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Today we celebrate #LiberationDay. On 5 May 1945 the Netherlands was liberated and World War II was over. Four days later a liberation party took place on Dam Square in Amsterdam. 🇳🇱 🖼️ Liberation party at Dam Square on 9 May 1945, Jan Grégoire, 1945 (© erven Jan GregoirbOH
Now on display at the Gallery of Honour: porcelain from the Meissen collection of the Jewish-German couple Margarethe and Franz Oppenheimer. Provenance researcher Mara and Head of Decorative Arts Femke shed their light on this gripping history. 🍵 📹rijksmuseum.nl/meissenNKf
While recuperating from an illness at the fishing village of Zandvoort, Jozef Israëls was appalled by the tragic lot of the fishermen and their families. His sober, restrained paintings depicting life in the village earned him international fame. 🎣 rijksmuseum.nl/storiesF3
Rembrandt’s The Standard Bearer will be on show in each of the 12 Dutch provinces. First stop: @FriesMuseum. In a series of video’s Head of Paintings and Sculpture Pieter Roelofs shares his thoughts about the work. Today: what is a Standard Bearer? 🧑‍🎨vaandeldragerontour.nlUyC
Het is meivakantie in het Rijksmuseum! Kom samen met de hele familie ontdekken. De verhalen van het museum komen tot leven met familierondleidingen, theaterbeleving en workshops. Meer info: rijksmuseum.nl/meivakantie
Be the reason someone smiles today! Here are some golden smiles from our collection. Do you recognise these works? And what makes you smile? 😀🤡 🚨 Discover the stories of the Rijksmuseurijksmuseum.nl/storiesg9FE
Amsterdamn! ❤️🌺 📸 Great shot bnoramaria.nlRZ Us#Rijksviewsws to get your photo featured! 🎟️ Info and ticketrijksmuseum.nlKNpx
Exactly 350 years later, exactly (well, almost) the same view. ⏳ Some places withstand the onslaught of time, such as the famous Golden Bend on the Herengracht in Amsterdam, a cityscape that Gerrit Berckheyde painted several times. ✨ rijksmuseum.nl/stories
Still feeling a little under the weather after yesterday’s King’s Day celebrations? Come and hang with us! Your hangover will magically disappear! ❤️ 🎟️ Info and tickets:rijksmuseum.nl3E
Gefeliciteerd Koning Willem-Alexander! Heb jij je favoriete oranje hoedje al uit de kast gehaald? Een rood-wit-blauw vlaggetje op je wangen? We wensen iedereen een fijne #Koningsdag 🧡🇳🇱 🖼️ De Buitenpartij, Dirck Hals, 1627 (bewerkrijksmuseum.nlRzH0X
There are 17 million people living in the Netherlands. We have 23 million bicycles. That’s 1,3 bicycle per inhabitant. Unique in the world! Just like this Delft Blue tile. What other Typical Dutch phenomenon should we morph into a tile? 🚲 🖼️ Isaac Weissenbruch, c. 186Xl
Did you know Breitner made thirteen paintings of a girl in kimono between 1893 and 1896? She assumes different poses and the kimono often has a different colour. 👘 🖼️ Girl in a White Kimono, George Hendrik Breitner, 1894rijksmuseum.nl/storiesv3d
Spring is in the air! Now that the temperatures are rising, every classy woman needs her own fan to keep it cool. Looking for a fancy fan? Here is some inspiration! 🦚 🚨 Follow the Rijksmuseum on Instagram to see the complete worksinstagram.com/rijksmuseumytv
Magic mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of all? 🪞 📸 Nice shot by: purereen Us#Rijksviewsws to get your photo featured! 🎟️ Info and ticketrijksmuseum.nll774
Most people are familiar with one or more of these works. But anyone who hasn't actually stood in front of them probably doesn’t realise how surprisingly tiny or colossal they are. For instance, did you know how overwhelming it is to view the Battle of Waterloo in real life? 😵J
The best way to close your museum visit? Come and make a stroll in the Rijksmuseum Gardens! Jump in the fountain, play a game of chess and bring your own packed lunch. Admission is free! ☀️🦆 🚨 Discover our Storiesrijksmuseum.nl/storiesvx0
The Rijksmuseum online Slavery Exhibition is nominated for two Webby Awards! Today is the last day of voting. Enjoyed the exhibition? Vote for us! vote.webbyawards.com/PublicVoting#/…
