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There’s a silver lining to everything! Nothing that the Almighty sends your way is bad. Sometimes being let down by someone can be the direct cause for you to dig deep in yourself, finding your own strength. You learn you depend only on the One who made you. No one else matters!
Pray for others. Use that power to help other people reach their destiny. It’s good to pray for others. It’s good to lift and build people up. There’s so much negativity around, that it’s good to encourage and be a positive voice for a change!
Understand this. If you’re going to please the Almighty, you won’t always please people. He is at the top of your list. Don’t you ever forget that. Never leave Him out of the equation in all your affairs. Anyway, you’ll never be able to please people. So don’t waste time trying!
If you have nothing good to say, remain silent. Each time you open your mouth to speak, you’re letting others know the state of your mind & what’s in your heart. If your heart is filled with bitterness, it will come out in your words. Be mindful of what’s going on inside you!
Faith is beautiful. You don't have to see the whole path ahead of you in order to walk it. Take your time in your journey. Appreciate all that the Almighty has sent you. Keep moving even if it’s baby steps. Most importantly, be consistent. You will get there eventually!
Be mindful of toxic people. They love playing victim. They’re also good at manipulating others into believing that you're the bad guy. Don’t worry if you’ve been blamed for something you didn’t do. That’s life really. What’s important is The Almighty is All-Knowing! He’s aware!
Almighty. Grant us light when our world is enveloped in darkness. Grant us hope when despair fills our souls. Strengthen our faith when doubts threaten to shake our belief. Be our Guide when we lose our way. Keep us under Your Protection as we go through the trials of life.
Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do this as often as you need to. Reset. Restart. Keep doing it till you achieve your focus again. It’s easy to lose perspective and get distracted with all that’s happening around us. Keep your intentions sincere. Seek help from the One who made you!
Your faith will be tested when you’re facing a dead end. Believe that the Almighty can & will provide alternative solutions to your problem. Understand His Plan. Keep a look out for new opportunities. Often we are so hung up on the closed doors that we fail to see what’s there!
We don’t have much time left so don’t waste it. Be picky how you spend your time. Be mindful who you invest your time in. Remember, wasted time is worse than wasted money. You can recover money but once gone, that time is lost forever.
When you finally come to terms that everything is from the Almighty, you’ll achieve an immense sense of peace & calm in your heart. You won’t be rattled by the outside forces. You believe that whatever comes, let it come, whatever goes, let it go & whatever stays, let it stay!
You don’t have to discredit someone to feel good about yourself. Be the one who fixes something that’s not right in others without telling the whole world about it. Do things quietly away from the limelight. Let your heart smile at your deed! And the Almighty knows!
Nothing is a coincidence. You have to surrender & trust the Almighty in all your affairs. He doesn't just tell us to do something; He guides us through it. It includes getting us to be in the right place at the right time & putting different people in our lives. That’s His Plan!
Be kind always. Nobody knows what problems people may be battling. Just because we don't talk about them doesn't mean they're not there. We all deal with things differently. Some find it easy to talk and open up about what they’re going through. Others don't. Show compassion!
Are you the vengeful type? Carrying a heart filled with envy & jealousy. Such traits won’t get you far. You’ll end up miserable & disillusioned with life. Be happy for others. Congratulate their success & send out lots of positive energy! It will all come back to you one day!
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Don’t worry about what people say or what they think. In the end, it’s the results that speak. Keep pushing ahead & do your best. When you mess up, you don’t run from the Almighty. You run to Him! He will never forsake you. Even when everyone has deserted you, He’s still there!!
People will fail you, people will hurt you. That’s part and parcel of this life. The wound may not be your fault. But the healing is your responsibility. Never wallow in self-pity. Seek the Almighty’s help. Get up again and take control of your life. Don’t delay the healing!
You’re stressed because you’re facing the unknown, the unseen and the unexpected. Remind yourself that the Almighty is able and capable of bringing you through all that and more. Nothing is impossible. Trust Him with everything. Let Him be your defender. You’ll be unstoppable!
Never stop believing that good things can still happen even in times of chaos. That’s how merciful the Almighty is; He can give when you least expect it. He can open doors you never ever knocked and the list is endless. Always think good thoughts of Him!
Things will turn out the way the Almighty wants them to; not the way you always think they should. Trust Him without a doubt. Satan will always mess with your mind, he never takes a vacation. So stay vigilant and stay connected always to the One who made you.
Don’t let your past hold you back from your future. No matter how bad you think you are, repent and move on. The Almighty is always waiting to guide you to the straight path. Make peace with Him. Get into His good books. Don’t delay. Tomorrow is not promised to anyone.
Almighty. Forgive us for the times we forget to thank You for the countless blessings You’ve bestowed on us. Our hearts are filled with gratitude. Life can get hard & we struggle to keep our heads above water. Help us to choose trust, hope & patience when we don’t see a way out.
Are you tired of holding on? Do you keep wondering if the Almighty hears your pleas? Don’t let such thoughts cloud your mind. It’s the work of Satan. Ask your Maker to strengthen you. Ask Him to renew your hope. Ask Him to send you signs that things will get better! Just ask Him!
These are no ordinary times. We are living in a period when we must have firm, unflinching faith that the Almighty is our Refuge and shelter. So much is happening at breakneck speed that it’s easy to lose focus. Don’t despair. Stop stressing. He knows what He’s doing! Trust Him!
