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**Vaccine Science** I host a podcast, if you didn’t know. Here’s a @StarTalkRadio episode with @IrwinRedlenerMD that’s all about Vaccines, in case you’re not entirely sure how they work, or in case you retain doubts about their efficacy. [Video: 48 min]…
FYI: Deleted the Republican-Democrat COVID tweet. Was causing too many unintended Twitter fights.
Elegant, poetic, and astrophysically accurate: “We are Stardust” Weekly image & link to a T-shirt. Conceived & designed by fans. Approved by me. After fees to the artist, proceeds go to educational organizations.…
Very glad to hear. Happy to have helped tip the scales. But people shouldn’t get vaccinated because “Tyson said so." They should get vaccinated because of evidence that it’s effective & safe. Or maybe school needs to spend more time on what science is and how and why it works.…
In case anyone is curious… Right now in the USA, every ten days, more than 8,000 (unvaccinated) Republican voters are dying of COVID-19. That’s 5X the rate for Democrats.
Just a reminder that before anybody had a space program, we didn’t have satellite images of hurricanes, and we largely had no clue what they would do next.
Dear Science Deniers, (Anti-vaxers, anti-maskers, climate hoaxers, flat-Earthers, etc) You found one another & communicate via stupefyingly advanced technologies that pivot on the discoveries of scientists. Just thought I’d remind you of that fact. Sincerely, Your Smart Phone
Any month that begins on a Saturday has a “Friday the 13th”. Once every seven years, or so, when February has 28 days **and** begins on a Sunday, it forces March to have a “Friday the 13th” too. The only occasion where “Friday the 13th” occurs in two consecutive months
"Friday the 13th" happens just once or twice a year. Exactly as rare as... "Thursday the 12th" or "Saturday the 14th." Or "Friday the 6th." Or "Friday the 20th." Or "Friday the 27th."
Each year around this time, Earth plows through the debris-trail of Comet Swift-Tuttle. At our orbital speed of 67,000 mph (30km/s) the particles burn harmlessly in our atmosphere, rendered aglow as shooting stars. Behold the annual Perseid Meteor shower:…
Weekly image & link to a T-shirt. Conceived & designed by fans. Approved by me. After fees to the artist, proceeds go to educational organizations. Note: “Bro” is not part of my active vocabulary. But people may think it is whenever I wear sunglasses.…
(2/2) Leading with your left or right foot while racing over hurdles on an oval track in a counter clockwise direction has consequences. Learn all about it in this @StarTalkRadio’s Sports Edition with engineer and legendary Olympic hurdler @EdwinMoses999.…
(1/2) In the epic Men’s 400M Hurdles, Norwegian winner Warholm beat American Benjamin by 0.21 seconds. Leading with his right foot over every hurdle, Benjamin ran as many as 2.5 meters farther (+0.33 sec) on the track than Warholm did, who instead led with his left foot.
If you're one of those who respond more to first-person emotional appeals than to the cold, hard statistics of Science, then this news story is for you: [Video: 3m 45s]…
For some people, it seems, the laws of physics are optional.…
First posted in Feb 2021. Hoped I wouldn’t have to post it again. Given the data, it’s clearly necessary. Weekly image & link to a T-shirt. Conceived & designed by fans, approved by me. After fees to the artist, proceeds go to educational organizations.…
The Opening Ceremonies of the Tokyo Olympics, with 206 countries, has salvaged and celebrated whatever dignity remains in this World after 18-months of viral invasion, fear, ignorance, hatred, and loss. Thank you Japan.
Right now, in the USA, 99% of people being hospitalized & dying from COVID-19 are those who chose not to be vaccinated. This confirms that whoever’s been advising you to decline the Vaccine, does not value your health or longevity. A form of biological “unnatural” selection.
The net worth of @JeffBezos is about $200-billion. A stack of that many dollar bills would reach twice as high as his Blue Origins Rocket launch.
Relative to a Schoolroom Globe… Planet Mars is a mile away (1.6 km). The Moon is 30 feet away (10 meters). The International Space Station orbits 3/8th of an inch (1 cm) above the surface. Branson & Bezos this month ascend the thickness of two dimes (2 mm) above the surface.
