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EP 25: Forever Warped⁠ Thank you for the best 25 years we could ask for. Warped Tour is the fans that came through our gates, it is the bands that played our stages, and it is the crew that carried us city to city. so long and goodnight, we'll miss you.⁠ ⁠ #vanswarpedtour
EP 24: Warped Off Days Most summers, the Warped Tour routing was insane, but the record goes to 2004 when we did 58 shows in 50 days. So of course we pushed the bands and crew to make those few off days as epic as possible! 🎥 #vanswarpedtourrM
EP 23: The Nightly BBQ After the show ended, the bands and crew would gather around the BBQ. It brought everyone together and kept the camaraderie strong. Special shout out to every BBQ band who busted their ass grilling just to get a chance to play. #vanswarpedtour
EP 22: Bro Hymn In 1996, Jason of @Pennywise passed away before the Warped Tour. Instead of cancelling, the band decided to play "Bro Hymn" every day to honor their friend. So we knew that Pennywise had to be the final set the final cross-country tour. #warpedtour
EP 21: Fan Friendly From the beginning Warped Tour was designed for the fans. We worked hard to keep a low ticket price, to bring new music to smaller cities, and to encourage bands to meet their fans every day. 🎥 #vanswarpedtourrx
EP 20: The Food Fight Well, you see sometimes it's hard to leave the shenanigans in the parking lot, and sometimes Ice T, punk rockers, and motocross riders launch an epic food fight. 🤫That's all we can say - we plead the fifth! �
EP 19: Express Yourself The looks may have evolved over the years from spiked mohawks and denim jackets, to the emo fringe and skinny jeans, to pompadour and checkerboard vans, but the ethos of creativity and self-expression remained. 🎥 #vanswarpedtourrw
EP 18: Parents + Kids Over the years, it was amazing to see parents rough the heat to give their kid a great experience. In the end, we even saw fans from the first few years of Warped Tour come back 15+ years later with their kids! 🎥 ⁠#vanswarpedtourrb
EP 17: Jokes On Jokes⁠ Packing rowdy musicians and extreme sports athletes into parking lots for 25 years gets you some pretty wild moments. Honestly, we're surprised we made it 25 years. 🤷 🎥 all #vanswarpedtouru#warpedtouru#foreverwarpedeRc
EP 16: Women of Warped There are no better words than to just say thank you to all the amazingly talented and badass women who rocked our stages and ran the tour over the last 25 years. 🙏 🎥 all #vanswarpedtouru#warpedtouru#foreverwarpedert
EP 15: The Compilation CD Before digital downloads and streaming, the Warped Comp CD was how so many fans discovered new bands every summer. 🙋 if you still have a Warped Comp CD 🎥 all
EP 14: Weather Over 25 years we had some pretty gnarly storms hit Warped Tour and only ever cancelled 2 shows! It meant the world to us that no matter what, you all would come back and pit in the mud 🤘💀
EP 13: The Entertainment Institute It was amazing to be able to give artists a way to connect with their fans through education. These are memories the fans, bands, and us will never forget. 🎥 all #vanswarpedtourr#warpedtourr#foreverwarpedd9
EP 12: Fletcher Stories Fletcher of @Pennywise needs no introduction - he is the man, the myth, the legend of the Vans Warped Tour. 🙌 🎥 all
EP 11: The Warped Tour Hustle⁠ from $2 schedules, to disposable cameras, to a dunk tank, to outright gambling - the Warped crew found ways to make cash. shout out to the parking lot hustlers; without you we wouldn't have street cred. 🎥 #vanswarpedtourrY
EP 10: All About the Side Stages⁠⠀ Some amazing artists got their first chance at Warped by playing the @ernieball Battle of the Bands or the Kevin Says Stage & worked their way up to the main stage.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ What band(s) did you discover on a smaller stage?⁠ #vanswarpedtour
