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Guud ahaan muslimiinta calaamka, gaar ahaan ummadda Soomaaliyeed meel walba oo ay joogaan, waxaan ugu hambalyaynayaa munaasabadda Ciidul Adxaa, oo ka mid ah maalmaha qiimaha badan ee ku jira bishan Carafo oo muslimiintu ay gutaan waajibaadka xajka, muujiyaanna midnimadooda 🕋.o
Waxaan shacabka Soomaaliyeed la qayb sanayaa farxadda dabbaal-degga munaasabadda 62 guurada ka soo wareegtay maalintii Gobollada Koonfureed ee dalkeennu ay xorriyadda ka qaateen gumaystihii, isla markaana ay midoobeen labadii gobol ee Koonfur iyo Woqooyi.
Guud ahaan shacabka Soomaaliyeed waxaan ugu hambalyaynayaa Munaasabadda 26-ka Juun ee Xornimada Gobollada Woqooyi. Sidoo kale waxaan Shacabkeenna ka codsanayaa inay weyneeyaan Toddobaadka Xorriyadda oo caawa inoo bilowday, si aynu kor ugu qaadno wacyiga waddaniyadeed ee bulshada.
Congratulation Excellency Hassan Sheikh on your inauguration. We celebrate your success & commit to offering you our strongest support to deliver your vision. We are truly proud of ourselves for our longstanding tradition of democracy as this day signifies victory for our nation.
It was an absolute honor to serve #Somalia, a nation I dearly love, as the 9th President. I wish to congratulate my brother President @HassanSMohamud as he takes office to lead our country and I urge my fellow citizens to support him and the new initiatives of his government.
H.E @M_Farmaajo receives H.E President @HassanSMohamud at State House, Villa Somalia. H.E Farmaajo congratulated President Hassan & reassured his support for smooth assumption of office ahead of inauguration as he prepares to serve #Somalia & fulfill the hopes of our Citizens.
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I congratulate the president-elect, my brother, H.E @HassanSMohamud on his election as our nation's 10th president. I urge all my fellow citizens to support & pray for his success. I would like to express my appreciation to everyone who contributed to smooth & peaceful elections.
Dear Lawmakers, I sincerely thank you for Voting me to reach the 3rd round of the Presidential race. As we enter this round, I kindly appeal for your votes, to enable the continuity of change in our Republic for the next 4⃣ years & fulfill my vision for our beloved motherland.
It was a great honor to lead our nation in remembering Somali Youth League, who struggled on our behalf 79 years ago, to spearhead changes in our nation. This day means a lot for us as their reform spirit for #Somalia gives us the will to let our citizens enjoy continuous reforms
Our country is blessed with a vibrant, youthful population. I'm glad they're leading our security, judiciary & key govt institutions. When we entrust our youth to serve #Somalia, they do so with distinction & professionalism. My aspiration is continued empowerment of Somali youth
بعث فخامة الرئيس @M_Farmaajo برقية عزاء الى أخيه @HHShkMohd نائب رئيس دولة الإمارات، وسمو ولي عهد أبو ظبي @MohamedBinZayed، تقدم خلالها صادق المواساة لسموهما وللشعب الإماراتي الشقيق وأسرة آل نهيان الكرام بوفاة المغفور له بإذن الله تعالى فخامة الرئيس الشيخ خليفة بن زايد آل نهيان
Continuity #ISBEDELDOONKASOCDA is an opportunity to maintain my govt's successful transformative policy and service delivery reforms for the #Somali people, which began in 2017. Security, economic reforms, good governance and public service delivery all remain my top priorities.
I'm ready to continue & complete the journey of change in our dearest Motherland, by delivering for my fellow citizens for another 4 years. The only way to steer Somalia to greatness is serving to upscale the widespread reforms we oversaw in the last 5 years. #IsbeddelDoonkaSocda…
Waxaan Guddiga Isku dhafka ah ee Doorashada Madaxweynaha si rasmi ah uga guddoomay shahaadada musharaxnimo ee madaxweynaha JFS. Kalsooni weyn ayaan ku qabaa in Baarlamaanka JFS ay dalka u doorayaan hoggaan la hubo oo ku tilmaaman ilaalinta ammaanada & qarannimada dalkeenna.
I am committed to continuing on the path of progress & development that we embarked on. The Somali ppl deserve a govt that represents them & their needs first & foremost. This is why I am seeking a second term as President to continue our country's successful transformation 2/2.