In all circumstances, pray. Never give up on the Lord of the Worlds. He’s All-Seeing, All-Knowing. Even when your lips no longer know what to ask for in prayer, He will listen to your heart. Where He is concerned, everything speaks volumes, including your tears. Keep the faith!
How short and fragile is this life! Keep reminding yourself especially with all that’s going around today. Take nothing and no one for granted. Appreciate everything, do your best under any given situation. Don’t give up and keep going. Most importantly, keep peace in your soul!
Be mindful of this. Sometimes even those with good intentions can lead you down the wrong path. Tread carefully. Watch where you’re heading. Learn to listen to the Almighty more than you listen to people. Trust Him more than you trust people. People are fallible. He isn’t!
Master this and you’ll live a life of contentment. Wait patiently for your turn. It will come... sooner or later. Until then, keep applauding for others. Don’t begrudge their blessings. Life is really that simple!
Never underestimate the immense power of a heartfelt prayer. It soothes your soul. Quit stressing. Just pray. If you use it as a means of comfort, the Almighty will provide you with peace of mind. We need that now more than ever before. And remember prayer changes everything!
Is the Almighty at the top of your list when you need help? Don’t ask Him for help only as the last resort. He expects us to make an effort to solve our problems but He doesn’t want us to do it alone. He’s always there for us. He waits for us to reach out. Call out to Him!
Stay true to yourself. The Almighty made you unique. Don’t blend in with the crowd just to fit in. Don’t do things just to appease people because you’ll never be able to please them. They’ll make you feel small so they can look big. Stay encouraged. Keep spreading kindness!
Your toughest lessons can lead to your biggest blessings. They also teach you a lot about life & make you see reality. Remember, the bed of roses you’re used to is NOT real life! But more importantly, the challenges will make you stronger than you ever imagined yourself to be!
Just because you fell off, doesn't mean you have to stay there. Get up and get moving. Change will be messy in most cases. The transition from the old you to the new you will be a struggle. It’s a battle with the new habits you’re trying to introduce in your life. Keep going!
Many things aren’t always what they seem. Often we take situations at face value. We don’t recognize that they are not what they appear. Be thorough, don’t take someone’s word for it. Keep your eyes open & find out for yourself.
Stop stressing over the fact that you haven’t figured it all out yet. No one has! Trust that the Almighty has your back and He will work it out. Your job is to do your best. He will test your faith. He will test your patience. He will test your sincerity. Don’t rush things!
If you’re in financial quandary, don’t be ashamed to downgrade your lifestyle. Many have lost their jobs in this pandemic. So be realistic. Be practical. You’ll adjust and find your equilibrium. Don’t live on a strained budget. You’ll emerge the winner eventually.
Do you get offended when someone corrects you? If you do, you’ll never really grow in life. But keep the correction constructive and respectful, never offensive. Remember, you can never stop taking correction and learning. The day you stop is the day you leave this earth!
Almighty. Keep hope alive in our hearts. We may not see a way out of our predicament but we know that You have a way. You always do in Your own time. Fill our hearts with deep rooted trust in You. Despite the setbacks we have to deal with, You will never disappoint! Aameen.
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Perhaps you’re so kind because the world has been unkind to you & you don’t want others to experience what you went through. Remember, never let others dull your shine. Be an excellent example to others. Never mind if they don’t deserve it. The Almighty loves doers of good!
Today we've lost one of the elders of the Muslim Community of Zimbabwe. Al Haji Mahomed Mussa was a legend. A well known businessman & philanthropist. May Allah Almighty forgive his shortcomings and grant him Paradise. Aameen…
Don’t rush the Almighty. Let Him do what needs to be done. Don’t block your blessings by moving too quickly. Sometimes the wait might be long. But nothing goes unanswered! Trust His timing. Bear beautiful patience while you wait. Great things take time!
Caring for yourself is not selfish. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Distancing yourself from those who drain your energy, those who constantly want to argue and criticise etc is self-preservation. Sometimes you just have to do it for your own sanity and to keep the peace.
The bigger the battle, the bigger the blessings! Not everyone understands this. Some think that once you turn to the Almighty, life will be smooth sailing. It won’t. But what it does is you’ll be able to put your trust in Him, whatever the situation. He’s watching your response!
Fix this immediately. When something isn’t right & you feel yourself drifting away from the Almighty, get to the root of the problem. What took you away & distracted you from Him? Don’t delay dealing with it because Satan can cause untold damage to your faith. Remain steadfast!
This is how merciful our Lord is; He will open doors we didn’t even knock on! So why do we get upset when He closes certain doors in our lives? He knows things which you and I don’t. He only wants what’s good for us. Always.
Some people don’t realise what they have until it’s gone. Sadly, they’ll only realise it when it’s too late. That’s why gratitude is important. Value what you have. Recognise your blessings. Sometimes the Almighty might take it away from you completely and you won’t get it back!
Remember, talk is cheap. Anyone can say anything and promise you the world. Don’t fall for it. Beware those who will sell you a dream but you’ll end up with a nightmare. Protect your heart & guard it well. Do not give it to just anyone. Keep it connected to the One who made you.
Life isn’t easy. Don’t expect a smooth ride. There will be road blocks. There will be diversions. There will be detours. But these are not dead ends. The roads ahead may be unfamiliar, unchartered territory but the Almighty has said He won’t test you beyond your capacity.
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