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Glowing skin is your best accessory! ​ Our Essentially Enriched Body Lotionβ€”enriched with Deep Nourishing Serum and Almond Oilβ€”helps give 48-hour nourishment! ​ Link. #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn #Selfcare #Skincare #SkincareRoutine #GlowingSkin #Glowing
So much good goes into our Delicate Orchid & Amber Pampering Body Wash πŸ€Œβ€‹ ​ 🌸Essential skin lipids​ 🀍Nourishing Serum ​ 🌸Unique blend of plant oils ​ 🀍Microbiome gentle formula ​ ​
If all 8 billion people moisturized with NIVEA, would the globe glow? ✨
#ShowerThoughts: Getting a new nourishing body wash with a pump is the adult equivalent of getting new sparkly gel pens πŸ’™β€‹ ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#Selfcaree#Showerr#ShowerRoutinee#SelfCareRoutineeS
What act of kindness are you doing today to celebrate #WorldKindnessDay? ​ #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn #SkincareRoutine #Skincare
Lip Care, but make it fall πŸπŸ‚ ​ Our Smoothness Lip Care with Broad Spectrum SPF 15 helps leave your lips soft and smooth while protecting them from sun damageβ€”making this your fall bestie! ​
What does your skincare feast look like? We'll go with 2, b, 5 πŸ’™β€‹ ​ Will anyone twin with us in the comments? πŸ€”β€‹#NIVEAUSAS#NourishOnO#FallSkincareRoutinen#FallRoutinen#SkincareRoutinen#ThanksgivingnKu
A tropical way to keep your skin nourished all winter long! ​ Try our CoconutπŸ₯₯& Almond Milk Pampering Body Washβ€”enriched with a unique blend of plant derived oils, essential skin lipids, and vitamins! ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#SelfCaree#ShowerRoutineex
The fang's all here, this vampire is too cute to spook ​ How to get the ghoulest vampire lip ​ 1) Use NIVEA blackberry Lip Care 2) Add fangs​ 3) Have a #HappyHalloweenπŸ‘» ​​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#LipCaree#HalloweenLookk#HalloweenMakeUpp#VampireMakeuppk
Our top three #spooky fears:​ πŸŽƒ Dry skin​ πŸŽƒ Cracked skin​ πŸŽƒ Running out of our Creme​ ​ 🀌 Pro-tip: Use our Creme as a makeup primer and a makeup remover πŸ€Œβ€‹ ​​
Pops of nourishment and sweet scents with our Oil Infused Lotion collection. ​ Which one are you trying next? πŸ‘€β€‹ ​​ Get yours through our #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#SkincareRoutinee#Skincaree#FallSkincareRoutineek
It's giving cloud ☁️ ​ ​ What do you think our NIVEA Creme gives? πŸ‘‡ Drop your answers below πŸ‘‡ ​ #NIVEAUSAS#NourishOnO#OneCremeSoManyUsese#SkincareRoutinen#SkincarerfU
Need a few reasons why you should use our Essentially Enriched Body Lotion? We’ll give you six! πŸ’™β€‹ ​​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#SkincareRoutinee#Skincaree#FallSkincareRoutinee2
A steamy shower + delightful aroma = a perfect Sunday morning πŸ˜Œβ€‹ ​ Our Botanical Blossom Body Wash with Nourishing Serum comes in a 20 oz AND a 30oz size! ​ ​#NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#Skincaree#ShowerRoutineeJ
Our Nourishing Care Body Wash helps gently cleanse and provide nourishment for your skin ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️​ ​ Thanks for the love, Ashley! ​ ​ Get yours exclusively @cvs Link. #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn #Skincare #Shower #ProductReview #ShowerRoutine
Get skincare that makes you smile this #WorldSmileDay ​ Here are 2 reasons why our Cherry Blossom Oil Infused Body Lotion makes us smile: ​ Leaves your skin feeling softer & smoother Pair with our Lip Care for a nourished pout ​ Link #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn
Smooth skin and lips 🀝 NIVEA Skincare Routine​ ​ πŸ’™ Our Soft Cream is a lightweight moisturizer for your face, hands, and body​ πŸ’™ Our Moisture Lip Care helps lips feel instantly hydrated and nourished​ ​​
