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Happy Swedish Cover Day to all who celebrate. @bonniercarlsen, thank you for another ridiculously amazing cover.…
Henry and his buddy's tribute to @Technothepig. They loved him so much. I hope his family and friends can feel all that love pouring in from around the world.
“It is not well to be reticent in describing that past. Our histories tend to discuss American slavery so impartially, that in the end nobody seems to have done wrong and everybody was right. Slavery appears to have been thrust upon unwilling helpless America” —WEB Du Bois, 1935…
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"He quotes too much poetry and complains a lot," reads a recent review of The Anthropocene Reviewed. I have never felt so seen.
So, so sad to hear about the death of technoblade, a talented and hilarious 23-year-old youtuber I often watched with my son. My thoughts are with Alex's family and friends and fans.
Project for Awesome donors: An excerpt of a story Sarah and I wrote should have hit your inboxes a week or two ago. And the p4a-exclusive Dear Katherine and Sarah podcast is also available now. Check your spam if not in inbox!
Let's learn about Marsha P. Johnson and the Stonewall rebellion. Serving as a pivotal moment in the modern Gay Rights Movement, Stonewall began on June 28th 1969. And though the rebellion lasted less than a week, the reverberations lasted for generations.
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Sure would be nice if creators got a cut of revenue, rather than a cut of a flat pool of money that does not change size. Every tiktoker is watching their income drop while TikTok’s revenue triples…a real “fuck you” to the people who built your platform with you.…
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Vladimir Putin could easily prevent this looming famine, but he doesn't want to. It's strategic. It's important to remember that famines are almost never "natural." They are caused by human choice--and just as Stalin's planned famines killed millions, so may Putin's.
A looming catastrophe. Malnutrition affects every part of a child's life. Hunger is traumatizing and so scary. Stunting caused by malnutrition can hamper cognitive development. And malnourished kids are at far greater risk for death from diarrheal illnesses and TB, among others.…
...but if we don't talk about it, I worry that we just further feed the Attention Economy Beast, and further the notion that there are no downsides or complexities to fame, especially the kind of online fame that is often decoupled from lasting wealth and security.
This is hard to talk about in part bc everyone with our job knows how lucky they are to have it. If you talk about it in any context but "burnout," you inevitably seem ungrateful and out-of-touch. And there's truth in that--my problems are ridiculously good problems to have...
...and I think we have a lot to learn both from the successes of pro sports (collective action, organizing, building support systems) and the failures (monopolistic business practices, exploitation of labor, limited financial education, etc.)...
...your career will probably be short and concentrated in young adulthood, when you have the least experience navigating complex social and financial situations. As Marques points out, all of this is similar to pro sports...
So here's a career that is almost universally sought after (like over 90% of American young people say that online creator is a desirable career) but where the experience of it is totally unaligned with the idealized portrayal of it. AND even if you happen to be successful...
When I say it's overrated, I do not mean that it is a form of, like, suffering or oppression. I mean that it is very highly prized in our social order, but it is not nearly as pleasant or as productive or as meaningful as it is portrayed to be...
Fame is intoxicating. It's thrilling. But like a lot of thrilling and intoxicating things, it is (for me anyway) never enough and ultimately a little empty. Still, the high is so heady that I want it even as I know it's bad for me. (In these respects, fame is not unlike a drug.)
Then there is the fact that almost none of us talk about, which I am intentionally burying four tweets deep in a thread: Fame is so overrated. It's very often destructive to relationships, to one's sense of self, and to one's sense of purpose and meaning. (Or at least to mine.)
Creators receive limited support from the platforms that so successfully monetize their content. But platforms know what creators can't--apps and the agents and brands and the audience can always find a new young star, whereas you are the only you that you will ever get to be.
...I've seen again and again how difficult a career making stuff online can be, especially for young people, who often become famous without really understanding what that entails, and often have little or no financial education. They often do not know who they can trust...
