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🤩GIVEAWAY! 🍝 We’ve teamed up w/ @maggianoslittleital#thegroveve to give 3 lucky winners A $25 gift card. 🙌🏽 ❤️Like this post 🍝Tag your pasta pal 👍Follow @maggianoslittleitaly @LAFoodiefoodie 🍔 Winners will be selected at random on Thursday at instagr.am/p/CRzZc3QDPND/MVslzUDss
🤩🍔 Don’t loose your cool 😎 🍔🌮@we.are.unco@tacostumadremadre teamed up to for this unique QUESABIRRIA BURGER 🍔 featuring griddled costra-style cheese, for a nice little crunch -Jalisco salsa w/jalapeños- for spice & tomato heavy base short riinstagr.am/p/CRj3sg_jpkA/C9rcLeK
🥧 +🍦@ThePieHoleLAla takes their signature pies, mixes them w/fresh classic ice cream, house made crumble, & sauces for these delicious pints to keep you cool 😎 this summer! 🍫Mexican Chocolate pie pint 👍 FTW! As if you need an excuse,🍨Ju#nats instagr.am/p/CRUpj2xDUwX/RTePhJI
Ok, hands down my favorite chicken sandwich that isn’t Nashville style 🤤🔥@luckybirdladla N#eaglerockock location just opened up! 🙌🏼 Get this Spicy Chicken Sammie at both of their LA locat#grandcentralmarketarket - the batter is crispy, the sticky sinstagr.am/p/CRFhWghjtkQ/ebuxlv
HARD SELTZER SUMMER but make it @spindriftspiked! 🍋🥭🍍🌞 The first sparkling water brand made with real squeezed fruit has recently delivered a delicious, better-for-you adult beverage option this summer for LA and SoCal residents over the age of 21.instagr.am/p/CRFMTsALWgZ/Z9nnO
🧁+ 🍫 @sprinklescupcakes NEW Belgian chocolates !! Available for delivery when you’re craving some sweet thick chocolate #lafoodied#sprinklesl#foodporno#losangelesl#instayumy#foodgasmicm#foodied#foodlifei#foodo#foodstagramr#foodbloggerg#chocolateate instagr.am/p/CQ1rKJXL92v/WVDx
🤗 Thank you@Biitee.club!! This was the best thing we ate all weekend! 🍖🍩 Donut-Give-AF @comfypup_la@donutwitchtch pop-up!! Sweet, Savory, & totally epic! If you missed this amazing giant fried pork, dripping @mikeshothoneyney covered in a tangy kaleinstagr.am/p/CQZTfE5rI--/BbYD
🤗🦪Summer nights are perfect for hanging @citizenpublicmarket patio, chilled wine, Jolly Oysters, & getting baked! �@JollyOysterster Baked Miso Aioli Oysters, Start w/ a savory miso and finish w/ a nice creamy taste#lafoodief#culvercitye#jollyojoinstagr.am/p/CQUkWPtr2gW/l9sDucX
😋Don’t @ me but cereal is the perfect anytime meal. @mUnChpakak newest creation @cerealpak launched this month each monthly box includes 2 surprise cereals from around the 🌎 & a fun cereal bowl!#lafoodieo#cerealpakl#munchpakh#cerealr#cerealbowlb#br #instagr.am/p/CQB1NL3rDOm/OaZn5
Happy Taco Tuesday !! 🐟🐠🌮 @kumibysbe NEW Nori Taco Set @citizensgosgo app !! 7 Crispy fried no#tacoscos stuffed full of yummy sushi delivered to your 👄 USE CODE LAFOODIE20 for 20% off your order. 🤗 Citizen Go app has several different restauinstagr.am/p/CP4F6PSLgst/dFVkFE
Bring a big appetite, cash, & don’t let the long line in scare you. Once you sit & order 🍜 blink and your#phoo will be on the table @pho79_ in#GardenGrovee has been serving their rich broth since 1982 making this Vietnamese restaurant one of LA’s cl…instagr.am/p/CPobu8Vrp-l/1I
🍨@NancySilvertonn Nancy’s Fancy Gelato pop-up is back this weekend!!! @citizenpublicmarket#culvercityy We got two large scoops, 🍦🍌🥃 Roasted Banana w/ Bourbon & Pecan Praline and added Salted Peanut Butter w/ Crunchy Peanuts 🥜 on top 😛 A perfeinstagr.am/p/CPbjvCerk-i/zQjoydV
