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Retweet if you think Joe Biden is unfit to be President.
The USA is becoming an embarrassment on the world stage under President Joe Biden. It is obvious that Biden doesn't have a clue what he is doing. I'm genuinely worried about him having access to the nuclear button.
He was operated for throat cancer almost a year ago, and sadly it seems that it spread to the brain. It's hard just typing this right now... He was the friendliest cairn terrier you would ever meet.
I'm devestated😭 Today my best friend of the last 13 years died of a brain tumor. It's been heartbreaking to watch his mental state deteriorate the last 2 months. This tweet is a tribute to Noa, he was a very good boy. This is a very tough day for me.C
Feminism tricked women into being wage slaves for Big Corporation who don't care one bit about them instead of working the home for a husband who loves her and takes care of her. This is what makes women unhappy.
When a country sends it's PREGNANT WOMEN into combat, you know it's a failed country.
TERROR ATTACK in SWEDEN🇸🇪 8 people injured after a man with a knife went on a stabbing spree. This happened in the small quiet village of Vetlanda. Sweden isn't safe anymore.
Reminder that you must follow me on free speech platform @getongab Time to move away from Big Tech. Everyone is signing up there and it's the place where people are talking now. If you don't sign up, you are missing out.
Denmark wants ZERO asylum seekers the Danish Prime Minister has said. Last year they only took in around 1500 asylum seekers, a record low. Guess what. The Prime Minister is from the Social Democratic party (leftists)...
In Poland...🇵🇱 - Communism is illegal. - Abortion is illegal. - They support traditional values. - They love their country. - 0 terrorist attacks. - Jesus Christ is crowned KING. What's not to like?
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Let me get this straight. Marjorie Greene posting conspiracy theories on Facebook = NOT OK. Eric Swalwell literally sleeping with a Chinese spy = Perfectly fine. Tell me, what is more of a national security threat?
Franklin Graham has joined free speech platform Gab.
In Poland...🇵🇱 - Communism is illegal. - Abortion is illegal. - They support traditional values. - They love their country. - 0 terrorist attacks. - Jesus Christ is crowned KING. What's not to like?
Media COVERUP of ANTIFA TERROR ATTACK! Far-left ANTIFA extremists armed with hatchets lay siege to the Red Lion Hotel in Olympia, WA Staff fled for their lives. Hotel guests forced to shelter in their rooms This is a TERRORIST ATTACK Why is no one in media reporting on it???
Journalists once again caught covering up politicians crimes - This time Lincoln Project Why does this happen? Many journalists are best buddies with politicians I've personally been to private parties where journalists and politicians mingle. Not uncommon they sleep together.
They are now planning to set up a PERMANENT fence around the Capitol. But I thought border walls were racist??? Protecting the elite with fences = good. Protecting the people with fences = racist.
Want to know why the elite are so afraid of crypto currency? Because they cannot control it. Crypto is free speech currency. The elites hate that.
Let me get this straight. Ordinary people buying stocks is "manipulating the market". But the gov printing trillions(!) for Wall Street is perfectly fine. OK!
Week 2 of the Biden Presidency. - People arrested for posting memes. - Stock markets being rigged to protect the elite wealth. - Oil/pipeline workers screwed over and loosing their jobs. - U.S troops invade Syria. Looks like unity and normalcy has been achieved!
RobinHood is now restricting crypto trading as well. The elite are scared.
Elon Musk has been taking on Wall Street. All of a sudden the Department of Justice is now investigating SpaceX for not hiring enough immigrant workers. If you think this isn't connected you are incredible naive. Welcome to how corrupt the world is.
The elites rig the markets in their favor so that you stay poor and keep slaving away for them. All you peasants get is a measly $600 stimulus check.
1. Ordinary people buy stocks legally. 2. Ordinary people earn money. 3. Billionaire elites loose money. 4. Billionaire elites rig the market. 5. Elites stay rich. Peasants stay poor. Order and normalcy restored✌️
I'm seeing reports that RobinHood is now selling people's GameStop shares without their permission. The elite are just taking the law into their own hands now to save their money. This is highly criminal.
The Great Reset means that the billionaire elite get even richer while you own nothing and continue slaving for them. Kinda like Communism.
Big Tech. Big Corpo. Big Media. Big Finance. Big Government. They want your obedience. They require your compliance. If you dare go against them, they will destroy your life. This is 1984.
