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This weekend, on Science Fantastic radio, we discuss the meaning of the universe. Is the universe pointless, or is there some cosmic meaning? Why are we here in this universe? Guest: physicist Paul Davies.
I’m looking forward to speaking at this year’s #SALTNY alongside the world’s foremost thought leaders, policy experts, entrepreneurs and asset owners. twitter.com/SALTConference…
...we should be open to that possibility. Many physicists are skeptical because the stars are so far away, but that assumes ET is only a century ahead of us. Imagine if the aliens are millions of years more advanced than us; new laws of physics open up, so keep an open mind.
Since I’ve been on several TV science shows concerning UFOs, people have asked me about my position. I think it is a legitimate scientific question to ask where these UFO sightings come from. That does not mean that these UFOs are necessarily from another planet, but ....
This weekend on Science Fantastic radio, we discuss UFOs, psychics, talking to dead people, alien abductions, the paranormal, and all the things you see and hear in the media.
I served in the US Army (Infantry division) during the Vietnam War, so I know that, with our technology, we can always win wars. But to win the peace, we have to win the hearts and minds of the people, which we failed to do in Afganistan.
Time travel. Hyperspace. Star ships. Alien civilizations. Parallel universes. The Multiverse. These are the topics I cover in my course, Physics 332: The Physics of Science Fiction. (It starts Aug. 26, so there is time to register. But sorry, it is for CCNY students only.)
Time travel. Warp drive. Parallel Universes. Star Ships. Teleportation. Alien civilizations. These are some of the topics I will be covering in, The Physics of Science Fiction, starting in fall 2021. (Sorry: this is only for students enrolled at the City College of NY.)
I was in a debate, sponsored by the New York Times, concerning the question: should we deliberately seek out contact with aliens in space? nytimes.com/2021/07/21/opi… Personally, I think it is a catastrophically bad idea.
See the July 21 issue of the New York Times. I was in a debate in the blog The Argument. I took the position that advertising our existence to aliens in deep space is potentially a very bad idea. After all, just look at what happened when the Aztecs met the Spanish Conquistadores
This Wednesday, I will be keynoting the Identiverse conference in Denver, Colorado, at the Gaylord Rockies Resort, speaking about the next 10 to 20 years. It will be carried live (in person) and on line as well.
I will be the keynote speaker at the Identiverse conference in Denver, Colorado, this Wednesday, June 23, speaking about the next 20 years and the Fourth Wave. I will be speaking live. It will also be carried on-line.
Some people ask me, what can you do with the God Equation? It may answer the deepest questions: is time travel possible? is there a white hole on the other side of a black hole? what happened before the big bang? are there parallel universes? are there other dimensions?
For a brief summary of the highlights in my latest best seller, The God Equation, see the link to Big Think: bigthink.com/videos/physics…
(A word of advice. If you ever find the God Equation, then tell me first. We can then split the Nobel Prize money!)
If you have a proposal for the God Equation, it must satisfy these 3 simple criteria. So far, string theory is the only theory that satisfies them, but that does not mean it’s correct. And string theory cannot yet be summarized by a single equation, so it is incomplete.
Since my book, the God Equation, hit numerous best sellers lists, I have been deluged by people with proposals for the God Equation. Here are the requirements for this equation 1) it must contain general relativity 2) it must contain the Standard Model 3) it must be finite.
I just did a very short interview with Inside Edition, to air tonight at 7 pm (Eastern time), about UFOs and life in the universe.
There is a nice, short review of The God Equation in the latest issue of Discover Magazine: discovermagazine.com/the-sciences/r…
For my book, the God Equation, I have done interviews for PBS, NPR, The Stephen Colbert show, CNN, MSNBC, Fox, etc. etc. but one of the best interviews I think is for the Gaithersburg Book Fair. To see the interview, go to youtu.be/mXmBzhW3boU
I think I’m the first physicist to interview @michiokaku about his new book The God Equation. I pushed on his claims about the Multiverse & string landscape. He was gracious. Thanks to my fellow @TheUnXplained co-star for being a good sport!👇 �youtu.be/3to9ymn-XKI?su…yB1
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Later, at 10 pm ET Friday night, I will be on Night Dreams Radio. It will be wild ride, discussing the God Equation, wormholes, higher dimensions, parallel universes, aliens in space, etc. For more, see my best seller, The God Equation: The Quest for a Theory of Everything.