Thankfully, the presidential election will be held on the anniversary of the SYL, sending a powerful statement that the #Somali ppl are committed to restoring their statehood & national pride. I have decided to run for president again in response to the Somali people's call 1/2.
On this #PressFreedom day, I wish to pay tribute to & celebrate our hardworking Somali Press for educating, informing & entertaining our people. A fair, free & responsible media is paramount to promoting freedom of expression & fighting #Fakenews everywhere including #Somalia.
أهنئ الأمة الإسلامية والصومالية بمناسبة حلول عيد الفطر المبارك، سائلا المولى عزّ وجلّ في أن يجعل هذا العيد بشارة الخير والرّحمة ويتقبّل منّا صالح الأعمال.
I would like to thank our Somali workforce on this #LabourDay for investing their skills & minds. Their resilience, efficiency & patriotism amidst the challenges has taken our nation towards realizing its vision. Workers' rights & pay remain our priority in state-building.
I wish to congratulate the newly elected Speaker of 11th Parliament Sheikh Aden Mohamed Nur 'Madobe' on his successful elections. I further Wish Speaker Madobe a Prosperous tenure as he starts serving the Republic in the new role trusted upon by the members of the Lower House.
I congratulate the re-elected Speaker of the Upper House H.E Sen. Abdi Hashi & his First Deputy Sen. Ali Shacban as well as his Second Deputy TimaAdde. I urge the Senate leadership to discharge their mandated duties with professionalism & integrity in line with the constitution
Le Gouvernement et le peuple le de la Somalie félicite le président @EmmanuelMacron pour sa réélection et le souhaite un plein succès. La France et la Somalie ont une longue histoire de coopération et noua souhaitons renforcer.
Qabiil iyo Qarannimo waa hore ayaan kala doortay! Waxaan doortay Qarannimo. Waxaan sharaf ku leenahay Qaranimo iyo wadaniyad.
Happy 62nd Anniversary to our @SNAForce. We thank you for being our shield & sacrificing for our beloved nation & Citizens at land, air & Sea for a safer #Somalia. We dearly celebrate you for your victories in the battlefront, your bravery, patriotism & serving Somalia with pride
FGS led by H.E @M_Farmaajo has received no complaints of interference with its sovereignty & doesn't endorse any illegal action against Amb. Francisco Madeira. Our Foreign policy is not anchored on emotions & vested interests & we value all our state-building process partners
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أبارك للشعب الصومالي والأمة العربية والإسلامية بحلول شهر الرمضان المبارك، راجياً أن يكون شهر يمن وبركة على وطننا العزيز، وأن يجعلنا المولى ممن يبادرون لفضائل الأعمال وإعانة العباد. تقبل الله صيامكم وصالح أعمالكم. رمضان مبارك للجميع.
بحثت اليوم مع أخي سمو الأمير @TamimBinHamad أوجه تعزيز علاقات الأخوة والتعاون الثنائي بين بلدينا الشقيقين 🇸🇴 🤝 🇶🇦 بما يعزز روابط الاخوة المتينة والتعاون المثمر بين شعبينا الشقيقين. أشكر لسموه على حفاوة الاستقبال وكرم الضيiBO0R
As I travel back to #Mogadishu, I leave with much hope & optimism about the future of our great continent. The fruitful deliberations & debates on pertinent matters are a deep reflection of the passion of fellow Heads of States & leaders towards a stronger & successful #Africa
Our pace of progress in securing & stabilizing #Somalia in recent years with support from our African brothers whom I pay tribute to for their selfless sacrifice, means that 🇸🇴 can now see the light at the end of the tunnel & assume full responsibility of its security by Dec 202DU
My dear friend Farmaajo, I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of myself and my wife for your get-well wishes. With our most heartfelt greetings to the brotherly people of Somalia...…
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The government and people of Somalia wish President @RTErdogan and the First Lady @EmineErdogan a speedy recovery from Covid-19 Omicron variant they tested positive for today. Our thoughts and prayers are with you both and the brotherly Turkish people. Get well soon.
أجريت إتصالا هاتفيا مع أخي رئيس المجلس الرئاسي الليبي د.محمد يونس المنفي ناقشنا فيه أوجه تعزيز العلاقات الأخوية وسبل دعم أمن وإستقرار المنطقة. كما أثنيت بمساهمة الحكومة الليبية قيادة وشعبا @GovernmentLY في إعادة المواطنين الصومالين الذين كانوا عالقين في ليبيا.
Congratulations to our @SoPoliceForce for the extraordinary milestone of 78 years of #ServicetoSomalia. We shall forever be proud of our men & women in blue berets who brave the sun & sacrifice their lives to keep our citizens safe in a professional manner.
