'Radical' Russ — 'Evil Billionaire' is redundant

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Integrated this morning Can't believe what I saw A hundred million immigrants Washed up on the shore twitter.com/JuliusGoat/sta…
The only thing that can stop a good guy with a gun who just stopped a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun who mistakes him for a bad guy with a gun. twitter.com/NBCNews/status…
13 House GOP vote for BIF. GOP moves to strip their committee assignments. 2 Senate Dems stonewalling filibuster carve outs for voting rights, threaten to derail BBB. Dems let them. twitter.com/joshtpm/status…
I needn't imagine, I need only remember. Conservatives don't even know their own history. twitter.com/JasonSCampbell…
State Farm sticking with Aaron Rodgers tells me they believe they'd lose more business from anti-vaxers who would cancel their insurance compared to pro-vaxers who would cancel their insurance.
My favorite part of sushi lunch are the tiny little roe that my tongue must root out of my teeth and gums, enjoying the tiny little "pop" when I chew them up.
Maybe some Reddit attention will get @MTMSocial, @AskLyft, and @IDHW to care about these NEMT rides that are no-shows 90% of the time? reddit.com/r/lyftdrivers/…
But I doubt it. They're all getting fat on your Medicaid dollars. Why should they care about me getting stiffed and you unable to catch timely rides? Medicaid pays them anyway. So, good luck finding other drivers who'll accept $5 cancels 90% of the time with @MTMSocial bookings.
The @MTMSocial rides are easy to detect; I will simply not accept or cancel them when they come in. I've DM'ed them about this; they don't care. I've DM'ed @AskLyft about this; it's not their problem. Maybe they'll listen to you? /3
Every time @MTMSocial fails to cancel a ride, I lose out on 15-30 min of my workday driving to a $15-$25 booking that becomes a $5 no-show fee. This week, there are streak bonuses in the morning and afternoon and a week bonus for 91 rides. I can't achieve those on no-shows. /2
Dear disabled @lyft riders, I will no longer be accepting the rides you book through @MTMSocial. They so consistently fail to pass along ride cancels to Lyft that I can no longer count on your bookings being actual rides. /1
Is today's #YallQaeda truck has a sticker with a skull superimposed over the state of Idaho in an American Flag pattern with the letters MTFU, standing for man the fuck up. And the obligatory Punisher sticker.
Oh my. The $15 in #Bitcoin I was gifted is now worth $16.28. At this rate I'll be a Bitcoin billionaire in the year 2,138,945. Woo hoo! #StillHodling not yodeling.
Well, he's not wrong, but he's probably right for the wrong reasons. twitter.com/patriottakes/s…
Now you can show them the charts that demonstrate far better economies under Dems and terrible recessions under GOP. They will still believe GOP is better for business and Dems want to flood America with cheap immigrant labor to take our jobs.
Yes, middle and upper-middle class whites also held these racial animus. That's not a debunk of econ anxiety, though. It ignores perception. Though they may be doing well they perceive America doing economically worse and they blame that on Dems.
That perception is what allowed Trump to flourish. Those whites felt *seen and heard*. Of course, that was Trump seeing/hearing their woes and refocusing them on their racial hatreds and emnity for how Dems killed their factory town. Yes, I've seen the debunk of "econ anxiety."
For so long, poor whites in constitutionally-more-electorally-powerful parts of the country have seen Dems as the party that cares about Black, brown, immigrant, Muslim, LGBT, and shipping away poor whites' jobs overseas while making fun of their superstitious ignorant ways.
Not only is this the correct take, but the responses criticizing it further illustrate its correctness. Yes, rich Black folks experience racism, for example; racism does exist apart from class. But how racism affects class is how you get poor whites interested in ending racism. twitter.com/fawfulfan/stat…
Today has a story on "skimpflation," which is what happens when the ownership class can't find enough of the service class to immediately cater to their whims at sub-living wages, confirmed when reporter says, "businesses might have to raise wages to attract more workers." (Duh!)
But you're a bit of a hypocrite to say "I can explain this" when it's the sex adults have but not the drugs adults do. Seems you're making a value judgment as to whose adult lives we should try to save. Lemme guess: "but sex is *natural*!"... as if taking drugs isn't.
