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⌚ Deadline approaching: @ippfen and @YSAFE are seeking a company or consultant to develop a digital platform to help deliver online and in-person sexuality education, focusing on sexual and gender-based violence. Apply by Friday 21 May, more details → ow.ly/hSs450EPf80
🗣️At MSI, we know that there is a growing need for guidance on how to communicate on abortion in a clear and non-stigmatizing way. Our allies at@ippff have created a useful guide on how to talk about abortion - click on the link below to read👇ippf.org/sites/default/…SHj
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"Women that got an implant or an IUD inserted will go to have it removed and there'll be no qualified healthcare worker there, or there'll be no open clinic at all." Listen for more about the #UKaid cuts from IPPF's Director-General Dr Alvaro Bermejo 🎧theguardian.com/news/audio/202…D
'Breaking out from the Shadows' are the experiences faced by two #transgender persons who face challenges blending with society. The strong gender norms and attitudes of people are clearly reflected in this movie. RT youtube.com/watch?v=M6WzEZ… @SexogPolitikk @ippfsar @ippf
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SafeAccess is a cross-partner coalition, led by MSI, @IpasOrg, @ippf, @PSIimpact and the @SAAFfund, working to eliminate unsafe abortion by sharing best practice guidance on safe abortion and post-abortion care. ⬇️Subscribe to stay up to date! buff.ly/2SJ8NLL
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"It’s not just straight, cisgender women who can get pregnant. However, this is still an assumption made by many health care providers around the world." Read our new post for @GirlsGlobe for #IDAHOT #IDAHOBIT21: girlsglobe.org/2021/05/17/how… 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️
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Meet Malini, whose path as a trans woman in India has not been an easy one. However, thanks to the Drop-In-Center, she has found a safe space to be herself. Find out more this #IDAHOBIT2021 👉ow.ly/FdHf50DIq0GN@MofaJapan_enn@FPA_IndiaaZ
The International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia (IDAHO) was created in 2004 to draw the attention of policymakers, opinion leaders, social movements, the public, and the media to this issue. #IDAHOBIT2021 #SRHisEssential #FPAI @kalpana_apte @mansha2210 @ippf @ippfsar
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Happy #IDAHOBIT2021! 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍⚧️ IPPF – in all its diversity – will continue to fight for the human right for all people, regardless of their sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, and sex characteristics, to be respected, celebrated, and recognized zQS
🇲🇹 [Monday motivation] A Maltese lawmaker made history last week by calling for the decriminalisation of abortion care in the Mediterranean island, which has one of the world’s strictest bans. �reut.rs/3bwkgVLSVTw
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Our #MondayMotivation this week are the parents that break the ice and open up to their children with #SexualityEducation You make it easy for your children to deal with the pressure that comes along from the peers and the world. #WeCelebrateYou
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Dr Ratni is a fearless doctor, doting mother, and selfless volunteer. She is currently a member of an emergency response following a devastating 6.2 magnitude earthquake in Indonesia 🇮🇩 Find out what a typical day for her is like at the moment �ippf.org/stories/dr-rat…7zI
🇵🇱 "It's been devastating for women because it is clearly an oppressive system that has developed against their health and their lives." – Irene Donadio o@ippfenen on the 100 days sinc#Polandnd made the dangerous decision to ban abortion.euronews.com/2021/05/12/100…ef
🎧 PODCAST: "Women will go to service delivery points to get contraception & there won’t be any... That betrayal of trust will be so difficult to regain." IPPF's Director-General Dr Alvaro Bermejo on what the#UKaidd cuts mean in reality. Listen for more ↓theguardian.com/news/audio/202…D
Keep an eye on the UK’s controversial aid cuts and their real-world impacts on everyday people, with @devex's tracker 👇 devex.com/news/tracking-…z
📅 Save the date! Register for Let’s Talk About Sex, Bodily Autonomy and#SRHRR – a Cornerstone of#GenderEqualityy. It’s on 3 June, in the lead-up to#GenerationEqualityy. Sign up now:bit.ly/33iBiCa6#NordicTalkss