I thank my brother @RTErdogan & fellow African Heads of State for the fruitful #TurkeyAfricaSummit exchanges. Somalia appreciates the win-win collaboration with #Turkey and is dedicated to all partnerships geared towards a better future for Africa
It was a great pleasure to meet H.E @RTErdogan in #Istanbul as part of #TurkeyAfricaSummit. Turkey-Africa relations remains one of the very many avenues which has seen our two brotherly nations, #Somalia and #Turkey strengthen our historical Somali-Turkish bilateral relations.
بحثت اليوم مع أخي سمو الأمير @TamimBinHamad أوجه تعزيز علاقات الأخوة و التعاون الثنائي بين بلدينا الشقيقين 🇸🇴 🤝 🇶🇦 بما يعزز روابط الاخوة المتينة والتعاون المثمر بين شعبينا الشقيقين. أشكر لسموه على حفاوة الاستقبال وكرم الضيtE1dl
Waxaan Prof. Maxamed Cabdulillaahi Ciise u magacaabay Agaasimaha Guud ee Madaxtooyada. Waxaan ku kalsoonahay inuu hawshan uga soo dhalaali doono si hufan. Waxaan farayaa dhammaan hay’adaha Dowladda inay si dhaw ugu gacan siiyaan gudashada waajibaadka shaqo ee horyaalla.
H.E @M_Farmaajo has today forfeited his Presidential salaries for the next two months of November and December as his personal donation to the relief efforts. The funds shall be used to cater for our beloved citizens widely affected by the severe droughts across our Republic.
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Waxaan hambalyo u dirayaa dhammaan 54-ta Sanatar ee loo doortay @AqalkaSare, Waxaan sidoo kale ku bogaadinayaa Ra'iisul Wasaare @MohamedHRoble dadaalka uu ku bixiyey dardar-gelinta doorashada. Waxaan sidoo kale bogaadinayaa Madaxda Dowlad-goboleedyada & Guddiyada Doorashooyinka.
On behalf of myself, our nation & Somali people, I cordially congratulate you on this 98th anniversary of the declaration of your Republic & join you in prayers and gratitude for your heroes and martyrs led by Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. May we continue to strengthen our strong ties.
Glad to join PM @AbiyAhmedAli & the people of #Ethiopia on this historic inauguration to congratulate the PM & wish the gov't of 🇪🇹success. I firmly believe that African leaders, when working with their people and for the good of their common future, remain an unstoppable force
I congratulate @jonasgahrstore on your electoral succes in #NorwayElection. #Somalia and #Norway enjoy strong bilateral relations built on cooperation & mutual respect. We look forward to building on this going forward to benefit our two people.
I hereby appoint a 5-Member Commission of inquiry Chaired by the Attorney-General and deputized by Head of Military Court to expedite investigations on the case of IKRAN TAHLIL and to hand over the findings and evidence to responsible legal institutions for execution of Justice.
Waxaan murugada la qeybsanayaa qoyska, qaraabada iyo Umadda Soomaaliyeed ee uu ka baxay AHUNA Marxuum Maxamed Cumar Saalixi oo ka mid ahaa Guddiga Qaran ee difaaca kiiska dacwadda baddeena ee hortaalla Maxkamadda Caddaaladda Adduunka. Alle haka yeelo hoygiisa Jannatul Fardowsa.
Congratulations Mr. President @HHichilema and to the great people of #Zambia following your inauguration and historical elections victory. On behalf of the Gov't and the people of #Somalia, we look forward to furthering our friendship and be assured of our support & cooperation.
Dowladdu waxay dadaal badan ku bixisay sidii loo horumarin lahaa afka, dhaqanka iyo suugaanta, iyada oo lagu guuleystay soo celinta xarumihii lagaga shaqayn lahaa sida Tiyaatarka & Madxafka Qaranka, diyaarinta manhaj qaran oo midaysan iyo dhismaha Guddiga 4-aad ee Afsoomaaliga.
It has been a great delight to bear witness to the remarkably rising partnership between our nations and peoples in various fronts. The everlasting togetherness between our two great Republics of Somalia 🇸🇴 & Turkey 🇹🇷 dares us even to achieve more. 🇸🇴🤝 🇹🇷 Shall soar t1VW7b4IDE
I am proud of Somalia Anti-Corruption Commission for our nation's historical signatory to global Anti-Corruption Laws and conventions including African Union, Arab League and the United Nations Convention against Corruption. Somalia supports the fight against graft at all levels.
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