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Depuis plus de 40 ans, notre programme #HECchallengePlus accompagne les créateurs de projets innovants à fort potentiel de croissance 🚀. Suivez le concours du meilleur business plan avec@HECParisEntt dans le cadre du#HECGEW20211#GEW20211twitter.com/hecparisent/st…j
Looking to boost your #startup to the next level? Learn from an expert during the #Entrepreneurship Chat with Tarek Muller, co-founder @ABOUTYOUDE. Nov 9, 6 pm, join now ⬇️ #HECGEW2021 @HECParisEnt #GEW2021 @unleashingideas twitter.com/hecparisent/st…
While greener products tend to be more costly to produce, consumers tend to buy more at a given price when products have a lower #CarbonFootprint. How #marketing plays a role in tackling #ClimateChange. By #HECprof Daniel Halbheer hec.edu/en/knowledge/a… #Bschools4climate #COP26
The next #DiversiTALKS is on Nov 10, 6 pm on: "What does it mean to be an inclusive leader?" with Kelsea Walsh, sustainability consultant @stratos_sts. Register to this hybrid #webinar with #HECprof @matteowinkler▶️hec.edu/en/news-room/w… #HECDiversity
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🚀The#DareAwardd 2021 by@LOrealGroupee,@HECParisEntt & Start'HEC student association focuses on rewarding innovations that create positive impact for the future of our planet 🌎. Open to al@HECParisMastersr@HECParisMBABA students, submit by November 11 ➡starthec.wixsite.com/starthec/dare-…YFH
Business Schools for Climate Leadership (BS4CL) are an Education Partner of #SIF21 at #COP26. Watch BS4CL live on November 10 at 6:20 p.m. (GMT). Panel discussion: ‘Uniting for the Planet’s Future’. Register now: bit.ly/3CvrYe5 #ClimateActionLive #BSchools4Climate
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🚀"Les codes de l#entrepreneuriatt revus par et pour les femmes". Table ronde#HECGEW20211 organisée par@HECParisEntt dans le cadre de#GEW20211. Inscrivez-vous ➡️eventbrite.fr/e/billets-les-…P cc@unleashingideass@Womens_Forumm#HECstandUpp#entrepreneuriatAuFémininn
🗓️ 18 Novembre à 19h30: L'équipe#EgalitéDesChancess d'HEC donne rendez-vous aux étudiants#prépaa#CPGEE pour une conférence en ligne par#HECproff Thomas Paris, sur la thématique du management de la Culture, de l’Art et de la Création. Inscrivez-vous ➡️site.evenium.net/conferencehecp…7y
Major advances at HEC Paris has been made possible thanks to the precious support of our donors. Find out more on the progress of the #HECimpact #fundraising campaign by @hecfondation ➡️ hec.edu/en/news-room/a…
"In facing the climate crisis, we cannot operate in silos." Dean Eloïc Peyrache. HEC Paris stands with @CambridgeJBS @IEbusiness @iesebschool @IMD_Bschool @INSEAD @LBS & @OxfordSBS to help leaders tackle #ClimateChange. Learn more #Bschools4climate bs4cl.org #COP26
How business leaders and decision makers can avoid errors in their judgment. By #HECprof @SibOliv via @Forbes forbes.com/sites/hecparis… #CognitiveBias #DecisionMaking #HECinsights
Deciding where to study your Master in Management? Europe has some of the world's top MiM degrees, offered by schools including @HECParis & @LBS. Here are the 10 best MiMs in 2022 🎓bit.ly/3BSHcsr2
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#Entrepreneurss#ESSS: Quelle est la mesure d'impact et son intérêt pour votre projet? Masterclass#HECGEW20211@HECParisEntt par Adrien Baudet@koreisconseill &@Ricardo_Scaa@ImpactTrackk. Regardez en direct➡️youtube.com/watch?v=N44vCH…r#GEW20211@unleashingideass
HEC Paris joins the Global Entrepreneurship Week #GEW2021 by @unleashingideas. One week of conferences, round tables and networking opportunities dedicated to #entrepreneurship. Inspire, connect, accompany and engage! Full program ⬇️ and stay tuned #HECGEW2021 @HECParisEnt
Monté en partenariat avec l’@incubateurhec, Hectar cherche à promouvoir les innovations #AgTech et #FoodTech. Pour en savoir plus via @TheGoodLife thegoodlife.thegoodhub.com/2021/11/02/sma… cc @HECParisEnt
Companies are shifting their focus from brand centricity to customer centricity. In this article, #HECprof @Gachoucha Kretz, Academic Director of Custom Programs @HECParisExecEd, tells us why it is essential to do so ➡️ hec.edu/en/news-room/h… #BrandMarketing
