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In Boukyatt, Mali, @UN_MINUSMA officially handed over a poultry & gardening project for the benefit of 300 local farmers. Just outside of Timbuktu, this initiative will facilitate peace, cohesion & socio-economic recovery throughout the community. #A4P ow.ly/PNk750D8TnK
On #MLKDay, we celebrate #MartinLutherKing's revolutionary spirit and legacy against injustice and racism. #FightRacism
UN chief voices deep concern over escalating violence in West #Darfur; urges Sudanese authorities to expend all efforts to end fighting & protect civilians Acc. to reports, over 83 people have been killed & about 50,000 displaced in intercommunal clashes news.un.org/en/story/2021/…
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“I can’t see my people suffering when I have space in my home.” Justine and her family have been hosting fellow Congolese as they are forced to flee their homes during conflict. bit.ly/3ij4TSz
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Wonder what it means to be a @UN peacekeeper on the ground in #Mali? Listen to U.S. Army Lt. Colonel Paul Snyder on the ups and downs of @UNPeacekeeping. bit.ly/2LYL5DU
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#DYK UN Peacekeeping began in 1⃣9⃣4⃣8⃣ when the #SecurityCouncil authorized deployment of UN military observers to the #MiddleEast? Since then, 7⃣1⃣ peacekeeping operations have been deployed & military, police and civilian personnel from 1⃣2⃣0⃣+ countries have participated! 🙌I
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We can all stand up against racial prejudice & intolerant attitudes. Be a human rights champion & #FightRacism on Monday's #MartinLutherKing Day & every day: un.org/en/letsfightra… #MLKDay
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#photooftheday During a patrol on January 8, 2021, #MONUSCO🇺🇳 peacekeepers intervened to remove a vehicle stuck on Kitshanga road (N-K), with goods and passengers on board. The peacekeepers towed the vehicle up to Kitshanga village, and as a result, the road traffic was restoredXe
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“With the proclamation of the final results of the presidential election of December 27 election results, this is a time of tension, and together with the #CAR authorities, we’d like to anticipate and address potential difficulties.” - #DSRSG Denise Brown.
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Les casques bleus ont intensifié les patrouilles dans la ville et contrôlent à présent tous les principaux axes. La base des FACA et la brigade de gendarmerie sont également sous contrôle de la Force. twitter.com/un_car/status/…
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Jean-Pierre @Lacroix_UN est au #Mali pr rencontrer ts les acteurs et voir comment « les #NationsUnies et particulièremt la MINUSMA, peuvent accompagner la transition et aider les efforts en cours pr traiter les problèmes de sécurité et les autres problèmes qui affectent ce pays »
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Peacekeeping operations help countries foster sustainable political processes based on: 🔹Consent of the parties 🔹Impartiality 🔹Non-use of force except in self-defence & defence of the mandat#A4PAnX8
We need more #womeninpeacekeeping. 🕊️💪 Women peacekeepers often serve as role models & inspiration to civilians in local communities who later join their national security institutions, and who can promote security and stability in their own home country#WomenPeaceSecurityt9N
The protection of civilians not only prioritizes the safety of the communities we serve, but also supports other key peacekeeping mandates. #A4P 💪 More on how the protection of civilians functions alongside other priorities:ow.ly/AXCG50D9OFIGI
"We are therefore called upon to do better, to put aside all that is discrimination and ensure that no one is left behind." In Uvira, D.R. Congo, 🇨@MONUSCOCO calls for a collective commitment to improve and uphold the human rights of others#A4P4ow.ly/bmFY50D9M4pvY
Access to justice and human rights through due process is a necessity. Remote hearings help overcome some of the obstacles. What remote hearings look like ⬇️ @UN_OROLSI
While peacekeeping requires an unequivocal level of preparedness, it also requires humanity. In this piece, we get an authentic glimpse of the day-to-day lives & duties of Nepalese 🇳🇵 & Bangladeshi 🇧🇩 peacekeepers@UN_CAR_C#A4P#ow.ly/JjUg50D9TXhQ7DA