What is your fall skincare routine? We’ll go first: C 2 d πŸ’™ ​ Whether you’re looking for extra TLC this fall or want to reward your skin with a pampering routine, we would love to hear your fall skincare routine. Comment away!​ #NIVEAUSAA#SkincareRoutinee #FallSkincareRoutinee8
.​ ​ Cocoa Butter Body Lotion. Period.​ Link. ​ #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn #Skincare #SelfCare #NIVEABody
It’s the first day of fall πŸ‚ ​ Start with our Nourishing Body Wash, follow up with our Essentially Enriched Body Lotion, and finish with our NIVEA Creme before you enjoy the fall weather from bed ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#FallSkincaree#FirstDayOfFalllv
Monday blues never looked so good πŸ’™ ​ Our Nourishing Body Wash – enriched with nourishing serum, essential skin lipids, and vitamins – helps gently cleanse your skin. It's sure to turn any Monday into Mon-yay! ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#Skincareek
Our Sensitive & Radiant family has a new member β€” introducing the all-new Sensitive & Radiant Face and Body Cream! ​ Swipe to find out why we love it and why you will too! ​ Click the link to shop exclusively at @cvs. #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn #NewByNIVEAUSA
*Drumroll* πŸ₯ Our Sensitive & Radiant Body Lotion won an@Alluree#BestofBeautyy Award in the Best Drugstore Steals category. This fragrance-free body lotion soothes dry skin and helps leave skin visibly radiant!
This duo will always have your back and shoulders, and legs, and… you get it 🀍 ​ Our Sensitive & Radiant β€” Body Wash & Body Lotion β€” enriched with Provitamin B5, and pearl extract leaves your skin visibly radiant. ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnnk
Mood: Peachy πŸ‘β€‹ ​ Get moisturized lips with our Peach Lip Care that leaves lips soft, smooth and with a hint of color.​ ​ #NIVEAUSAA#LipCaree#Peachh#PeachLipCaree#NourishOnn#SkincareRoutineeB
This morning routine lives rent-free in our head ​ Give your lips a wakeup call with our exfoliating 2-in-1 Rose Hip Oil Lip Balm & Scrub. Then moisturize your face with our Soft Cream for smooth skin before your makeup sesh! ​ Link. #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn
Comment πŸ’™ if you’re learning to love yourself today and every day!​ ​#NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#SkincareRoutinee#SelfCaree#SelfLoveeJ
When life gave us orchids, we made a floral body wash. ​ Our Delicate Orchid & Amber Pampering Body Wash helps gently cleanse skin and provides long-lasting moisture for 48 hours. Link. #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn #NIVEABody #Skincare
NIVEA Creme is living its best life and you can’t convince us otherwise.​ Enriched with Provitamin B5, the rich, creamy formula intensively moisturizes and helps protect your skin from that dry feeling.​ Get yours - #skincareroutine #OneCremeSoManyUses
IYKYK. ​ ​ Comment πŸ’™ if you’re building a life you love.​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnn#SelfCaree#SelfCareRoutinee4
That drip is just 🀌 ​ Our Nourishing Body Wash helps gently cleanse without drying skin and helps provide long-lasting nourishing moisture, so you can get that summer drip going! ​ ​#NIVEAUSAA#NIVEAShowerr#NourishOnn#ShowerRoutinee5
Which NIVEA Lip are you choosing β€” Strawberry πŸ“ or Blackberry πŸ–€ ? ​ ​ Tap link to get your lip care
Skincare with NIVEA = setting you up for the perfect weekend. ​ Our Nourishing Body Wash with Nourishing Serumβ€”gently cleanses skin without drying it. Follow up with our Essentially Enriched body lotion for moisturized skin that glows! ​ Link. #NIVEAUSA
