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Be proactive in your journey called life. No matter how long you’ve been walking down the road, once you see a dead end, a roadblock, a no entry sign, give yourself permission to turn around. You’re never stuck if you stay connected to the Almighty. He will always find a way out!
Do you have someone who always finds fault or advises you about your life, job, habits, etc? But the person never follows his own advice. Some have an agenda and can hurt your self-confidence badly. Don’t give your time to deceitful people pretending to be what they’re not.
You were waiting for that apology but it never came. And that is okay. Don’t focus on it. Let it go. Don’t let it consume you. Let the Almighty take care of things. Healing begins when you can accept that and move on with peace in your heart.
It’s wrong to assume that the ones who are quiet are empty, blank with nothing to offer. They might be busy reflecting, observing etc. They’d rather watch the drama from the sidelines. Silence has its merits so when it’s time to speak up, they will. Give people some credit.
Don't allow your circumstances to dictate your feelings. When you accept the Almighty’s Decree fully, you have the right attitude towards difficulties and trials. You accept there’s good in everything eventually. You’re able to walk firmly & steadily. You have firm faith in Him.
Be mindful of the one who pretends to be your best friend, only to turn around and betray you, spreading lies, untruths and hurtful gossip about you. Whatever the reason behind this behavior, it's important to protect yourself from it. Stay away from such people. Pray for them!
Almighty. There’s so much going on in the world around us. We beg You to help everyone who’s going through pain & hardship in life. Many feel broken. May You grant ease, remove all obstacles & guide us all out of difficulty. Make us completely dependent on You and You alone.
Don't you dare give up because you’re tired of waiting. How could you? Have you forgotten the Almighty’s promise? He won’t burden you with that which you have no ability to bear. Trust Him. He’s in full control & watching over you. Keep going; your breakthrough is in sight.
Do you often wonder, “why does this keep happening to me?” Perhaps it’s time for self-reflection. Perhaps the same behavioural patterns are giving you the same, unwanted results. Perhaps, the Almighty wants you to learn the lesson before He elevates you to the next level.
Leave people better than when you found them. Smile, lend a helping hand, use good words; do what it takes. Go out of your way if possible. They will remember you long after you left them. Such is the ripple effect of doing good. Never belittle any such act, no matter how small.
Remember, the Almighty can see the road more clearly than we can. He is in complete control of every aspect of our existence. So when He shows us the signs to move on, do it. Trust Him. Keep praying for guidance. He is our best Guardian and Protector.
Cultivate the habit of letting the Almighty deal with things beyond your control. Do your best and pray. When you pray, trust that He will work all things out for your own good. Then rest assured knowing that He wants only the best for you always.
Things won't always work out the way you planned so whenever they do, be grateful. Whenever they don’t, be even more grateful because the Almighty is saving you from things you do not know. Never take anything for granted. His Divine Wisdom is beyond our understanding. Trust Him.
There are some people who will purposely doubt your every move no matter how well intended. Leave them be. Stop over-explaining. If they’re bent on misunderstanding you, they will do so no matter what you say. Don’t fret. The Almighty knows your heart. That’s all that matters.
Stop doing things that bring negative energy into your life. Don’t listen to gossip, empty chatter etc. Connect with people who can motivate you & bring on positivity. No matter how difficult it is, you must make a concerted effort to move on in your life in the best possible way
In life, you have to know when to shut out the noise. There will always be those who will falsely accuse you. Let the naysayers be. As long as you’ve done no wrong, be at peace. The Almighty knows. He will calm you and grant you contentment no matter what they say about you.
If you’re going through hard times now, remember it won’t last. You will become a better version of yourself because of what you endured. Hard times make you resilient. It may not feel so now but it will be worth it in the end. Just press on. Stopping is not an option.
There is one scholar that I know for sure who has never charged a cent, penny, dime or dollar ever for any lecture or program he attended. @muftimenk الحمد لله
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When you’re not trying to impress anyone but the Almighty, your whole life will take on a different perspective. Much of what you’ve been through will add a breath of fresh air to your life. Your habits, decisions, responses etc will change. You’re not worried what people think.
Growth is quiet. It doesn’t shout. It’s humble and reassuring. You feel a deep sense of achievement but you don’t seek validation. You feel a sense of calm. You know you gave it all you got; and you know that the Almighty knows. That’s good enough for you.
Don't stay long where you don't belong. When people are engaged in gossip, backbiting etc plan your move. Learn when to leave. It's wisdom. Save yourself from the unnecessary chatter which is not only an absolute waste of time & sinful but will also eat away at your good deeds.
The Almighty doesn’t promise us an easy ride; a life with no scars. When we experience life’s challenges, we will be changed. The more trust we have in Him, the stronger our faith, the better life becomes. The decision is ours to make. Let’s not short-change ourselves.
Stop revisiting your past. It no longer exists. It doesn’t define you. It’s a good reminder but don’t allow it to hinder your future. As long as it woke you up from your slumber and you’re trying to fix things for the better, that’s good enough. The Almighty sees your efforts.
