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Are you attending the Focus on Fresh conference hosted by @coopgrocery in Minneapolis this week? If so, visit booth #16 to meet some member of our produce and retail teams! We'd love to say hi and share how sourcing Fair Trade Certified products can transform your business.
We will be at the Organic Produce Summit in Monterey on July 13-14 and hope to see you there! Visit our produce and retail team members at table TT8 to learn how #FairTradeCertified can help you meet your goals and solidify your supply chain resiliency. #OPS2022 #OPS
With great excitement, I can officially announce that @LarryRuff1 is now President at @FairTradeCert and rejoins our Board of Directors. We are so excited and grateful to continue benefitting from his deep industry knowledge and inclusive leadership. fairtradecertified.org/news/fair-trad…
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We’re thrilled to announce that our new fairtradecertified.org website launched! ✨ Come learn what fair trade certification means or who offers #FairTradeCertified products and where to buy them! bit.ly/3OSp6xU
Join @FTCampaigns this Tuesday, June 28th for a network call in honor of World Refugee Day! We will hear from a former Fair Trade campaigner working in the refugee space as well as a representative from @made51_unhcr. RSVP today: bit.ly/FTCWorldRefuge…
Our partners at @peakdesign, a sustainable bag & accessory company, have committed to fair trade standards. 👏 Learn how sourcing from a#FairTradeCertifiedd factory has brought more transparency, equity & resiliency to their supply chains.bit.ly/3ndWhjjp 📸@LeonKayeyT2
Meet Jesús García 👷🏻‍♂️🫑 “Approximately two years ago, I had an accident where some of my teeth were shattered, I received strong support from Divemex & Fair Trade. Today I have my teeth and all is fine@FairTradeCertert #bellpeppersp#organican#FairTradeCertifiedf#ComoEnCasaCRZCE
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#DidYouKnow that @prAna has the goal of making 100% of their products in @FairTradeCert factories by 2028? That's a step in the right direction for social & environmental responsibility! Shop their pride line which includes shirts & hats to wear for Pride month & all year long.
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Yesterday was World Day Against Child Labor. Fair Trade standards prevent & stop child labor in industries where the practice is all too common. Learn how Fair Trade helps address child labor: bit.ly/2JyuHf2 #worlddayagainstchildlabor #stopchildlabor #fairtradecertified
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We will be at @Specialty_Food's Summer Fancy Food Show from June 12-14 in NYC & look forward to connecting in person! @FairTradeCert's Molly Renaldo will be walking the floor. Reach out to set up a time to meet: [email protected] Event info: bit.ly/3gTdc7j
It's #WorldOceanDay, a great time to consider how to better protect this vital natural resource.🌊 DYK? Sourcing#FairTradeCertifiedd seafood helps protect fragile marine environments & supports resilient fishing communities. It's also good for business! bit.ly/39ifn4zca5
I am proud of @FairTradeCert's environmental standards and the many ways producers spend Community Development Funds to protect the environment. From solar energy in India to combatting deforestation in Haiti, #FairTrade puts people AND planet first. fairtradecertified.org/news/protectin…
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Yesterday was #WorldEnvironmentDay! Hopefully, you had a chance to celebrate the planet that sustains us all. Core to our work, is embracing the connection between #PlanetAndPeople. Learn more about what this means & the impact it has on communities: bit.ly/3zkKyH5
We're gearing up for the @OutdoorRetailer Summer Show! Will you be there? If so, join leaders from our #FairTradeFactory team and @GallantIntl on June 10 from 2:30-3:30 to learn about building more resilient and regenerative supply chains. bit.ly/3GDtA8m
It's Pride Month, and we will be celebrating throughout June! We support everyone in the LGBTQ+ community year round. @FairTradeCert makes that stance known through accessible and inclusive hiring and the mission of the nonprofit itself. We stand by you in and out of our work!
