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The act of measurement often obscures a bigger picture.
Any true Bitcoiners out there? Connect me with person in Kandahar who can take BTC and give cash to a person there I know. Will save lives.
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Policymakers advocating for both continuing the status quo monetary system AND reducing fossil fuel emissions are advocating for the "release valve" to be our standard of living. "Hey Siri - what's a good way to trigger widespread social unrest with contradictory policies?"…
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A credit based monetary system requires infinite "growth" or collapses. An unfortunate truth for where we are today. #Bitcoin
Everything is first an idea. The idea that your money needs to be worth less each year to live in a productive society is just a bad one....responsible for an ever increasingly polarized world in the name of control. That idea is being replaced with a better idea. #Bitcoin
The longer we believe a monetary system problem can be solved from within the system, the larger the negative externalities will grow. What we call news today are those negative externalities…..and they’re all growing exponentially. #bitcoin
#Bitcoin hashrate is continuing its recovery from one of the largest infrastructure displacements in modern history—with roughly 45% of the #Bitcoin mining industry, billions of dollars, relocating continents as the network on continued as normal. #Bitcoin had 𝘇𝗲𝗿𝗼 downtiZGT5
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“Almost every company I’m involved with is in some way using artificial intelligence to make better decisions . . . unfortunately, projected forward, that comes at the expense of the jobs of today.” - @JeffBooth in The Price of Tomorrow
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It is belief that gives any system its power. When a populations beliefs change, systems change. and more people are stepping out of the fog to realize that their money does not need to be worth less each year to live in a productive society. #Bitcoin first an idea! Great ideas in turn, change the world! That is human progress. #Bitcoin
These two systems have the same FUNCTION (compete for consensus from network on property's "legitimate" chain of custody), but very different FORM (analog force projection vs digital force projection), thus very different emergent properties (annihilation vs preservation)
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The age of stealing cannot co-exist with the age of abundance.…
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Hyperbitcoinization is the transition... and it's happening right now, all around you.
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How much printing of money will be required to "save" our broken financial system and make prices go up to offset this type of innovation? We live in a crazy world!…
Inflation cannot co-exist with advancing technology without the concentration of all power in the state and the loss of individual rights and freedoms. You have a choice to step out of the matrix. #Bitcoin
As the #bitcoin network effect continues, more people become aware of how powerful and positive an open, incorruptible, decentralized monetary network is for humanity. It is that idea of hope and drive to create a better world…..that is unstoppable.
@JeffBooth Cc @jordanbpeterson 👆 Read "The Price of Tomorrow, why deflation is key to an abundant future" by fellow canadian@JeffBoothh Once you hear his arguments there is no going back. Everything snaps into place. Let the recallibration begin. Please invite Jeff to your podcast.M
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It is surreal that 50 years after Bretton Woods agreement effectively ended with the Nixon shock, that I’m at this grand hotel today talking about a new open decentralized monetary system that allows a peaceful transition to the future. #Bitcoin.
My recent talk with the British military and thesis work from Jason Lowery have confirmed to me that the military is much more aware of the dangerous path our current monetary framework leads us to, than are the majority of politicians. #Bitcoin
The idea of a currency backed by energy ushering in world peace has been around for at least a century and #Bitcoin may be an implementation of that idea in the wild.…
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It still surprises me that so many people believe that money needs to be worth less each year for humanity to thrive, when it is that very thing causing society to turn on each other. For everyone else, at least there is #Bitcoin
🚨ANOTHER ROUND OF CALLS/EMAILS/TWEETS TO YOUR SENATORS NEEDED NOW--ask your senators "NOT to object to unanimous consent on the compromise#cryptoo amendment."�…Gs
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The epic battle in the US senate led by @SenLummis @SenToomey @RonWyden is bigger than #Bitcoin. It is about the force of innovation and individual rights and freedoms that led to the most prosperous nation on earth, versus Crony capitalism and control by the state.
How much of your time should be stolen through the manipulation of money? If you wonder why anyone should be granted that power over other humans, then you also probably understand #Bitcoin.