Our love for moisturized skin continues to blossom.🀍 ​ Get softer, smoother and more radiant skin with our Oil Infused Cherry Blossom and Jojoba Oil Body Lotion with a delicate cherry blossom scent for a luxurious experience. ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnnw
Inspo for your self-care Sunday πŸŒΌβ€‹β€‹ ​​ Our *NEW* Delicate Orchid & Amber Pampering Body Wash with Nourishing Serum gently cleanses while deeply moisturizing your skin. ​​ #NIVEAUSAA#SelfcareInspoo#Selfcaree#BodyWashh#NIVEAShowerrU
If you're looking for firmer skin, this Prime Day deal is for you.​ ​ Our NIVEA Q10 Skin Firming Set helps give you soft, supple and firmer looking skin this summer β€” and it's on sale now! Link. #PrimeDay #NIVEAUSA #SummerSkincareRoutine
Amazon Prime Day deals are here!​ ​ Our NIVEA Skin Care set helps provide nourishing moisture every day β€” and it's on sale now! ​ ​ Link in bio. ​ #PrimeDay #NIVEAUSA #SummerSkincareRoutine
Gorgeous girls take good care of their skin ​ Our Sensitive & Radiantβ€”Body Wash and Body Lotionβ€”enriched with Provitamin B5, nourishing serum, and pearl extract gently cares for your skin and leaves it soft, smooth & radiant! ​ Link. #NIVEAUSA #NourishOn
Soft skin, summer is here. β˜€οΈ ​ Grab our NIVEA summer faves β€” Soft and Moisture Lip Care β€” so your skin and lips can be moisturized, soft and smooth wherever you go. ​ Link. ​ #NIVEAUSA #LipCare #Skincare #SkincareRoutine #SummerSkincareRoutine #NIVEALip
Hot girl walk essentials. ​​ πŸ’™Breathable Body Lotion moisturizes your skin and is quick-absorbing. 48 hours of deep nourishing moisture with no greasy feel.​​ πŸ’‹ Our 2-in-1 Aloe Vera Lip Balm & Scrub helps lips feel exfoliated & soft. ​​ #NIVEAUSAST9
Swiping our NIVEA Creme on the skin hits different. 🀌 ​ Our multi-purpose NIVEA Creme can be used on your face, hands and body to help protect the skin from that rough, dry feel. ​ #OneCremeSoManyUsess#NourishOnn#SpringSkincareRoutinee#NIVEAUSAAd
β€œLeaves my skin feeling soft and smooth all day long! Has a long-lasting scent and smells amazing. I highly recommend!” – Srm99, Verified customer​ ​ Our White Peach & Jasmine Body Wash helps gently cleanse leaving skin soft and smooth all-day. ​ #NIVEAUSA #NIVEABody #NourishOn
Here’s to the one who somehow knows how to fix everything and has the best jokes (sometimes, not always)!​ ​ Tag your dad or a father-figure who nourishes your life with inspiration and love. ​ #FathersDay #NIVEAUSA #Fathers
Say hello to our summer constants! πŸŒΈβ€‹ ​ πŸ’‹ Our 2-in-1 Lip Balm & Scrub with Wild Rose. πŸ‘‹ Our Smooth Hands & Cuticle Care Hand Cream. ​
Sensitive skin deserves to feel like luxury ✨🀍 ​ Our Sensitive & Radiant Body Wash with Nourishing Serum and Body Lotion are hypoallergenic, and enriched with pearl extracts, to help your sensitive skin look and feel more radiant. ​ ​#NIVEAUSAAV
Just wanted to pop over and remind you to moisturize. Our Oil Infused Lotions β€” Vanilla & Almond Oil and Cherry Blossom & Jojoba Oil β€” help provide your skin with nourishing moisture, leaving a light fragrance and a glow you can flaunt. ✨ Link. #NourishOn
Goodbye, dry lips! Hello 🀝 smooth lips.​ ​ Our 2-in-1 Lip Scrub helps exfoliate and moisturize lips leaving them feeling smooth and soft! ​ ​ *Pro-tip: Try it as primer before applying lipstick.*πŸ’„ ​ ​
Our summer skin prep! πŸ’™ ​ Our Nourishing Body Wash with Nourishing Serum is here to serve up TLC. Made with essential skin lipids, vitamins, and plant derived oils, it helps gently cleanse and reveal healthy-looking skin! ​ #NIVEAUSAA#NourishOnnl
Soft skin is in this spring. πŸŒΈβ€‹ ​ Our Soft Cream moisturizes your face, body and hands. The cream absorbs quickly without leaving behind a heavy, greasy feel - a spring must have for softer-feeling skin. 🀍 ​ Link in
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