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Inflation is merely a symptom of societal collapse. If you “solve” inflation by cratering the economy, you aren’t solving anything.
“Many Americans are under vaccinated.” GFY
What really needs to be released are the Epstein videos. Those will be far more degenerate and implicate way more powerful people.
When they first rolled out the sketchy covid injections, they in no uncertain terms sold them as preventing infection and transmission. This was either catastrophically wrong or an outright lie. Doesn’t matter. This is why you should never, ever mandate medical experiments.
Experimental injections noticeably absent. Kind of a big deal. twitter.com/PolisForCO/sta…
Ponzi finance leverage is in almost all cases parasitic activity that infects society and eats away at productive endeavors until only a carcass of oligarchy is left. Our society, economy and culture is built on layers upon layers of ponzi finance leverage. And the bill is due.
This isn’t me being sour on bitcoin. It’s an observation on what happens to almost anything when unconscious greed enters the picture, which always tends to happen. And we exist in a world of unchecked, unconscious greed. And influencers are the absolute worst. twitter.com/LibertyBlitz/s…
Also never forget. Influencers have no honor. Influencers give in order to take, plebs just give. Huge difference.
To me the whole point of bitcoin was to move away from ponzi finance/leverage shit. It’s disappointing how the worst aspects of the dying financial system were mingled into bitcoin, but not surprising. People can’t help themselves.
The federal government has proven over and over again during my lifetime that it is completely corrupt and criminal and has no business deciding pretty much anything. Policy at the state level might be even worse in some cases, but it’s worth a shot. Washington D.C. has failed.
We got our first egg today!
Big problem we face now is large numbers of Americans will support increasingly cruel policies just to take revenge on the “other side” and politicians will enthusiastically embrace. Covid mandates were just the beginning of this nasty cycle. Only good option is to localize.
The worst part about recent years is those with real power continue to laugh all the way to the bank with zero repercussions despite decades of plundering, murder and trips on Epstein’s jet. Do they suffer when Americans tear each other to pieces, or do they benefit. You know.
Good. War criminals giving each other medals is how we got here. twitter.com/Sparkle3188859…
This perspective is all well and good, but what people like this don’t understand is the Constitution is the overarching social contract of the nation. If you do away with it, you are doing away with the country. Make sure you’re comfortable with that and have thought it through twitter.com/stoolpresident…
No I will never take these people seriously again for the rest of my life. Zero principles. Mindless zombies who would destroy someone’s entire life for declining an experimental injection without flinching. We all saw you and how you acted.
All these frauds suddenly rediscovering bodily autonomy while having nothing to say when the dementia patient in the white house mandated you get the sketchy covid injections or get fired. twitter.com/GovofCO/status…
The peas are booming, the onion bulbs are forming, the strawberries are still producing and here comes the broccoli.
It should have always been obvious that an experimental, rushed, liability-free, for profit injection with technology never before used on humans at scale should be voluntary in all circumstances. But people supported so much evil and now can’t admit how badly they missed.
Fragile egos rule the world.
So many got the covid injections completely wrong and yet continue to support nonsensical, destructive mandates simply to avoid admitting they got played, and that those they consider political heathens were right.
The entire college system in the U.S. cannot collapse soon enough. It’s become little more than a training ground for conditioning young people to be submissive sheep while taking on massive debt. One of many mega scams pervasive in our culture.
Ugliness in the external world is beyond your control, ugliness within yourself is a choice. Stay mindful of this in the years to come.
Correct initial statement, but a very wrong and dangerous conclusion. Yes, the number of genuinely evil people is small, but it’s precisely from that small pool that those who attain real power tend to come from because they desire it more, have no ethics and are ruthless. twitter.com/g_s_bhogal/sta…
The overlords seem to think they can create another 2008-style event and use it to their advantage to grab more power, “great reset” us, etc. Like covid. But this isn’t 2008. There’s much more debt, much less trust and seething underlying anger. They will use hunger as a weapon
Everything policy related since 2008 has consisted of putting bandaids on a broken system while stealing everything in sight and covering up insider high level criminality. They’re still doing it and will continue to do it until the system breaks so badly it no longer exists.
Went on a guided foraging expedition locally this morning. Was amazing. Morels, asparagus, oyster mushrooms. I’m hooked.
Got the wood chips spread out. It’s roughly 9 inches deep across 650 square feet. Now I’m gonna let it cook and hopefully have a plantable bed next spring.
I don’t care if an event is a psy op, false flag or just some random act of crazy you’d expect in a failing empire. You’re not taking away any more of my rights with your dishonest fear-mongering campaigns.
Many of those who scoff at people who attempt to grow some of their own food have never done it and consider it pointless drudgery. They don’t understand the joy and fulfillment of the entire process from seed to harvest.
- Take this sketchy experimental injection or get fired. - Russia is losing the war. - Repeal the second amendment. All the same person.
People who want to “take the guns” are either intentionally trying to start a civil war or are too dumb to recognize that’s where it ends up.
Engaging in fantasy that Russia was losing the war for a few months didn’t help anyone, especially not the Ukrainians.
Finally feel confident enough in the weather to get the first tomatoes out into the elements.
If you’ve done “back to eden” style gardening successfully, raise your hand and show me a photo of your work.
The people who beg for rights to be taken away from them are the most dangerous idiots on the planet.
I don’t want Congress to do anything. My entire life all I’ve seen from those criminals is theft, war and a reduction of civil liberties. Congress has done enough damage.
- Free speech for them, but not for you. -Private jets for them, but not for you. - Meat for them, but not for you. - Bodily autonomy for them, but not for you. - Guns for them, but not for you. I hope everyone sees what’s going on here.
Just took delivery of our first load of wood chips. IYKYK
I generally assume that everything I believe could be wrong, but I assign a higher probability of accuracy to my core beliefs. But everything is under some degree of consistent scrutiny. twitter.com/lexfridman/sta…
The world the WEF wants is one where they fly in private jets over your head with Epstein and crew, and if you utter a complaint about it you lose next week’s cockroach ration.
I continue to think covid was the best shot the criminals had for their takeover scheme and that it failed. They’ll never get that same element of surprise again. We’re now at the point where they start flipping the table over and hurting people out of frustration and resentment.
They have to try to force “global governance” on us. Nobody wants this shit. Not gonna happen. The zeitgeist is the other way, toward localism.
I don’t think much of anything should be decided from Washington D.C. let alone Davos.
Shipping in baby formula by the ton while sending endless money to Ukraine perfectly sums up the state of this decayed, corrupt empire.
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