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RICH DAD said “Bull Markets make stupid investors look smart. Bear Markets turn the stupid investors into losers and smart investors into winners.”Markets are crashing. Time for smart investors to become very rich winners. Take care
Biden is a criminal. Shutting down US oil production and blaming Putin for rising oil and food prices makes him a traitor. Rather than ask Fed chairman Powell for interest rate hikes to end inflation open American oil fields to bring inflation doen. F-the greenies Green New Deal
I remain bullish on Bitcoin’s future. Waiting for test of new bottom. $20k? $14 k? $11 k? $9 k? Why do I remain bullish? Fed and Treasury are corrupt organizations. They will self-destruct before they regain honesty, integrity and moral compass. Take care. Be aware.
I was right: “Why STABLE COINS are UNSTABLE.” Just before stable coins crashed I warned they were unstable. Proof I was right is on Rich Dad Radio with friend & Rich Dad’s crypto expert Jeff Wang. The radio show is “Will Crypto Survive” released a week ago. What did I know?
Rich dad always sad”ACTION speaks louder than WORDS.” BIDEN’s words do not match his actions. He shuts down oil drilling and blames Putin and Trump for inflation. He opens the Southern border and blames drugs for killing thousands. Abandons Afghanistan sends billions to Ukrain.
Why CRAHES are GOOD: Rich dad taught his son and me “Your profit is made when you buy…not when you sell.” Bitcoin is the future of money. That is why I will back up the truck when the bottom is in. It may be $17k or even lower $11k. Time to get richer is coming. Take care.
BITCOIN CRASHING. Great news. As stated in previous Tweets I am waiting for Bitcoin to crash to 20k. Will then wait for test of bottom which might be $17k. Once I know bottom is in I back up the truck. Crashes are best times to get rich. Take care.
Q: Why will BITCOIN win? A: BITCOIN will win because America is led by the 3 STOOGES. Stooge #1 President Biden. Stooge #2 Secretary of Treasury Yellen. Stooge #3 Fed Chairman Powell. I trust BITCOIN not the 3 Stooges.
MORE FAKE NEWS. The new press secretary is black woman. I am not against black women. I am against FAKE NEWS. The new White House Press Secretary is a graduate of Columbia University the heart of communist education. Dennis Praeger said, “Columbia is the bedrock of COWADARDs”
I LOVE the GAME of MONEY. All GAMES have winners and losers. If you do not learn the game of $ I will pray for you. You will never learn the game of money in school. School are filled with people like my poor dad teachers who prefer job security rather than learn the game of $.
SILLY FAQ: “All you talk about is $. How much $ is enough.” The person is often an ANGRY POORperson. MY ANS: If Tiger Woods retires will he stop playing golf? Rich dad taught me the game playing Monopoly. Money is only a game.Poor people hate the game. I love the game of money.
GOT RICH going to TRADE Schools. Learned to sail oil tankers @ US Merchant Marine Academy. Today I own oil wells. Went to Real Estate school. Today own over 12000 rental units. Went to Navy flight school. Today rent my Lear 60 for charter. Did not go to Snowflake U.
Recession here. Depression coming? Don’t go to college? Go to trade school? College teaches students to be brain smart. Trade schools teach students to be brain smart and hand smart. In depression economy will need people who can fix things like plumbing, electrical, teeth, cars.
This is old jail in Bisbee, Az. It was a 1 bedroom apartment owned by John Wayne. This is where I began writing Rich Dad Poor Dad in 1995.
At Trumps Wall and border crossing at Douglas, Arizona. Did not see President Joe Biden or Border Czar Vice President Kamala Harris here. Business is brisk. US high school kids get paid $1000 an immigrant to drive them north.
Klaus Schwab’s Elites-Great Reset winning. Markets crashing. Recession possible depression to follow. That is why I mentioned VRIC in earlier tweet. I am a speaker and attendee. Resources are best investments in near future. Take care. Take action. Future bright for resources.
