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Another day, another reminder of how powerful "expert bias" is in informing our opinions. Besides Cramer, how could all the Board members/investors fall for a complete scam if they did their own diligence? Where else might you trust experts that haven't done the work? #Bitcoin…
Spending time with great people who completely misunderstand #Bitcoin makes you mindful of how much of the world still reinforces a system with increasingly negative outcomes for them. or alternatively, how early we are on a path to truth, hope and abundance. #Bitcoin
If the productivity gains from technology are not allowed to flow to society in the form of lower prices, the technology that is supposed to free us......will instead enslave us. If you don't understand how critical #Bitcoin is in creating an abundant future, it's time to learn
Perhaps the biggest impediment for people understanding #Bitcoin is bringing their baggage from how the monetary system works today and in the past, versus how it will work in the future.
Literally screaming at you to buy #Bitcoin and self custody. What happens next when things should be getting less expensive, but control relies on manipulation of money? The only way to keep control is through increasing coercion and loss of individual rights and freedoms.…
Every day SBF is not behind bars, it becomes increasingly clear he served as an asset for the the intelligence establishment, used to severely stain public perception & impose overreaching regulations. The meteoric ascension. The political connections. The anti PoW stance. Fed.
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Thought experiment: If the global economy was built on manipulated money, wouldn't it make sense that those best at manipulation OR those knowing how to benefit from it would rise to the top. #Bitcoin
True story: In Forza Horizon 5, my son told me about a hack where users could make unlimited virtual money. Then, after making $160 million, came back and told me that the game is totally, completely broken. Pretty simple! Abundance in money = Scarcity Everywhere. #Bitcoin
4) What "might" you hear from those with counterparty risk.........about something without it? Don't trust - Verify. #Bitcoin
3) Far bigger than FTX and "crypto"...... our entire financial system (ie - everything) relies on both part 1 and part 2 of this thread.....and only pretends it is solvent through the manipulation of money.
2) Counterparty risk......"the probability that the other party in an investment, credit, or trading transaction may not fulfill its part of the deal and may default on the contractual obligations" is very REAL!
A few lessons from "FTX" and "crypto" a 🧵 1) Follow the money - It leads you to all sorts of people who will be "blinded" by it, or sacrifice their integrity to get it.
If the base layer of money required theft built into it, what might the emergent, complex behaviour of society look like? Just imagine 😉 Now, imagine the emergent, complex behaviour of society built on the truth. That is the choice, and it has vast consequences. #Bitcoinn.
There are unfortunately a lot of people starting to understand what counterparty risk is. What's worse is that is only just beginning. #Bitcoin
The question is: Why is manipulated money required for a productive society? Have someone give you their reason....and each reason, ask why...with intention to see if it is a "belief" or if it is a fact. Once there, they may start to look for real answers. #Bitcoin
When a bank that holds your money while benefiting from your money losing its real purchasing power tries to prevent you from moving your money to protect its value..... they are literally screaming at you to close your account and move all of your money. You have been warned!…
#Bitcoin punishes rent seeking and value extraction from society, and rewards value creation to society. The inverse of today! No wonder it is so contested.
The real game is being played at a geopolitical level/national security level while most are playing a game at an economic level. #Bitcoin
Understanding #Bitcoin allows you to tune out the noise of what the FED does or doesn't do to collapse...or reflate a global economy based on a false assumption that they are in control.