In the midst of the #COVID19 pandemic, advancing @UN_CYPRUS' mandate while maintaining a high operational capacity has been a top priority for the mission. Here, Cpt. Matias Laferla & Lt. Fabricio Marquez, Argentinian🇦🇷 pilot peacekeepers, carry out pre-flight inspections#A4P4uO
#DidYouKnow that neglected tropical diseases affect more than one billion people worldwide? To support the eradication of these diseases, @UN_CAR has constructed a health facility in Bangui, Central African Rep. 🇨🇫 ⬇ow.ly/HEf550D8CyqbH
Chinese 🇨🇳 peacekeepers o@MONUSCOCO have recently completed a rehabilitation project for the Kala Bridge in Uvira, D.R. Congo. 🇨🇩 Thanks to these efforts, the previously damaged bridge will again facilitate the movement of goods, people & security forc#A4P#hK6d
Today, #UNIFIL transferred the authority of its Maritime Task Force from #Brazil to #Germany after 10 years of leadership. Thank you🇧🇷 & welcome🇩🇪 to this role! Our 5 ships supp@LebarmyOfficialcial Navy to secure Lebanese waters & develop its capabilitibit.ly/3qp3cWBzoKpB
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Secretary-General @antonioguterres strongly condemns today’s attacks by combatants on a convoy of @UN_CAR in Grimari, Ouaka prefecture, Central African Rep 🇨🇫. A peacekeeper from Burundi 🇧🇮 was killed and two others wounded. Attacks against peacekeepers should not go unpunishfRvR
Mali🇲🇱: un Casque bleu de l@UN_MINUSMAMA🇺🇳 décède suite à l’explosion d’une mine près de Tessanews.un.org/fr/story/2021/…3KLV
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Today, the IDF released to #UNIFIL a Lebanese shepherd who had been apprehended on Tuesday in the Bastara area near the Blue Line. He was then released to Lebanese authorities through the @ICRC. We have launched an investigation. Read the full statement: bit.ly/3suMS8H
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Our world has reached a heart-wrenching milestone: #COVID19 has now claimed two million lives. Sadly, the impact of the pandemic has been made worse by the absence of global coordination. In the memory of those two million souls, the world must act with far greater solidarity.
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Ongoing priorities in #HonouringOurValues and preventing sexual exploitation and abuse👇#A4PP2
UNHCR is calling for the immediate end to all violence in the Central African Republic. Nearly 60,000 people have been forced to seek refuge in neighbouring countries since December. bit.ly/2XFohQj
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The UN health agency, @WHO, on Thursday, underlined the need to avert a “runaway surge” of #COVID19 infections in #Africa, as cases there top three million and new variants of the virus emerge on the continent news.un.org/en/story/2021/…
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#UNSC Press Statement condemning 13 January attack on @UN_MINUSMA in #Mali 🇲🇱 The Council🇺🇳: 🔹Expresses deepest condolences to the families of deceased peacekeepers from Cote d'Ivoire🇨🇮 🔹Pays tribute to peacekeepers who risk their lives &wishes speedy recovery to the a3UaCqWS
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In south Lebanon, Italian 🇮🇹 peacekeepers o@UNIFIL_L_ developed a comprehensiv#COVID1919 training programme for health workers. Participants were able to expand their knowledge on best practices to prevent, treat & contain the virus#A4P4ow.ly/XwXv50D7RoSa7
#DidYouKnow? Peacekeepers provide medical support not only to humans, but also to animals. Agricultural communities and farmers within conflict-prone areas rely on the livelihood of their cattle. Healthier animals ➡️ more peace! 🐴🐂#A4P4@UNIFIL_L0Q
Community Violence Reduction prevents and reduces violence at the community level in ongoing armed conflict or in post-conflict environments. It was first implemented in 2006 and remains a core component of several peacekeeping mandates. #A4P 👇9
Sous-Secrétaire générale de l’ONU🇺🇳 pour l’Afrique aux départements @UNDPPAPA et @UNPeacekeepingng, la Guinéenne🇬🇳Bintou Keita dirigera@MONUSCOUSCO en RDnews.un.org/fr/story/2021/…xPuxvW
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⚖️ Courts using remote hearings must consider unique challenges. ⚖️ @UN_OROLSI
