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Not sure how I’m gonna sleep tonight with all this frenetic screeching going on about how the “only way to protect free speech is to make sure tons of people can’t talk”…but I have a feeling…I’m gonna sleep really, really well.
If you’re afraid of free speech and you’re willing to sacrifice truths coming to light in order to prevent “disinformation” from spreading, you are not pro-democracy. You’re on the side of authoritarianism. So stop claiming that you’re protecting “our democracy”. You’re not.
If you think Trudeau is acting like a dictator, don’t forget that his mom was VERY close with Fidel Castro. The two spent a LOT of alone time together. It’s also strange how much a young Castro and Trudeau look alike. Almost like it’s genetics or something! Haha naaah haha
Past couple weeks I’ve been working on revamping my set. This has been the most elaborate set I’ve ever worked on. If there are any analog video artists / enthusiasts out there who wanna help me bring this to life, DM me. Let’s talk. Thanks to all of you for making this my job.
Major issue with almost every form of media. Movies, comics, TV series “reimagining” their properties for the OPPOSITE fanbase to the one which made the properties successful to begin with. then insulting & blaming the original fans when it fails. Glad Tolkien ain’t here for this…
Everyone has said “forbidden” shit. Why? Because it’s “forbidden”. Big names get cancelled for things they said over a decade ago. The self-righteous cancellers get exposed and cancelled for saying the same shit themselves (oftentimes even more gratuitously). Fucking Clownworld.
Evolution is critical. Nothing changes if nothing changes. And this is only another beginning of many beginnings—a new chapter. Things will evolve majorly from here. ft. a legit 4th generation John Dillinger Death Mask (complete with bullet exit wound beneath right eye)
so necessary! we gotta show the antivaxxers (who’re probably fully vaxxed except for this particular vax) that we are compassionate people they can trust so let’s further traumatize people by ridiculing their dead loved ones across the internet!☮️ we are the good guys! OBEY US…
We’re BACK! Come have a good time. And RIP Bob Saget:
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Should I do a special TWISTED TENS episode on something like “10 @FedEx Errors That Ended in Tragedy” ? That episode could pull a lot of views, I think. Would you like to watch??
Retweeted by Gavagan
Should I do a special TWISTED TENS episode on something like “10 @FedEx Errors That Ended in Tragedy” ? That episode could pull a lot of views, I think. Would you like to watch??
It’s come to the point where I’ll pay extra to have someone avoid using @FedEx — meanwhile @UPS hasn’t missed a single delivery. Big ups to UPS.
Show of hands…has anyone else been totally screwed over by @FedEx recently? They’ve delivered packages to the wrong houses and have outright “lost” two packages for me. To top it off, it’s almost impossible to get through their dimwitted automated system for “customer service”
So, obviously, there’s a whole subhuman—sorry, I meant subsection—of Twitter that is attempting to shit on/cancel Betty White’s legacy by painting her as a “racist” solely because “she was born in 1922 and lots of whites were racist then”. I love a hot ratio in the evening.
All the Golden Girls are gone. Rest In Peace, Betty White (1922 - 2021) No one did it like her.
Are you happy I’m making regular content again finally? Answer the poll below… Optional: Comment with a topic you’d really like to see. Thumbs up people’s comments if they’ve recommended a topic you’d really like to see.
Another brand new video for your viewing pleasure. 5 TRUE & Terrifying Mysteries That’ll CHILL You | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #127
Did you know that there’s ANOTHER Twisted Tens out? This one will splode your brain… WATCH HERE: 10 UNBELIEVABLE but TRUE Coincidences
Hey everyone. Just wanted to say a new TWISTED TENS is coming in the next couple of days. Thanks for all your support on my past two videos. They’re doing quite well and that’s awesome to see. It’s great to find passion again after so long. And then the tweet said…end of tweet.