🍪Thank you @berthamaesbrownieco for the tasty box of cookies & brownies ! We love supporting local! 🥰 What a sweet treat to keep your great- grandmother’s recipes alive 🤗 #lafoodieo#berthamaebrowniesw#cookieso#browniesw#desserts#supportlocallocainstagr.am/p/CPY9ReCLev7/Y1DQeo
Pizza X Submarine 🍕 🎉 Happ#nationalpizzapartydayay! For a limited tim@FirehouseSubsbs Pepperoni Pizza Meatball sub - toasted, hearty and scratching that classic meatball itch 🍕#lafoodieo#firehousesubss#meatballsa#tastya#pepperonipizzai#pepperonironiinstagr.am/p/CPJ5MXvrwRE/oWtsV
🌈🍌🍓🥣Healthy doesn’t have to taste like cardboard! 😉 Super yummy Superfood @lazybirdbow#westhollywoodywood 💗 Açaí & Pitaya bowl w/matcha chai layered with granola, fruit, hemp seeds, almond butter, toasted coconut & cinna#lafoodiea#lazybirdazyinstagr.am/p/CPG8nt9L8ba/Jk9lX0ph
🍔🧅It’s the diced onions for me, the ketchup & mustard swirled together, the crunchy pickle on a perfectly seasoned patty 🍔 @eatburgers99 American is what I crave most when I just want a classic cheeseburger. 🙌�#lafoodiea#burgers99r#americanchriinstagr.am/p/CPEibmGrAph/8XsNPS6J
🤗🧋Favorite milk tea? I’ll start@TigerSugarar.usa NE#koreatownwn location serving up this Instagram famous Black Sugar Boba Cream Mousse with🐯 syrup-streaks, sweet boba then topped w/ fluffy mousse. Get that ☕️ coffee jelly for a perfect afternoon piinstagr.am/p/CPB1svcrJIE/Y1mw
🐔🧇Chicken and waffles but make it to-go & easy to hold@CarlsJrjr NEW Hand-Breaded Chicken & Waffle Breakfast Sandwich has a sweet maple glaze on soft Belgium waffle buns.#lafoodiei#carlsjrj#carlsjrhbcb#chickene#wafflese#chickenandwafflese#breakfasasinstagr.am/p/CO_Oh_Hr0Hi/At3
If you are in the area & looking for sweet coffee & sweet tea 👍☕️🥤This Saturday @lagrindcoffeeandteabar is your lady!! 👩🏽‍🦱☕️ Check her out 9am-3pm & let her know LAFOODIE sent y#helpsupportsmallbusinessesn#lafoodief#lagrindcoffeeandteabart#food #instagr.am/p/CO3NtZEL_9X/3QbjL19
🤤You had me at Poblano Egg stuffed with Oaxacan Cheese @guerrillacafecito 😋 Thi#breakfastst sandwich has bacon & cheese & more bacon & cheese & then some more bacon & more cheese on top of a delicious fried poblano egg stuffed with Oaxaca cheese meltinstagr.am/p/CO0qOHOL_ns/sqw
🇲🇽 🌮Happy Cinco de Mayo! How are you celebrating ?? 🇲🇽 Comment below and tell us where to go ne#cincodemayod#lafoodief#tacostumadreu#tumadreu#carneasadae#taco #weethollywoodl#tacos##yummy##yumy#mexicanfoodainstagr.am/p/COgXVr3rq2w/CDWk69P
🌮🌮 time!@sonoratownwn i#DTLALA giving us plenty of reasons t#DineOutHelpOutu@VisitCaliforniai#adad This place is GOOD! The well-seasoned costilla has a comforting home-grilled quality to it and the Monterey Jack in the quesadilla is a perfect counterinstagr.am/p/COZFOXWrbMk/HP3
🔥@daybirdlala sizable szechuan Jidori chicken is the latest hot chicken craze taking ove#silverlakeke after delay due to the pandemi#daybirdrd is finally opened now it’s time t#DineOutHelpOutut 🤗🐔🥪12-hour brine chicken thighs, heat levels rangiinstagr.am/p/COTtripLY8Q/Uht4cY
🍓🍧Cooling of@milkbarstorere with their limited time creamy strawberry shortcake soft serve!! 🥰🍓Of course we added their signature birthday dough bite#lafoodief#milkbari#melrosee#strawberryshortcaker#softservet#icecreame#strawberriese#strawberrainstagr.am/p/COOUo7HLm4o/3Fa5RYf
Thank you @GottsRoadside for sending us your classic Napa Valley roadside burgers via @goldbelly 🤗 Secret 🤫 sauce dripping all on that lightly toasted buttered egg bun 👌 *muah* Dinner just got �#goldbellybelly making t#foodieoodie dreams come trinstagr.am/p/COLhKAtrpeW/eJhDuT
