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More info on the Simple Nightshade Sharding Update in our blog post 🔽…j
Validator AMA on NEAR Sharded Mainnet…
Prepare for the most epic @NEARProtocol Town Hall so far! 💥 🔳 Announcing th#MetaBUIDLDL Hackathon Winners 🔳 Exciting news #NEAREAR Foundation 🔳 An NFT related to the announcement for all attendees Tomorrow, 1 PM UTC, be there! Registe…idlceremonyandtownhall.splashthat.comeNg2R
Announcing the winners of the #MetaBUIDL Hackathon and August Town Hall NFT giveaways! 🎁 �#MetaBUIDLDL giveawa#NFTsTs b@realorrinin@Karthik6126422020 &@_tathanhhai_i_ 🔳 Town Hall Giveaway NEARPunk @ArtofMonztretr@PCK_Cryptopto Check your DM's! 📩
🎙@NEARProtocoll Simple Nightshade Sharding Update AMA. Phase 0 towards massively scaling our network has started! @BowenWang11,@janeylwangg, and@rossegatess will answer questions and share the upcoming roadmap. ⏰ 5pm GMT Register below and join us! �…a4
📣@NEARProtocoll Launching Sharding with Simple Nightshade update. Phase 0 of the roadmap towards a fully sharded blockchain has started! This is the first step into preparing the network to onboard the next billion users onto@NEARProtocoll. Read more �…7E
Over 1M accounts on @NEARProtocol! 🚀 When 1 Billion?
Head over to the #Blockchain 2021 online conference to show some support for @mzavershynskyi from @NEARProtocol speaking at WASM in #Web3! 🔥 Max goes live at 21:30-22:15 CET/12:30-13:45 PST with a workshop on WebAssembly in Blockchain 👏 🔽 Join…2zd
The #NEAR Ecosystem is flourishing! @ChronicleXNL is leveraging the carbon-neutral NEAR Protocol to develop their digital collectibles marketplace platform built entirely for fans Read more on this here 👇 #NFTT#CarbonNeutrall#Blockchainn
Get insights from experts through panel discussion LIVE at #NEAR #Blockchain #Accelerator Demo Day on: 🔵State of#Web33#startupss 🔵Non-crypto🆚Crypto Startups 🔵Solving everyday problems w#Blockchainhain When: Sat, 25 Sept, 5pm IST onwards! Join Us
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The #MetaBUIDL Awards Ceremony is approaching 🏆 Stay until the end for the@NEARProtocoll Special Town Hall featuring an exciting announcement from#NEARR Foundation accompanied by an#NFTT gift 👀 Join us Friday, Sept. 24 at 1 pm UTC! See you there …idlceremonyandtownhall.splashthat.comTLC
🚨 Don't miss@ilblackdragonn present "How to Grow a#DAOO" at the 2021 Wyoming Blockchain Stampede! Tune in for the@NEARProtocoll vision to make DAOs more scalable, interoperable, and accessible 👏 Livestream- Sept. 24, 3:40pm MT �wyohackathon.iorvW
We're joining up with @EthereumDenver, @wyohackathon, @opolis to sponsor #DAO day this Friday!🎉 Talks from@ilblackdragonn and@starpausee 🙌 In anticipation of this, we're co-hosting a happy-hour tomorrow with our fellow sponsors. Details below �
🔴 NEAR NFT WEEK | 13th - 19th Sept 🍃This week on NEAR NFT space we have covered the highlighted news fro@mintbases@ParasHQH@HypeDAOA@DAOrecords_s@codamem@CollectiveMutiti an@nxmliveve #NEARnftnf#NFTsF#nftnewsejx7
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🔴Beyond the NFTs | S01E03 | with@xndeirou__ ▪️ A 13-year-old digital artist 🙋from the Philippines who is obsessed with Japanese cultures ▪️ NFT……ps ... (1/5#BeyondTheNFTsT#NFTCommunityt#NFTartistst #NEARnftnqDm
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To celebrate our upcoming #mainnet launch on October 8th, 🐙World Octopus Day🐙, we will be GIVING AWAY $300 worth of $USDC to 10 lucky winners who: - Follo@oct_networkrk - Retweet - Like - Tag 3 people #Cryptot#giveawayay ends on October 1st, 2021 @ 5pm UTC / 1pm ESTti
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You asked, you got it. $OCT is now tracking on @CoinMarketCap! Be sure to add us on your watchlist! We've got ✅ Coingecko 🦎 ✅ CoinMarketCap 🪙 So that mean@coinbasese should be right around the corner, right?! 👀👀 RT/…Fa4A