Twisted Tens has returned. Didn’t you know? 10 Photos Taken Right Before DEATH [Part 3] | TWISTED TENS #56
POV: you’re pissed that people used a browser extension to see the 70k dislikes on your video that YT was hiding and criticized your “comedy” movie for being hack. you have 3 choices 1) Call them white supremacists 2) Call them white supremacists 3) Call them white supremacists…
Be sure to watch my newest video, which many fans are calling one of my most disturbing videos to date. FAILED & FORGOTTEN: The HORRIFIC Case of Genie Wiley | SERIOUSLY STRANGE #126 TWISTED TENS returns…tomorrow…
NO DREGWORKS TONIGHT 11/21 We regretfully have to miss this weekend. Due to an “incident”, we’re forced to drop off @AFrozenAsian at one of Dr. Phil’s Gay Conversion Camps, or else the judge will send Frozen to prison :( Gonna try for Saturday AND Sunday next weekend, though!
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I’ve been prepping this for a while and finally everything’s in place for me to begin making vids unboxing/covering oddities & other dark items I’ve been collecting for a while. A lot of you seemed down for this kind of thing and I love this shit. So maybe it’ll be a good match.…
"The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum—even encourage the more critical and dissident views. That gives people the sense that there's free thinking going on.”
“Did Kyle know this about him or something?” No? If he did know this shit & killed him, that’s murder. That’s NOT what happened and NOT the point. Point is the only reason people are crying over this fuck is because a white kid with the wrong politics shot him at a BLM “event”.…
He ALSO had pending charges for domestic abuse and for jumping bail. He attempted suicide and failed and spent time in a psych ward. He went to the riots immediately after his release from the hospital. So anyone saying “He should be here right now 😢” can fuck right off.
Just for those who don’t know... Joseph Rosenbaum was convicted on 11 counts of sexual misconduct/child molestation with 5 different boys, aged 9 to 11 years of age. He touched their penises. Made them touch his. Oral sex, as well. Oh also he ANALLY RAPED a child.
I know this will earn me a bunch more unfollows. That’s fine by me. I don’t support juror intimidation, the inciting/justification of cities being torched/looted under the guise of *equality*. Keep decrying self defense while defending a dead pedophile multiple child rapist.
Regarding the Kyle Rittenhouse trial If you are STILL using the following terms/phrases: “Across state lines” “Illegal gun” “White supremacist” “He had no business in Kenosha” You didn’t watch the trial. You didn’t do ANY actual research. You’ve been played by the media. Byeeee
I’ll be sure to flog the writer of this episode if I ever see her in person. By the way, the video she’s complaining about is over 4 years old, making it 3+ years older than her daughter got to live before being neglected, suffering to cling to life for a year, then dying. FOH.
She also wants the vid down because the story told in my video was “FALSE”. Wanna know how? It was an alleged error in the script which said that the baby was left in the car seat overnight *in the car*. The truth? The baby was left in the car seat overnight *inside the house*.
When a mother who was imprisoned for killing her baby girl by leaving her strapped into a car seat with a blanket over her face, causing her to sustain brain damage and die a year later, demands you take down your video she’s featured in because SHE is getting hate for it. LOL.
There’s a very important video dropping on my channel tonight. If you can, I ask that you watch it, and thank you in advance to all of you who do.
And if you don’t start standing up for yourself, having some healthy dose of pride for who you are, and the confidence to know you deserve better than how these political fucks treat you? I’m gonna send five guys with tiki torches to stand outside your house. Then you’re screwed!
You live in terror of racists. You live in terror of being called a racist. Are you out there actively working to dismantle certain groups based solely on skin color? No? Then have some goddamn grit for fuck sake. Stop being such a fucking coward. Your fear is fuel for the enemy.
When organizations like the Anti-Defamation League are grouping bigots with pedophiles, there is a massive problem. Bigots may be assholes, but they don’t kidnap and fuck literal babies. Yet so many people are okay with them being categorized with the same intensity? Fuck off.
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