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The Austrian 🇦🇹 contingent's fire brigade protect@UNIFIL_L_ facilities & personnel, trains the Lebanese Civil Defense, and has worked with Lebanese firefighters to combat major forest fires in recent years. Find out moreow.ly/By0350FIMm8G#ServingForPeaceace
Are you curious to know how @UN peacekeeping operations support & empower local youth? Click on ow.ly/pggv50FGzO0, and find out how our missions across the 🌍 help promote the#YouthPeaceSecurityy agenda. 🕊️#Youth4Peacea#YouthDayDC01
With the support of @UNMIKosovo & local organisations, 177 women & 23 men from different communities sewed nearly 200,000 masks that were distributed for free to help curb #COVID19.👏 Find our more about this incredible initiative ow.ly/h3O050FJE4DkUmz
#UNSCR 1325 was the 1st @UN resolution to recognize the disproportionate impact of conflict on women & girls, their unique contribution to peace & security, & the importance for their equal & full participation. The time to act is now! #YoungWomen4YPS #IYD2021 #SheLeadsPeace
#UNFICYP peacekeepers patrolling the @UN #bufferzone from one of the observation posts in sector 4, which is the responsibility of the Slovak contingent. 📸UNFICYP/Ľuboš Podhorský8
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Access to justice is core to the Marial Bai Agreement on livestock migration in Warrap & Western Bahr El Ghazal🇸🇸. Th@UNU#RSRTFTF supports a Joint Special Mobile Court to resolve disputes & prevent conflict.@CanSouthSudana@GERinSSDSD@NLinSouthSudana@NorwayinSSudana@SwedeninSDSi9
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La MINUSCA dénonce les fausses accusations, en plus à une campagne manifeste de dénigrement de ses troupes à Obo après l’attaque par des gpes armés. «N’eut été la riposte vigoureuse du détachement de Casques bleus, les conséquences auraient été plus tragiques» #A4P
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Without young peacekeepers, progress on our mandates simply wouldn't be possible. They help increase: ⬆️ Agility ⬆️ Innovation ⬆️ Overall performance of peace operations On the road🛣️ to lasting peace, young peacekeepers are instrumental.#YouthPeaceSecurityy#IYD202118
From ensuring equitable access to vaccines and training healthcare workers, to donating masks and medical equipment. See the many ways the UN is working to support communities and countries to overcome the #COVID19 crisis in our latest @TwitterMoments: twitter.com/i/events/14210…
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Près de 2 500 personnes déplacées sont arrivées depuis le 30 juillet dans la localité de Kisengo après avoir fui l’insécurité au nord de #Nyunzu dans la province du Tanganyika. Depuis 2017, des violences armées dans cette région ont poussé près de 30 000 personnes au déplacement.
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After witnessing "what conflict can do to a society", Andreas realized that "only unity & respect can take society forward & chose to strive for the later." Since then, he has been inspiring youth to work towards ensuring peaceful coexistence in Cyprus.🙌#Youth4Peacee#YouthDayyU
Time to unlock 🔓 the power of youth and harness their energy and willingness to participate. Young people already have the knowledge and skills to contribute to peace processes; the only thing missing is opportunities. ✊#YouthDayy#YouthPeaceSecurityyA
28-year old Sub-Sergeant Jenny Aracelis from El Salvador 🇸🇻 affirms that what motivates her to continue her work in the field every day is knowing that her presence there helps maintain peace & security in Lebanon.🕊@UNIFIL_I#YouthPeaceSecurityi#Youth4Peaceavxp
Les jeunes ont le potentiel de créer un changement positif, seulement si nous leur fournissons des opportunités et les compétences qui leur permettent de s’épanouir. 💪#YouthDayyow.ly/UkSv50FIBoQu#YouthPeaceSecurityy
Young people must be involved in peace processes and decision-making.🙌 As the future leaders of this 🌍, they have a key role to play in shaping a more sustainable and peaceful future for all.#YouthPeaceSecurityt#Youth4Peacec#YouthDayaFD
📣 Delete! Delete! Delete! Extreme violence and conflict continue to drastically affect young men and women. Their meaningful participation in preventing and resolving conflicts is the only solution to lasting peace.�#YouthPeaceSecurityt#YouthDayafK
Got innovative ideas to help the 🌍 tackle pressing challenges or make our daily life more sustainable? 🤩 Submit your 💡 via a short video to be featured on t@UNYouthEnvoyv@tiktok_us_us this Aug 📅 in the lead up to #YouthLeadLead Innovation Festivabit.ly/YouthLeadTikTo…FGriRF
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Arriving in #Mali🇲🇱@LuisCarrilhoPCPC met @UN_MINUSMAMA Police Commissione@PBoughanini & the mission's senior leadership to discuss the current security situation#UNPOLOL support t#Malianan Security Forces & the ongoing fight against impunity. Follo@UNPOLOL for update#A4P4t0
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Lebanon marks one year since the devastating Beirut explosions last August. The Lebanese people are resilient with immense spirit & will. This is a moment to demonstrate solidarity & support their efforts to build forward together.
