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How my best four calls went from the past 7 days!👇 �#Larvasas 10x 🚀#DI #DI 6x #Moontigerntiger 4#DINY💎 #DINY 4x 🚀 Put your notifications on to not miss any potential moons#SOLIDPICKSS#BSCGEMSS #BSCGEMS
Have u seen Daisy Inu? Just launched w/ currently a 10k mcap. Dev looks Solid! ✅12% Buy/Sell Fee ✅Diamond Community ✅Bullish Chart ✅Based Dev #BSC #BSCGems #DaisyInu TG: Web Twit: DYOR,NFA🚨1
I told you guys you shouldn't Miss out on $LARVAS & it went up more than 10x since my tweet 3days ago!!🔥🔥 A lot of early investors took profits & an opportunity for new investors has occured✅ Join their great community!👇…pNAc
💎 $RINU |@RyokoInuu Are planning to launch the RyokoSaifu wallet, w/ built in Staking, NFT Marketplace & Mint Creator, Dapps & Chart tools w/ a crosschain Swap✅ ✔️CMC & CG Applied ✔️106M.cap🤑 This can do LOTS of X's IMO!👇…lp1BbF
#MOONTIGER did more than a 2x since my call Yesterday!!🎉🔥 It's currently on a small dip but w/ their Hyped community & Huge Marketing Campaign coming up, it looks like it will go for a new ATH very soon!✅ Join their amazing community!👇…5FYi
A very interesting utility project currently sitting at 34K MC 👀 The team strives to build a great and strong diamond handed community! They are also working towards development of their own NFTs and eventually their P2E Game 🔥
FOR ALL THAT DOUBTED SHIBA INU, DON'T DOUBT #SuperInu !🔥 ✔️Metaverse NFT game ✔️BNB rewards ✔️CG & CMC soon! ✔️Small marketcap so still very early ATM! 🎮NFT Collection next week (will be used in their Metaverse game)🔥 They just released an Official Lambo GiveAway…BbRl
$TRAVA x $TOD - DeFi 2.0 meets Web3. @trava_finance is a fork of $AAVE but already deploying some smart lend/borrow mechanisms with users creating their own pools and credit risk score evaluations. Already deployed on $FTM, $ETH and #BSC, the DAO takes the best features from $OHM
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💎 $LARVAS is up close to a 4x since my call Yesterday!!🔥🎉 W/ their DEX and NFT Marketplace coming soon, this looks like it's just the Beginning!!✅ Join their community�
🎮BNBGlobal Play to Earn starts TODAY!!🔥 ✅3 Games ✅Weekly P2E events ✅Weekly new games ⏰Starts Today 21:00 UTC How to participate: ✅Be #BNBGBG holder ✅Create an account ✅Ready to play…eOtA…e10v5
#Larvasbscc | Mcap $20K I've found a very interesting play on the#BSCC👀 ✔️5% Reflection Rewards ✔️AMA's ✔️LP Locked ✔️Influencers on board ✔️Burn 🔜 NFT Marketplace 🔜 Dex $Larvas Don't miss this NEW GAME CHANGER!�
💎#SHIBAROSSS |@ShibaRosss IS STEALTH LAUNCHING SATURDAY!👀 ✔️LIMITED EDITION NFTS ✔️METAVERSE USE CASE ✔️STAKING & FARMING PLATFORM Doxxed & Experienced Team w/ a Longterm Vision✅ You DON'T want to miss out on this!!👇
🚨Help me to find the NEXT#GEMM to pump!🔥 Shill me your Gems below!👇💎 *Put Notifications on if you don't want to miss out#BSC##ETH#ETH
💎#NEXTSHIBB |@NextShibb The First MEME token with a complete ecosystem! 😱 ➡️PUBLIC TOKEN SALE = LIVE! 🏆Part of NSC! 🚀Low MC of 500k! 🔒25% LP 🔥Listing on several DEX! 🛡5% deflation on every TX! 📰Featured by
💎 $DI |@dragon1nfinityy Bamm!!! I told you guys this was looking SUPER Interesting! We did nearly 6X since my tweet 5days ago!!🔥🎉 You can play the game now in Browser!✅ ➡️Android coming in 6days Don't miss the ride to 100Mil Mcap! Join the Army!…oVH3f
#Cheematicc |@CheematicBSCC The Power of Cheems & the simplicity of MATIC👀 ✔️8% Matic Rewards ✔️Weekly VC AMA ✔️KYC | Audit soon ✔️Fast Track CMC & CG 🔜 NFT Exchange 🔜 Cheematic Wallet Don't miss this NEW GAME CHANGER!
