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Help improve your Cochrane Review experience! We’re constantly looking to improve the @CochraneLibrary to further meet your needs – that’s why your feedback is so important. ✏️ Make sure your views are counted and take the survey now: ow.ly/VaYS50J0ncA
We've got news! We signed @DORAssessment. 🙌 We’re formally committing to diverse measures of impact and contribution. For researchers, that means more equitable recognition. Learn more here:ow.ly/SZOo50J08poYQ
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With Wiley Editing Services, societies can: ✅ Improve the author experience, ✅ Bridge the academic-practitioner gap, ✅ and help their journals stand out in a crowded landscape. Here's everything you need to know: ow.ly/mV0Z50IYUiG
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This month we're putting @JNeurochem in the spotlight. JNC prides itself on its scientific rigor, fairness, quality, transparency, & reproducibility. Find out more about the journal and what it can offer you: ow.ly/756R50IYYow @maximoprado @ISN_society
'Context is key: Parasympathetic regulation in the classroom differentially predicts preschoolers’ socially competent behaviors.' Read the paper free in Developmental Psychobiology. 👉ow.ly/2kuv50IYqxzE @BU_Tweetss@base_lab_buu@nickjameswagnerrz
🖐The day has come! The#FENS20222 call for late-breaking abstract onsite is open!#MayThe4thBeWithYouu☺ 📅You have until 18 May to submit your recen#neurosciencece research. ▶Submit your abstract here bit.ly/3vTLM8UP@SocNeuro_Tweetst@AlainChedotala@EJNeurosciencecUC
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New study looking at what impact the activation of LH GABAergic inputs has on fasting-induced changes in tVTA/RMTG neurons. Find out more about the new research from @drstephieb @HotchkissBrain @UCalgary now 👉buff.ly/3s8JkKtT3
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Speech impairments may affect over 80% of children with Cerebral Palsy. This #OpenAccess paper examines changes in speech severity in children with #CerebralPalsy between 4-10 years. ➡ ow.ly/Ptso50IYoPX @longhelenl @katiehustad @tjmahr @mackeithpress
ILAE definition of the Idiopathic Generalized Epilepsy Syndromes: Position statement by the ILAE Task Force on Nosology and Definitions onlinelibrary.wiley.com/doi/abs/10.111… #epilepsy #openaccess #syndromes #seizures #absenceseizures #geneticgeneralizedepilepsy @IlaeWeb @WileyNeuro @yesILAE
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'Emergent intra-pair sex differences and organized behavior in pair bonded prairie voles (Microtus ochrogaster)' is also available #OpenAccess. Read it here: ow.ly/RlZk30siPMg
Did you know prairie voles are monogamous? Research in Genes, Brain and Behavior looks at sex differences in the reward value of familiar mates in #PrairieVoles. Learn more: ow.ly/x3h350IYnnL
Now available: European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) Special Issue on standardized (synoptic) reporting of neuroendocrine neoplasms. Check it out in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology. >>> ow.ly/903l50ICWYI @JNE_Editor @bsneuroendo
Enjoy free access to this landmark paper through May. twitter.com/AlainChedotal/…
Prevalence & patterns dysautonomic symptoms in long-COVID syndrome: A cross-sectional study of #Covid #LongHaulers. @TheNewANA1 @WileyNeuro ow.ly/fKLZ50IQUGg
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Often overshadowed by the nucleus accumbens, Bhimani et al. establishes the olfactory tubercle as a unique, compartmentalised structure for investigating signaling in reward & #addiction. bit.ly/jnc15577 #JNC_v161_i1 @CarolineEBass @UBNeurosci @UBPharmTox @WileyNeuro
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Call for Papers: New trends in the empirical study of consciousness: measures and mechanisms. 📅 Submit your research to the@EJNeurosciencee Special Issue by October 12th, 2022. More info here:ow.ly/7rk450IEOXota
Smoking is said to be one of the hardest addiction to break, and certain people might benefit from brain stimulation to quit, researchers suggest. 🚬 Find out more from@HealthDayTweetss, with research published in@AddictionJrnll. ow.ly/uNHO50IVvC1Z