Even for the most successful online creators, the job is unusually precarious. In this article, @MKBHD aptly compares such careers to those of professional athletes, who often must make (and save) a lifetime of money in a few years. After 15 years...…
Like in Genesis, God says, "Welcome to paradise. You get to name EVERYTHING." And the little human is so excited. And of course he immediately names all the other living things, because naming is a way of exercising power over the other that we reclaim when we name ourselves.
pps isn't it weird that everything's just geological but we name all the little outcroppings and beaches and islands and continents and everything? As a species, we are so intensely into NAMING. We gotta name everything.
ps I've never really known if the amalfi coast is a real thing or a fictional construct. It sounds like a made-up word but I think it is a real place?
Are you an Awesome Coffee Club member? If so, how's the coffee? Also, can you share pictures of the coffee, or yourself with the coffee, or the coffee on an adventure somewhere along the Amalfi coast?* * And let us know if we can use your images when we relaunch next month!
I tested negative this morning, but I feel slightly unwell, and our family has been on vacation with Hank and his family all week, so out of an abundance of caution, I will not be at any further events this weekend. I am so, so sorry.…
This ruling will have a chilling effect and may very well affect care-seeking for obstetric emergencies and, in turn, maternal mortality. The United States has the highest maternal mortality rate in the industrialized world, especially among women of color. 1/2
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Here are three organizations I'm setting up recurring donations to today: The Center for Reproductive Rights fights for abortion rights in the legal system and there are going to be *many* important cases incoming.
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Not bursting with optimism at the moment.
It is strange and lovely to be back at Vidcon.
Like, implied in that is that twitter is the unintoxicating, quasi-healthy space for public discourse.
Still thinking about the kid who commented on one of my tiktoks, "Watching old people go straight from twitter to tiktok is like watching someone who's only every drunk orange juice try Everclear."
One of the greatest joys in my life is working for my little brother, and seeing how the remarkable team at Complexly work with such integrity and passion. There are now over 50 of us working full-time to improve the quality of free educational content, and expand access to it.
End algorithmically generated trending topics.
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One thing I have noticed about guys who self-identify as alphas: they will let you know about it.
Benefits of tweeting about religion: 1. Your mentions become a horror show, which makes you less likely to spend time on twitter. 2. There is no 2.
I'm a Christian and so grateful for the relationship with God and the world that my faith gives me, but holy shit y'all, you don't get where we want to go as a species by telling kids that they're going to burn forever if they don't kiss the ring of one particular vision of God.
If a religion achieves its power even partly through telling children they will spend eternity in torment if they don't adhere to a particular religious worldview, then I think there is a huge theological and moral failure at the beating heart of the religion.
Should Hank and I ... fight each other in a ring? Is this a merely terrible idea? Premiering now:…
One thing you know for sure is that buying a $100 Crash Course Coin is going to provide a whole lot more than $100 of value for teachers and students. And today is the LAST DAY YOU CAN GET IT!
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We rely upon support from ads and nonprofits, but direct support from viewers makes up 35% of our budget. If you buy a coin today, you'll be helping us grow so we can work with more editors, teachers, curriculum consultants, and more to do a better job of reaching more learners. that neither Hank nor I is the reason Crash Course is good. It's good because our colleagues--editors, animators, teachers, writers, fact-checkers--are so deeply committed to fulfilling Crash Course's mission of making educational content freely available to everyone.
Hi. Today is the last day you can buy the 2022 Crash Course Coin to support Crash Course's mission to make freely available educational video. Crash Course helps tens of millions of people learn every year, but what I want you to know today...
Almost everything that we think of as history happened in the last six days.…
what is sleep? and how does one do it?
The Turtles All the Way Down movie wrapped at 3 am. I've hardly been able to sleep since because I am so overwhelmed with gratitude to the entire cast and crew, whose love for each other and our shared work enriched this process so much.
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