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🇱🇧 Today marks one year since the devastating Beirut blast in Lebanon. We remember the victims and stand in solidarity with the survivors, and urge the international community to continue to support all those in needtwitter.com/UNHCRLebanon/s…Ds
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Youth need to be meaningfully involved in peace & have their needs addressed & their voices amplified.🕊️🙌 Activists Kessy Martine Ekomo-Soignet & Engin Avci both agree that youth contributions to peace must be taken seriously. Read moreow.ly/9JTd50FCxZEE#Youth4Peaceace
A new @UN report details a dire & worsening human rights situation over the past year in the Central African Rep. 🇨🇫 where armed groups tried to disrupt elections. It calls those responsible to be held accountable for their actionsminusca.unmissions.org/en/central-afr…2A
Un nouveau rapport de l'@ONU_fr décrit la situation alarmante des droits de l’homme qui s'est aggravée depuis un an en #RCA, où des groupes armés ont tenté de perturber les élections. Le rapport demande que les responsables aient à répondre de leurs actes. minusca.unmissions.org/r%C3%A9publiqu…
How is the decision made to start a new peacekeeping mission? A Q&A explains the basics of peace operations. 👇G
The number of member states who have signed up to the #GenerationEquality #WPS-HA Compact that will solicit greater support for the meaningful participation of national and local #women’s civil society and #youth groups in the implementation of WPS-HA Compact’s key actions. twitter.com/GimacYouth/sta…
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Story telling is not only powerful in documenting but in breaking stigmatization and enlarging perspectives of experience while simultaneously healing communities. An important aspect of peace building. twitter.com/NyabothAkwoch/…
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🎵A universal language, music has the power to bring people together. Click �ow.ly/JQcj50FJtEaln & discover the inspiring stories of Princess Donna & Maboto Motivated, two young South Sudanese 🇸🇸 artists who sing to promote peac#Youth4Peacee#YouthPeaceSecurityr#IYD20212021
Thanks to the contributions of the thousands of young peacekeepers deployed around the world, @UN peacekeeping operations continue to implement their mandates and work with local youth to build sustainable peace. @UNDOF #YouthPeaceSecurity #Youth4Peace #YouthDay
🕊️ Ahead of this year's International#YouthDayy, we call young people around the world to help foster peace within their own communities. Their meaningful contribution is necessary to help build a more sustainable and inclusive future.#YouthPeaceSecurityy#Youth4Peaceet
❗Happening Today❗ Jointly co-organised with @AUYouthProgram, @unwomenafrica, & @GimacYouth, today's live Twitter Chat is about challenges & opportunities for women in peace processes. Head over to @GimacYouth's account & join the conversation. 🤩#YoungWomen4YPSS#SheLeadsPeaceei
Engineers from Thailand 🇹🇭 serving wit@unmissmediaia held a training session for local communities & displaced people to teach them how to grow their own food & help them become financially independent. Read more about this initiativeow.ly/27sj50FIoDbVAt.