They just got listed on CG aswell!
💎 $LAMA |@MetaLamaTokenn I told you guys the Hype was growing on this one! It has been launched and went close to a 4X since my tweet 2 days ago!!🎉🎉 Today it got listed on CMC & CG is coming soon!✅ Join their Amazing community!�…rCWxoc
@BSCSabreCatt 🐅 The Newest Meme based token on th#BSCSC 👀 ➡️Presale TOMORROW!!! January 13th at 7pm UTC ✅Massive NFT, Meme, & Branding Potential ✅Animal Charities Donations ✅KYC+AUDIT $600USD giveaway 🤑 Presale…93Do
One of, if not the MOST fun P2E Game @FarmWars1 Private Sale is NOW Live and it's filling FAST!! Make sure to get your spot!👇…k And they're giving away 1 WL Spot🔥🚀 ✅Foll@FarmWars1rs1 ✅Like this Tweet ⏰Winner announced in…Odg
#BabyShibaa |@babyshibacoinioo The Birth of BabyShibaCoin on ERC20 ➡️Presale 15th January - 100 ETH ✔️Audit (InterFi) ✔️Team Tokens Locked ✔️KYC ✔️Huge Influencer Marketing Push This has the POTENTIAL to do lots of X's!👇
➡️ Private Sale with a cap of 50BNB is LIVE RIGHT NOW!! (Almost Sold Out!) 2/2
💎#TheFarmWarss |@FarmWars11 One of the MOST promising P2E game on the#BSCC IMO! ➡️Presale: 15th January 🎮P2E War Game 🕹️Monthly Tournament Conquest ✔️Special NFT Characters Check out the Links for more information!�
🦙@MetaLamaTokenn🦙 Presale goes LIVE TODAY at 7PM UTC! 🔥Presale…oTz ✅Earn $LAMA by holding ✅Single & Multiplayer gaming ✅Audit & KYC Get whitelisted before 4PM UTC to Join here!�
💎$Scrooge |@Scrooge_McDogg ✔️Fully Doxxed Dev ✔️LP Locked 1 year ✔️P2E Game already in works ✔️NFT Collection already out that work as lifetime tickets for their weekly Lottery event Diamond Holding community! Join here!👇
🦙@MetaLamaTokenn🦙 The P2E hype is growing, and so is $LAMA! 🔥Presale: 10th Jan 7PM…oTz ✅Earn $LAMA by holding ✅Single & Multiplayer gaming ✅Audit & KYC Get whitelisted before it's too
💎 $MTNKS |@MetaTanksBSCC Went doing more than a 2x since my tweet 5Hours ago!!🎉🎉 With the CMC & CG Listing & their P2E Game launch coming up, this looks like it's just the beginning!✅ Join their amazing community!�…vFqkBt
New Metaverse project @MetaTanksBSC just launched! Very low Market Cap ($50k) & CMC in next 3 days! Don't miss this gem with huge potential! 📱 🌐 Webmetatanksbsc.iodY 📈…brUX
💎 $DI |@dragon1nfinityy Went doing a 3x since my call 4hours ago!!🎉🎉 Just above 1.4Mil M.cap NOW and i am still Super BULLISH on it!!✅ A lot of interesting stuff coming out NEXT few weeks!!🔥🔥 Join their awesome community!…YBXEi8sK
💎 $DI |@dragon1nfinityy This one looks very interesting IMO!👀 ➡️650K mcap Browser version is out after 3 months of work, Android/IOS comes out in 2 weeks. Twitch Tournaments soon!✅ Top #2 gainers on CMC🔥 Check it out!�…khqecf
🦙 $LAMA |@MetaLamaTokenn🦙 One of the MOST promising P2E game on th#BSCSC ➡️Presale: 10th January - 7PM UTC 🎮Earn $LAMA 🕹️Singleplayer & Multiplayer ✔️Audit & KYC 6000 BUSD amongst 20 winners who join the
#KabukiINUU |@kabukiinubscc Went doing a 370X ATH since Launch!!🎉🎉 ✔️Organised Roadmap ✔️Utility being developed ✔️Huge Marketing w/ influencers coming up! Hype is growing MASSIVELY on this one, don't miss out!�
It’s starting to feel a lot more like we are bottoming.