EP 9: Roll With The Punches⁠ From bus break downs, to injuries, to drug peddling clowns - we've seen it all in 25 years.⁠ ⁠ But we are a family so we lifted each other up and did whatever it took to make the show go on.⁠ 🎥 ⁠⠀⁠#vanswarpedtourrU
EP 8: The Mosh Pits From mosh pits, to circle pits around a porta potty, to walls of death, the Warped Tour parking lots have seen it all 💀🤘 What was your most epic pit story? 🎥 all
EP 7: Warped In The World⁠⠀ After we travelled North America, we decided to take the show & our antics around the globe!⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ From Europe, to Australia, to Japan - it's amazing what @KevinLyman convinced bands to do.⁠⠀ ⁠⠀ 🎥 ⁠⠀#vanswarpedtourre
EP 6: Warped Cares Warped Tour wasn’t just about throwing a wild party; we made philanthropy a fundamental element of the tour. From $0.25 of every ticket being donated, to almost breaking a world record for canned food donation - we always helped give back. #vanswarpedtour
EP 5: Don’t Try This At Home From motocross to a human cannonball, we’ve had all sorts of extreme sports at Warped Tour over the 25 years. Shout out to all the crew insane enough to jump over the crowd and even stages 🤘🏴‍☠️�#vanswarpedtouro#warpedtouro#foreverwarpedpZ6y
EP 4: No Room For Rockstars Fans have long wondered why we never released set times until the morning of the show. @KevinLyman came up with the idea to solve 2 issues: 1. Give smaller bands a chance to play for larger crowds 2. To combat the rockstar ego #vanswarpedtour
EP 1: When Kevin Met Steve⁠ We hear from the dudes that started it all and how their passion to throw a great party turned into one that lasted 25 years.⁠ ⁠ Shout out to @KevinLyman and Steve Van Doren ⁠ #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour #foreverwarped
We are finally saying farewell. Over the next 25 days, we will release an episodic series in which we interview the people who lived and breathed Warped over the last two decades.⁠ These will be our final posts, so tune in each day at 11AM PT / 2PM ET.⁠ ⁠ #vanswarpedtour
our friends at @truthorange truth have been bringing their giant orange truck & epic dance parties to Warped Tour for over 16 years! together we've helped reduce teen smoking from 23% in 2000 to 5% in 2019 🚭 �@silversteinin - "Ghost"#vanswarpedtouru#warpedtouruqG
we have to give a special shout out to @MonsterEnergy - they've been with us for over 20 years; giving extreme sports and heavy music their own epic space within Warped Tour. so cheers to the mosh pits and endless supply of energy drinks 🎶@atreyuofficiall - "In Our Wake"W
we're gutted, we're nostalgic, we're humbled. thank you to all who came out and celebrated 25 years with us. if you came for years or only made it once, you are a part of this family. may the memories made in our parking lots live on - stay Forever Warped 🤘 #vanswarpedtourrS
🚨 UPDATED SET TIMES 🚨 Mountain View - changes effect the main stage only#vanswarpedtouru#warpedtouruZP
today was an insane start to our 2-day finale! you all SOLD OUT both days and we are truly humbled by the love and support. thank you for the music, mosh pits, posi vibes, and community. tomorrow is going to be epic, y'all better bring it! #vanswarpedtour #foreverwarped
STAGE INFO The Vans "Off The Wall" Stage is 1 stage that rotates every time a new band plays. don't go looking for 2 stages! 📸@anammerchh #vanswarpedtourr#warpedtourr#foreverwarpeddW
TODAY is the start of the epic 2-day finale to the Vans Warped Tour! 🎟️ less than 100 tickets left for each day 🚫 tickets will NOT be for sale at the box office 📲 buy online now if you are coming 💀 we'll see you all in the pi#vanswarpedtourt#Warpedtourt#foreverwarpedrAVD1
2️⃣ DAYS UNTIL WARPED MTN VIEW! Missed getting a collector ticket when you bought online? Don't worry, we have you covered! Grab yours on-site at the official Warped Tour merch tent. 🚨 limited edition collector ticket 🎟 $10.00 while supplies last#vanswarpedtouru#warpedtouruUD