Don’t be afraid to say no. If you can’t do something, say it. If you can’t fit it to your schedule, say no. You can’t do what you’re supposed to do to the best of your ability if you’re overwhelmed. Stop trying to please everyone. Your well-being matters as well.
Let’s face it. Many love to vent. They feel like venting to others takes a load off their chest and makes them feel better. Learn how to heal without venting to everyone. Turn to the Almighty for all your needs. After all, He’s the only One who knows everything about you.
Almighty. Help us think of death often and the fact that we will all be returning to You. Help us realise that it could happen anytime. Take us only when You are totally pleased with us. In the mean time help us prepare well for that long-awaited meeting with You. Aameen
Be mindful who you allow on your boat. The wrong people could do untold damage to the whole boat, even causing it to capsize. Steer clear of those who love to gossip & spread lies. Don’t bring them on board. Keep your circle small. Choose only the ones you can trust.
Quit overthinking. It will rob you of your peace and sleep. You’ll end up miserable and frustrated with life. Don’t do this to yourself. Keep praying and asking the Almighty to ease your affairs and leave things to Him. Trust that He will grant you the best outcome.
Don’t judge. Be kind. Many are struggling with so many life issues, aggravated by the pandemic. Yet they carry on as if everything is normal in their lives. They may be your friends or even family members. You never know the private, silent battles they’re going through.
When you have a strong connection with your Creator, even your “bad days” are blessed days. You take everything in your stride, you’re not fretting because you know that He knows and He always has your back. So you go through life with a heart full of faith, one step at a time.
Be kind and good-hearted wherever life takes you. It's not your job to change someone. You can lead by example and show them the best behaviour, but remember, at the end of the day, guidance comes from the Almighty. Your job is to spread love and goodness. Pray for them.
The Almighty doesn’t close one door without opening another one with bigger and better things eventually. You have to trust Him. Every disappointment is an opportunity for something greater; and remember He not only opens doors, He closes them as well.
You’ll be at peace when you find the strength to trust the Almighty unequivocally. Remember, He’s perfect in all ways. Trust His directions for your journey. Keep moving ahead, even when the going gets tough. Nothing good comes easy!
When you trust the Almighty, there’s no worry. Worry & worship don’t go together. Worry is a powerful tool used by Satan to deny us of what our Lord has planned for us. He will plant all sorts of ideas in our head. Do not let Satan get the upper hand. Be on guard. Stay vigilant.
Even when they treat you badly, keep a good attitude. Even when things are not going your way, keep a positive outlook. Remember, the Almighty is watching all that you do. His tests are meant to strengthen you and allow you to grow. Do your best and He will elevate your status.
The Almighty has planned every single detail for us. It’s special & unique to each one. He may guide you to something that doesn’t make sense to others. Don’t copy what others are doing. Do what works for you & for your life. Don’t ever feel bad or ashamed of your journey.
Unfortunately there are no short cuts in this journey called life. The long road can be difficult but you need to develop endurance, resilience, strength & experience. The Almighty is aware of what you do. He has promised it will all be worth it in the end.
Be careful what you say. Don’t let your words wound people’s hearts. Be selective in your choice. Use words that encourage, empower and motivate. Use your words to invest in all that’s good. We need that now more than ever. Keep negativity far away.
Don’t attach yourself to that which is temporary. Do your best in everything but remember that the goal should always be to please the Almighty. Seek His help to purify your intent. As long as the link with Him is good, any hurdle along the way will become a lot easier to handle.
At times, your worst enemy could be your own memory. Stop thinking of things that happened in the past. As long as you’ve learnt your lesson, let all the mess go! Don’t dwell on it. That’s what Satan wants. Don’t give in to him. Don’t let him pollute your mind.
Almighty. Keep our hearts firm & make us steadfast in our prayers & acts of worship done solely for You. Grant us humility and a soft heart, never showing off or feeling that we’re more pious than the next person. Protect us from being arrogant & may we never judge others. Ameen.
The end of something is often the beginning of something new. Don’t mope over what’s done. We usually get so caught up with things that we can’t see the light of day! Life is a process. Trust the journey because the Lord of the Worlds is the Best Planner. He’s in full control.
Always be prepared to lend people a helping hand in their time of need. It’s so much better than a thousand hands clapping for someone’s success. When you help alleviate another person’s problems, the Almighty will surely do the same for you in this world and the Hereafter.
Make it a habit to do good, no matter what’s going on in your life. When you sow good seeds, you will reap and enjoy a good harvest later on. So don’t entertain any negativity and friends who try to talk you out of doing good. Keep selfishness at bay.
The world is in a sad state. People have become callous & hearts hardened. They’re more argumentative & often on edge. Swear words are the norm & good speech considered boring. Mental health, depression, anxiety have become buzz words. We desperately need compassion & empathy.
Never be ashamed of the scars as a result of your journey. It’s testimony that you’ve conquered the pain, learnt your lesson and emerged stronger for it. Don’t allow your scars to hold you hostage. See them in a positive light. See them as a sign of strength to do even better.
Be wary of those who are keen to see you fail. They will tell you to not bother doing certain things because you aren’t good enough. Ignore them. The Almighty has fully equipped you and empowered you to overcome whatever needs to be done. Don’t let such comments set you back.
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