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Watch Quantstamp Managing Director Don Ho discuss the future of DeFi with Ankitt Guar (Founder and CEO of @EasyfiNetwork) and Michael So (Co-founder of @okra_finance) at @DcentralCon Austin 2022 📺 youtube.com/watch?v=9SiMw_…L
Want to know more about the first-ever @meta_angels, web3 accelerator? This week on Curated we have @XXfounder speaking about the @AngelLabsIO cohort and the unique projects that are emerging from it. 📺 Watch it here:youtu.be/3ww6cNNyvpkd3
WE ARE LIVE! 👏 Markets link:app.klap.finance/marketsH Deposit link:app.klap.finance/depositI Borrow link:app.klap.finance/borrowF Use@SynapseProtocoll to bridge ETH->Klaytn on: Mainnet, Avalanche, Arbitrum, Boba, Fantom, Harmony, Metis and Optimism. LFG!q
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Thanks for the interview @Cryptony09 @beincrypto! I've said this so many times that I've lost count: audited doesn't mean safe and secure. Users need to check if the issues in the audit report are fixed. @Quantstamp reports indicate the status of all issues on the first page twitter.com/beincrypto_de/…
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Meet us today at Gallery 23💥 Talk to Strahinja and learn how to make your own typographic ornaments. 📍 807 Washington Street, from 13:00 Learn more about mooresque collection⬇️mooresque.nft-combinator.comVh#NFTCommunityt#artr#artists#DigitalArtistse2
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If you’re attending #NFTNYC2022, you may have spotted something familiar on the streets today 👀l
Quantstamp is growing and actively hiring! We’re hiring engineers to help secure the best companies in Web3. We’re also hiring and building across business development, operations, PR, and infrastructure. quantstamp.com/careers
We audited @CapsuleNft's capsule repo at commit 67caf73. CapsuleNFT enables users to create NFTs that store tokens within them and can be redeemed at a later date. For audit scope and results, view the full report 📝certificate.quantstamp.com/view/capsule-n…j
.@Inverted888 gives us an inside view of the @CyberKongz team, their vision for the metaverse, how they plan their IRL events, and more! All on the latest episode of Curated. 📺 Watch Now ➡️youtu.be/BtkhACsZ66094
We can’t wait to party with #BallerzNation at the IRL After Party, featuring @SeanKingston, hosted by @eternalapp, @Quantstamp, and @BALLERZ_NFT. 📍 Mission NYC 🚪 10pm-3am Link for tickets coming soon! Comment below if you’re planning to attendHN
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Introducing Klap Finance, a decentralized algorithmic liquidity market protocol on Klaytn. medium.com/@info_32916/in…
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As all you anons know, we got our audit back from @Quantstamp. 🔒 There's no better time now to have the vulnerability anons come out of the shadows and claim their@immunefii bounty:immunefi.com/bounty/nomads 👀 So what are you waiting for, anon? K8u
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RSVPs close soon! Join us tonight for live music, drinks + donuts to wrap up Consensus 🍸🍩🎙️ - Jo James - Dave Orr Band with Keith Sanders - Stevie Redstone - DJ Aeventbrite.com/e/354829242817…G1CE
Our tickets to the NFT NYC IRL After Party have sold out! 🥲 But it's not over! 1️⃣ Join the waitlist w/ code 'eggryonly':bit.ly/39djbnPm 2️⃣ Watch out for tickets from our partners@BALLERZ_NFTT@Quantstampp 3️⃣ Comment a community that we should give some tickets to 👇twitter.com/eternalapp/sta…HcAO
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🚨Announcing, NFT NYC: The IRL After Party, featuring@SeanKingstonn, hosted by@eternalappp,@BALLERZ_NFTT, &@Quantstampp!🚨 🎉6/21, from 10pm-3am at Mission NYC🎉 🍻Open bar: 10:30pm-12:30eventbrite.com/e/eternalgg-qu…xoNWBD Access code to reserve your ticket 👇
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Last call! There are still a few tickets available for the Quantstamp community to join us on Saturday night ✨ Co-hosted with the Delta Blockchain Fund, we're celebrating with music, drinks and donuts to wrap up a great week 🎙️🍸�#Consensus202202eventbrite.com/e/354829242817…GtN8