🇲🇹 A step in the right direction: a lawmaker i#Maltata has called for the decriminalization o#abortionon in the Mediterranean island, which has one of the world’s strictest bansreuters.com/article/malta-…US
New @FCDOGovUK Girls' Education Action Plan calls on 🌍 community to ensure every girl goes to school, stays safe & learns. SRHR is critical to achieving this which is why the 85%#UKAidd funding cuts make no sense. The PM must#ReverseTheCutss & honour UK commitments9
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🌍 The#climatecrisiss is underpinned by grave injustice. Those that contributed least to the problem are most severely affected by its impacts, while also having most limited access to resources to adapt. The time for action is now.@GirlsGlobee girlsglobe.org/2021/05/11/cli…o
From women’s health to Yemen crisis: 7 key issues hit by #UKaid cuts, via @GlblCtzn. globalcitizen.org/en/content/uk-…
Ever wondered what a day in the life of a doctor on the frontline of an emergency response is like? 👩🏽‍⚕️ Dr Ratni from Indonesia gives us an insight – including examining 25 pregnant women in a day, and providing care inside evacuation tents@suarapkbibippf.org/stories/dr-rat…zI
"No other govt has decided to slash aid in this way, and to make the poorest women & girls around the world – going through some of their darkest moments – pay the price." IPPF's Director-General Dr Alvaro Bermejo on the devastating impacts of the #UKaid cuts. Listen now 🎧�twitter.com/guardianaudio/…lT
🇵🇱 100 days sinc#Polandnd banned abortion, Polish women are fighting back. There has been "amazing resistance & resilience among women in Poland w/ activists engaged in mobilising solidarity & raising funds to support women in situations of hardship.euronews.com/2021/05/12/100…H6
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We all have the right to make decisions about our bodies. 🎉Governments in Asia Pacific must ensure access to#SafeAbortionn for all. �#FundSafeAbortionon#BodilyAutonomymy#SafeAbortionDialogueu@WGNRRrr@ippfp7m
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FPAI acknowledges the phenomenal contribution of our nursing staff in delivering essential health services without a break, as the pandemic rages on! A shoutout to our nurses, on the occasion of International Nurses Day! #NursesDay2021 @kalpana_apte @mansha2210 @ippf @ippfsar
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As well as providing their expert skills, knowledge and professionalism, nurses give us care and compassion – often at the most challenging times of our lives. This #InternationalNursesDay, leave a comment telling us about a moment when a nurse made a difference to you 💙j
#Nurses have shown the world that they are leading the fight with us against #COVID19. Thank you for keeping us safe. This #InternationalNursesDay, leave a comment telling us about a moment when a nurse made a difference to you 💙#happyInternationalNursesDayy7
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The abusive practice of forced "conversion therapy" should never have existed – but we are relieved the UK has finally decided to ban it. This long-overdue ban must be enacted without delay 🏳️‍🌈🏳️‍#BanConversionTherapyagaytimes.co.uk/life/queen-con…g0x
❗️It's the 10th anniversary of the #IstanbulConvention. We urge Member States & the 🇪🇺 to ratify and implement the most comprehensive treaty of its kind for preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. 📣Don't forget t#IstanbulConventionSavesLivesveFw1
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Welcoming Eugenia Lopez Uribe as Regional Director and Dona Da Costa Martinez as Deputy Regional Director of IPPF Americas and the Caribbean - bit.ly/3f7TtQw @ippf
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"Ensuring that women and girls that make up half of the world’s population are not left behind during disasters is paramount." New research published by @GlobalHealthBMJ suggests that the climate crisis increases gender-based violence. independent.co.uk/news/uk/home-n…
What does the #climatecrisis have to do with sexual and reproductive health and rights? From a rise in child & forced marriages during humanitarian crises, to increased heat exposure harming pregnant women, and much more – the list is devastating. ow.ly/VX6350EuyDb
