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Red pill or blue pill… let us know 🔴🔵💊💊💊#redpillr#bluepilll#pickyourpoisonrCl5BaSR
No calm, only storm 😭⛈️☔️🌊🔥🌪️Although last nights gig finished earlier than expected (due to casual Bali Typhoon level 3 **WHAAT!?!**) we had a brilliant brilliant time! Redpect for those who storm raged with us. Bali delivers alright🇮🇩�#bucketlistck#balit#indonesian4VMhptFz
Can’t wait to play at @ultra @UltraAbuDhabi alongside these legends!!!! 🔥🔥🇦🇪@realAdamBeyera@afrojackf@AmelieLensl@CalvinHarrisn@ILLENIUML@KSHMRmusicM@NGHTMREN@Skrillexkrillex 📆 SEE YOU MARCH 5TH…21VabDsz
Sister #selfiesunday - glittery colourful make up don’t care ✨✨💋💄👀👀 thank you ag@GOSSMagazineeinee @ laramiemakeup @ erinpiperherschleb for making us feel beautiful ♥️♥️♥️ can’t wait to show you guys the photoshoo#strikeaposea#purpleeyebrowseverydayr#unicorni#makeupaB1YIU
POV: weekend nights in the uber on the way to the club 🚕🚕💨💨💕💕 (should I dye my pink hair bac#weekend##friyay #RFTWa#pinkhairp#pinkshirti#dontcaredONrqiV1Q
💫LIKE HOME💫 - we have been playing this record for the last 🔟 years in every set, and are still extremely chuffed to see it getting such beautiful reaction like this one. Love y#NERVOfamilyily this all wouldn’t have been possible without you ❤️💕♥️💙🥰#LIKEHOME�/wDEu6yiAKf
Never thought we would be finding new places to visit after 13 years of touring, but here we are on our way to Makasar, Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮�@pentagon_clubn_club see you tonight 🥳🥳 We are really enjoying getting to know more of this beautiful country#IndonesiaI#NERVOinAsiaRsxdtiQnNe
WOOP WOOP We are coming back to the most magical place on Earth - @tomorrowland 2023 🦋🦋✨ can’t wait to reunite with you guys, see you this summe#NERVOnationon‼️ Full line-up…FTSb
That bubble tea killed my plans for an afternoon nap…
“There’s finally recognition that we can’t have large numbers of refugees going years without having the opportunity to educate their children. Education is critical and probably the most important intervention we can provide...” - @StatePRM #EducationCannotWait #222MillionDreams
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INDONESIA!!!! 🇮🇩🇮�@nervomusicomusic is back to your country for a tour, they will be touring around Indonesia with 8 confirmed dates!! 👀💖 This gonna be insane!! Clic below to know all info and tour dates⬇️ zU3RPJ195w
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First episode of 2023 💕 For January’s featured guest, we have the big boss and club owner of one of the most exclusive clubs and rooftop venues in Prague, Sean Curran from@DuplexPraguee 🇨🇿 Considered the club 62 in the world @DJmagmag 🌟…NX5Tr
Time to put on your #bluesteel and slayyyy the rest of the week 👸💪🏻💯✨📸📸💃💅🏻💅🏻😂 🎥 - hausofbroox (TikTok) 🎶 SUPERMODEL @thisisKANDY;.co/y29RRu1FFY
Check out this EPIC makeup by @laramiemakeup @erinpiperherschleb (IG) for our @GossMagazine photoshoot today💋💄👀✨❤️‍🔥😍😍 100% wo#selfiesundays#strikeaposeeapose 📸 More BTS content coming up real s3rPEP0bN2
Happy Lunar New Year everyone🐰🧧🥮✨ The year of the Rabbit symbolizes intellect, cautiousness, and is considered one of the luckiest animals in the zodiac‼️ Also represents washing away the bad luck. Wishing you health and prosperity for 20#NERVOfamfam - 新年快樂 💕🙏5ZbxZD
WOW! #NERVOfam we just had a lap of the @MexicoCityE Prix track in the @Porsche Taycan Safety Car with @abbformulae at the opening race of Season 9! EVs are 🔥 Tune into their next race in Diriyah on 27th-28th #ABBFormulaEE#MexicoCityEPrixx#Addu