‘What a week, huh?’ ‘Captain, it's Wednesday’. The perfect day for a museum visit! It will brighten up your week, we promise! 😍 🎟️ Info and ticketsrijksmuseum.nlmpS
It’s that time of year again! Did you already had some asparagus this spring? Or some gooseberries, apricots, peaches or strawberries maybe? We combined Adriaen Coorte’s still lifes into one big work with delicious treats! 🍑🍓rijksmuseum.nl/storiesEBS
It’s #Easter Monday, so The #Milkmaid is preparing a delicious Easter brunch! Bon appétit! 🐰🥚 🖼️ The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1660 🚨Discover our Storirijksmuseum.nl/storiesdMEXN
Our Playmobil buddies go on an #Easter egg hunt in the Rijksmuseum! 🥚🐰 😍 Did you know the Rijksmuse#Playmobilbil family is available in our webshorijksmuseumshop.nl/en/kids/playmo…Qkju
When in Amsterdam… visit Dutch masterpieces! 🌷 📸 Us#Rijksviewsws to get your photo featured! 🎟️ Info and ticketrijksmuseum.nlKsul
What’s cuter than a baby? 👶 Well some of the little ones in our collection are quite, ehm… special. But luckily there are some cuddly ones as well. Do you recognise these paintings? Let us know! 🍼rijksmuseum.nl/storiesvIc
Het @KPNMCF, Maya VR en het Rijksmuseum starten samen een nieuwe reeks vr-tours. Maar liefst 4.000 ouderen in verpleeghuizen uit het hele land worden dit jaar getrakteerd op een virtueel ‘uitje’ naar de Eregalerij van het Rijksmuseum. Lees meer: rijksmuseum.nl/nl/pers/persbe…
Markets are for the ages! When British amateur photographer James Higson travelled around the Netherlands in 1904 he stumbled on a market at the Nieuwmarkt in Amsterdam. More than 100 years later on the same spot: yup, there still is a market going on! 🛒 rijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/the…xg
Miffy is a true Dutch icon! We morphed Dick Bruna’s iconic bunny into something else that’s typical Dutch: a Delft Blue tile. That’s two for one! Do you have a favourite #Miffy character? 🐰 🖼️ The letter is done, Dick Bruna, 2003 © Dick Bruna/Mercis Publishing bv#nijntjejEF
Rembrandt portrays his 19-year-old son Titus as a Franciscan monk. The rules of the Order prescribe a life of poverty and humility, reflected in his coarse cloak and air of quiet introspection. 🖼️ Titus in a Monk’s Habit, Rembrandt van Rijn, 1660 rijksmuseum.nl/storieskB
Time for some monkey business! 🐒 There are more than a few monkeys jumping around in our collection, do you recognise these cheeky monkeys and the artworks they are on? 🙈 🚨 More Rijksmuseum In Detairijksmuseum.nl/storiesCXup
The tulips are back! 🌷❤️ Nice shot by: zsnajorrah Use#Rijksviewss to get your photo featured! 🎟️ Info and ticketsrijksmuseum.nlm8t
It didn’t feel like spring the last week here in the Netherlands. ☂️ The only upside about this autumn weather: it’s the perfect weather to visit the museum! See you this weekend? ❤️ 🎟️ Info and tickets:rijksmuseum.nl3E
Fishing for Souls makes it clear that politics and religion were inextricably linked. Perhaps Van de Venne got a little bored, because he couldn’t resist hiding a brilliant joke – a most lifelike fly – in his work. 🪰 🖼️ Fishing for souls, Adriaen Pietersz van de Venne, 161OX
The Night Watch, Vermeer's Woman Reading a Letter and eight other works from the Rijksmuseum's collection are included within #HorizonForbiddenWest, the new videogame made by local Amsterdam game developer @Guerrilla. We love to tell you more about this collaboration! 🎮6
Female Power! Host Cathelijne Blok and curator Tamar van Riessen show us the highlights of this exhibition, that foregrounds the portrayal of strong and individual women in paintings at Rijksmuseum Schiphol. 🛫 🎥 Watch the videorijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/the…o9B
It is no wonder that in Japan, cherry blossoms stand for the fragility of life, that passes by quickly. This print celebrates the very beginning of the blossoming, when only flowers adorn the branches. 🌸 🖼️ Tits on Cherry Branch, Ohara Koson, 1900 - 191rijksmuseum.nl/storiesv8q