🌎 Green Transition Month at#HECinTheUKK: Join the Climate Fresk@climate_freskk, an interactive workshop to better understand#ClimateChangee and why it is the challenge of the 21st century. On Nov 9, 7 pm (CEST), register now ➡️hecalumni.fr/group/united-k…o#COP266 #ClimateActionn3
.@HECAlumni @AdrienNus, co-founder of unicorn @Mirakl, donates €1 million to develop "Imagine Fellowship Program" to support future leaders from war-affected nations to embark on studies at HEC Paris. Learn more➡️ hec.edu/en/news-room/n… @hecfondation @HECParisMasters #HECimpact
🎁🎟 We are offering 10,000 invitations to young people to attend virtually th#WFGM2121 and 100 places for young leaders to join us in person in Paris. If you are 16-25 years old or in ongoing education/training, register today and get your free ticketbit.ly/Youth_Initiati…Q0U
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Alberto Alemanno @alemannoEU, is the Founder of @TheGoodLobby, a startup aimed at making corporate political influence more #accountable and #sustainable. He spoke at #COP26 on corporate and political influence on #climatepolicy. #climatechange #climateaction #AthensDemocracy
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Gender #diversity needs to be at the heart of rebuilding our post-pandemic world. #HECprof @Shaheenajj explains why in this @HECKnowledge article ➡️ hec.edu/en/knowledge/i… #inclusion
Noise impacts professional judgments wherever we expect consistency, writes #HECprof @SibOliv. Find out more on #HECinsights @Forbes forbes.com/sites/hecparis… #CognitiveBias #DecisionMaking
When a career with impact is not negotiable. @jeremyghez, Scientific Director of the MSc Sustainability and Social Innovation at @HECParis, explains the SASI program and the best way to set your #application apart. Watch below �youtu.be/_Ts7oMj1mHg2
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CDL recognises the challenge of #climatechange as an undeniably urgent global issue and has expanded its partnership with Beyond Builders to assess, measure, and enhance the impacts of CDL Climate ventures at CDL-Paris @HECParis #BuildSomethingMassive beyond.builders/press-release-…
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Professor Gachoucha Kretz of @HECParis details four dimensions that are key to meaningful #contentstrategies in our next #ExpertSpotlight on #contentmarketing. Learn more about these dimensions today by visiting Professor Kretz's answer on Quora: b.qr.ae/gkretz
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Comment mettre la technologie au service du bien commun? La réponse avec Bertrand Quélin, #HECprof et Titulaire de la chaire Smart City et Bien Commun créée par @GroupeBouygues et HEC. Pour en savoir plus ➡️ bouygues-innovation.com/bertrand-queli… #HECxBouygues
🚀From a small startup to a listed company, listen to how he climbed the entrepreneurial ladder to success. Register to join the#HECGEW20211@HECParisEntt#Entrepreneurshipp Chat with Tarek Muller, co-founder@ABOUTYOUDEE ➡️docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAI…e cc@unleashingideass#GEW20211
Qu’est-ce que « le bruit », ce fléau méconnu des entreprises ? Apparu dans le livre « Noise », le bruit met au défi nos prises de décisions. Son co-auteur @SibOliv, professeur de stratégie à @HECParis, est l’invité d’@ArnaudArdoin dans #smartjobbsmart.fr/video/9480-sma…L#bsmarttC
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🎙️ The role of academics in society, according to#HECproff@alemannoEUU. Listen to the full interview on Tomorrow Is Our Business podcast ➡️smartlinks.audiomeans.fr/l/tomorrow-is-…I cc@HECKnowledgee@HECParisLaww@GoodLobbyProfss#HECtomorrowwq
The environmental and digital connectivity challenges we face today open up new horizons for us to reinvent ourselves. With Antoine Grelon @LOrealGroupe at the #Digital & #Tech Virtual Career Fair 2021 for our @HECParisMasters and @HECParisMBA students #HECcareers
Climate concerns of consumers are rising. Business must act now to lower carbon footprint and decarbonize supply chains, says #HECprof Daniel Halbheer in this #COP26 special issue "Reaching #NetZero: In Practice" @frenchchambergb. Read now ➡️ en.calameo.com/read/004601149… #HECinTheUK
The business world has completely changed because the realities we are living in have changed. Reinventing the future of new business, with @Ulysse311 @CapgeminiInvent @capgeminifrance at the #Digital & #Tech Virtual Career Fair 2021 #HECcareers cc @HECParisMasters @HECParisMBA
