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Rainy days and Mondays won’t get you down in Santo Domingo. The right company and the stunning backdrop are the perfect combination for a blissful mood. ☔️👫  📸@Fotocherara#GoDomRepe#OpenDRDR#CiudadColoniala#ConventodelosDominicoso#TurizoneandodHt
Head to the base of the Bahoruco River and hike on mountainous trails amidst wild forests. Wander over fallen boulders, cross the river, and hike the steep terrain to reach La Plaza.🌞🌊 📸: @theadrenalinetravele#GoDomRepR#OpenDRnD#Barahonao#BalnearioLaPlazaaROD
Dominican Republic has all kinds of unique accommodations. Come to Barahona to enjoy impressive Caribbean Sea views from staggering mountains that are bathed by a river in an ecofriendly environment with all the luxuries that you deserve.🌺 📸: @robertmichaelpool@CasaBonitadrdqW
Enjoy the benefits of camping without sacrificing your comfort. Get a break from your fast-paced life and get immersed in nature in a glamorous way. 🏕  📸:@mochileraporelmundo @nilsrosenbach @greenlandbubbleglamping#GoDomRepep#Cabaretete#BubbleGlampingn9x
You’ve probably relaxed by the water, but how about hanging out over the water? Punta Rucia’s beachfront cabanas and villas have many options for hanging out by the ocean. 🌞🌊   Raise your hand if you’re ready to join us!🙋‍♀️🐚 📸: @thepineapplestravel  @puntarucialAVJxc
Hello @GoDomRep always great to stop in Santo Domingo! A city I love on my way to join @WCKitchen teams in Haiti!
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Who’s ready for some kitefoiling fun in Cabarete?🏂🌴🌞 @manuelselmanl@fedovelav#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#FormulaKiteCabarete20212#Cabareterc5u4
Run free and frolic in the beach with your horse buddy.🐴      Cabarete has many natural attractions to explore like caves, rivers and a lagoon, besides beautiful beaches plus a great restaurant scene and fun nightlife.  📸@seahorseranchcabarete#GoDomRepe#OpenDRD#CabaretetK0
If you’re looking for an adrenaline rush, Laguna Dudú is where you should go!🌊 Turquoise, freshwater lagoons surrounded by steep cliffs with caves and lush forest will keep you swimming all day long. 📸@tarikhochch @dudu_lagoo#dudubluelagoono#lagunaeldudud#cabrerarMX
Take a break from the heat at Aguas Calientes Parque de Agua in San José de las Matas. 🏞 Take a dip in the cool Bao River and explore the lush mountains around it and its charming church 🌞 Tag someone who would love this! 👯‍♀️ @villasajomaj#GoDomRepm#OpenO#SAJOMAJBhRG
Congratulations to all of our Dominican athletes! 🇩🇴 We are so proud of your performance i#Tokyo202121 🙌YSLy0
Exhilarating adventures await you in the lush mountains of Jarabacoa. ⛰🪂 Feel free as you paraglide through the central mountains of the DR and take in the mesmerizing view of peaks, gushing waterfalls, verdant villages, and plantation fields. 🪂🌿 @Whole_ShoesY223
Dominican Limoncillo: simple and perfect. Sometimes the simple things in life are the ones that bring you the most joy. 🌿 To eat this delicious fruit, bite off the pulp, do not swallow the seed. 🤩 �@cositafritai#GoDomRepR#OpenDRn#DominicanGastronomyoCvu
No matter where you go throughout the peninsula, you only have to walk or drive a short distance and the landcape will change completely, providing different experiences. Playa Rincón is a perfect example.👯‍♀️🌊 �@domingobellol#PlayaRincónc#Samanaa4Dr
Swim away, little buddy! 🐢 The warm waters of Bahía de las Águilas will welcome you home! Leatherback sea turtles are named for their leather-like shell. They are the largest turtles on Earth, growing up to seven feet long and exceeding 2,000 pounds.🐢🌊 @pamelapitiziaiiX99
The Dominican Republic is filled with exhilarating activities for you! 🌴 A top Caribbean destination for wind sports, the DR is ground zero for surfing, kitesurfing, and windsurfing. Tag a friend you would like to join you on your next Dominican adventure🌊📹: @kiteworldn5f