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📰#NEARWEEKK Edition 23 is out! Top 3 updates this week: #MetaBUIDLDL Award Ceremony + Town Hall @EmiSwapwa@AutonomyNetworkork &am@SolaceFieFi received grants fr#NEAREAR Foundation@NEARProtocolocol hit 30m tx & 1m accounts! 👉 Read the full editnearweek.comX9UUZz
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🚨 Win a $300,000 grant! @Filecoinn and@NEARProtocoll are teaming up to support developers that demonstrate or enable integrations at the intersection of#NEARR and@Filecoinn with a joint grants program 🤝 Submit your application by Oct 31, 2021…X47R
We'll be reviewing the hackathon winners and how it all fits together plus a nice reveal. Come and see what's cooking in the ecosystem!…
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🔥 A new level of sharding on@NEARProtocoll is here Join@BowenWang188,@janeylwangg, and@rossegatess for the Simple Nightshade AMA on Thursday, Sept. 23 @ 5pm GMT 👏 Learn how we're enabling a sharded Mainnet an#decentralizationon of Validators. RSVP nearama.com90m
Join @ilblackdragon and @ErikTrautman at the #MetaBUIDL Awards Ceremony on Sept. 24 at 1 pm UTC 🥳 At this@NEARProtocoll Special Town Hall we'll recap the#MetaBUIDLL Hackathon, announce the 7 winners, and share exciting news from NEAR Foundation! RSVP �…idlceremonyandtownhall.splashthat.comU4
📢 WASM in#Web33- calling all developers! Dive into modern Blockchain smart contract execution at the Blockchain 2021 online conference, where our own@mzavershynskyii will be leading a workshop 🤩 🔳 Sept 22, 21:30-22:15 CET/12:30-13:45 PST…crHF
#NFT giveaway alert 🚨 @NEARWEEKK has teamed up with@ParasHQQ and@awesome_nearr for an#ExploreTheNEARversee NFT Giveaway! Enter to win the "Master of the#NEARversee" NFT and print! 🔽 Visi@NEARWEEKEK for official rules. The winner will be announced Sept. 27 at 12.00 CETms
The @NEARProtocol Simple Nightshade Sharded Mainnet is approaching! 💥 ✅ Increase TPS by 5-8X ✅ Increase block producers to 100 ✅ Reduce storage cost Join the AMA w/@BowenWang188,@janeylwangg, and@rossegatess on Thursday, Sept. 23 @ 5pm GMT. RSVP �nearama.comQI
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🚩@SolaceFii announced their partnership with@NEARProtocoll just a few hours ago 🤔 So what is Solace Protocol and what do they do ❓ Let's take a first look wit@Near_Mateses �#NEAREAR $NE#Solacea#DeFieBz4
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Besides hitting the new ATH, the $NEAR ecosystem is also expanding rapidly
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The @NEARProtocol Simple Nightshade Sharded Mainnet is approaching! 💥 ✅ Increase TPS by 5-8X ✅ Increase block producers to 100 ✅ Reduce storage cost Join the AMA w/@BowenWang188,@janeylwangg, and@rossegatess on Thursday, Sept. 23 @ 5pm GMT. RSVP �nearama.comQI
🎙@NEARProtocoll's@mzavershynskyii will be speaking at the WASM on the Blockchain 2021 online conference! Learn about the usage of WebAssembly in Blockchain development in our workshop on Sept 22, 21:30-22:15 CET/12:30-13.45 PST. Register �…HF
Congratulations to @SolaceFi for receiving a grant from the @NEARProtocol foundation! 🥳 Solace.fil will continue the development of a cross-chain#DeFii insurance protocol and go live on@auroraisnearr in October. Read more �…3e
🔴 Correction! The final deadline for the#MetaBUIDLL Hackathon submissions is Sept. 19, 4 AM UTC. Not 4 PM…V
📣 Announcing the#MetaBUIDLL Awards Ceremony during a very special Town Hall! 🔥 Join us for 🔳 T#MetaBUIDLIDL recap and Awards Ceremony 🔳 A Major Announcement#NEARNEAR Foundation 🔳 A very special NFT Giveaway September 24, 1 pm UTC RSVP bel…idlceremonyandtownhall.splashthat.comFf4Rrr
The Cheddar Free Community Farm 🚜 opens next Thursday! Starts: September 23, 2021 0:00:00 UTC Ends: October 12, 2021 23:59:00 UTC Check out the full article here:…c Don't forget to unstake NEAR at least 3 days in advance. 🧀