Digital & Tech Virtual Career Fair 2021: 30 companies from diverse sectors, including #HECcorporatePartner @AtosFR @CapgeminiInvent @EYRecrute @LOrealGroupe @LVMH @natixis @SocieteGenerale discuss career opportunities with our @HECParisMasters @HECParisMBA students #HECcareers
#Marketing : Des professeurs ont étudié les réactions d'un échantillon d'hommes et de femmes à des publicités féminines et masculines. En savoir plus en anglais sur [email protected] et en français dans @FR_Conversation : hec.edu/en/knowledge/a…
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📢Entrepreneurs#ESSS: 1h top chrono pour vous donner les clés de décision sur la mesure d'impact et son intérêt pour votre projet. Masterclass#GEW20211 avec Adrien Baudet@koreisconseill &@Ricardo_Scaa@ImpactTrackk. Inscriptions ➡️eventbrite.fr/e/billets-mesu…V#AccélérateurESSS
[Emission @IQSOG🎥] Finance et trading algorithmique : hyper-vitesse, hyper-impact ! Une interview de Thierry Foucault@HECPariss >bit.ly/3bpfF6Z2Q
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L'Oréal #DareAward by @lorealparisfr x @Start_HEC is for daring spirits. More than ever, the need for #innovation & #entrepreneurship must be at the core. 6 projects will be rewarded 🥳 Submit before 11/11 ➡️ all info here:fcld.ly/ua7ll2kq youtu.be/ByuHzFFukrUw
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Wherever human judgment exists, you will find noise, a very pervasive source of errors that wreaks havoc in our #DecisionMaking. Read more about it in this @Forbes article by #HECprof @SibOliv forbes.com/sites/hecparis… #HECinsights #CognitiveBias
L’urgence climatique devance la course à la technologie et devient le plus grand défi du monde des affaires, selon un sondage auprès de 4 000 professionnels de 75 pays. Pour en savoir plus ➡️ hec.edu/fr/news-room/l… #COP26 #Climat #ClimateAction
États-Unis: l’effet Biden s’est-il estompé? Ecoutez le débat @RFI avec #HECprof @jeremyghez, André Kaspi @Sorbonne_Univ_ et Philip Golub @AUParis rfi.fr/fr/podcasts/d%…?
📢 Du 8 au 14 novembre 2021, le HEC Innovation & Entrepreneurship Center@HECParisEntt s'associe à la Global Entrepreneurship week@unleashingideass, le mouvement qui célèbre les#entrepreneurss et la création d'entreprise. Rejoignez-nous ➡️hec.edu/fr/news-room/s…Q#GEW20211x
In the era of misinformation, fake news and conspiracy theories, academic voices like @alemannoEU's are needed more than ever, yet being part of the public debate is not a widespread practice among his peers. He explains in this #HECtomorrow podcast 🎙️smartlinks.audiomeans.fr/l/tomorrow-is-…I
Leading European #BusinessSchools, including HEC Paris, take coordinated action to prepare business leaders for climate leadership. In conjunction with #COP26 , watch the #BS4climate webinars on how business can take measures to fight #ClimateChange ➡️ sites.google.com/view/bs4cl/web…
L’initiative #DuoDay @Travail_Gouv permet à une personne en situation de #handicap et à un professionnel volontaire de former un duo pendant une journée. Julie Andrieu, étudiante @HECParisMasters partage son expérience. Regardez son témoignage (à 17:52) ➡️ travail-emploi.gouv.fr/actualites/l-a…
Thanks a lot to @MatthieuRicard and @HECParis for the amazing and truly inspiring conference we had during the last #HECTalks! ➜ youtu.be/WJ0paB47hvM
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As the #COP26 opens, 8 leading European business schools have joined together to equip present and future leaders to address #ClimateChange. Learn more on #BS4climate initiative and watch our webinar series
EQUITY: #howto tackle impacts of #climatechange on #equity. Next week, @faivre_tavignot @HECParis will reveal how companies can help address the issue and current policies & initiatives that are going in the right direction. Register to access: bit.ly/3zEnoIj #GreenBiz
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Depuis 2018, l'Accélérateur ESS @HECParisEnt x @iledefrance a accompagné 42 entreprises de l'#ESS. Découvrez l'ambition de ce programme avec @EmmaCFrance, Nathalie Riond, Eloïc Peyrache, @sylvie_mariaud et les entrepreneurs des promotions 2 et 4 #inclusion #handicap
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