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"I believe that my gender has no limit" - @tringsby ⭐ β€’ #ProudAlliesForAll #PaintYourPride #nyxcosmetics
*sprtiz spritz* πŸ’¦ We gotchu covered with our cult fave Matte Setting Spray πŸ˜‰ Same best-selling formula, new limited edition packaging πŸ’« Available online nyxcosmetics.com7AF#ProudAlliesForAllA#PaintYourPridei#nyxcosmeticsiaKz
MEET TATCHI (SHE/THEY/HE): @tringsby was raised in Hawaii & built their modeling career in NY. πŸ’™ Known to their audience for promoting positive vibes, self-love and the belief that anything is possible. πŸ’« #ProudAlliesForAlll#PaintYourPrided#nyxcosmeticscXE
"I like the movement of makeup" - @corywalkers ⭐ β€’ #ProudAlliesForAll #PaintYourPride #nyxcosmetics
MEET CORY (THEY/THEM): @corywalkers is a non-binary model & actor based in NY. Telling stories & embodying their generations iteration of freedom is what they see their contributions to these industries being. ✨ β€’ #ProudAlliesForAll #PaintYourPride #nyxcosmetics
#NYXProfessionalMakeup PRO Artist @xoivettea has us mesmerized with this colorful #EOTD 😍 She creates the look using our NEW Ultimate Eye Paints 🌈 Available for a limited time anyxcosmetics.comAF #ProudAlliesForAlAl l#PaintYourPrid#nyxcosmeticscOm
MEET KEN: (THEY/SHE/HE): @boring_Ken is an artist, who works with the goal of bringing people together to create something new with themselves. πŸ’« MEET KITTY (THEY THEM):@kittyy.irl is a mixed media artist, who embraces their inner child & curates their own fantasies οΏ½Gx
Get into our new Ultimate Eye Paints! πŸ’« Smooooth & creamy formula πŸ’₯ Highly saturated matte finish 🌈 Smudge-resistant#Veganegan formula Available for a limited timenyxcosmetics.come7A#ProudAlliesForAllr#PaintYourPrider#nyxcosmeticstNuhj
"Makeup is a way for gender fluid people to feel very comfortable" - @kitty.irl ⭐ "[Makeup] makes it easier to feel outside of myself & give me a sense of confidence" - @BoringKen ⭐ #ProudAlliesForAll #PaintYourPride #nyxcosmetics
MEET JEZZ (THEY/THEM): @JezzChung is a NY-based writer, performance artist, public speaker & transformation facilitator. πŸ’› The mission behind their work comes back to two main intentions: help people feel less alone & more alive. πŸ’«πŸŒˆ#ProudAlliesForAllA#PaintYourPrideiIS8
"I've learned that experimenting with makeup is so impactful and empowering" - @Yung.merlot ⭐‒ #ProudAlliesForAll #PaintYourPride #nyxcosmetics
She's an icon, she's a legend, and she is the moment ✨ Have you copped our Butter Gloss in 'SUGAR GLASS' yet? πŸ‘€ Available online atnyxcosmetics.comF β€’#ProudAlliesForAlll#nyxcosmeticssH
MEET MERLOT (SHE/HER): @Yung.merlot is a NY based soul musician, known in the city as a personality, navigating queer nightlife with her fabulous femme looks ✨ She aims to merge fashion, nightlife & music into something provocative & larger than life. πŸ’‹ β€’#ProudAlliesForAllld
PAINT YOUR OWN STORY 🎨 Introducing our#PrideMonthh makeup essentials, created for ultimate self-expression. 🌈 Ultimate Eye Paints πŸ’‹ Butter Gloss in 'Sugar Glass' πŸ’• Limited Edition Wonder Stick Blush πŸ’¦ Limited Edition Matte Setting Spr#ProudAlliesForAllo#nyxcosmeticsewoNai
MAKEUP HAS NO GENDER 🌈 As we continue to embrace allyship all yearlong, we're kicking off#PrideMonthh early πŸŽ‰ Follow along as we celebrate fluidity & push the boundaries of self-expression #ProudAlliesForAlll#nyxcosmeticscRf
Roomies stream with @NYXCosmetics!! live on twitch.tv/fuslie Then we’re doing sykkuno’s makeup on Wednesday 😎�#NYXCosmeticsPartnerner@Sykkunoun@Valkyraer@fusliel@YvonneneJ2