Never ending quest to find the best BBQ 🍖 We picked up some@smokeyjonesbbqq in#culvercityy 🤩🙌🏽 Hand-made sausage - YES!! House-made Pastrami -YES!!! Juicy Brisket-HELL YES!!! 🔥🔥🔥 Husband & wife team pop up has been serving up their amazininstagr.am/p/COBdE7-LAsE/yRHiHpjQ
🌈😛Thank you @flour_and_branch for sending us some of your San Francisco yummy treats vi@goldbellyly 🙌🏽 Captain Fruity Monster Mallow combines two of our favorite cereals into the perfect 🌈 marshmallow afternoon sna#lafoodief#flourandbranchb#sanf #instagr.am/p/CN-wbUULfBd/rfOSwqA
😛 🍩 donut game stron@BlueStarDonutsts Passion Fruit Cocoa Nib donut has a unique cayenne kick 🌶 and sweet chocolate nibs that pairs well with the passion fruit glaze on their fluffy brioche 🤗🍩🌺 What’s the most unique donut you’ve#lafoodiefooinstagr.am/p/CN8QJXese6K/lNNFBjQ
#ad 🍍🥪The Reuben Sandwich fro@wexlersdelili goes Hawaiian this month with th@KingsHawaiianan Aloha Reuben. Start w/ Wexler’s top-notch Reuben - corned beef, Russian dressing, sauerkraut and Swiss - then put it on some lightly toasted King’s Hawaiian instagr.am/p/CN23opeM8Lb/8aw
We love 🍔 pop-ups! @theburgerhousela Grilling up burgers and this tasty 🌶 Sriracha Chicken Sandwich that’s brings a lil’ heat and has A nice sweet finish 🤤🙌🏽Friday’s, Saturday’s, & Sunday#warnerparkrpark add a side of their Loaded Cali Fries �instagr.am/p/CNa_XUgspCU/IHp0CyM8c
Dine Latino Restaurant Week starts today! @latinorestaurantassociation has a great list of participating restaurants that you can visit to help show your support. #ad @lonzos_restaurant in Culver City has some of the freshest Ceviche and most colorful di… instagr.am/p/CNV7NlDMTq3/
🇲🇽 As unique as it is special 🫑🌵 Chiles en Nog@CasitaMexamex#bellbell is packed full of seasoned beef & pork, dried fruit, walnuts, and candied cactus then smothered in sweet pecan cream sauce and sprinkled pomegranates 🥰 LA is finally opening bacinstagr.am/p/CNI4_hcspH0/HIXa9W
Adults need candy too 😏@PantryFoodCoo Cannabis infused strawberry jellies 🍓🤩@greengoddessvenice real fruit with a real uplifting feeling 🥰#pantryambassadora#pantryfoodcoo#pantrycannabisa#pantrywellnessn#thc##cannabisa#cannabiscommunityn#cannabisjbiinstagr.am/p/CNF-CAsMrl0/lsVPI
🐔🍔@umamiburgerger has expanded their menu 🙌🏽 featuring @samscrispychicken 🔥The Nashville Hot Sandwich w/ a yummy scorch 🔥😛 Crispy chicken dipped in chili oil, sprinkled w/ New Orleans style spice in between a toasted brioche bun with picklesinstagr.am/p/CNAxuCHsWf5/9hcONzees
Venezuelan Street Food FTW 😍@thearepastandd grilling up fresh Arepas every Saturday @farmermarkpv & Sunday @marvistafarmersmarket 🙌🏽 Get The 405 Arepa THE OG stuffed full w/savory brisket, sweet caramelized plantains, black bean purée, cotija cheeseinstagr.am/p/CM5ogNgMgbd/rUbP
.@kairyssdal Howlin’ Ray’s is the Nashville Hot Chicken you need in your life 😁🍗
☘️ Happy St. Patrick’s Day!! 🍀 We got lucky last night with@noodstogoo exclusive St. Patty’s Day box featuring@CrustaceanBHh AN’S Famous Garlic Noodles💚 turned green & sprinkled with 🤩24 karat gold flakes 🌈💰noods hoodie & noods hat!#lafoodlainstagr.am/p/CMiSdJWs2WN/lFyXBrr
How you like your balls?!? I like mine with @ggiata homemade pork & beef, fresh mozzarella, Pomodoro sauce, basil, pesto, & grated pecorino Romano 😜 OPENING TOMORROW on MELROSE ! Also, our fav is The Spicy P (chicken parm w/ pesto) & of course you m…instagr.am/p/CMftuxxserH/HE
