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See your chances of winning increase with each ticket you buy! Why not try this out? We are still here with one round every 90 minutes. ↓
What's the secret to winning at PLT Lotto? Tell you what, it is not 🚀 science. ✅Consider it like any other investment. ✅Buy a lot of tickets. ✅Increase your odds of winning.3
💰💰Check out the prize pot. 💰💰 15284 PLT 💲That's worth $143,462💲 Match the winning numbers. How many have you got right? If you are the next lucky winner, we would love to talk to y#Jackpota#prize##rewardse#NFTs#CryptoC#Lotto#rOrzPD
What funds the prizes on PLT Lotto? ✅100% of ticket purchases. ✅Unclaimed winnings of the last draw. ✅10% PLT Injections of the previous draw. PLT Lotto is the next-level crypto lottery platform. Try your luck now. 🔮 A new draw every 90 minutes. ⏲️ #lottoo#lotterywinnerrL
The prize pool is getting bigger 🔝🔝🔝🔝🔝  💰💰 Play Poolotto now for your chance at $136,92pltlotto.com3V#DeFir#LotteryTicketsr#ETHk#BlockchainGaminga#decentralizedn#GameFid#Lotterie#aLzQvXpdp
🚨Have you won anything yet? 🚨 Don't worry! ⏱️There is one draw every 90 minutes.⏱️ 💲Keep your wallets connected to see if you've won this time. poollotto.financerwBy2
PLT Lotto is immutable by players. Smart contracts are like 🪨, ensuring that no players can alter the outcomes of the lottery in their favor. ✅All chances are random. ✅All winnings are fair. ✅All data is transparent. Play comfortably.🤌 New draws every 90 minutes. 8V
🌟The PLT Lotto is different crypto🌟 Social Gaming: For the players, by the players > 🙅‍♀️third partly allowed Transparent: Make decisions only when you know everything. Fair: Smart contracts -enabled. Interact with the game directly with no intermediary interruptioTih
Use the free tickets! Free tickets are just like regular tickets to help you win the lottery. Use every way you can to get them: invite your friends via a referral link, complete tasks, and interact with the community. Some services offer free tickets for signing up.
Poollotto Token (PLT) was created by a team of people who have extensive experience in gaming, and blockchain domains, all the benefits and disadvantages of these ecosystems and want to build a new generation of social lotteries for players and the best gaming experience!
Secure your ticket ➪ No Fees! 100% Decentralized, 100 % Automatic!!
The PLT Token project was launched to create a blockchain platform and token economy that gives transparency and fair outcomes to users around the globe. Distribution is defined to provide a required level of development, promotion, and support of the PLT Ecosystem.
The more users take part in lotteries, the higher the price of the token. Since PLT Lottery is a decentralized social lottery and prize pots are always distributed among participants. Are you ready to participate in today’s lottery? ↓↓ #Lottery #PLT
🛡️🛡️PLT Lotto takes your security seriously.🛡️🛡️ ✅We use Ethereum protocol - audited and open source for your security. ✅We employ security offers that keep a tight leash to keep your information from leaking. 🔏 United, these two aspects keep scammers at bakXuIKj
It is easy to play PLT Lotto. All you need to do is: 1️⃣ Come to the platform. 2️⃣Buy the NFT/PLT. 3️⃣ Exchange the NFT/PLT for Tickets. 4️⃣Get into the game. 🤑 Start playing to win. 🤑 One draws every 90 minutes. U6
3 ways PLT keeps the prizes coming: 1️⃣Pouring 100% of proceeds from lottery tickets into the pool. 2️⃣Putting 10% of the current pool into the next. 3️⃣Putting unclaimed winnings into the next pool. 💲Just buy the tickets and get the chance to get the big wins. �nS
Why buy PLT? ✅It is a social gaming platform where the user community determines the prizes. ✅Audited by smart contracts, PLT tokens are completely transparent. You get what you see. ✅It is fair with no fine print. Place your bets directly without any 3rd party involved.