We're all #NERVOnation ✨ under the #E11EVEN halo 💫 Come party with@nervomusicc Tonight Tickets &
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MAAADRIIIIID 🇪🇸🇪🇸 See you in June‼️ Can’t wait to be back in Spain 🙏🏼🙏🏼 ¿Estáis…o/0DKbvmXDbw
🤩 ¡El 16 de junio tenéis un PLANAZO! 🎤 ¡Música y fútbol se unen más que nunca con OMGl! LaLiga Music Experience, un macroconcierto d#LaLigaga con artistas 🔝 com@Aitanaxna@SebastianYatratra@nervomusicsic!…USZc
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MEXICO you have our hearts 🇲🇽💕✨ last weekend we had 4 shows in 3 days wi@FIAFormulaEl@imHARTclublub & Nadim Roof 🏎️💯 We felt the immense love from#NERVOfamilyamily 🥰 GRACIAS for the hospitality, counting the days we come back aga#ABBFormulaEF#MexicoCityEPrixi78ee3cyD
Coffee spelt backwards is ‘eeffoc’ and I dont give eeffoc before I have my coffee ➡️➡️🤪🤭😩☕️#coffeeYESPLEASEA#saylesse#workdontstopt#sizematterse#EXTRALARGERcXV
Trying to get the hang of reels and these editing apps 🤪Here’s some fun footage we pieced together from@FIAFormulaEE y’day!! Was lucky enough to do a lap with Alejandro Agag at the wheel!! Vroom vroom!! Electric is where it’s at! 🎯🎯🇲�#Mexico##ABBFormulaEo#ZoomZoomoKDjsqpw
Just finished our Mexico tour… didnt sleep a lot but managed to see a lot of old friends, eat a lot of good Mexican food so am going to recover today and post tomorrow! Mexico - we miss you guys already 🇲🇽💕💫🙇‍♀️👯#NERVOfansforeverrro#Mexico ZzbJq8z9
¡Se confirma el espectáculo musical del #Hankook Mexico City E-Prix 2023 a cargo del dúo de DJ ganador del Grammy @nervomusic! 🔥🇲🇽 Sábado 14 de enero: Foro Sol 13:30 NERVO Podio 15:30 Selene 16:30 Ruzzi 17:00 Mariana Bo 18:30 NERVO También habrá DJ’s en dos escenarios máW7R
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HOLA MEXICO🇲🇽👋#tbttbt to our tour NERVONATION MEXICO in 2013. So happy to come back to one of our most liveliest fan bases‼️👯‍♀️ JAN 12th Nadim Roof - Guadalajara JAN 1@imHARTclubclub - León JAN 1@FIAFormulaEulaE - Mexico City &a@imHARTclubclub - CDM#ABBFormulaEu#MexicoCityEPrixPQzTN
🙏🙏Khob khun khaaa Thailan@NEONCountdownwn… THANK YOU for having us in your beautiful country and being the first festival to welcome the new year with us, only great things and blessings to come this year - LETS GOOO ❣️🇹🇭⚡️⚡#neoncountdownd#thailandl#EPICE#NERVOinBankoknVAcG
LAS VEGAS 🇺🇸✨‼️ We're EXCITED to announce our return to ou@ZoukGroupLVLV fam for our 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ Las Vegas Residency a#ZoukNightclubub &#AyuDayClubub! Tickets now on sale through September - SEE YOU THEN 💞💞👯‍♀️
Sawadika Thailand 🇹🇭🙇‍♀️ We have been enjoying your magical country for the past week, eating the most delicious food (getting fat 🐷), learning Muy Thai and had our last hoorah@illuzionphuketuket! 2 years since we played this epic club. Great to see Phuket back on fine…ttNGS4Hm
Yes yes yes Mexicooooo 🇲🇽🇲🇽❣…hAmB
Those who croc together... stay together! (Thank you @CrocsIndia !) #sunburnGOA @SunburnFestival 🐊🐊🐊🎯🎯mKSCW9rVp
So it's important to enjoy and appreciate all of the good things that come our way #healthiswealth! Keep your energy positive and spread good vibes only - HAPPY NEW YEAR #NERVOfam, and we’ll see you on the road ✈️🌎✨🎊💯👯#HappyNewYearYear 2#2022recapecap
We had some hard moments with our grandmother being ill, but she survived kidney failure and the doctors have now gotten her to a 'stable' place. One thing we want to wish everyone in 2023 (and beyond) is good health ❣️❣️ because in a moment, life can change so quickly!