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Our new #vegan Jumbo Lash in the style 'WISPY FLUTTER' is everything we've ever wanted in an everyday lash 😍 Shop the full collection exclusively at@Targett &nyxcosmetics.comF β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaaW
No glue, no magnets, NO FUSS! πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Here's the tea on our first ever 2-in-1 Liner & Lash Adhesive! βœ”οΈ Felt-tip applicator πŸ’§ Waterproof formula ⏰ 24 hour wear #VeganFormulaula Available exclusively @Targetget &amnyxcosmetics.com7LB3
Quick! Which style from our #vegan Jumbo Lash collection are you pickin up? πŸ¦‹ WISPY FLUTTER 🌟 or FRINGE GLAM Available exclusively a@Targetet &nyxcosmetics.comAF #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulalPt
No glue, no magnets, no fuss πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Our Jumbo Lashes go on in 2 easy steps - just line & lash πŸ™Œ Available exclusively a@Targetet &nyxcosmetics.comAF @makeupwithivana#nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulallx
Just line & lash, it's that simple πŸ˜‰ Our 2 in 1 liner & lash adhesive is waterproof with an ultra-fine felt tip, for an incredibly precise application.#creditt IG: andreasantiago β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaaE
Calling all lash lovers! πŸ‘οΈ We've got your new faves with our#vegann Jumbo Lash collection! ✨ Wispy Flutter ✨ Ego Flare ✨ Extension Clusters ✨ Fringe Glam Which set are you picking up? πŸ€” Cop it now a@Targetet &nyxcosmetics.comAF #creditit @maquillageitu#nyxcosmeticscKP
JUST DROPPED 🚨 Introducing our NEW Jumbo Lash 😍 Our first full range o#veganan lashes! πŸ’š No glue needed! πŸ™…β€β™€οΈ Here's the tea: βœ”οΈ No fuss liner adhesive ⏰ Up to 12 hr wear πŸ” Up to 15x reusability πŸ’– Comfortable & lightweight Now available exclusive@TargettXOwjMl
The perfectly placed highlights have us mesmerized ✨ IG: anee_a.khaliq uses our Jumbo Eye Pencil in 'Milk' to complete this graphic shadow lewk πŸ’œ Explore the entire collection atnyxcosmetics.comF β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy7
IG: leesondra_ absolutely slayed this doll inspired glam 😍 She uses The Brow Glue to shape and fluff her brows to perfection πŸ’œ #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt1N
That one swipe color is so satisfying πŸ₯° Our Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color is super pigmented and super long-wear, with no color transfer for up to 16 hours πŸ–€ Find your perfect Shine Loud shade anyxcosmetics.comAF #nyxcosmeticsctq
THIC, THICCER, OR THICCEST? πŸ‘€ How many coats of our Thick It Stick It Brow Gel is your go-to for a fluffy brow? ✨#creditt IG: andreasantiago #nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyyT
Which brow style is your vibe? IG: abb.stractx serves full brows using our Thick It, Stick It Brow Gel ✨ Available online at nyxcosmetics.com β€’ #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup #crueltyfreebeauty
The little pop of color in the inner corner is everything πŸ’š@dorinee.makeup frames this sultry shimmering#eotdd using out Lift & Snatch Brow Tint Pen + Thick It Stick It Brow Gel β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyyy
We love a good makeup hack 😍 We're absolutely obsessed with how@Iamcalidaa sculpts their brows using our Thick It Stick It Brow Gel. Have you tried out this amazing application technique yet? πŸ‘€ #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulalIx
What song reminds you of PROM?πŸŽ΅πŸ’ƒπŸͺ©
πŸ™Œ#NYXProfessionalMakeupp PRO Artist IG: beccalyz creates this effortless#motdd using some of our FAV products: πŸ’– Plump Right Back Primer + Serum πŸ’– Shine Loud High Shine Lip Color in Magic Maker πŸ’– Can’t Stop Won’t Stop Mattifying Powder πŸ’– Plump Finish Setting SAFP7S