Take a peek.👀 💠Total Supply: 192,272,000 PLT💠 35% to pools 15% for marketing 15% to the private sale 10% to liquidity 10% to R&D 5% to make the platform better PLT is ✅Transparent ✅Fair ✅Secure Keep a close watch on the ⌚ Draw every 90 minuteG9d
PLT Token Guide ⬇️ ✅ Go to Pancakeswap DEX. ✅ Select the Currency. ✅ Enter the PLT token address 👇 0x631c2f0edabac799f07550aee4ff0bf7fd35212b ✅ Import and swap BNB for PLT. ‼️Buy PLT and get ready for the wins‼️ #cryptocurrencyy#metaverseeQ
Why buy PLT Lotto NFT Ticket? ✅Gives you exclusive rights ✅Gives you exclusive ownership of winnings ✅The first ticket is FREE To play: ➡️Go to ➡️Connect Wallet ➡️Get your free NFT Ticket Claim your free ticket & start playing. Big gains are coming.
At PLT Lotto: You can win up to $50k. 🚨And that too, EVERY 90 MINUTES.🚨 But where are the funds coming from? ✅Ticket Purchases ✅Rollover prizes ✅PLT injections The fairest online lottery is here. The next round is coming soonC4
‼️ Win the Lotto ‼️ Here are some rules: ✅The digits must match in the correct order. ✅The numbers must match from the start of the order. If the first digit doesn't match, No prizes for you. Start playing now. New draws every 90 minutes. -
P.S Always Double-check the address before buying.
Want to get PLT from PancakeSwap? Here is the short guide: 👇 ✅Get a BSC Wallet ✅Connect to@PancakeSwapp ✅Select Trade Now ✅Select a Cryptocurrency ✅Enter the PLT address ✅Click on Import ✅Swap BNB for PLT PLT address: 0x631c2f0edabac799f07550aee4ff0bf7fd35212bH
Buy - Sell PLT on @BitMartExchange 💲💲As you can see, the candles are mostly green. 💲💲 Why? Fair Blockchain Lottery 😊 Up to $50k in Rewards 🎁 New draw every 90 minutes ⏰ Take advantage of the 🐻 times. Make huge gains in the 🐂fon10ADs
PLT Lotto isn't only about the lotto. 💲It is a passive income generator.💲 ✅ Share a link to invite your friends. ✅ Get rewards. ✅ Increase your profits. Get the most out of PLT Multi-Level Referral Program. Your winnings may be uncertain, but your passive income won't be33
🎟Less then 48 hours left! Buy one get one free on poollotto tickets . Choose your favourite number combo☄️2️⃣5️⃣3️⃣1️⃣8️⃣4️⃣8️⃣9️⃣☄️ Free NFT ticket within 48 hrs. Double your wining chances 🏆 ➡⬅️ #pltl#pltfinancec#FreeNFTsT#GiveawayNFTF#lotteryticketstBU
Why PLT Lotto and not Normal Lotto? ✅Buy any time. ✅No long waits - new round every 90 minutes. ✅ Get the winnings early. ✅ No rigging. ✅ No fraud. ✅ No chance of human error. ✅ All transparent, impartial, and all real. Get your tickets @
Only 24 hours left! Buy one lottery ticket 🎟 get one free 🎟 🎫 and double your chances to win Poolotto 👉🏻👉🏻 prize pool is getting
Getting into PLT Lotto ain't 🚀 science! To join: ✅ Create a wallet ✅Buy the NFT Ticket ✅Join the Lottery It is that simple; the rest is up to the digits, And your luck. Don't worry. We are really fair. If you're lucky, it will take you to the stratosphere. �99
What is your chance to win at PLT Lotto? Simple: ➡️Each prize pool has 10 digits ➡️The more your digits match (from the very first), the higher your wins. Wanna increase your chances? 🤑 Buy more tickets! �W3
FLASH DEAL ALERT! We are now offering FREE NFT tickets to players for every lottery you play until the end of the month! (1 ticket per address per lottery) How? Just buy a lottery ticket, and we will send FREE NFT tickets within 48 hours! Check out:
🚨Good News, holders!🚨 We are trending again!#PLTLT is growing big oCrypto.compZ🤩 The PLT Token is up by 15.07% in the last 24 hours. 📈 But it is only the beginning. The stratosphere awaits.#cryptocurrencyr#PltLottoL#plttokent#lotterytKZliQ
🔥 Forecast � $PLT (Rank:216🏁) price has increased: 15.96% 🚀, Price: $10.82, Volatility: 3.233% ($0.3249), Price Target (24h): $10.24🔻 | 👁️…077d8iG
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What is your chance to win at PLT Lotto? Simple: ➡️Each prize pool has 10 digits ➡️The more your digits match (from the very first), the higher your wins. Wanna increase your chances? 🤑 Buy more tickets! �HC
Why buy PLT? Because it is 👇 ✔️Transparent. ✔️Safe. ✔️Decentralized. ✔️ lets you participate in PLT Lotto - the best crypto lottery platform. Where to buy? Go to �@MEXC_Globalal @BitMartExchangege@c0insbitit@BreederDododo @PancakeSwapafg
How to Play PLT Lotto? It is easy. ✔️ Buy the ticket worth at least 5 USD 🎫 ✔️ Wait for the draw for 90 minutes 🕛 ✔️ Match the digits 🧩 ✔️Check for prizes 🏆 Get your tickets They go live every 90 minute8xIb
The PLT token powers the fairest blockchain-based lotto in the world. Total supply: 19.272 million Allotments 👇 35%➡️Lottery Pools 15%➡️Marketing 15%➡️Private Sale 10%➡️Liquidity 10%➡️Tax & Legal 10%➡️R&D 5% ➡️Development But 100% dedicated to the community. #cryptocurrencyya
The Poollotto Token is a new-generation crypto lotto! A token-based smart contract: ✔️Decentralized🌟 ✔️Fair to all 😊 ✔️Community-driven 🤝 ✔️Safe and automated 🔏 ✔️High Volume📈 These tokens are your key to the world's best lottery poo#cryptocurrencyr#lotterytdJIDB
🌟The fairest NFT Lotto Competition is here. 🌟 PLT Lotto NFT Ticket ✔️ Get the exclusive ticket. ✔️ Keep all your winnings. The best part… 🆓YOUR FIRST TICKET IS FREE🆓 So Join pltlotto.comUsDH, Participate and get a chance to win up to $16#PLT##CompetitiontSjrz
🔥Trade PLT@pltfinancee to collect 1,000 Lotto Ticket#NFTT ⏰8/9/2022 6:00 PM to 8/16/2022 6:00 PM (UTC) 1⃣Follow@BitMartNFTT and@BitMartExchangee, and fill out 2⃣Trade >$50 worth of 👉
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🚨New Trending Coin on CoinGecko:@pltfinancee (24 change: 23.41%). �poollotto.finance0w 📈Other trending coins: $MATIC $GMX $EVMOS $OP $PLT $GMT $VGX
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NFT giveaway! 🎉 LIMITED OFFER!!!⏰ Buy 1 ticket in PLT - Get +1 FREE NFT TICKET!🎁 Buy 5 tickets in PLT - Get +2 FREE NFT TICKETS!🎁🎁 Play and get a chance to WIN a 50k$ jackpot!💰 Vispltlotto.comQILye And PLAY KeNYrZc
🏆Special offer 🏆 Win Lottery 🍀🏖️ Every 90 minutes ▶️ Buy 1 ticket for PLT - get +1 NFT ticket ▶️ Buy 5 tickets for PLT - get +2 NFT tickets ▶️ Buy 10 tickets or more for PLT - get +3 NFT tickets The update is
💸We know how to turn $5 into $100k! 😎Want to learn how to win the online lottery? 🚀Our article contains interesting information and advice about profitable strategies!…Aud 🔥Every ticket you buy can be happy! 🏆The best time to play with PLT is hAesW
Tricks to help you win the system!💪 Think that the chance of winning the lottery is very small?🤔 We will tell you how to win regularly! In our article, we have selected the most effective methods to win!📈…DSdwf Use your knowledge to play PLTLOTTRaXBV47
Do you think the winning lottery is all about random?🤔 No, it's math, you can legally increase your chances!😉 We will tell you about tricks that can help you. Try these hints in the online lottery!🎁 Learn how to get random on your side!�…cvYJZy
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