Playa Preciosa is a stunning beach located right next to Playa Grande in the María Trinidad Sánchez province. Take a dip in its warm turquoise water or a boat tour to the natural pool, the Cueva de las Golondrinas or the Gri-Grí lagoon.🌴🌊 �@todoodo.dominicana @dronepics_Ca1
Los Haitises National Park is one of the crown jewels of the Dominican Republic’s national park system with magnificent 98-foot-high rock formations jutting out of the water. 🚣🏼🌿🌊@felixbaezrba#GoDomRepo#OpenDRp#Loshaitisest#SamanáaD0apk
What time is it? It’s yummy o’clock! 🥄⏰ Dominican gastronomy is a symphony of colors and flavors. 🍚🍖 Every Dominican meal is a joyous occasion. It’s a celebration of friendship and family unity cooked with love. �@cocinandoricordr#GoDomRepD#OpenDRO#SantoDomingoo9WdsLY
Did you know this place existed in Puerto Plata?🕵🏽 Located in Maimón Bay, Amber Cove is a cruise terminal that features overwater, poolside, and hillside cabanas. 🛳⚓️ @Moisesises.arias#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#PuertoPlatal#AmberCoveDominicanRepublicbxjTe
Did you know that the Dominican Republic has the largest wind farm in the Caribbean and Central America? 🌬 Located in Enriquillo, Parque Eólico Los Cocos is the first in the country.🌴�@Moisesises.aria#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#BarahonahZXMc
Samaná is as remote and pristine as it gets🌞 It is abundant in biodiversity and is sought-after by travelers for its laid-back atmosphere and glorious natural treasures. If you could explore Samaná with one person who would it be?🌊🐚 @OliverHLe#GoDomRepmR#samanámy0GY
There is something special about handpicking the organic produce that was planted in the same area for your next meal. 🥑🍋 Come find truly unique experiences in the Dominican Republic.🇩🇴@mayandtravelr#GoDomRepo#dominicanrepublicuGdOdm
There is nothing like watching the sunrise in San Rafael. Its magnificent view will fill you with positive energy to start an amazing day full of adventure. 🌅🌊 Are you ready to discover Barahona’s secret spots?🐚 @pedromestrest#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#Barahonah#PlayaSanRafaelflInU
Monday mood🐐 You’ll have so much fun in the DR that you’ll never have a bad case of the Mondays while you’re here. Come to Hatillo, Azua to meet Dexter and his buddies, plus the most adorable baby goats.🌵🌞🐐. 📸: @caprac#GoDomRepo#OpenDRp#Azua##CapracherRDh3M916
Honored to have the new @enriqueiglesias ft @FarrukoOfficial single #MEPASE filmed in our amazing Samaná🙌🇩…S7r
The Dominican Republic is stunning from every angle 🌞   Playa Las Caobitas, located in the Azua province, is one of the uninhabited and tranquil beaches you’ll find in the southwest of the Dominican Republic.  📸: @carlafaxass @luisgquijad#GoDomRepep#azuaufb
The raw beauty of the María Trinidad Sánchez province is filled with surprising natural gems to discover🌞🐚 Mention someone who would love this👯‍♀️🌴@AquamanRdm#GoDomRepo#MariaTrinidadSanchezn#PlayaGrander#PlayaPreciosacybCOh
The only crowd you will find in Samaná are its stunning palm trees, which can be found throughout the peninsula, even in the mountains🌴 Time seems to stop in Samaná. Life is very relaxed and the main focus is its astounding nature.🌞🐚 @OliverHLe#GoDomRepm#OpenDRen#SamanámgPB6
The astonishing waters of Río Sonador are always inviting. Puerto Plata has many hidden natural wonders up its sleeves.🌞 Mention a travel buddy you’d like to visit it with! 👫 📸: @mochileraporelmun@ElinCapellanlclv
In Constanza time just stops. Its mesmerizing natural surroundings have the ability to wipe away all your worries. Sit back and let Constanza take care of the rest. 🌿🌬 Would you like to wake up to this view?🌄 @Melisant0sn@HotelAltoCerroe#GoDomRepm#ConstanzaagHSh