Being able to hug familiar faces who we had only seen via a screen previously… from stage managers to artist liasons, to DJ and promoters photographers, our precious #NERVOnation.It was amazing to welcome baby Onyx into this world and to see the sisters & cousins interact.
Well, here we are 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣!! We'd love to say a few words about 2022 and throw out some gratitude to all of the people in our sphere. 2022 felt like a whirlwind of a year, the world finally opened up and it was beyond nice to see our community on the road again…
8 years ago we were in Miami getting ready for NYE…. Now we're headed to Singapore 🇸🇬🇸🇬 ! SEE YOU S@DLDK_OFFICIALCIAL can’t wait to leap into the new year with y’all 🎊🥳🔥💯💯o/Xrqq6lM9nB
Can’t wait to hang with you in person on JANUARY 14TH 2023, when we will be performing at the @MexCityEPrix. 🇲🇽🏎️💕💕⚡️⚡️👯‍♀️ (Tickets…WIsNBmb ) 📻 NERVOnation DEC 2022 now available to…WRNy1cXt
Is it really the last month of 2022?🤯 What better way to end the year than by bringing the first ever@FIAFormulaEE driver to#NERVONationn. Introducing@mitchevans__ in da hauss!! 🏎️⚡️He WON the NZ Grand Prix at age 16 (the YOUNGEST driver to win an International Grand Prix FYI AjC
Holiday-cation mode off - New Year’s party mode on ✅ Currently on our way to play 3 FESTIVALS in 3 DAYS to ring in 2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣ Back to the grind ladiez and gentz!!!! Will we see you there? 👇 DEC 30 -@SunburnFestivall 🇮🇳 DEC 31@DLDK_OFFICIALIAL 🇸🇬 JAN @NEONCountdowntdowIFdQpeE
(Continuing content dump part ✌️) Darn Instagram only takes 10 photos at one time and these memories are too good to not document! More Holiday content from the NERVOs…. See you on NYE #NERVOfam 😉😉👍✅V9q
Merry Belated Christmas & Holidays from our family to yours!!! 🇦🇺🇸🇬🎄❣️❣️🎅🏻 between our two families, we celebrated Christmas 4 ways this year - Oz, Barcelona, plane ride and Singapore where we had lasagna, chilli crab, berry picking and parrot feeding 🦜😋🍓🫐 (…//PCdOdaN6iS
Ski rave baby feat. our track ‘Barely On My Mind’ (NERVO remix) wishing you all a safe and wonderful Christmas Eve & Happy Holidays!! ☃️🎄❄️💃💃🤪#Christmas2022m#SkiRaveBabya@regrettesbandttqyNCEX
Happy holidays #NERVOFam!!! 🥰☃️🎄🎁SNevS
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Splish splash night swims with the sis 👯‍♀️💦🌊�bU6kTc
Shuffling our way into Christmas 💃🕺🎄🎅🏻🤶🏻Counting down the 3 more sleeps before Mister Ho Ho Ho comes to town! Hope everyone is having a wonderful winter break and hopefully a white Christmas?! ❄️#Christmas2022stmas2022 @smashthehouse_hthehouse_ - Do They Know It’s mt9wn4W290
Girls crying in agony as they’re told that they will have to leave the university & go home as the Taliban have BANNED female university education in Afghanistan. Painful to hear. How can we sit idly by as millions of girls are denied their human rights.
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