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It's an absolute pathology how Western elites seek the most powerful and influential positions and then, when they get it, use it to insist that they're the Real Victims™, that few societal problems are more pressing than the mean tweets they get from angry peasants.…
Feel free to invent whatever tales you need to tell yourself to grapple with and find a way to process this fact: they don't really mean it, it's just cynical, it's partisan, etc. etc. Partisans lie to themselves all the time. But the vote totals in Congress don't.
It's a sad reality -- but a reality it is -- that the only anti-war, anti-US-imperialist sentiment among the two parties is found in growing wings of the GOP. We just saw it again in the vote on Biden's $40b war package: the only NO votes were GOP. Every last Democrat voted YES.…
And this is a different but also extremely compelling moral message:…
I never heard the ethical imperatives of vegetarianism/veganism expressed quite the way Mike Tyson explains it here, but there's a powerful moral sentiment in its clarity and sincerity:
I love how much Wimbledon destroyed itself with its moronic, typically-British-elite unhinged banning of all Russian and Belarusian players: the classic example of how a weak elite class tries to find strength and purpose through meaningless but ugly gestures.…
BREAKING: Russia's ruble strengthens to 57.1 per US Dollar, its strongest in over four years.
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"To learn more about the toxic and devastating 'disinformation' to which Americans are being subjected, we turn now to our expert panel: the former Assistant FBI Director, the-ex chief of CIA's clandestine operations, and a former DHS agent -- NBC/CNN contributors all. Welcome."
Just this one tweet by itself -- never mind all the others exactly like it -- demonstrates the utter denseness required to believe that Nina Jankowicz and her fellow DC liberals are competent to formally decree what "disinformation" is. Look at this:…
There's essentially no US Security State agent that doesn't end up with a contract with one of the liberal "news" outlets, so the only question is whether Nina is headed to CNN or NBC to join the army of CIA, FBI, NSA DOJ and Pentagon operatives already on their payrolls.…
Nina Jankowic has been on a week-long media tour predictably pronouncing that all criticisms of her and the DHS program she wanted to run are not just themselves "disinformation" but *a threat to national security.* This is the narcissism and fanaticism that molds every censor.
I hold many views I passionately believe are based in truth, the right way to see things. But I can't imagine ever reaching a state of such certainty about anything - believing the insights I've apprehended are so immunized from error - that all divergent views should be banned.
In 2013, when France demanded Twitter ban writers it sees as "hateful," I wrote about an oft-overlooked but central attribute of censorship: at the heart of the censor lies hubris: the belief that your Truths are so inerrant, no dissent should be heard:…
That the same DC operatives and media stars who spread a stream of lies and disinformation campaigns from the US Security State for 6 years -- from Russiagate insanity to Hunter Biden laptop falsehoods --believe they're competent to decree "disinformation" shows this hubris.
Beyond the inherent abuse of the US Security State arrogating unto itself the power to decree Truth and Falsity and then enforce those judgments, I can't fathom the hubris needed to equate one's partisan/ideological views with absolute Truth, then banning all dissent from it.…
How do British subjects not ask themselves: how can we ban Russian players from Wimbledon without also demanding the world ban British athletes, given our government's destruction of Iraq, partnering with Saudis to destroy Yemen, and support for the worst despots on the planet??
This "we-fight-wars-for-freedom-and-democracy" propaganda only works on US corporate media and, for a time, on the US public. 16 out of the 20 most-populous countries either abstained or voted NO to kick Russia off the UN Human Rights Council. It's at least worth asking why.
The US, like every major power, doesn't do wars to help people. That's the propagandistic packaging for domestic pacifying. I never understood how the USG can get Americans to believe it fights for democracy while propping up the Saudis, Egyptian generals, and supporting coups.
I really wish people understood: it's only in the US and parts of Europe where USG propaganda -- about how we fight wars to benevolently save people and democracies -- works. Everywhere else, it provokes a laughing fit, especially in countries that have seen US power first-hand.
Need to figure out the ideology and political leanings of the shooter before deciding if we care.…
2 fatos estão claros há pelo menos um ano: 1) Será difícil para um candidato que não seja Lula e Bolsonaro chegar no segundo turno (“terceira via”). 2) O único candidato viável para isso é @cirogomes. A mídia Globo/Veja, como sempre, protegeram sua fantasia religiosa do PSDB.…
The mainstream Democratic Party project has merged in every meaningful way with the militaristic, authoritarian, surveillance-heavy vision of the Bush presidency, with woke fundamentalism replacing Bush’s “faith-based” evangelism:…
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The gap between what Americans think, and what the national media who claims to speak on their behalf think, could not be wider.👇E
Biden's approval rating "dips" to its lowest level yet -- into the 30s -- because, as this poll shows, Americans of all stripes are suffering economically in all new ways. Yet when, as is likely, Dems get destroyed in November, they'll say it's because Americans are racists:…
This NYT hit piece/formal-eviction-from-decent-society on Lara Logan is a master class in what happens when you deviate from liberal orthodoxy: Old colleagues: "she changed; so sad." The signs were always there. Allegations never previously voiced, etc:…
The core purpose of Orwell's Ministry of Truth was to re-write history -- often to characterize as lies the very assertions that it recently described as Truths -- in order to advance the state's war aims. Amazing that these two paragraphs can be found in the same newspaper:
Is this a good or a bad quality for a journalist? The NYT's entire article about Lara Logan assumes it is a bad quality.…
By far the most revered hero -- practically a religious figure -- during the Trump years was George Bush's post-9/11 FBI Director, who invented radical theories to round up American Muslims and assured Congress the Iraqi WMD evidence was rock solid. Then it became Liz Cheney.