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Publishing your research should be a rewarding experience and finding the right journal for your paper is essential in giving your research the impact it deserves. Learn how manuscript transfers can help today. ow.ly/R9Ys50IVuSK
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The various articles in this special issue “Stroke and Energy Metabolism” pinpoint the hotspots of energy metabolism changes following stroke. Learn more in @JNeurochem. >>> ow.ly/VXQL50IFefV
🚨🚨Some other Special Issues to submit to vi@alzassociationon (Alzheimer's & Dementia DADM)! Modifiable Risk Factors (guest edited by the fabulous Drs@KristineYaffefe an@kaarin_ansteyey#ENDALZL@ISTAARTRTalz-journals.onlinelibrary.wiley.com/hub/journal/23…R69
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From a humble print shop in lower Manhattan in 1807, to having over 50 locations around the world. Thank you to our customers, partners, and colleagues. Here’s to another 215 years. Watch a few key moments from our journey so far. ow.ly/wXw550IUtM3
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"The finding of cannabinoid signaling in our body and brain can be classified amongst the most exciting discoveries of the last decades." Read @EJNeuroscience's special issue on the topic to learn more. @FENSorg. 👉ow.ly/O9CL50IvOtc6y
Restoring the "gatekeeper" of the brain. 🧠@jae_pyunn et al. enhance expression & function of efflux pump P-glycoprotein at the#bloodbrainbarrierr that clears out toxic molecules.#OpenAccesss:bit.ly/jnc15609D @MIPS_Australiaa@bush_professorr@JoeNicolazzoo@WileyNeurooo
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NEW (virtual) Special Issue! 🧠 The JCN collection focusses on the#thalamuss, a diencephalic egg-shaped structure that houses several distinct nuclei & links between the outside world and the neocortex. �ow.ly/XZGk50IIo2WGY9
Working on hippocampal neurons that respond to views, landmarks, or scenes in any species including humans? Submit to Hippocampus' Special issue. 👇 Guest editors: Edmund Rolls, Sylvia Wirth. Info here:ow.ly/RB9l50Iu0iTsl
Did you catch our early-career researcher workshop on 'how to get published in an academic journal'? If you missed it, don't worry. It's still available to watch on demand. Here's the link you need: ow.ly/jGbh50ISCv6
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If you haven't yet submitted your #SleepEurope2022 abstracts, there's still time. Even though we'll stop accepting abstracts at 23:59 tonight, 12 hours is a lot of time if used well. Submit your basic & clinical #SleepScience abstracts now! ▶️ esrs.eu/sleep-congress… @WileyNeuro
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Depression and Anxiety, the official journal of the Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA), is looking for a new Editor-in-Chief! 📅 Submit your application by May 10th, 2022 to be considered. More details here:ow.ly/2bUm50IF5mkm@Got_AnxietyyL
Call for papers! 📢 Submit your research on Disparities and Multi-Level Social Determinants in#Alzheimerss Disease and Related Dementias (ADRD). 📆 Deadline: 31st July. Learn moreow.ly/HuwK50ICWIoL@alzdemjournalsl@ISTAARTRgF
It's nearly time to reconnect with our ISDN community at ISDN 2022! @ISDNConference ✅ Full program available. 👥 Interact with 40+ plenary & symposia speakers. ➡️ Register now to join us in Vancouver. More info here: ow.ly/RSpF50IMlflhu
The latest issue of @MDJ_Journal is now available, featuring the Review Article, "Alpha and Beta Synucleins: From Pathophysiology to Clinical Application as Biomarkers." Access the full issue here. loom.ly/NhLzUgo @WileyNeuro
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Commonly-prescribed drugs & dementia: should we be worried? buff.ly/3uxDeF4 A @CochraneUK blog: Jodi Watt (a researcher @UofGlasgow) explores the @CochraneDCIG evidence on whether #anticholinergics might increase people’s risk of future memory problems, or even #dementia