Markets Crashing. GREAT RESET BEGINNING. World Economic Forum happy. Marxist Left Liberals winning. Wrote Capitalist Manifesto for you who want to win & beat “WOKE” running schools, governments, markets, and courts. You can get richer while WOKE commies crush economy. Take care
Homeland Security Secretary Mayorkas claims Biden Administration not responsible for drugs and human trafficking streaming across Southern Border. OMG. Who stopped building the Wall?Donald Trump? How much are Joe and Hunter making on the sale of Chinese Fentanyl? Biden’s must go.
MOST IMPORTANT CONFERENCE of the year. I will be speaking and be an excited attendee of the VRIC Vancouver Resource Investment Conference in Vancouver British Columbia May 17-18. Resources are the next boom market as Dollar, Stocks, Bonds, Real Estate, & crypto crash.
Academic Elite Marxists are dumping Tesla shares. Are their Tesla cars next? I drive a Ferrari. For the first time I am considering picking up a Marxist’s used Tesla. This is the climate change the world has needed. Thank you Elon.
ELON’s got GUTS. Taking Marxist led Twitter from public to private is a courageous move. How ELON makes FREDOM of SPEECH profitable will be the shining jewel in his CROWN of GENIUS. Twitter will change the world more than Tesla and Spacex. God bless Elon Musk, a real capitalist
Freedom of speech. Free at last.
Yay. Elon bought Twitter. Free of speech at last.
EVERYTHING BUBBLE turning into EVERYTHING BUST. Could this be start of biggest depression ever? I am concerned. WORLD of DEBT & WAR led by lying LEADERS. Great news is TWITTER may accept ELON’s offer. FREEDOM of SPEECH & TRUTH in MEDIA is road back to honest global PROSPERITY
I love TV show RIDICULOUSNESS staring Rob Dyrdec. Too bad the executives at CNN did not buy the name RIDICULOUSNESS for their latest programming flop CNN+. We need the truth. Not more ridiculous fake news CNN dishes out as news.
According to Fox News CNN spent $300 million to attract almost no one to CNN+. The upcoming mid/term election will be a blood bath. Yay. There is a god.
CNN + (plus) failed. CNN is finding out that people don’t want to pay for FAKE NEWS.
CNN THE BIGGEST LOSER. Viewers have been leaving CNN for being too“wOKE.” To stop losses, CNN launches CNN + and becomes a BIGGER LOSER. People want real NEWs not political propaganda. CNN: Do You Get It?
RADICAL LEFT MARXISTs fear Elon Musk more than they fear Donald Trump. Elon would expose the lies CNN-MSNBC-NBC-NYTimes-Washington Post-& Silicon Valley Marxists tell. I pray Elon finds Hunter Biden’s computer hidden by the FBI. Elon please keep the rodents running for cover.
THANK YOU Freedom loving capitalists & entrepreneurs. I am sick & tired of socialist left-leaning Marxists telling me “How to think” “What to think” &”Telling me what to do.” All I want is my Freedom. That’s why I am an entrepreneur. Thank you fellow freedom loving capitalists.
ELON MUSK is a Capitalist. He is buying Twitter to set our FREEDOM of SPEECH free from the rats, rodents, and reptiles hiding in Twitters WOKE Corporate Culture. I love capitalism. I love freedom. I love Elon.
UNFORTUNATELY Apple going Marxist. Apple employees voting to form a labor union. Marx said “Workers of the World Unite.” Most powerful union in America is NEA the National teachers union. That is why America is “WOKE.” Most teachers are Marxists. Capitalist live FREE.
I LOVE ELON MUSK. He turned on the lights and now the rats and rodents running Twitter are running for cover.
Q: What is RISKIEST INVESTMENT in GLOBAL meltdown? Stocks or bonds? A: Bonds. Tragically rookie investors follow rookie advice of 60 (stocks) 40 (bonds) mix. BUY gold silver BC as insurance against morons running the world. REMEMBER: A college degree is not a cure for STUPIDITY.