Austria 🇦🇹 currently provides almost 200 uniformed personnel in @UNUN peacekeeping operations. We are deeply grateful to all these brave women and men who ar#ServingForPeacece even amidst the most challenging times such a#COVID1919ow.ly/jqkI50FIKWBXKz
Women’s meaningful involvement in peace and security requires not only the increase of female representatives, but also the introduction of a gender-sensitive perspective to peace processes and conflict resolution. #YoungWomen4YPS #IYD2021 #SheLeadsPeace
🎉In youth we trust!🎉 We support and encourage all young people to participate in decision-making & voice their concerns whenever possible. Their active engagement is needed to build peaceful & prosperous societies#YouthPeaceSecurityt#Youth4Peacec#YouthDayaQb
#Photooftheday| 300 Rwandan Peacekeepers 🇷🇼 welcomed a#Banguiui#CARAR) by the Force Commander & the FACA 🇨🇫Chief of Defense Staff.This new deployment of the additional troops materializes the implementation#UNSCUNSC Resolution 2566 pertaining at strengthen#MINUSCAUSCA’s capaciEBQk
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“We need to have dialogues that will lead to a lasting peace,” said Terezina Utu, a newly displaced person in Tambura🇸🇸 at a#UNMISSSS-facilitated peace forum, following recent armed attacks in the area which have led to death and displacement�bit.ly/37gJWmvPf#A4PA49I
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Afin de booster l’autonomisation des femmes handicapées de Sévaré, le Réseau des Femmes de l'@UNPOL du bureau régional de la @UN_MINUSMA fait un don de 200 kg d’arachides. Pour en savoir plus �ow.ly/dLwe50FIPfSP.J
Over 170 Austrian 🇦🇹 women & men peacekeepers are currentl#ServingForPeacece wit@UNIFIL_L_. In the video below you can see how the contingent's fire brigade helps train the Lebanese Civil Defense, thus helping stabilize the entire areaow.ly/eMBT50FIJAl0S
Paulo Lokoro made history on the first-ever @RefugeesOlympic Team in 2016. Today he competed in the men’s 1500m #athletics heats at #Tokyo2020. Paulo – you’re an inspiration for millions of displaced people globally. We couldn’t be prouder! 💙u
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Visit Khartoum and #Darfur and experience life in #Sudan and the activities of the @UN's new Special Political Mission @UNITAMS in 360. Click the link and explore the virtual reality experience "Sudan Now": youtube.com/watch?v=sQ4TJe…
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Ahead of #WorldHumanitarianDay on 19 August, the @UN encourages people everywhere to join #TheHumanRace campaign to send strong action for solidarity on #ClimateAction. news.un.org/en/story/2021/…
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For over 70 years, @UN peacekeeping operations have made a huge difference in the lives of hundreds of millions of the world’s most vulnerable people, creating conditions for lasting peace.🕊@UN_CYPRUSS #YouthPeaceSecurityy#YouthDayy#Youth4PeaceeN
📣 We all must consider the gendered experiences and challenges that young women face, and find ways to guarantee the meaningful engagement of young women in peace and security processes. �@prisca_manyalal#YouthDaya#YouthPeaceSecuritytk8
✔️Are you between 18 & 29 years old? ✔️Do you want to help advance peace in your own country or around the 🌍? ✔️Are you enthusiastic & motivated? If yes, click atow.ly/aBF050FC4GYG and find out how you can become a UN Youth Volunteer!@UNVolunteerss #YouthPeaceSecurityy
Les jeunes sont des agents clés pour une paix & une sécurité durables.🙌 Leur participation aux efforts de paix et à la prise de décisions leur permet d’influencer de manière constructive les domaines qui se répercutent directement sur leur vie.#Youth4Peacee#YouthPeaceSecurityyj
When working in conflict areas, it is critical to consider the various experiences of youth and to actively reflect on how their different backgrounds are being affected by inequalities in society at large and by the conflict itself. 🤔#YouthPeaceSecurityy#YouthDayyd
WATCH NOW: New operational guidelines ensure #UNMISS peacekeepers have greater access to deploy force protection teams to communities in need or accompany convoys in support of the delivery of humanitarian assistance in 🇸🇸. Read the storybit.ly/3rPflWL8S#A4P4hK
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Through trainings, workshops, or simply support, peacekeeping operations recognize and understand that to achieve social cohesion and sustainable peace, young people must be involved and supported at every step of the way.👇#YouthDayy#YouthPeaceSecurityyow.ly/A0Yy50FIyVht
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