The eyes are the mirror of the soul. 👀 There are thousands and thousands of eyes in the Rijksmuseum Collection. Do you recognise these paintings by just looking at the eyes? 👁️👁️ 🚨 More Rijksmuseum In Detarijksmuseum.nl/storieszIBNq
Art ❤️ Love 📸 Nice shot by: jenniferadrienefotografie Use#Rijksviewss to get your photo featured! 🚨 Discover our Storiesrijksmuseum.nl/storiesvJP
With over 8.000 works on show the #Rijksmuseum is a pretty big place! To make everyones visit as comfortable as possible we installed a brand new monorail. Sit back and enjoy the Rijksmuseum in all its glory! 🎢 🎟️ Info and ticketsrijksmuseum.nlL2w
Bon voyage! ❤️ Starting tomorrow The Milkmaid will be on show in the exhibition Dutch Heritage Amsterdam. Pay her a visit, she is only a mile away! She will return to her home in our Gallery Of Honour on 1 June. 🖼️ The Milkmaid, Johannes Vermeer, c. 1660rijksmuseum.nl/stories7y
The Dutch are Burgundian at heart. Five hundred years ago that was… well actually, just the same as today. Even now, the average 'borrelbord' (snack tray) contains more cheese and snacks than are good for us. 🧀🤤 🖼️ Still Life with Cheese, Floris Claesz van Dijck, c. 16Ii6
Women of the Rijksmuseum! Host Cathelijne Blok and curator Ludo van Halem take a deep dive in this recently acquired self-portrait by Charley Toorop. 🎥 Watch the video:rijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/the…WP
The Night Watch is back in front of the glass chamber! Experience Rembrandt’s most famous work from real close! 🔍 🖼️ The Night Watch, Rembrandt van Rijn, 1642 🚨 Follow Operation Night Watcrijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/ope…LPhS
Here comes the sun! With the lovely spring weather in the Netherlands we thought it was the perfect time to share with you our favourite skyscapes! 🌤️ Do you recognise these details? 🖼️rijksmuseum.nl/storiesv3a
The Rijksmuseum Gardens are open! So come on in and enjoy the spring weather this weekend! 🌸☀️ 📸 Us#Rijksviewsws to get your photo featured! 🚨 Discover our Storierijksmuseum.nl/storiesgjBd
Vermeer’s Woman Reading A Letter is the ultimate example of his use of the colour blue. Vermeer used the semiprecious stone lapis lazuli to achieve this colour. Although he was far from wealthy, he often used this expensive raw material. 💙💌rijksmuseum.nl/storiesEhx
The Night Watch is back on show! The structural treatment of the painting is finished. Paintings conservator Lisette Vos tells us about the final treatments! 🧑‍🎨 🖼️ The Night Watch, Rembrandt van Rijn, 164#AkzoNobelbel is main partner #OperationNightWatchtQcJ
Talkshow: aanstaande zondag gaan de conservatoren van de tentoonstelling Revolusi! Indonesië onafhankelijk in gesprek met o.a. David van Reybrouck en Nancy Jouwe over de Indonesische onafhankelijkheidsstrijd. Vanaf 14:30 uur in @De_Zwijger in Amsterdam. rijksmuseum.nl/nl/zien-en-doe…
Catharina van Hemessen is the first known South-Netherlandish female painter whose work is dated and signed. This small portrait is probably one of her earliest works. 👩‍🎨 🖼️ Portrait of a Woman, Catharina van Hemessen, 154rijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/10-…sFEt
Women of the Rijksmuseum! Host Cathelijne Blok and curator Maartje Brattinga pull us into the world of Aagje Deken and Betje Wolff, two socially critical writers who were each other’s BFF’s. They are depicted on two rare 18th-century glasses. 🍸 rijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/the…TU
Aanstaande vrijdag 25 maart in het Rijksmuseum: het symposium Glas2022. Van archeologie tot design, en van glasblazer tot natuurkundige. Vanuit verschillende disciplines kijken we allemaal naar hetzelfde materiaal: glas. Bekijk het programma: rijksmuseum.nl/nl/zien-en-doe…
From the festive Great Hall to the sleek Asian Pavilion, and from innovative and modern to traditional and classic. Our museum building is full of wonderful stories and details. Take a journey through history and discover the building's great stories! 🏛️ rijksmuseum.nl/en/stories/cuy…bk
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