🏆 Milestone in Ethereum’s transition to PoS 🌎 Real-world blockchain use cases 🛡️ Auditi@nomadxyz_yz@metastreetxyzxy@PhunTokenken and more Here’s what happened at Quantstamp in Mayquantstamp.com/blog/quantstam…NXbi
We’re here in Austin! 🇺🇸 If you’re attendin#Consensus202222, stop by the Quantstamp booth on Friday or join us on Saturday night for drinks, donuts and music to wrap up the week! 🍩🎉 ✨ Use the link below to registeeventbrite.com/e/354829242817…geh2
We audited @nomadxyz_'s monorepo at commit 17f0557 and the zodiac-module-nomad repo at commits d887024, 482c1e2, and 93daaf9. Nomad is a cross-chain communication protocol that is optimistic ⛓💌 For audit scope and results, view the full report �certificate.quantstamp.com/view/nomadPT
We audited @rara_social's rara-protocol repo at commit a4a2474 🔍 Rara is a social curation protocol for NFTs. For info on audit scope and results, view the full report �certificate.quantstamp.com/view/rara70
We're attending the Blockchain Oracle Summit in Berlin! 🇩🇪 Join us Thursday, June 9 at 11 am CEST, where Chainproof CEO and Head of Quantstamp Germany Sebastian Banescu@banescusebibi) will present: Scaling DeFi Insurance Claims with Blockchain Oracles 🛡️#BOS22O#Web3Wk7mr
Interested in building stories with your NFTs? In the latest episode of Curated, we chat about what that might look like. Check out Ep. 8 with @jtwald, founder of @storyverse_xyz, @playco & prev founder of @zynga youtube.com/watch?v=jyiNnB…
Was @garyvee’s #VeeCon worth it? @sabsnft visits @veecon with Quantstamp’s newest team member and videographer @andrewsnts to make use of the @veefriends utility. Reporting back via this week’s Team Edition of Curated. 📺youtu.be/uPpV9w2rOcgXq
Our new Customer Spotlight goes out to @Treasure_DAO 🎉 🥳 🎊 TreasureDAO is building a composable metaverse powered by the convergence of DeFi, NFTs and gaming. Be the next player shaping the metaverse treasure.lolhn1!
📣 Ropsten Merge Announcement 📣 Ethereum's longest lived PoW testnet is moving to Proof of Stake! A new beacon chain has been launched today, and The Merge is expected around June 8th on the network. Node Operators: this is the first dress rehearsal�blog.ethereum.org/2022/05/30/rop…Omn
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Still believe NFTs are only about flipping for a profit? 🤔 This week on Curated,@AllysonDowneyy, cofounder of@meta_angelss, discusses bridging the metaverse with the real world to create a positive impact, partnering with@SofiaVergaraa and more. �youtube.com/watch?v=2dcLVT…2De
First movers in the NFT space have the opportunity to influence and help shape its direction 🥇 Celebrities like Reese Witherspoon @ReeseWW),@EvaLongoriaa,@SofiaVergaraa and@ParisHiltonn are joining the frontier in tech and innovation 🗺 B6R
Along with @illuviumio, Quantstamp is hosting an after party tonight featuring @3LAU, @plsandtybased and @AmicazMusic 🎧 Come join us to celebrate the last day of@Permissionlesss! �PS
We audited files in @CryptexFinance's governance-staking repo at commit 76961ae. For info on audit scope and results, view the full report 👇certificate.quantstamp.com/view/cryptexM
Mmmm, the smell of brand new gaming 💻s at Permissionless! @illuviumioo is sponsoring the biggest crypto gaming event with@Immutablee and@Quantstampp… 🕹 Illuvium Tournament (private beta) 🗓 Thursday @ 7pm-11pm 📍 E.R. Bradley’s 🍻 Food, Drinks, Music, Video GaGoGm
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Which NFTs are more valuable… Fine art NFTs or PFPs? @davidbianchi says fine art NFTs will be more valuable than your PFP 🤑s
NFTs are distribution networks. Multimedia crypto artist, actor and filmmaker @davidbianchi discusses why this is part of a new renaissance: a marriage of tech, finance, culture and art 🏯T
On the last day of @Permissionless, all attendees are invited to join the after-party hosted by: - @illuviumio - @Immutable - @Quantstamp
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Thanks again to everyone who participated today! Quantstamp was honored to be a gold sponsor ✨ Interested in joining the team? Learn more at quantstamp.com/careers #WeAreHiring