Honored to have the new @enriqueiglesias single #MEPASE filmed in our amazing Samaná! There is no other place like it: lush, pristine, and very fun🌞🇩🇴 What was your favorite part of the video?👯#GoDomRepm#godominicanrepublicbGbcG
Nothing like recording a music video in a stunning place like Samaná🙌 You can Just tell how much@enriqueiglesiass is enjoying this magical place!🥰 #GoDomRepe#MEPASESE#Godominicanrepubliciuk
Who’s up for an exhilarating tubing experience in Playa Ensenada?🌊 Take a fun boat ride along the Puerto Plata and Montecristi coast and enjoy the mountainous landscape. Try its fresh fish cooking and other specialties al fresco. 📸@ssanti1818#GoDomRepep#PlayalaEnsenadadSY
You will enjoy the most delectable meal in the DR thanks to the variety of local ingredients that have been mixed for generations. Taíno, Spanish and West African cultures are reflected in Dominican gastronomy and are what make it so flavorful🐠🌴 📸: @littlejohnbea1f8
A sacred place amidst mighty mountains. Visitors come to the 48-foot high Monumento Divino Niño as both a place of spirituality and to enjoy its spectacular panoramic views over Constanza. Did you know this place existed in Constanza?🌳⛪️ 📸@Hector_Ceballoso#GoDomRepeUl
Playa Las Ballenas is one of the many beautiful beaches you can find in Las Terrenas. The Samaná peninsula has enough beaches to visit a different one each day of your vacation.🌊 Does this make you itch for a beach getaway? 🐚 �@crisnoble_02_#GoDomRepR#OpenDRn#LasTerrenasnyoS
The color of this river is astounding. 🐠🏞 Río Partido is a wondrous place in the Hermanas Mirabal province that’s waiting to be explored. Tag someone who would love this!👯‍♀️ 📸: @mochileraporelmun#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#RioPartidot#Salcedoc9hOq
The Dominican Republic offers every type of experience you want and need. Its landscapes are very diverse, so the options to choose from are practically endless. 🏞🐚 �@Robertvasquezue#GoDomRepR#OpenDRn#DominicanRepubliclZEa
Who else would enjoy sweeping views of the Chavón River and the Caribbean Sea? A marvelous day at Altos de Chavón is about to start. It’s located between Punta Cana and Santo Domingo, so it’s accessible from either destination. 📍🌿�#GoDomRepR#OpenDRn#AltosdeChavonv#laromanaaVO2
Breathing fresh air, getting a cup of fresh Dominican coffee that came from the same mountains, and taking in this view of Jarabacoa: priceless. ☕️🌬 Mention who you want to take here!👫 �@crisnoble_02_0#GoDomRepR#OpenDRn#Jarabacoac9eS
How incredible is a walk on a stunning beach with your loved one?💘 With marvelous beaches, pristine nature and a rich local culture, every type of couple will create wonderful memories in the DR.🌊🌞 📸: @beautifuldestinatio#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#PlayaCosóno#Samanámjvlf
Las Terrenas is a charming beach town that is surrounded by several beaches, which provide different experiences, even though they’re not far away. Do you have any favorite picturesque spots in Samaná?🐚🌞 �@jmpprdp#GoDomRepR#LasTerrenasneZJ
Flying through the air in paradise. Would you dare try this out? Find bliss in a simple, but thrilling activity in the best setting of all: Samaná. When you finish your vacation, it won’t be over. It will dwell within you.🌴🌞 📸: @beautifuldestination#GoDomRepR#Samanáanrv
Stop, breathe in the fresh air, and enjoy the wondrous nature around you. 🌬 Salto El Limón will be the most rewarding part of your hike through the mountains.🏞🌳 @asenseofhuberuber @beautifuldestinati#GoDomRepm#OpenDRe#SaltoElLimoni#SamanámGoul
Perched at an altitude of 1,736 feet in the Cordillera Central mountain range, Jarabacoa features cool temperatures, fresh rivers, and sweeping green landscapes flanked by dense pine forests that will help you find pure joy.🏞 📸@ashleymckyky#GoDomRepe#OpenDRD#Jarabacoaoof
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