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📣 Tomorrow is the final day to submit your#MetaBUIDLL Hackathon proposals! We can't wait to see everything you've worked on! Submit before Sept 19, 4 PM UTC to the#MetaBUIDLL Final Submissions form below �…A0
📣@AutonomyNetworkk received a grant from@NEARProtocoll! 🎉@AutonomyNetworkrk will work wit@NEARProtocolol ecosystem projects to create solutions for specific conditional transactions like limit orders and stop-losses on decentralized exchangeslO
Our incredible dev team have just upgraded 544 NFT contracts successfully! 🥂 This will make developing much easier & more compliant with@NEARProtocoll#NFTT standard NEP171. Now the web wallet will start tracking our batch transfers as well.
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Hello, our Korean community👋 If you're interested in $NEAR staking, read this step-by-step guide in Korean and find out how to do it via#Nearr wallet🔥 Psst, it's elementary!@NEARProtocolco@ilblackdragong@AlexSkidanovn@AliaksandrHd@mattdlockyerytHn
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On the flight hacked a smart contract for the game that I wanted to build for a long time:… Follow @imdragonear to follow how it builds up the steam.
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We currently suspect that it may be related to some specific kernel versions. Testnet crashed because we run a majority of the validators using the same OS and hardware. Fortunately this means likely it is not a threat to mainnet due to decentralization…
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📣 The "State of the#NEARR Ecosystem" livestream on@4NTSGuildd YouTube begins in 30 minutes! Learn all about what@sankore2_00,@FinanceOinn,@meta_pooll, and@fluxprotocoll are building on@NEARProtocoll! 🤩 Set your reminder and tune in!
Why is @NEARProtocol transactions and usage trending up? Lemme answer that question with another question: Why are hammers so useful on nails? Now for the shill: Why does #croncat #BUIDL on $NEAR? 👉 3 reasons:
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Seems like it's just the right time to chat about the next OWS party🥳 This time we will debunk the myths and mysteries of DeFi... Which ones and how? Stay tuned to find out more⚡️ 📅 30.09 6.30 PM CET 🔗Sign up…YDjC
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Thank you to our community partners for participating in the #MetaBUIDL Hackathon! 🙌 A round of applause for: �@ChinaRustst @segment_faultult @ETHPlanetanet@BeWaterOfficialicia@og_labsg_la@kaiyuansheyuan@DoraHacksoraHacks 🔳 Rebase 🔳 BTCU
🎙 Join@4NTSGuildd for the "State of the#NEARR Ecosystem" talk! Get up to speed on ecosystem development and learn more about featured guests@meta_pooll,@sankore2_00, and@fluxprotocoll. 🤩 Join us Thursday at 9:30 PST / 18:30 CET. Set your reminder!
Follow us on Instagram! We are hosting an "Instagram Live" today at 6pm CET/ 9am PST. Join us to stay updated with all the #NFTs being minted as art, tickets, fashion items, memberships, gaming and VR items on @NEARProtocol
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A new partnership between @meta_pool and @FinanceOin! 🤝 This partnership with@FinanceOinn will provide additional utility to@meta_pooll. There will be an AMA on September 23rd in the OIN Finance Telegram to kickstart this partnership! More info �…iI
Presenting @louisliubj 's @oct_network live on @CNBC TV, along with how @NEARProtocol enables the technology. This was in our @DeBio_Network presentation but we also showed the other appchains!
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Now tracking Near @NEARProtocol A climate-neutral, high-speed, and low transaction fee Layer-1 Blockchain platform.
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