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We're partnering w/ @ECRM_YourSpark for Sustainable Products Discovery Week! This program connects #sustainability focused buyers & suppliers. Set-up meetings w/ retailers like @kroger, @sproutsfm, @WholeFoods, @Walmart & more. ✨ 50% off for our partners! bit.ly/3x4uXIL
What an honor to join the team at Whole Foods Market for an inspiring conversation on how Fair Trade USA supports #SourcedForGood, #sustainablesupplychains and #povertyalleviation. Special thanks to @karenchristensen and @carolmedeiros for their incredib…lnkd.in/eYcipS2y
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Fair trade helps protect #PlanetAndPeople. Our standards foster production practices that preserve the #environment, enhance resilience to #ClimateChange, and protect the health & quality of life for people throughout the supply chain. Learn more 👇bit.ly/38Oi11No
"Obediance cannot be assured by unjust laws" ~ @GloriaSteinem. "We cannot let a small group of people control a large group of people's rights. That is a humanitarian crime" ~ @Pharrell #GlobalCitizenNOW
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We're proud that @leilanilatimer, our Chief Commercial & Marketing Officer, will be representing @FairTradeCert at #GlobalCitizenNOW! 200+ changemakers are convening to discuss and chart a course of urgent action to eliminate poverty and protect the planet. @GlblCtzn twitter.com/leilanilatimer…
Congrats to our partners who won @WholeFoods 2021 Supplier of the Year awards! 🏆 �@CamposBorquezez: Supplier of the Year & Regenerative Agriculture Commitment @driscollsberryrry: Raising the Bar for Quality@AlterEco_Foodsoods: Purpose Driven Empowermebit.ly/3LHPVCVmtcH
I really enjoyed my conversation with #FairTrade and social justice warrior, Elisha Chan from @FairTradeLA. Check out the full episode and others here on the FAIR Talks podcast: bit.ly/3sGdXHu twitter.com/FairTradeCert/…
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Have you listened to the latest episode of #FAIRTalksPodcast? Our founder & CEO, @fairtradepaul, sits down with @FairTradeLA's Elisha Chan to discuss how #FairTrade creates a win-win scenario for companies and farmers, fishers and workers. 🎙️bit.ly/3sGdXHuYp
Today on #WorldFairTradeDay we are especially grateful for the work of Alliance members @FairTradeCert for all they do to create opportunities for fishing and fish farming communities!
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🌏 Happy#WorldFairTradee Day! What does fair trade mean to you? Watch this video to learn what it means to us! And, check out our latest U.S. consumer insights report to learn more about shifting shopping behaviors and the rise of#ConsciousConsumerismm:bit.ly/3LcHgYEfH
What an honor to be named as a Fast Company finalist for innovation in #food and #sustainability! Bringing #FairTradeCertified to the #dairyindustry is an exciting innovation in #sustainablesupplychains, #sustainablelivelihoods and shows that there is alw…lnkd.in/gyXHaaEV
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Join us on May 19th and learn how Fair Trade procurement in hotels can solidify supply chain resiliency, strengthen your brand, build consumer loyalty, and help accelerate your sustainability goals. Register for the webinar: us06web.zoom.us/webinar/regist…
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Congrats to Alejandra Loaiza, Operations Coordinator on our Producer Services team, and winner of @FairTradeCert's Colleague Recognition Award! We're beyond grateful for all of her positive energy, hard work & countless contributions to our mission in the past 5 years! 🎉 �Gw
It's been nearly a year since we launched our #FairTradeCertification program for the U.S. dairy industry with our partners at @Chobani. We're thrilled to see this program recognized as a finalist for @FastCompany's #FCWorldChangingIdeas awards! bit.ly/3N72ubZ
Are you going to @VelocityInst's Conference? If so, we'd love to say hi! 👋 Stop by table 26 and learn how#FairTradeCertifiedd can add value to your brand. And don't miss Lauren Tolbert's presentation: "How#Retailerss Leverage#Sustainabilityy to Drive Loyalty."twitter.com/VelocityInst/s…y
Seeing @Divine_Flavor's commitment to their partnership with us at @FairTradeCert is a healthy reminder about what it means to embrace sustainability throughout your business. Fresh #FairTrade produce really does make a difference. twitter.com/FairTradeCert/…
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☕️ CEO of #specialtycoffee roaster, @Barriehouse1934, discusses the value of sourcing #FairTradeCertified coffee beans in order to ensure #sustainability throughout the entire supply chain. #FairTradeCertification #EthicalSourcing #ResilientSupplyChains #SustainableCoffee