Q: WHY is TODAY ‘s FINANCIAL CRISIS the biggest in WORLD HISTORY? A: Up to now only individual countries such as Japan, Argentina, Greece, Venezuela crashed Morons running the world have turned the whole world a spinning global bubble of debt. Next bust whole world implodes.
NO CURE for STUPIDITY: WORLD led by highly educated stupid people. FED, Treasury, Banks, Wall Street, government, politicians have put world in most dangerous financial condition in history. Why go to school when highly educated idiots are running the world? Buy G, S, BC.
WIley COYOTE moment coming. Biggest Bubble Bust coming. Baby Boomer’s retirements to be stolen. $10 trillion in fake money spending ending. Government, Wall Street & Fed are thieves. Hyper-inflation Depression here. Buy gold, silver, Bitcoin before the coyote wakes up. Take care
I am amazed Twitter did not take down my previous tweet. Elon must be having some effect on Twitter. He is getting back our FREEDOM of SPEECH our most important freedom. I commend Elon for his courage and “Putting his money where his heart is.”
I love Elon Musk taking on the Fascists at Twitter.
“THERE IS GOING TO BE RACE WAR.” Frank James: NY Subway Shooter. I DISAGREE. The race war began in 2020, when Biden and Kamala were elected by racist socialist media elites. Sad. Tragic. God save America.
WHY VIOLENCE INCREASE? In CAPITALiST MANIFESTO I warned: Marxist will call everyone racist.” Fed print trillions in “fake money,” “Defund Police,” “open Southern borders to criminals” “abandon Afghanistan” “elect weak leaders” and teach “gender identity” rather than patriotism.
Hate to say “I TOLD YOU SO” yet I did. In latest book Capitalist Manifesto, I warned “Civil Unrest” & “Terrorism” will breakout in America. Mass Shooting in Brooklyn this morning just the start. Take care. Find safe place to live, know your neighbors, arm. Revolution has begun.
After crashing his car and nearly having his leg amputated…Tiger Woods returns to the Masters and inspires. I watched crowds cheering a great human who rose to become even greater. When someone like Tiger inspires you…he touches the same spiritual power… YOU HAVE…inside you.
BIDEN’s FINISHED. He did his job which was to get Kamala to be first female and black President. Congressman friend warns “Watch who she appoints her VP. New VP is the “puppet master.” The real reason for Biden-Kamala ticket. More freedoms to be stolen. “WATCH OUT for WOKE”
Democrats know-BIDEN MUST GO : Biden is destroying their party. But who will replace him? Kamala Harris? Nancy Pelosi? Hillary Clinton? If a trans-man can win the women’s swimming tournament, why can’t the trans man replace Joe Biden as President?
REPO MARKET INVERSION. Last time this happened was 2008. Be careful. Recession and crash coming. Weak businesses & greedy investors to fail. In 2008 I borrowed $300 million to buy great real estate, at bargain prices. Time to get rich coming again. TIME TO GET SMART not greedy.
MY ANSWER to “price tuna or silver in 2027?” If tuna goes to $25 a can, price of silver eagles go to $250 or more. MY REAL ANSWER : If tuna goes to $25 a can we are all SCREWED. REVOLUTION begins because 40% of Americans have less than $1000. $25 tuna bankrupts them and USA.
VOTE NOW: Q: in 2027 what commodity will appreciate the most? A can of tuna or a silver eagle? A: My answer to follow in my next tweet.
INFLATION: What will become more valuable? CANNED TUNA or SILVER EAGLES? I bought $25 dollars worth of CANNED TUNA. Next to the tuna I put a $25 US SILVER EAGLE. In five years, 2027 which commodity do you think increases most in value? Tuna or silver?
Kevin O’Leary, “Mr. Wonderful” claims Putin will meet with a hunting accident. Biden says the same. Kevin O’Leary knows what he is talking about but Biden is a stand up comedian. If Putin “disappears” I am afraid war may be next. Pray for sanity. Take care.
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