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Don’t waste the most blessed days. Ten days is not a long time so be sure to fill your days with as much good as possible. The Almighty gives us these periods of spiritual boosts throughout the year. So purify your intent, make a plan and you’re on the way to accomplish much.
We’ve all been through rough days, a difficult month or a bad year. But these are often blessings in disguise. Remember, everything the Almighty does is good. We only have to wait patiently, hold our head up and press on. Let life take its course.
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Don’t wait to forgive someone till they apologise. You may end up waiting forever. Remember, it’s easy to hold a grudge and it’s easy to lay blame. But by doing so, you’re allowing others to have power over you. For the sake of closure and healing, you should forgive & move on.
With a few days remaining for the month of Hajj and most blessed days of the year to commence, join #teammenk to give a small charity a day to a cause of your choice for those ten days. Click here now to join my team Share this to multiply your reward.
Some people refuse to accept the fact that you’ve changed for the better. They keep harping on the “old” you. They refuse to see you in a new light. They can’t stop talking about your past mistakes and wrongs. Ignore such people. Time to move on.
As humans, you expect the Almighty to answer your prayers in the way you thought was good for you. But He’s All-Knowing and may not bring you what you thought, the way you thought, but what He has planned for you will be bigger & better. Something you wouldn’t have imagined.
Remember, people will only drive you crazy if you allow them. So don't let your anger spin out of control. If someone is irritating you, recognise those feelings and then let them go without saying much or getting into conflict. You don’t need to respond to everything.
The evil eye is real and should not be taken lightly. Most people are negligent in protecting themselves and do not worry about showing off their blessings; posting every detail of their life on social media. Know that not everyone who sees your story will be happy for you.
Be careful about giving your heart fully to someone other than the Almighty. Everyone can hurt you but only He can heal you. So be wise, have realistic expectations and protect your heart as best you can from those who are too quick to profess their love for you.
When something doesn’t feel right, don’t do it, leave it, walk away from it. Trust your judgement, your intuition, your feeling. It’s the Almighty’s way of guiding you and steering you away from what’s not right. You don’t owe anyone any explanation. Just do it.
Almighty. We ask for strength as we feel weak and tired from the affairs of the world. Help us to carry on in the face of adversity and whatever trials You send our way. Grant us patience and help us go through it with full faith and confidence. Aameen.
One of the best and bravest decisions you’ll ever make is to finally let go of people who are bad for your spiritual health. Keep your heart and soul attached to the Almighty.
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Stop overthinking. Stop feeding your mind negative thoughts and self doubt. Love yourself enough and remember, the Almighty only wants the best for you.
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Patience is not easy. It’s not for the fainthearted. That’s why the rewards are so great. It can break you, wreck you, makes you want to scream and give up but you press on because you know what the Almighty loves. He is always with the patient.
Many people get upset when their work is not acknowledged. Don’t. The Almighty knows what you’ve done and how much effort and sacrifice went into it. Isn’t that the best acknowledgment one could ever wish for?
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Don’t quit today. You’ve come this far. What you think is the worst is never the worst. Hold on tight because your biggest battles will end soon. Great breakthroughs will follow. The Almighty is always on your side whether or not you realize it. Trust Him.
Nowadays, many young people hang on to the belief that if it feels good, do it. This simply means you’re allowing yourself to be controlled by your moods, living life according to your feelings. This can be dangerous. Learn to live a life of faith.
Everyone, including good people will do bad things. That’s the nature of humans. We all have flaws. We all commit sins. Nobody is perfect. But learn from your mistakes and try to become a better person with each passing day. It’s never too late to change.
Nothing is too small or too big for the Almighty. Just ask Him. He never gets bored listening to your prayer. He loves it when you seek Him.
No matter what the odds are against you, you'll fight it; not because you have the strength but because your strength comes from the Almighty. Keep asking Him.
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The mind replays what the heart can't delete. So be careful what you keep in your heart. Purify it often with remembrance of the Almighty.
Don't think you’ve made it in life because of your power, position and authority. None of it will last. Nothing in this life will last. So always remain humble and attach your heart to that which matters. Keep the Almighty close and you’ll emerge the winner.
We live in angry times. All the sharing on social media makes it worse. Learn to control your innermost urge to retaliate. You don’t have to respond to everything. If you don't slow down when you start to see red, you could do significant damage to your life. Keep the peace.