I somewhat agree. These messages should be delivered via posters and fliers at the legal recreational drugs shop. That way they reach the intended target without being seen by kids and could be followed up with a trained professional on site. But since we won't legalize drugs... twitter.com/JenniferSey/st…
I have succeeded at syncing up the Green Bay #Packers audio feed on SiriusXM with a delayed live recording on my streaming TV so I can mute Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. I take great pleasure in this, even if it makes me watch the game 1:30 seconds in the past.
I know it is wrong, but when I just heard the name "Lajarius Sneed," I laughed out loud as my brain conjured a Dr. Seuss character.
"I'm from Idaho, where there's two strains of weed: Got Some and Don't." -me twitter.com/IDJoe4Congress…
There was an ad on just now for a Cajun seafood and bar here in my hometown of Nampa, Idaho, that may win some sort of award for Worst Voice Actor Attempt at a Cajun Accent.
Love hearing Owa Odighizuwa's name called on the Cowboys game. My ex-wife attended nursing school with his mom. Met him, mom, brothers (all athletic AF). Truly decent wonderful people who've overcome incredible obstacles.
Finally, don't ever ever ever give law enforcement access to your cell phone. Use a password, not biometrics, to lock it. Get security software that can "shred" it in an emergency. Unless you're a pedophile rapist and animal corpse fucker, then, please, give em everything, idiot.
So, is there a legal distinction between sexually assaulting an animal and raping an animal? Wouldn't it all be rape? Or does rape only apply intraspecies? Or only by and to humans? I'm just glad my dogs and I have left Portland.
Guy is 32yo. Three prior felonies. Somehow, mass incarceration missed *this* guy while it was locking up pot growers and street dealers.
Again, there should be no death penalty and prisoners should be treated humanely and kept safe and secure at all times. Because that prisoner would be me if I happened upon this guy in action.
Um, "appeared?" Like, this guy's already set up a multi-angle bestiality porn with a pit bull, but we really can't make out whether there's actual doe-porking going on in this video. Bad lighting, perhaps?
It's the "taken from multiple angles" part. Like, not just using the cell phone to take a canine gonzo selfie, but taking the time to either stop and reset for different shots, or using multiple cameras and spending time editing and uploading back to the cell phone. 😵I
Let me open with oh my God you filthy, broken, evil scumbag pathetic excuse for a human being who tests my opposition to the death penalty and those poor kids, both the victim and the witnesses. Now, drilling down a bit, not to diminish the horror, but... koin.com/news/crime/cop…
Terry Bradshaw spitting truth! Aaron Rodgers "lied," ivermectin "is a horse dewormer." Then Michael Strahan says "not the time to bring up Martin Luther King."
Basically, if you are not a rich white landowner, somewhere within American history is a proud story of your people overcoming some form of oppression using the Constitution written by and for rich white landowners. I often wonder if Democrats just don't/can't grok this.
That's not just my source of pride based on others (Blacks, women, LGBT, etc.) overcoming oppression. Lots of working class white guys can claim that pride in the labor movement and young white guys in 18yo vote and ending the draft.
Fun fact: That RAdm. Grace Hopper they're celebrating on the FOX NFL Pregame was the person who coined the term "bug" for a coding flaw. It was because one of the huge tube-run Mark II computers short-circuited, and they'd found a literal bug (a moth) had fried the circuit.
If you thought the reaction to climate change would be anything other than businesses rushing in with ways to live with it, like fashionable branded waders, you haven't noticed how few diseases are cured these days and how many drugs there are to "manage" ailments. twitter.com/WUTangKids/sta…
"We're not going to win rural voters..." says Donna Edwards on #MTP. Just conceding that now, huh, Dems?
My pride in America springs from how its oppressed citizens overcome their oppression by forcing their oppressors to live up to the promises they wrote in their constitution. More 13th/14th/15th/19th Amendment, less 2nd. twitter.com/nhannahjones/s…
AAA guy shows up. "I'd have thought an Uber guy would give me the right address. 32 is over there." I used the app, sir, and its GPS gave you that address. Blame the app. "Must be the same one that always sends you guys to the wrong place." 🤨 /4
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