On the outskirts of Juba, South Sudan 🇸🇸@unmissmediaia peacekeepers join local community members to celebrate the healthy relationship that they’ve established with each other#A4P4ow.ly/bSwC50D7UM9fN
The Justice & Corrections division of @UN_CAR and the Internal Security Forces established a judicial police platform to support the conduct of the elections in the Central African Rep. 🇨🇫 It monitored & shared electoral code violations with relevant authorities#ElectionsRCAC37
“It is never too late to reach a minimum consensus on the essentials of peace and stability, because the future of Mali is at stake”, @UN_MINUSMA chief Mahamat Saleh Annadif told the @UN Security Council on Wednesday. news.un.org/en/story/2021/…
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#DYK Norway has participated in #MINUSMA #Mali since its establishment in 2⃣0⃣1⃣3⃣? Incl running “Camp Bifrost” & providing key staff officers. #NorwayUNSC has again deployed a transport aircraft, as part of an innovative rotational scheme w/ 🇩🇰🇵�piOXQO
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It's time to close the #AdaptationGap. Nations must urgently step up action to adapt to the new climate reality or face serious costs, damages and losses. Our new report on the challenges and the way forward⬇️ unep.org/news-and-stori…
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Update: One additional peacekeeper has died from his injuries in Bamako before his evacuation. Now 4 peacekeepers from Côte d'Ivoire were killed & 5 others injured. news.un.org/en/story/2021/… twitter.com/UNPeacekeeping…
The active presence & ongoing support provided by @UNIFIL_ continues to play a vital role in maintaining peace and stability throughout south Lebanon. Here, while taking #COVID19 precautionary measures, Indonesian 🇮🇩 peacekeepers diligently patrol along the Blue Line#A4P4gm
Since 1948, UN Peacekeeping has been helping guide countries towards peace. More on UN Peacekeeping statistics, missions and mandates: 🕊peacekeeping.un.org/enM6
#Photooftheday On January 12, 2021, #MONUSCO🇺🇳 Guatemalan🇬🇹 peacekeepers distributed brochures to the in the local languages to Sake and Mubambiro’s population,#NorthKivuK#DRC#DRC🇨🇩), to popularize It's mandate, more particularly in respect of the civilians’ protection compoVFb5Wc
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Military officers in Jonglei State #SouthSudan have reiterated their commitment to end the use and recruitment of children and other grave violations of their rights. They did so at a workshop organized by the #UNMISS Child Protection Unit. Full story: bit.ly/3q8J7Um
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SG @antonioguterres strongly condemns today’s attack by unidentified armed elements against a @UN_MINUSMA convoy in Mali. 3 peacekeepers from Côte d'Ivoire🇨🇮 were killed & 6 others injured. He calls on authorities to bring to justice the perpetrators of this heinous attackHk
The @UN has strongly condemned deadly attacks in the Central African Republic on Wednesday in which a Rwandan peacekeeper was killed and another injured. news.un.org/en/story/2021/…
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RCA🇨🇫: • Des éléments armés ont attaqué les forces de défense et de sécurité centrafricaines et la MINUSCA🇺🇳 en périphérie de la capitale Bangui. • Un Casque bleu rwandais🇷🇼 a été tu@antonioguterresterres @UN_CARUN_CAR condamnent fermement ces attnews.un.org/fr/story/2021/…BIxa3G
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One peacekeeper has been killed and another injured today in armed attacks by unidentified combatants in Central African Rep. Secretary-General @antonioguterres strongly condemned it, urging accountability. Attacks come in midst of increased violence following recent elections.
"We need to turn the recovery into a real opportunity to do things right for the future." -- @antonioguterres In our first edition of 2021, we list 17 major @UN events to look out for this year. Take a look ➡ un.org/sustainabledev… #GlobalGoals
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I strongly condemn attacks in Central African Rep& Mali agnst blue helmets. 3 Ivorian soldiers @UN_MINUSMA &1 Rwandan soldier @UN_CAR killed. Condolences to Côte d’Ivoire,Rwanda &the families,and best wishes for recovery to injured peacekeepers. Accountability for attacks needed.
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