Chainproof CEO and Head of Quantstamp Germany Sebastian Banescu (@banescusebi) presented at @BSidesMunich today 🛡️ It was amazing to see so much interest in#web33 security!F
Some Quantstamp team members are on their way to Palm Beach for @Permissionless this week! We look forward to seeing everyone 🥳twitter.com/Blockworks_/st…y
Ep 6 of Curated is live 🎙 Hosts@sabsnftt and Tyler interview actor, filmmaker, and NFT artist@davidbianchii and discuss: 🖼 long-form digital art 🧑‍🎨 how social change fits into web3 🕌 the merging of tech, finance, culture and art 📺 Watch youtube.com/watch?v=uh4aYs…xlz24u6
A Maker Vault was used to finance a shipment of Australian Beef from Brisbane to Hong Kong. On top of that, the entire operation is currently being tracked using @Mastercard Provenance, a blockchain traceability solution. This is how it was possible 👇🧵
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We audited @lifiprotocol's lifinance/contracts repo at commit 7a4a667 and 1e6e555 🔍 LI.FIw is a bridge and DEX aggregator helping protocols offer cross-chain swaps and more. For info on audit scope and results, view the full report �certificate.quantstamp.com/view/li-fiYr
Every day, DeFi users rely on bridges to move millions in assets from one chain to another. But this convenience comes with risk ⚖️ In our latest post, we cover cross-chain bridge hacks and some attack vectors that make bridges especially vulnerable 🔓 bit.ly/3w2tdAtI
📢 Join the@Dexpoolss team for an exclusive 'TRI-WAY' AMA.✨ With guests from@Quantstampp &@AvartaNetworkk, You won't want to miss it! Best questions will receive a share of $250 Details- ⌛️Tuesday, April 12th - 15:30 UTC 💰$250 in rewards AMA Linktwitter.com/i/spaces/1dRJZ…UcRf
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Important PSA: Do you run a @discord server? Your private channels are probably not as private as you think. A thread. 👇 1/15
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The community has hurt itself by restrictively defining DAO to mean "a community group embracing the tyranny of structurelessness". There's been a rather successful movement to discredit the efforts of any DAO with even a loosely centralized structure as "not being a real DAO".
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🛡️ Audits for@makersplacee,@playmythicall,@Treasure_DAOO and more 💫 Launching a podcast an@NFT_Combinatoror 🎙️ Presenting @PBWSummitmi#Devconnectect a@ETHportlandand Here’s what happened at Quantstamp in April quantstamp.com/blog/quantstam…Rj4l2
On the latest Ep. of Curated, @wgmiio founder Thomas Mancini (@NFTommo) describes the urgency behind purchasing The Golden Bird 🐥, his current PFP and one of 3 floor price@moonbirdss he was considering at the time. 📺 Full Episode ➡youtube.com/watch?v=l2CeKH…Rnd
Ep. 5 of Curated is live 🎙 @NFTommoo, the creator of@wgmiioo, discusses his widely used and innovative NFT portfolio analytics tool that even takes NFT traits into consideration to accurately price NFTs beyond just the floor price ‼️ �youtube.com/watch?v=l2CeKH…Dgd
We want to thank Quantstamp (@Quantstamp) for making JAMHacks 6 possible through their generous sponsorship!⁣ Quantstamp is a leader in Web3 Security that has helped more than 250 startups protect over $200B in digital asset risk from hackers.
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Bullish on Creative Commons Zero (CC0)? So is @Zeneca_33 🚀 In the latest episode of Curated, Zeneca discusses the synergy between CC0 and crypto, and why he thinks it is the next evolution of intellectual property rights. 🎙 Full episode ➡youtu.be/-4VfEll190cEYR
Ep 4 of Curated is live 📺 Hosts@sabsnftt and Tyler interview@Zeneca_333 and discuss: 💻 The infamous Zeneca Spreadsheets 🧑‍🏫 Zen Academy and his other projects 🕒 Why he works in US time but lives in Europeyoutube.com/watch?v=-4VfEl…34BrorG
I am delighted to announce that our team has raised a $20M Series A to accelerate the adoption of DeFi among institutional and mainstream retail investors. This latest round of funding was led by @foundersfund and @PanteraCapital. theblockcrypto.com/post/143769/on…
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