"Globally, 217 million women want to avoid pregnancy but do not have access to modern contraceptives. With the funding withdrawal, this number will undoubtedly increase." IPPF's Manuelle Hurwitz on the shameful #UKaid budget cuts. bbc.co.uk/news/uk-569241…
🇭🇷🌈 Promising news from Croatia: A court has reportedly ruled that same-sex partners can now adopt children, backing a gay couple in their five-year fight for the right to family life. Moreow.ly/njWu50EHrbDP4c4
🇵🇷 Latest: Puerto Rico finally approves $7 million to combat gender-based violence, months into a state of emergency. Moreow.ly/bZzY50EHpeOd#EndSGBVBV
Textile artist, Jessica Dance, collaborates with @ippf. "The serendipitous moment came when she found out that her mother worked for IPPF in 1974!" Read all about this creative project to start talking about sexual health: 🌟girlsglobe.org/2021/04/08/usi…F Image Credit: Jessica Dance2
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From India and Spain to Syria, Zambia & beyond, we have seen a major disruption, deprioritization, and decrease in the provision of sexual & reproductive healthcare almost everywhere. Will you consider donating what you can to help us continue services? 👉ippf.org/donatelz
✨Last chance to apply✨ We are seeking a suitably qualified counsellor to join our specialist pregnancy counselling team! Find out more: ifpa.ie/jobs/ #JobFairy
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Did you just receive our latest newsletter, with updates on abortion rights from around the world? 🌏 If not, you can register right here �saafund.org/registerQlq
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#WeekInReview 🇪�#ECJCJ advisor says Poland's disciplinary regime for judges is contrary to EU labit.ly/3es7fyosH 🎂 For the 10 years #IstanbulConventionion, 10 renewed steps for actibit.ly/2SC2cmx22H#NewACPEUCPEU commits to promoting Sbit.ly/3eoKACMU4MKj
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ICYMI: IPPF is one of hundreds of organizations that will be badly hit by the UK government's brutal aid budget cuts. Take a look at some of the impacts this will have, via the @guardian 👉ow.ly/2u6C50EG5j2V#ukaidd
It's the International Day of the #Midwife! Midwives are fundamental to ending preventable maternal & newborn deaths. But the world still needs 9⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣0⃣ more midwives to save lives of moms 🤰 and babies 👶. bit.ly/3ejc9O1V#MidwivesDayD#IDM20210Xx7
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Perhaps now more than ever we are so grateful for the healthcare heroes who keep services going 💙 That includes people like Sophia Abrafi, a#midwifee who is dedicated to supporting communities in Ghana. More →ow.ly/hVTK50yLchi8#IDM20211@PPAGGhanaa 🇬🇭
Today we thank and celebrate midwives, providing reproductive health care all over the world! 🌎 This image shows SAAF grantee partner@mabiaghanaa training student midwives on safe abortion care in Ghana 🇬�#IDMI#IDM20210#InternationalDayoftheMidwifeiV52
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Women & girls in #Palestine face a number of difficulties and challenges when it comes to sexual and reproductive healthcare. Fatima, an experienced #midwife with @PFPPA, explains how she carries out her job amidst the ongoing conflict around her. #IDM2021 ippf.org/stories/women-…
"Women come with their ideas about sex, sometimes with lots of rumors – but we go through it all with them to explain what sexual health is & how to maintain it." #Midwife Mariame Doumbia explains just one aspect of her busy role in Mali. More → ow.ly/dRsI50Dajkt #IDM2021
Happy International Day of the Midwife! We know that midwives: - Save lives - Improve health - Strengthen health systems They are frontline heroes, and investment in midwifery is essential to helping keep the world safe and healthy. #IDM2021
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Increased investment in midwives could save up to 4.3 million lives every year by averting 67% of maternal deaths, 64% neonatal deaths, and 65% of stillbirth. Thanks to the Government of Japan for the (JSF) project in Afghanistan. @ippf @ippfsar @JapanEmbKabul
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Happy International Day of the Midwife! We know that midwives: ✅ Save lives ✅ Improve health ✅ Strengthen health systems. They are frontline heroes, and investment in midwifery is essential to helping keep the world safe and healthy. #IDM2021
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