The best and most prescient analysis of the function the Squad would serve for DC Dems is this 2020 article by @ShantMM -- this was before the Squad fell even further into line behind Biden and Pelosi, not even throwing the left token "no" votes any more.…
The primary function of the Squad -- aside from enriching YouTubers and podcasters who brand around them -- is to serve as the DNC's most valuable marketing arm. They let young left-liberals feel cooler than their Pelosi-loving moms as they vote Dem like Bernie/AOC tell them to.
George P. Bush, as he runs in Texas, is finding that the Bush name is becoming poison in GOP politics. Meanwhile, both the Bush and Cheney dynastic names and Bush/Cheney pedigree are becoming gold in Democratic Party politics. David Frum/Liz Cheney: 😍…b
The most amazing part of Bush/Cheney operatives becoming heroes and leaders of US liberalism is that -- other than a few trivial gestures on Culture War issues -- none changed their core views on foreign and economic policy. Dems' ideology matches theirs.…
The revolutionary, subversive left-wing Squad is completely united and on board with Dem Party orthodoxy supporting Biden's foreign militarism and domestic War on Terror. Really sending fear into the hearts of DC's power centers, just as progressive media vowed.
Read @BMarchetich on how The Squad -- right after their unanimous support for Biden's $40b war package to Raytheon and CIA "for Ukraine" -- also united with all Dems to support Biden's ongoing, incremental increases of the new domestic War on Terror against "domestic extremists":…
The people who constantly profess such righteous indignation about how "American democracy is under assault" never seem to mind that the national security state launched an unprecedented intervention into the 2016 presidential campaign based on completely fabricated propaganda
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I think it's funny how the media's coverage of every Russiagate development is carefully designed to never communicate to the casual news consumer the basic fact that the entire thing was fake.
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Hoje é um dia muito especial, aniversário do meu caçulinha que agora com 13 anos, oficialmente, não é mais uma criança. Mas pro papai vai ser sempre filhote. Eu e o pai @ggreenwald temos muito orgulho de vc, filho. Muitas felicidades sempre Jonathas ❤️🎂w
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The most effective way to combat Big Tech censorship - while waiting for @elonmusk to decide if he will close the deal and restore a modicum of free speech here - is support and use the platforms devoted to content-neutral free expression: @rumblevideo, @getcallin, Substack, etc.
As I said this week, I was at a tech conference in Miami and the consensus was Twitter is digging its own grave by converting itself into a flagrant censorship machine for the DNC and US Govt. People don't yet realize how fast free-speech sites like @rumblevideo have grown.
This is the second time in 10 days Twitter has acted against my tweets. Last weekend, I was locked out of my account for criticizing Twitter for simultaneously allowing journalists to talk about the Buffalo manifesto, while barring links so the public can read it for themselves:
That tweet, which Twitter -- acting as usual on behalf of the US Security State and US foreign policy -- is claiming needs a warning label, was nothing more than a 100% accurate summary of this NYT op-ed on Azov. Read it for yourself and you'll see:…
While Hillary's lying, viral tweet about Trump and Alfa Bank remains up -- even when the FBI said it was a fraud -- Twitter has put a warning on my tweet about Azov even though there is not a single claim that is even disputable, let alone provably false:
Don’t interrupt ⁦@davidmirandario⁩ when he’s doing Important Congressman Things, his face explained…😬R
But now, when major news outlets spread outright lies -- not just one day, but repeatedly affirming them -- they just stay silent and pretend it never happened when the proof emerges they lied. *Not one* outlet that endorsed this pre-election CIA lie has acknowledged this proof.
As bad and corrupted as large media corporations have been, they always knew they had to at least acknowledge and account for their huge errors and falsehoods. The NYT published a lengthy Editors' Note explaining what happened with their WMD lies.…
Maybe it's naiveté, but I just can't believe that the media outlets that spread all these lies -- especially the CIA lie about Hunter Biden's laptop being "Russian disinformation," which even NYT/WP/NBC now say is false -- just refuse to acknowledge this let alone retract it.
Since 2016, nobody has been more rewarded for eagerly serving as a vector of CIA/DNC disinformation than Bertrand. She started at @BusinessInsider (where she pushed Alfa Bank), then promoted to @MSNBC, then to @TheAtlantic, then @politico, now at @CNN. Lying is their currency.
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