Joe "Stalin" Biden.
Want to know why they arrested Ricky Vaughn for posting anti-Hillary memes? It is to send a message. Don't you dare criticize dear leader Biden or the left. They want to threaten people I to silence.
Remember the left screaming about Trump being a "dictator"? We are only 8 days into the Biden Presidency and they are already arresting people for posting MEMES.
The system is RIGGED Ordinary people found a way to make some much needed money on the stock market What happens? The financial elite, media and Big Tech get together to SHUT. IT. DOWN All to protect the wealthy elite billionaires The system is designed to keep you a slave
Remember the left screaming about Trump being a "dictator"? We are now only 8 days into the Biden Presidency and people are already getting arrested for posting MEMES on the internet.
In China you get arrested for posting Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh MEMES. In the USA you get arrested for in 2016 posting anti-Hillary Clinton MEMES. These are things you only do in dictatorships.
The U.S globalist regime is now arresting people for posting anti-Hillary MEMES in 2016. Free speech is gone. This is DE FACTO authoritarian dictatorship behavior. Going after people with the wrong political opinions from 4 years ago. USA = banana republic.
A pro-Trump social media influencer was ARRESTED for posting anti-Hillary MEMES Ricky Vaughn facing 10 yrs in prison for "election disinformation" - For posting MEMES The U.S regime is now jailing political dissidents This is no different from Soviet This is DICTATORSHIP
Lol Twitter recommending me to follow Conservative Review and Ben Shapiro.
Another Twitter purge, lost another 2000 followers. In total I've lost about 16 000 followers the last few months. It is not people unfollowing me. It is Twitter literally banning them. Big tech censorship is insane and won't stop until all forms of dissent is gone.
Twitter literally banned a humble pillow salesman. Unbelievable.
Twitter is continuing to purge Conservatives. Now they banned MyPillow Mike Lindell. Time to join free speech platform Gab. I'm posting more on Gab than Twitter. If you don't want to miss my reporting, make sure to sign up and follow me here👇👇�
Sweden is turning into a crazy country. Tonight a HANDGRENADE was thrown at a family apartment in the Stockholm suburb of Kista. This is terrorism and international media barely talks about it. Instead journalists are all busy adoring and praising Biden...
Twitter has now suspended lots of different ANTIFA accounts, including Swedish Stockholm ANTIFA. This comes just after ANTIFA were out rioting against Joe Biden. The establishment doesn't need ANTIFA anymore...
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There's been two terrorist attacks against Christians now. Church in the USA was bombed after being put on the SPLC "hate list". Church in Sweden was firebombed with molotov cocktails, and set on fire again only 4 days later. Christians are the most persecuted religious group
The SPLC put a Baptist church in the USA on their "hate list". Now that same church was bombed in a terrorist attack. Why isn't this getting more attention?
Anti-Christian ATTACK in Sweden🇸🇪 Old church from 1100s was firebombed with 3 molotov cocktails 5 days ago. Yesterday the church was attacked AGAIN. Somebody smashed windows and started a fire. This is a TERRORIST attack against Christians. Why isn't this bigger news???
94% of online child abuse reports happen on Facebook according to the U.S Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Parler was banned from Google and Apple. Yet Facebook isn't banned. Why?
They all fearmongered about Conservatives rioting during the Biden inauguration. Instead it was ANTIFA who rioted. They attacked the Democrat HQ in Portland. They burned US flags in Denver. They rioted in Seattle. Why didn't the media warn about ANTIFA violence?
Twitter has now suspended lots of different ANTIFA accounts, including Swedish Stockholm ANTIFA. This comes just after ANTIFA were out rioting against Joe Biden. The establishment doesn't need ANTIFA anymore...
JUST IN: Washington D.C ends ban on indoor dining. This just 2 days after Biden was inaugurated. Interesting timing. Surely this wasn't politically motivated at all...?🤔
Twitter VS Gab. Over the last month I've lost about 10 000 followers on Twitter for no reason. On Gab I gained 30 000 followers in a week. This is what free speech looks like. Censorship sucks. FOLLOW me on Gab!
Now Florida Bank closes Trump bank accounts. This is the third bank to now ban Trump. Big corporations are colluding to persecute Conservatives. If they can do it to a former President, they will do it to you as well.
Under Biden the troops have been forced to sleep in a parking garage. Trump just offered them to stay at his hotel.
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