Almighty. On this blessed day, save us from Your trials and heal the wounds we have been keeping inside for too long. Grant us good patience to go through whatever You send our way. Show us a way out of our difficulties. Keep us firm in faith. Aameen.
Life is never smooth sailing. We all get knocked down at some stage. The biggest test is how quickly we get back up. We must never stay down for long. Seek the Almighty’s help and you’ll stand up again and start moving forward.
Don’t waste your valuable time with people who have nothing but negativity in them. They criticise everything and everyone in the most damaging ways. Unless you know you can help them, choose to stay away from such toxic people. Do it for your well-being.
Some will continue to hate you for no apparent reason. Instead of constructive criticism, they’re out to destroy people with their comments. Show them you’re happy with who you are by doing what you do best. Show them that you’re not affected by their immaturity.
Some get a big thrill from boasting about their achievements or showing off their possessions. They believe that they’re better than others. They may even end up pushing people around. That’s wrong. Remember, whatever you have, someone will have more. That’s life. Stay humble.
As humans, we love to plan. We plan for today, tommorw, the future. It’s fine to plan. Dream. Hope. Pray for the best. But put your trust in the One who knows you better than you know yourself. And in the process, always remember that the Almighty is the Best of Planners.
The trouble with us is we stress over everything. We want to micromanage and control things. Don’t. The truth is six months from now or even sooner, everything you're stressing about won't even matter. Take things in your stride. Let the Almighty take charge.
This world is such that it will break your heart. Without a doubt. In fact, it will even crush it if you allow it. Remember, the Almighty will never leave you in that state. He will fix it. Turn to Him, the Owner of hearts, sincerely and let Him heal you as only He knows how.
We all want to fit in. We all want to feel comfortable in our surroundings. But at what cost? There’s a consequence for every action we choose. Surround ourselves with righteous friendships, the kind that provides goodness and the remembrance of the Almighty.
Not everyone will appreciate what you do for them. Don’t be discouraged because there are many ungrateful people out there. You just have to figure out who’s worth your efforts and who’s just taking advantage of you. Focus your energy on those who matter.
Sometimes it’s necessary to distance yourself from certain distractions in your life to concentrate your time, energy and effort on things that matter the most. Don’t be afraid to do that. Your true friends will allow you that space and respect you. Go for it.
Almighty. I trust You through my pain, my suffering, my heartache, my sadness, my confusion, my heedlessness. I know Your Mercy overpowers Your Wrath. That’s why I never lose hope, despite my sins & transgressions, I trust You. I thank You for always being there for me. Aameen.
Learn to let go of things that went wrong or didn’t work out. Learn from them. That’s life in a nutshell. Keep going. You’ll never win this race of life if you keep looking back. The mistakes you’ve made don’t define who you are today. Think positive that things will get better.
In any hardship, don't feel depressed. Ask the Almighty for strength to endure; for at the end of the dark tunnel of despair is HIs reward waiting for you.
No squabble or argument is worth it. Don’t sacrifice your Hereafter for such pettiness. Make peace with those you've offended and insulted. Move on.
Don't be affected by criticism. Positive or negative, take them in your stride. Know that the level of criticism rises with your worth.
We’ve all felt like a failure at times. But don’t drown in that feeling. Remember, the battles you’ve won, the setbacks you’ve overcome, the trials you’ve gone through. The Almighty promised that nothing would last. Keep hope alive & carry on. He’s always watching over you.
Be careful how you react to those who’ve wronged you. Two wrongs do not make a right. You can’t be mean, angry or bitter & expect good in return. Don’t wrong others the way they’ve wronged you. Be the better, kinder person always. Your reward is with the Almighty.
Once you’ve done your best, leave it to the Almighty. Relax and don’t worry. Trust Him. He has your back. He’s in control. Not you.
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The closer you get to the Almighty, the more you’ll understand that every trial you’re going through is to get you on track for what’s to come. It may not be obvious now but the picture will emerge when the last piece of the puzzle fits perfectly. Trust Him.
Once you’ve built a good relationship with the Almighty, you’ll always be filled with hope and confidence. You’ll always have good thoughts about Him. You’ll begin to realize that He is greater than any situation you will ever encounter.
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