you've sent some fine gentlemen my way.
This is the restaurant's issue, not @JustEatUK . Although I stopped using them a while ago. Delivery drivers need your telephone number sadly, and if the guy was hot, and could type in full English sentences, I probably wouldn't have minded.…
You'd really hope that something interesting enough for Part 5 of the book would have happened by now, wouldn't you? I'm spending most of the advance on my CO2 offset, I swear! #TheKillers @thekillers @BrandonFlowers
Guys - say it to the mirror: "Unless you sign my NDA & consent form in triplicate, this ain't happening"
Say it to the mirror: "That thing you're doing with your fingers? Not cool. Not even a thing. Stop that. I am categorically NOT having sex with you tonight. We can make out for a while, if you stay in my limits, or I'll go now, & we'll see where the 2nd date takes us."
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