13 July 2021 Happy 77th Birthday, Ernö Rubik My first cube was in 1980. Spent a week solving it, when I surely should have been doing something else. Got below 5-mins after a month. I’ve had one on my desk ever since. p.s. Those Mutton Chops were in style back then. Just sayin’
A message that occasionally bears repeating. Delivered as my five-word acceptance speech for @StarTalkRadio winning @TheWebbyAwards 2021 for Best Science & Education Podcast. In any case, Happy 77th Birthday, Ernö Rubik, born July 13, 1944
Hmm. Makes you wonder which came first, the #StanleyCup or @NASA's Hubble Space Telescope.
Thanks for asking. It’s not as bad as you might think. Nutrition labels, medicines, foot races, all sciences, photographic lenses, car engine size, power grid, home electricity, soft drink bottles, wine, and currency are all metric in the USA. So we're inching our way there.…
Today, July 5, 2021, Earth in its oval orbit is farther from the Sun than any other time of year. Perihelion: 91.4 million miles – Jan 2, 2021 Aphelion: 94.5 million miles – July 5, 2021 We’re also moving slowest in our orbit. That’s why Summer lasts 5 days longer than Winter.
July 4, 1776 Independence Day in America We celebrate the day we declared independence from Britain, long preceding the day we actually attained it. That’s badass.
As you can tell, I think about Aliens often. But not as much as my colleagues do at the @SETIInstitute. A shout-out to for their decades of work in this field, and to the US @DeptofDefense, for looking up, while the rest of are looking down.
Gotta end with a Dad-joke… Q: What do you call embryotic Space Aliens? A: Eggstra-terrestrials.
The search for Aliens on Earth has been crowdsourced to three-billion internet-connected smartphones around the World. If our best evidence for visitors from another planet is monochromatic low-resolution, fuzzy video taken by the USNavy, then there's more work to be done here.
Space Aliens, seeing Humans kill over land, politics, religion, & resources, would surely ask, “What the f*%k is wrong with you?" After which, they'd return to their home planet, declaring there is no sign of intelligent life on Earth.
If a UFO beams you up, steal a gizmo fom the Alien’s shelf when it’s not looking. Bring that to the lab — you’ll need it to supplement your eyewitness testimony.
I wonder. If you can't teach algebra to a Chimp, then what Math might intelligent Aliens be unable to teach Humans?
If a UFO beams you up, steal a gizmo from the shelf when the Alien isn't looking. Bring that to the lab — you’ll need it to supplement your eyewitness testimony.
Our image of evil Space Aliens derives not from imagined knowledge of how we think they will behave, but from actual knowledge of how we treat one another.
Space Aliens might be surprised to see that most humans consume mammary secretions of farm animals & all humans kill other living things to survive.
Humans kill one another so often, for all reasons including none, I wonder how we'd treat peaceful Aliens who visited Earth.
SPACE ALIEN: Why does your United Nations have a Security Council? HUMAN: Our leaders argue there about how & why we kill one another.
Always liked the fact that Superman & Thor are both Space Aliens from their own exoplanets, distinguishing themselves from most other superheroes.
I wonder what Space Aliens would say, if told that Earthlings shift clocks by an hour in the summertime to fool themselves into thinking there's more sunlight in the day.
Space Aliens might be surprised to learn that in a cosmos with limitless starlight, humans kill for access to energy sources buried in the sand.
Space Aliens may be surprised to learn that Humans have multiple languages, cultures, and traditions — and we kill one another because of it.
Space Aliens might be surprised to learn that a third of our lives — a third of every Earth rotation — we lay semi-comatose on cushions.
Would be cool if space aliens landed on Earth and instead demanded, “Take me to your common people!"
If I were ever abducted by Space Aliens, the first thing I’d ask is whether they came from a planet where fellow Aliens also deny science.
This is what happens when Space Aliens discover you're eavesdropping on them. Or instead, maybe it’s what happens when a country regresses in its urge to lead the world in Science.…
If a Space Alien landed on Earth and demanded, “Take me to your leader!” I wonder how many people would take it to their head-of-state.
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