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BITCash - The HODL & Earn Community💰💎 💸8% Rewards in USDC ✅Doxxed Dev ✅Audited Contract ✅Incoming great products 💸78 BNB raised in 35 seconds 🔥 👨Experienced Team The Hype is growing on this one!👇…RUsRS9mG…znz4N3ycI
Check out #ToonKing $TKT Token. Presale sold out in 15min & reached 1 mil mcap in 2 days! #bnb#CMCC#CGG still coming! 👑Doxxed & audited 👑2#BUSDUSD  rewards 👑Lotteri#NFTGamingaming's 👑Weekly Buy back & 🔥 Don't…pUOonMMq1y
⛩�#HAKURYUU🀄⛩ I just found this interesting project called $RYU. Launched 21 days ago o#ETHTH &#BSCSC ✅Listed on CMC & CG ✅Own swa#HAKUSWAPAP ✅Liste@FibSwapap &@Indoex_LTDTD……EAES Check it out !
🥑 $AVG |@Avocadoguildd🥑 A P2E Gaming Guild with 7 major P2E Title Partnerships! ✔️Backed b@binancec@solanana & Animoca Brands ✔️Competitor of $MC wich is x5 higher in Mcap ✔️Currently trading around $2 w/ a 45Mil M.cap This will EXPLODE in 2022!!👇
This gem @tigergirlbsc launched yesterday!👀 🏆Currently sitting around 35k M.cap w/ 210 holders 🔥Meme + Gaming & NFT use case ✅Experienced Team ✅LP Lock - 2months Solid community with an amazing hype!!�
💎#TigerBallss |@tigerballsbscc The newest Tiger token aiming to conquer the market! A lot of BIG updates coming this quarter!👇 ✔️P2E Game Demo ✔️CMC & CG Listing ✔️Audit This has the potential to do a lot of X's IMO!👇
#SuperInuu |@SuperInuTokenn The next Inu coin going VIRAL on the#BSCC 🚀 ✔️Metaverse NFT game ✔️BNB rewards ✔️CMC & CG coming up! ✔️Low Marketcap They're hosting a HUGE GiveAway w/ a Lambo to win as the biggest price!!😯 Join the army here!�
#TigerInuu |@TigerInu20222 Went up hard since my call Yesterday!!🔥🎉 I am still SUPER Bullish on it & i do expect it to break new ATH sooner than later!✅ Th#Tigerger was made 3 days before the Elon Musk tweet! Join their amazing community here!�……kXsJK
💎#CHEEMSBILLIONAIREE | One of the Richest Doge in the World! ✔️CMC Listed with CG listing coming soon! ✔️NFTs ✔️HUGE marketing push on the way including some of the biggest influencers! Join the army!👇…wgyYN
💎@TigerInu20222@elonmuskk 👀 Slight above 1mil marketcap now🔥
💎 $ORAI |@oraichainn The World's FIRST AI Oracle for Blockchains🌍 Has a lot of HUGE updates coming in Q1!👇 ✔️Mainnet 2.0 ✔️OraiDEX ✔️HUGE Marketing campaign! Make sure you hold a bag w/ some $ORAI Tokens💎 Check out what they've achieved
💎 SAFU COIN v2 |@SAFU_Communityy Launched 3 days ago on#BSCC 🤑 🚨5% BUY TAX PROMOTION🤑 ✔️Experienced team ✔️Doxxed Dev ✔️Reward Ecosystem ✔️VERIFIED CONTRACT ✔️LP Locked ➡️Aggressive Marketing ongoing! Looks like a great entry point now IMO!
The TLA for our $AVG token is now over! Phew, what a ride that was!🥑 We have successfully concluded $AVG token auction on@CopperLaunchh raising over $27M. Thank you for all the $AVG token buyers - we are set to achieve great things in the near future!🚀 Happy New Year!3Ki
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💎 $BBTZE |@BabyBalltzee A group of devs from multiple projects started this absolute rocket! ✔️100k market cap, ✔️Launched 2 days ago! If this goes the same direction as#BabyDogee, which it's looking like.. that's a 5000x
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