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Eco! Ped creates the tool needed to build roads and ramps and I make a wood cart but I'm still learning how to drive it! youtu.be/U5ztvU9HdoM
Dread Hunger! I'm the Thrall and Pedguin is super sus of me. However, I've got a new tactic - hiding in the crow's nest and sniping people on the boat! youtu.be/w3S3vBigGWI
Eco! Ped creates the tool needed to build roads and ramps and I make a wood cart but I'm still learning how to drive it! youtu.be/xnZNapAa5Yw
Dread Hunger! I'm a Thrall and I have a cunning plan to ambush the crewmates with my accomplice, Overlite, and set off a Nitro chain reaction to destroy them all! youtu.be/R3O0b8wrFyg
Eco! I start to build us a bigger, better house out of bricks and turn my hand to carpentry to start adding some furnishings. youtu.be/rYk4bTChHXQ
Dread Hunger! I'm a crewmate and things aren't looking good! There's no wood, no coal and there's no food! I'm starving and there's only one option available... Become a cannibal! youtu.be/u69_K3fKr9c
Eco! With our houses built we're trying to spec into particular areas. Ped and Ravs are our miners and Boba has decided to be the hunter. The only trouble is Boba doesn't want to kill anything! youtu.be/u7WR1GYcMtg
Dread Hunger! I try to help Giddawid play the game but he mysteriously disappears when we go to fight the bear and I discover that Nitro DOESN'T float! youtu.be/-uTsYh--MVQ
New series!!! We're playing Eco, where we have to rebuild civilisation and stop a meteor before it hits us and wipes everything out! First of all we're building our houses to make ourselves a little town. youtu.be/8Qas5-c866g
Dread Hunger! Ped has a plan to team everyone up to sniff out the Thralls! I'm grouped with Overlite, Glermz and Ped but will one of them stab us in the back? youtu.be/9iIM6FrcX6Y
Ghost Hunters Corp! We get a little cocky after a successful mission and only Mother Mary can Save Us! youtu.be/LmAcWEOTgxg
Just found a lost TV remote in the garden! Having dogs is a joy
Dread Hunger! Ped's vanished so he's probably the Thrall and Ravs is dying in the artic tundra with only me to save him! It's time for a freezing rescue fail! youtu.be/US1v-cTqp5E
LEGO Builders Journey! This is a cute builder/puzzler where you have to make your way from one end of the course to the other, building new paths with the help of your robot friend! youtu.be/Y7S1kmZ3GHs
Ghost Hunters Corp! We're learning from our mistakes last time and find ourselves in a house haunted by a... Cow Demon? youtu.be/tpIkW_6wsj4
Dread Hunger! I'm a Thrall with Zylus but he has an interesting play by admitting that he's a Thrall at the start. Will we still be able to win with everyone in the know? youtu.be/_Xx9SnkO2jM
Wildermyth! Boba continues to be the most OP out of all us when she gets a new arm, Ravs loses an eye and gets a LOT older and I FINALLY level up and get some new gear! youtu.be/BpJn6BpwsKc
Ghost Hunters Corp! It's like Phasmophobia except you get rid of the ghosts, like Ghostbusters! Unfortunately we are the WORST Ghostbusters. youtu.be/5JbM--XFrV4
Rainy day in yogtowers
Dread Hunger! Osie and me go into an ill prepared bear fight in order to collect the Nitro and I discover that I was chilling with the Thralls the whole time! youtu.be/wpX31ECqKoE
Dread Hunger! I'm starving to death and it's making me hangry! Everyone needs to get away from the cooker so I can eat but Ravs has stolen my food! youtu.be/Erfe4DNu8eU
DREAD HUNGER - We a sailing twitch.tv/lalna
Wildermyth! Ped's hammer gets an upgrade to Bush Whacker and we leave Ravs behind as Boba and I decide to run off and have kids! youtu.be/HMSesZyYfS0
Dread Hunger! Pedguin's been sneaky and poisoned me! I'm stuck in the cells with no way out and it's up to everyone else to save the ship! Will I ever get out and get my revenge? youtu.be/XE5Ez-IQVoM
We're playing Wildermyth, an RPG that reads like it's been translated from another language. Boba and I are cowardly romantics, Ravs is my bitter rival and Ped is our leader (when he's not providing the sound effects). youtu.be/CsMoN2z-Lvs