🙌🏽Delicious delivery!! @cremalosangeles Thank you for perfectly yummy Basque Burnt Cheesecake!! 🍮😍 So creamy and fluf#lafoodieo#cremalosangelese#cremar#basquecheesecakec#burntcheesecakec#basqueburntcheesecakec#cheesecakec#desserts#yummyu#deliveryveinstagr.am/p/CMaypblBtDj/f4v2K
🍫🐰🐇🐰🍫Giveaway!! Celebrating “Bubble Families” @laderach_na has created these adorable bunnies to represent all the families staying together and now you can win a unique box of 10 “Bubble Family” fresh & sweet Chocolate Bunnies. 🐰 Tag your binstagr.am/p/CMLDMLtBJGZ/sVJ4jz4
Happy Taco Tuesday! 🌮 @tikkatacola has killer Roti tacos w/ imaginative Indian re-inventions of classic street 🌮 flavors a#venicebeachch. Can’t decide if our favorite was this savory Seekh Kebab Seasoned Beef, the sweet mango curry Lahori Shrimp or tinstagr.am/p/CL7vJG8hiSA/tOs
🇮🇹&🇲🇽! @cometonanas menu is full of traditional Italian & Spanish family recipes. 🍝 🌮 Italian sized proportions and flavors that taste like nana slaved all day in front of the stove. The Calabrian Shrimp Tacos - packed with spicy creamy Elotes, 3instagr.am/p/CLxlYhas43I/YeVyocu
Opening Friday!!! @brothersmeatballs is 💯% plant-based and you’d never know it! Truffle alfredo really gives this Bianco Truffle meatball sandwich a nice rich taste w/ melted smoked mozzarella, parmesan, & basil all on delicious homemade ciabatta bre…instagr.am/p/CLu4meXhJXV/3h
🍟🤤Noods & Fries - together at [email protected] piles it all on 🙌🏽🍟 we love the fried Mie Goreng noodles & Philly Seoul cheese fries, cause Bulgogi is our jam! Fry lovers this spots for you#lafoodiel#friesoffurie#miegorengi#friesg#indonesiandoinstagr.am/p/CLsd84zBjAq/WPrqhlAtQ
Happy #nationalmargaritaday !! 🍹@Solcocinaa has some dangerously tasty tangy take home party Margaritas! Just pour over ice or blend it up and you’ll start jonesing for the happy hours of old 🤩�#Margaritai#lafoodied#playavistas#solmexicanaa#housemaeminstagr.am/p/CLnIIyTBjE9/YzDk
😍♨️Comfort from a jar to your bowl @2jewishgirlsfromnyc pick-up Matzo Ball Soup orders are now open for 2/27 & 2/28 in Highland park! Here’s the dill 😉 if this isn’t the BIGGEST matzo ball in LA it’s probably one of tastiest - fresh herbs and veggiesinstagr.am/p/CLhj3XyBd9u/gcR
Tomorrow only 2/17 @shakeshack #westhollywood collaboration w/ @nyeshajoyce inspired by her grandmother’s cooking created w/ @mark_rosati The Aisoon Burger & Kombu-scented fries 🥰100% proceeds go to @thecollectiveidentity that helps to support & emp…instagr.am/p/CLX2BdMhAwb/9X
😍🍕Happy Valentine’s weekend! @FreshBrothersrs heart-shaped pizzas are back and they are the perfect way to show off your supreme love 🥰#lafoodieo#freshbrotherst#pizzap#supremep#supremepizzap#heartpizzap#valentinesdaye#valentinepizzap#valentinentinstagr.am/p/CLNgqO5hAXf/p0q2z7
🥃�@garrisonbrosos Whiskey & Pecan Praline scooping tomorrow @mcconnellsicecreams shops & available for nationwide shipping. A sweet & savory creamy ice cream with hints of whiskey that stay on the tongue. 😛🍨#lafoodieo#McConnellsxGarrisonBrosnBroinstagr.am/p/CLKfxVSs_A_/yR054r
🥐You know it’s good when you’re wearing all the crumbs! �@IvyRestaurantsnts crisp buttery croissant with sweet gooey apple filling giving me all the Monday motivation I need. �#lafoodief#ivyrestauranta#theivyt#dolceisolabakeryb#dolceisolae#croissanoiinstagr.am/p/CLCo0l5BW7L/0DRJBgv
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