At 9 pm ET Friday night, I am scheduled to be on CNN with Chris Cuomo, discussing the Chinese rocket which is tumbling out of control, and will land somewhere on earth this weekend. When and where it will land is not known, but roughly 30% of the debris will actually hit landfall
I will be on CNN’s New Day TV show Friday morning, at 6:48 am, speaking about the Chinese rocket that is tumbling out of control. Where it will land, no one knows.
String theory has too many solutions, the critics say. But even Newton’s theory has an infinite number of solutions. We pick one initial condition, and solve equations for the future. So... you must select the initial conditions at the Big Bang, and let string theory do the rest.
If Einstein had never been born ... string theory would have found general relativity anyway. The lowest vibrations of the string contain spin-two massless particles (the graviton) which in turn can be used to generate the entire theory of general relativity.
What can the God Equation do? It can determine 1. what lies on the other side of a black hole 2. where the big bang came from 3. if other universes exist 4. if time travel is possible 5. if higher dimensions are possible 6. how to escape the Big Freeze and the death the universe
5 ways string theory might be tested: 1. look for deviations from the Standard Model 2. determine the nature of Dark Matter 3. use LISA to detect gravity waves from the Big Bang 4. Japan, China, and Europe may build new accelerators 5. look for deviations in inverse square law
This is going to be a good one! Join me and @levarburton for a fascinating hour hosted by the @chihumanities Chicago Humanities Festival. Tomorrow, Thursday, April 29 at 7 PM CT. Register now: chicagohumanities.org/events/michio-…
For even more interviews about the God Equation, see: Skeptic Michael Shermer Show: skeptic.com/michael-sherme… Closer To Truth: youtube.com/watch?v=B9N2S6… Amanpour: youtu.be/hUPVc2l4bwE
For more interviews about The God Equation, see: WAMC: wamc.org/post/dr-michio… Fox Business with Kennedy: video.foxbusiness.com/v/624903254300… Probably Science: probablyscience.libsyn.com/episode-421-th… WMFE: wmfe.org/michio-kaku-th…
The God Equation continues to hit Best Seller lists in the US and also the UK. For interviews about the book, see the following: Morning Joe: msnbc.com/morning-joe/wa… Colbert: youtube.com/watch?v=ZAhDvh… Fox Business with Maria Bartiromo: youtube.com/watch?v=Oc_6mK…
The latest shocking result from Fermilab indicates there might be a hidden 5th force (beyond gravity, electro-magnetism, and the 2 nuclear forces) that is missing in the Standard Model. This mysterious new force, in turn, might possibly be the result of new string vibration.
The God Equation just hit several national and international best sellers lists, including: The New York Times Amazon (for the US and UK) Independent Bookstores Thank you for all those who have bought the book and are curious about the universe of ours.
I was on @CNN's @EarlyStart this morning to talk about @NASA's "Wright Brothers Moment" with its historic first flight on Mars plus my new bestselling book, THE GOD EQUATION. facebook.com/michiokaku/vid… #IngenuityMarsHelicopter
For links to other TV interviews concerning the God Equation, see: Colbert: youtube.com/watch?v=ZAhDvh… Fox Business: youtube.com/watch?v=Oc_6mK… WAMC: wamc.org/post/dr-michio… Probably Science: probablyscience.libsyn.com/episode-421-th…
The God Equation is now New York Times Best Seller and Amazon Best Seller (in both the UK and US). To see some of the TV interviews concerning the book, see mkaku.org.
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