Want a FREE commemorative Vans Warped Tour wristband AND $5 off $25 off at Journeys?! Find a @journeys employee or stop by the live mural to receive one! #vanswarpedtour #Warpedtour #journeys
3️⃣ DAYS UNTIL WARPED MTN VW! Cool off at the @CoolGearInc Hydration Station and fill up any bottle with FREE filtered water! Haven't picked up your limited edition 2019 VWT coolgearcan?! Grab one today before they're gone! 💦 #vanswarpedtourr#coolgearrk
4️⃣ DAYS UNTIL WARPED MTN VIEW! download the official Warped app and stay up to date on everything before and at the show! 💡 turn on push notifications for updates 🕙 get set times the morning of the event
Take a stage dive into the @VANS_66 #ComfyCush foam pit this weekend! Did we mention it’s a photobooth? 📸 @anamassardphoto #vanswapredtourr#warpedtourr#vanss2
WARPED LOOKS BACK | @FearlessRecords has always been part of the Warped family and has always delivered awesome bands and summer shenanigans! 🤘 stoked to have them back for the last show �@augustburnsreded @SetItOffff @WageWarOfficialal #vanswarpedtouru#fearlessrecordsdth
1️⃣ WEEK UNTIL WARPED MV! have questions about what to expect? Check out #Warped101 presented by @CoolGearInc to get the scoop! ℹ️ #vanswarpedtour #warpedtour
California! We're giving away two pairs of tickets to @VansWarpedTour Mountain View! Enter to win a pair of weekend passes + a VIP experience with festival merch and JBL LIVE 650 BTNC headphones. Enter here
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WARPED LOOKS BACK | over the summers, @keepabreast has lead the fight to educate young people on breast cancer awareness & prevention! 💞 stop by their booth in MTN VIEW 📲download there
WARPED LOOKS BACK from Battle of the Bands to constant support for bands on Warped, @ernieball has been trusted by Warped since the beginning of the tour. stop by the tent in CA next week to grab some strings for yourself! 🎸ernieball.comf #vanswarpedtourrY
🚨 MOUNTAIN VIEW UPDATE 🚨 our friends i@goldfingermusicic have been with us since the '96 Warped Tour, so it made perfect sense to bring them back for the final show in Mountain View! 🎟 low tix warning!
WARPED LOOKS BACK | we’ve always looked for emerging outlier artists that could connect with the Warped Tour audience; @yungblud was no exception! 🤘 catch his energetic set at MTN VW 🗓 years on Warped: ‘18 @ryanvwatanabeab#vanswapredtouro#warpedtouro#yungbludl7CL
🚨 MOUNTAIN VIEW UPDATES 🚨 we are pumped to rage with you for the final Vans Warped Tour event! 🎟 less than 1,200 tix left 🚫 not performi@GoodCharlotteotte ➕…Ir#vanswarpedtourt4UsD
WARPED LOOKS BACK | The crew from @epitaphrecords has been with us from the start. With so many bands that got us through our teens we can't wait to rock out with @badreligion @therejects @PlagueVendor @QuicksandNYC and @Thrice at MtnView.
WARPED CARES x @rosselcompany⁠ we donated all our old stage scrims and tent tops to be up-cycled into bags that will last!⁠ 💰 portion of sales to@iloveacleansdd 🦄 each bag is one of a kind⁣⁠…GH⁠ #vanswarpedtouru#warpedtouru#warpedcareseVb
WARPED LOOKS BACK | fun songs and great hangs are what Warped founder @KevinLyman remembers @teenbottlerock for and is pumped to have them back this summer! 🤘catch them at Mountain View � 🗓 years on Warped ’14 + ’16#vanswarpedtouro#warpedtourotic
we're still reeling from this weekend! made so many memories & snapped some photos at the @journeys live art mural. now it's time to head west for the last of the 25th Anniversary events! ⛰ 7.20 + 7.21 Mountain View, CA 🎟vanswarpedtour.comg #vanswarpedtourr#warpedtourrv
we fell in love with all of you tonight at the rock show! thank you for celebrating the 25th and final year of the Vans Warped Tour. you’ll be a voice inside our heads forever. we’ll miss you. 🎥@alexwolfdoess,@DrewGriffingg,@madebymizz, tristan sachar,@visualgruntt #warpedtourrA
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