Finding the perfect #MothersDay gift takes time, but luckily, our partners are here to help. #FairTradeCertified products support mothers everywhere by improving access to paid maternity leave, ensuring safe workplaces, protecting from harassment & more! bit.ly/3FebpFy
World Fair Trade Day is 10 days away & our campaigns are gearing up to celebrate! See how 3 campaigns will teach their communities about FT on #WFTD. . 1 Open House with @chifairtrade 2 Second Saturdays Block Party with Fair Trade Long Beach 3 Fair Trade Market with @FairTradeLA
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Our theory of change is a driving factor behind our mission at @FairTradeCert and the impact we create. Give a listen to my conversation with Alexander McCobin to hear more about how businesses, consumers, and producers are at the heart of this change! #FairTrade twitter.com/ConsciousCap/s…
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Don't miss this free webinar hosted by @ECRM_YourSpark & @Range_Me on Thursday, May 5th. Leaders from @WholeFoods will discuss: "Collaborating with Retailers to Create Sustainable Products." Register now! bit.ly/3KKKxOx #SustainableSourcing #Retail #FairTradeCertified
Back in February, @FairtradeMarkUS' @fairtradepaul shared insight into the impact of @FairTradeCert on conscious business. Discover the 3 key actors in Fair Trade’s theory of change & why conscious leaders can get behind it: consciouscapitalism.org/video/three-pi… #ConsciousCapitalism
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What does #sustainability mean to our partners at @Divine_Flavor and how are they paving the way towards a more prosperous future for #PlanetAndPeople? "As fair trade producers, our company has the infrastructure to produce responsibly and sustainably." 🍅 🥒 @grupoaltal5KM
Join @nycfairtrade, @chicagofair, @FairTradeLA & fair trade advocates from around the world Saturday, April 30th for the Fair Trade Fashion Forum.​​​​​​​​ .​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​ It isn't enough to listen & learn, we must JOIN IN & GET ACTIVE.​​​​​​​​ Tickets: bit.ly/3vON6d1
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🫑�@WholesumHarvestst shares ho#FairTradeCertificationon helps support the company's sustainability goals by providing a framework that allows for more positive impact and brings more equity to the supply chain.#PlanetAndPeoplel#SustainableSourcingn#EquitytAV
It's not just about coffee. It's about making people’s lives better. As the 1st certified @BCorporation and @FairTradeCert coffee roaster in California, it's always been about more than just coffee. Our chain of wellbeing starts at the source and ends at the sip (that's you!)☕
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Huge congratulations to @FairTradeCert partner, @Nespresso, for becoming a Certified #BCorp. We are proud of the role #FairTradeCertified coffee plays in their sustainability journey and continue to cheer them on! twitter.com/Nespresso/stat…
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Don't miss @SustainBrands's webinar taking place TOMORROW. Listen to #sustainability experts from @NumiTea, @kroger, @GallantIntl & @FairTradeCert as they share best practices for meeting your #environmental, #social, and #economic goals. Register 👉bit.ly/3647Y7sL2
Give back to moms you know & those you don't through @FairTradeCert gifts. 💕 Help support hardworking mother's around the world by improving access to paid maternity leave, safe and accommodating workplaces, and childcare. // Gift#FairTradee Styles:bit.ly/3Er52yzlB
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Learn best practices to balance your environmental, social & economic goals; including how #FairTradeCertification can help deliver on your #ESG goals, how to get internal buy-in & more during a free @SustainBrands webinar on April 27. Register now! bit.ly/3647Y7s
9 years ago, the #RanaPlaza factory building collapsed, killing 1,134+ people and injuring thousands. Today, we honor those lost or hurt in this tragedy. Businesses must protect workers & source products ethically. Our #FairTradeFactory program can help: bit.ly/3EImSgs
We're inspired to see our partners at @SamsClub deepen their commitment to #sustainability and responsible sourcing by announcing new ambitions for their Member's Mark private brand. Learn more: bit.ly/3rLccbv #MembersMark #FairTradeCertification #EthicalSourcing
Join me at @FairTradeCert to lead product and ensure we build tech products that improve the lives of farmers and workers around the world. #Hiring fairtradeusa.bamboohr.com/jobs/view.php?…
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