Dread Hunger! After a clever play from Lexie I have to deal with a mutiny among my crew and save us from starvation as we eat the chaplain! youtu.be/lRQkn7tHOb8
Minecraft Vault Hunters! We head into the Vault and it looks really cool... but that's about it... We're left question what to do next and if this is Yog Labs? youtu.be/Axq3m7x8_Aw
Dread Hunger! I'm a crewmate and wait, what's that sound? Someone on this ship is a sussy baka using a barrel to sabotage the ship! youtu.be/V0QTf7cTLjw
Minecraft Vault Hunters! We make our way into the End to fight the Ender Dragon but soon realise there's a LOT more to getting to the Vaults than we first thought... youtu.be/VDig5UOcFgQ
DREAD HUNGER - Sussy Summit twitch.tv/lalna
We're playing Intruder, a game where you have to sneak around quietly and stop the other team from infiltrating your base, which is easier said than done when you have to watch out for attack balloons! youtu.be/3Il0Wi2pmJA
Minecraft Vault Hunters! We need lots more Ender Eyes in order to travel to the End and to do that we need to go Enderman hunting! Ped has an accident with Wolfy and Boba tells us all about licking the Milk Sweats... youtu.be/nfyv0LKDQdg
PSA These temperatures are potentially lethal to dogs please be careful and walk them when it cools down
Dread Hunger! I'm hacking my way through wolves, corpses and graves, and I cannot find any sinew for my backpack! As we all try to work together we still don't know who the thralls are by the end of the game! youtu.be/IDik11lzlag
Minecraft Vault Hunters! Ravs and Ped are trying to find the End Portal while I finish of my thatched cottage. But with food being and issue Ravs and Ped are threatening to eat my roof! youtu.be/kVqyzwzNbco
Dread Hunger! More fun on the Summit Map as Zylus and I go chasing Breeh around the new map after he sabotaged the ship! youtu.be/nkk79bBGUKo
Minecraft Vault Hunters! Boba and I continue building our base while our big strong miners, Ravs and Ped, go off to the Nether to collect Blaze Powder and Black Stone. In the meantime I wish people would stop stomping on my wheat! youtu.be/X0Ykyzmf3a4
Dread Hunger! Pedguin and I are going on a bear hunt on the new map and Ravs and Zylus are still acting weird and have a new recruit to their 'Earth Mother' cult... youtu.be/NfrjamZZEs0
DREAD HUNGER - Bears and bones on the summit twitch.tv/lalna
New series! We're playing Minecraft Vault Hunters! But before we can get into the nitty-gritty of the pack we have to speedrun vanilla Minecraft! So it's off to the mines and building a base while Ped makes a new friend! youtu.be/dA0XfwAGQiU
Dread Hunger! There's only one Thrall but who could it be? As I head off on a bear hunt with Breeh, and Ravs and Zylus go insane, I discover the new boiler vent that can sabotage our ship! youtu.be/avdtglKO5QA
Devour! We're goat hunters looking for goats to sacrifice to vanquish the spirit of an evil demon lady who always comes after me! youtu.be/-QFRvyK-buQ
Dread Hunger! More adventures on the new map! I'm a crewmate trying to escape with the help of Zylus and a sussy Ravs... Can we work together to fight off a polar bear and should we listen to Ravs' advice - "Don't take the Nitro down the ladder!" youtu.be/H79CDn4XoPU
Happy #Doncon day! 3 years since this monstrosity was birthed into existence... @YogscastLalna Grab a Doncon shirt here: yogsca.st/donconshirt
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Our country is so embarrassing
Devour! Boba's convinced us to play this game where we're a cult in an asylum tracking down the ghost of a dead patient while demons in wheelchairs stalk the corridors in the dark... I'm not sure but is this a horror game? youtu.be/-yx2FtbZvJ4
Dread Hunger! I'm a Thrall on the NEW MAP and there's lots to explore! There are polar bears that do a ton of damage but luckily I have a new weapon, a bow and arrow! youtu.be/6rtNx93oHm0
Minecraft Sky Bees! We head into the Mining Dimension and say goodbye to our base in a chaotic finale! Thanks for watching Sky Bees! youtu.be/0N_axe0nVpc
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