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🤩 The#FENSFridayy webinar “Ask a Neuroscientist!” starts now. Join Eilís Dowd, Rahul Gaurav and Violetta Zujovic. Registered attendees: check your inbox for the zoom link❗️ This webinar is organised by the#FENSS Communication Committee.#AskFENSS@SayRahulGauravva
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New research on #COVID19. Read 'Catching hold of COVID-19-related encephalitis by tracking ANGPTL4 signature in blood' free in Journal of Neurochemistry. ow.ly/3ZEL50IIoiR @JNeurochem @ISN_society
This #EarthDay, we're aiming to reduce the environmental impact of print and support reforestation, with a goal of planting 1 million trees by May 2024. Want to keep track of how many trees #Wiley has planted? Stay updated here 👉 ow.ly/EfGs50IPNcKo" #InvestInOurPlanettc
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From clean energy to life below water, the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals are all interconnected. Our latest RISE collection explores the SDGs & research supporting the #EarthDay2022 theme: Invest in Our Planet. 🌏 Find it here:bit.ly/3v208VzM #InvestInOurPlanettF
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There's still time to submit! ⌛ Acta Psychiatrica Scandinavica is looking for your research papers on #Delirium for a 2022 Special Issue. 📅 Deadline: April 30th, 2022. Learn More:ow.ly/gbXS50GEem0R@ActaPsychScandd#AcademicTwitterr#PsychTwitterre
NEW (virtual) Special Issue! 🧠 The JCN collection focusses on the#thalamuss, a diencephalic egg-shaped structure that houses several distinct nuclei & links between the outside world and the neocortex. �ow.ly/8mB350IIo2ohwo
🗣️#CallforPaperss -#EJNN Special Issue on “Local circuits to large-scale networks in the sleeping brain”. 👉 Full call for papers available onloom.ly/hMmF2qo3l @EJNeurosciencece &@WileyNeurorNC
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ISDN 2022 Program announced: Register now to hear from more than 40 plenary and symposia speakers in Vancouver. @ISDNConference 📆 Poster abstracts on all aspects of developmental neuroscience accepted until 22 April. Register and submit abstracts at:ow.ly/EIMy50IMkP5qZ
Call for papers! 📢 @EJNeurosciencee seeks articles on unique functions, topography, physiology, & temporal & spatial modalities of#acetylcholinee signaling in the mammalian brain for an upcoming Special Issue. 📅 Submit by: Sept 12, 2022. Find out moreow.ly/Ctvl50HKfe1KQ8
A new systematic review and meta-analysis by Elis Haan & team shows that while maternal prenatal #smoking is associated with offspring #ADHD, it is unlikely to be the cause of it. Read it #OpenAccess in @AddictionJrnl: ow.ly/RbAS50ILvUo @MarcusMunafo @Luisa_Zu #addiction
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New research on #COVID19. Read 'Amyloid processing in COVID-19-associated neurological syndromes' #OpenAccess in @JNeurochem. ow.ly/4an450IIoag
ADAA's official journal, Depression and Anxiety, is looking for a new Editor-in-Chief! @WileyNeuro Submit your application by May 10th, 2022 to be considered. More details about the position here: ow.ly/M67K50IF49c
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Therapeutic monoclonal antibodies (mAbs) have emerged as the fastest growing drug class. This paper looks at how monoclonal antibody–based therapeutics may interact with antiseizure medications. Read it in Epilepsia: ow.ly/IcEe50IInL0 @EpilepsiaJourn @IlaeWeb
Published #OpenAccess in Muscle & Nerve. 'A randomized placebo-controlled phase 3 study of mesenchymal stem cells induced to secrete high levels of neurotrophic factors in amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.' ➡️ ow.ly/zvn450IInwC @MuscleAndNerve @AANEMorg @EditorMusNerve
Now available: European Neuroendocrine Tumor Society (ENETS) Special Issue on standardized (synoptic) reporting of neuroendocrine neoplasms. Check it out in the Journal of Neuroendocrinology. >>> ow.ly/Tfkh50IInu7 @JNE_Editor @bsneuroendo
Call for papers from Hippocampus. 📢 Submit your research for the upcoming Special Issue on 'Non-synaptic Communication in Memory Circuits .' 📅 Submission deadline: August 31st, 2022. >>>ow.ly/RX1q50Iu1IlFk2
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