JUST IN: Environmental organisations worldwide: please take note from the example GreenpeaceUSA have given at their own cost It's time to stop believing and spreading the misinformation and start learning Let us move together 👇…K
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Monopolies are disrupted when they fail to understand how a new technology offers superior value to people, and instead of embracing that value creation ...they fight it. What form of monopoly makes little difference! #Bitcoin
For anyone who still believes....that #Bitcoin and ⚡️will never be a medium of might want to check, at a first principle level, what your confidence is built upon.…
When money is manipulated, it transfers the productivity gains that should flow to society in the form of lower prices to an increasingly smaller part of the population who benefit from that theft. #Bitcoin
What you think are “those people,”are only individuals with similar hopes and dreams as you, being divided by a monetary system that requires that division for control. #Bitcoin
@DoombergT Worth noting: Tornado Cash is a specific smart contract. Lightning is a concept. It is a network but also can be separate networks, like you+me could open a disconnected channel. Lightning is not really an "it" in the same way that Tornado Cash is.…
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Fix the money, send it at lightning speed, and fix the world.⚡️#Bitcoin
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If you’re an accountant or banker that doesn’t understand Bitcoin, this epic explanation of #bitcoin from @DarinFeinstein may change your mind. PS - If it doesn’t, you might want to ask yourself why?…
NEW post on why our world is becoming so polarized, and how that relates to what is happening with respect to #Bitcoin versus blockchain, altcoins, Web 3 and much more.…
Thanks @natbrunell - Glad you could make the visit to Canada!…
All the world waits on what a small group of people with backwards looking information will do to pretend they are in control of a financial system that is past the point of rescue. #Bitcoin
Manipulation of money never creates long term stability or prosperity. Unfortunately, this lesson will be learned again the hard way. #Bitcoin
Deflation Is the Key to an Abundant Future 🔑 ...and we are excited to have@JeffBoothh explain to us why at Pacific Bitcoin! Join us!pacificbitcoin.com6 🏄🏻‍♀️ Code: SWAN at checkout for 20% OFg7z
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Lots of buzz recently about the FediMint custody protocol. Here’s my interview with @obi, one of the leading experts. We cover what it is, how it works, and why it’s important for #Bitcoin’s future growth. Definitely an interview you’ll want to check out.…
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If humans have never before had an immutable ledger before #Bitcoin, and history is written by the victors who could manipulate money, then "maybe" some of our models are wrong. The future is truth, hope, and abundance. h/t @DarinFeinstein
Couldn't be more excited to back @obi @_JustinMoon_ and @EricSirion at @fedibtc in our first investment from @egodeathcapital to help onboard the next billion users to #Bitcoin.…
I'm super excited to announce @fedibtc! @EricSirion @_JustinMoon_ and I are working with an incredible group of passionate Bitcoiners, freedom defenders, and investors to bring global scale privacy preserving Bitcoin custody to anyone anywhere. Please join us on our journey!
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Is it just a coincidence that where money is most broken, rule of law breaks down? The rule of law doesn't protect citizens from the manipulation of money. It protects those closest to the manipulation. #Bitcoin
There is no natural inflation rate! It is a design requirement of a debt based system - which is in the process of failing. It will unfortunately be ugly! On the other side, there is hope. The sooner you realize it, the more hopeful you might be. #Bitcoin
I wonder where they’ll get the money. China to Repay Bank Scam Victims After Protests Turn Violent…
The world is quickly finding out that a "reserve currency" which creates a reference rate for all other currencies is neither secure nor stable. Neutral reserve currency is required. For the US and the world. #Bitcoin
When you know how the system works, you can more easily predict what people say versus what they will do.…
Give your time/energy to the world you want to see rather than spend it reinforcing the world you see. You might be surprised at where it takes you and the friends you meet along the way. #Bitcoin
Demand destruction incoming. Credit crisis incoming. Energy crisis incoming Food scarcity/starvation incoming. uprisings incoming. All because of a failure to understand the system transition we are in the midst of. There is hope - but it will be built on #Bitcoin
I wonder which countries in Europe will ensure they have a #Bitcoin strategy running in parallel before their countries are tossed into chaos due to the manipulation of money turning society and nations against each other.
Most people nod their heads in agreement when I say technology is deflationary but then go right back to believing that inflation (manipulating money) is required for a productive economy. Unaware they are advocating for the centralization of all power in few hands. #Bitcoin
A perfect illustration of Jeff Booth's point, we are trying to run a monetary system which must inflate (or collapse) in a world where technology is relentlessly deflationary. Doesn't work. @JeffBooth…
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