And this is exactly why Jack^2 (@jackmallers & @jack) are really well positioned to avoid the legal nightmare that's brewing for all the other exchanges.…
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@goddersbloom Speaking of the army Godfrey, have you seen this? An excellent hour long conversation with the always excellent @JeffBooth helping to orange pill the British Army. Hopefully it will wake up a few more to the reality of the situation. Well worth a watch!
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Bitcoin, trash, silverback gorillas, scuba diving. By far the most interesting interviews I’ve done on the ⁦@PGATOUR⁩ check it out and tell me what you think.…
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This week we tackled deflation with focus on the exceptional work by @JeffBooth and his book The price of Tomorrow (Buy it, you need it in your life!) As always we try to bitesize complexity for the average reader and this one was great fun ✨👇🏼…2G
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HERE'S GENSLER'S SPEECH TEXT, if you'd like to read it. Below is a screen shot of the relevant portion pertaining to #stablecoins.🧐…e4
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There is a revolution coming... One that'll uproot our existing monetary system & completely change the nature of institutional power. At the center of it all? #BTC @RaoulGMI & @JeffBooth in 👇 🔥Accountability Via Deflation & Decentralization🔥
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Inflation = climate change. There is no possible way to save this planet through a system that must grow “forever” by manipulating money. Connect the dots! A system problem cannot be solved through the system that creates it. via @AJEnglish
I have an idea - We should make prices rise by manipulating money so that people are left out and we have to manipulate money further to help the people that we are hurting by pushing prices higher..... oh wait- that's already being done. Maybe it's time for a new idea.
The feedback loops of Central Banks manipulating money to increase pricing, whilst companies automate with technology to reduce pricing (or fail) is just getting started. You can expect the manipulation and negative externalities of this fight to only increase. #Bitcoin
Almost everything we experience as reality today first started off in the mind of a dreamer(s) with a hope of creating a better world. That is why I believe that, in time, we can transition to allow for the abundance gained through technology to be broadly shared. #Bitcoin
It is almost impossible to get the right answer by trying to solve the wrong question.
We live in a system designed improperly for a transition to a technology led future. Until that is fixed, everything else is noise from a failing system that cannot solve where we are going. ps - System changes are messy. #bitcoin
Ab heute ist „Der Preis der Zukunft“ auf allen gängigen Plattformen verfügbar. Wir freuen uns wenn ihr uns über jede Bestellung und euer Feedback 😊 Unser…iA
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Concentrated power and narcissism is potentially the greatest risk to the future of civilization.…
The Spanish speaking audience is all over our bitcoin content 800,000+ views on the latest episode released a week ago featuring an interview with @JeffBooth on bitcoin:
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A "controlled" economy ensures giving up most other individual rights and freedoms. In essence, you are making a bet that a small group of people will "always" act in your best interest. History shows clearly, they will not. Fortunately, you have a choice. #Bitcoin
$111,000,000 of shorts liquidated in 10 minutes. REKT
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What % of the global elite and power brokers do you believe are aware of the true long term negative externalities and consequences of manipulating money? My bet - under 0.01% "Manufactured" stability leads to much greater instability. #Bitcoin
Failure is a critical component of free markets. For without it, an implicit understanding is created whereby market participants know that they can make bets that can't fail - because governments/taxpayers will always bail them out. (in the name of avoiding a depressions)
In a world where the truth mattered, this headline would be the opposite: The (inflationary) financial system poses a systemic risk to climate.…
The financial systems of the past will not work in a world where technology is playing an ever expanding role. Looking forward to discussing how to transition to a brighter future at the upcoming Bretton Woods Event Aug. 11-13. #BrettonWoods…
The latest episode with @JeffBooth is out. We covered: - "The Price of Tomorrow" - Deflationary World - How to prepare - CPI Lie - Impact on GDP - Fewer jobs normal - Response to his book Jeff and I had a great conversation! I hope you enjoy the episode.
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We live in a time of great paradox. Where every person votes with their wallet to get more for less -which technology allows (deflation) but at the same time believe that an overall system must be based on getting less for more (inflation) IMO - #Bitcoin solves the paradox.
Extremely bullish on global Bitcoin adoption Blue: Supply held by entities with .01-1 BTC Green: Net user growth on the network All-time highs in new users, hockey stick up in accumulation from small entities.
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