What is your go-to date night lip? #NYXProfessionalMakeup PRO Artist IG: beccalynz_mua drops her combo below! ✨ Line Loud Lip Liner in 'Rebel Kind' ✨ Lip Lingerie XXL in 'Candela Babe' ✨ This Is Juice Gloss in 'Watermelon Suga' β€’ #nyxcosmetics #nyxprofessionalmakeup
IG: sheezusrose this sultry matte lippie wearing our Lip Lingerie XXL in 'Hot Carmelo' 🀎 Shop the full collection atnyxcosmetics.comF β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaad
Everyone needs a staple nude lip! IG: shea_leh is wearing our Lip Lingerie XXL in the shade 'UNHOOKED' πŸ’‹ What is your go-to nude lippie? πŸ₯° #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulalGV
An iconic lip, for an iconic Pamela Anderson inspired glam ✨ To achieve this perfect lip combo @muamartini wears our Lip Lingerie XXL in 'Hot Carmelo' + Line Loud in 'Rebel Kind' πŸ’‹ β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaaA
We could watch @missjazminad's #lipswatch videos all day 🀩 Ft. here is our Lip Lingerie XXL in 'XXTENDED' πŸ’‹ #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulaldv
We are loving this chic, soft glam ✨ IG:zeezyxbeauty completes this gorgeous look wearing our Lip Lingerie XXL in the shade 'UNDRESS'D' πŸ’„ β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaaO
It's #ThrowbackThursday! Share your prom photos πŸ‘‡
If you could only wear one lipstick for the rest of your life, what would it be? πŸ‘€#regramm IG: maidofbeauty β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaac
It's the one swipe pigment for us! πŸ’β€β™€οΈ Which shade of our Lip Lingerie XXL is your holy grail? β€’#nyxcosmeticss#nyxprofessionalmakeupp#crueltyfreebeautyy#veganformulaac
The perfect matte lippie πŸ™Œ IG: maidofbeauty is wearing our Lip Lingerie XXL in the shade 'Candela Babe' πŸ’‹ Have you tried our six newest fuego shades yet? #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulalGY
We are putting our Can't Stop Won't Stop Foundation to the test! πŸ’¦ This water-proof, transfer-proof, lightweight formula is the perfect base for your summer makeup looks😍 Make sure to shop this must-have anyxcosmetics.comAWs
"Have you tried our Can't Stop Won't Stop Contour Concealers? Here's why you NEED to πŸ‘‡ πŸ’– Lightweight formula πŸ’– Transferproof πŸ’– Matte finish for up to 24 hrs πŸ’– Vegan formula Availablnyxcosmetics.comEe7#creditr@CrystalCandyC#nyxcosmeticse#nyxprofessionalmakeupakPKaiR
Get you a foundation that is long-wearing, water-proof, AND transfer-proof 😍 Our#veganformulaa Can't Stop Won't Stop Full Coverage Foundation checks the list πŸ˜‰βœ”οΈ Shop this fave anyxcosmetics.comAF ❀️✨ #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupu#crueltyfreebeautytRY
It's the last song at prom! What's playing? 🎡
#GIVEAWAY!🚨We are treating 3 beauties to our new Lip PR Box πŸ’‹ FOLLO@NYXCosmeticscs LIKE this post TAG a friend US Only#Sweepstakeses Rules: You must be over 16 years, a legal US resident. Starts at 5:00 PM PT on May 9, 2022 and ends at 5:00 PM PT on May 10, 202nT
Color that moves with you 😍@ylodibeautylifee wears our vegan Lip Lingerie XXL in 'Strip'd Down' for this perfect pout πŸ’‹ #nyxcosmeticsc#nyxprofessionalmakeupup#crueltyfreebeautyt#veganformulalWr
Our Lip Lingerie XXL Fuego Collection was inspired by the fiery spirit + explosive beauty of Latina sirens, past, present and future πŸ’‹ Want XXtra caliente lips? Explore the whole Lip Lingerie XXL collection atnyxcosmetics.comF β€’#nyxcosmeticss7
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