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You can succeed in business, the feminine way ✨ For years, I belonged to male-dominated coaching groups. And while I love men as a whole, I did so because there were no other options. I yearned to model a successful (feminine) business woman I could… instagr.am/p/Ca-RSP9r3JM/
On International Woman’s Day, above all else, let us champion each other, encourage each other, love each other and be the reason other women succeed, as they are the reason we also succeed. Let us be Powerful and Feminine. While there is oppression … instagr.am/p/Ca213uvLsUF/
In a few days, we will be finalizing the paperwork to purchase our new house in the south of France. It has been a longtime dream to live in both Provence and Paris…and that dream is now coming true. So deeply looking forward to discovering the r… instagr.am/p/Cay7vjdjiBO/
❤️While we can’t control all events, we do have dominion over how we react to them so we feel more grounded ❤️ I spoke to a few women about our current events to lend support in how they're reacting to the current chaos and uncertainty. There isn’t alwa… instagr.am/p/CarTzvtDYGM/
After a week of skiing in the French Alps, we packed up the car and Derek played a Jim Rohn audio for the ride home for us. So many incredible truisms.   And then, I had to write this one down:  “All good things are upstream.” All things worth going fo… instagr.am/p/CaaV2QiLM9V/
It was a tender day today. I had been feeling a lot of pressure for weeks around my father’s delayed funeral. We were all gathered this morning…family, friends, and also close friends of his that I had never met. I had prepared a speech. My kid… instagr.am/p/CZ5C3UArC5s/
We shine in the company of other kind, generous, strong women 💃 Context: I am beginning to host Women’s Gatherings in my Paris apartment with the intention to meet new women and grow my female friendships here. In welcoming extraordinary women in…instagr.am/p/CZ1xwjBDRQf/7y
✨ Celebrating 20 years of marriage! ✨ Just before our wedding, we asked married friends and family to share words of advice for a happy and lasting marriage. We included these in the ceremony and, each year for 20 years, we read these aloud to ea… instagr.am/p/CZhMFQUDfrx/
Hey, would you help me, please? 😉 👉 Right now, there is likely a woman in your life who is self-employed, doing well by most standards, but also totally overwhelmed. 👉 She's grown her business to a consistent 8K+ per month (or more, even much morinstagr.am/p/CZZ2tsCL2UK/on66
Homemade pizzas at our home tonight! 🍕 No kneading. Just putting the dough together for 3-5 minutes and letting it rest. It’s the same method I’ve been using to make fresh baguettes every day for the last two weeks. The pizza stone and that th…instagr.am/p/CZDBXnjroBw/wP
💎 Want to love your life? Help all people to “increase” 💎 Think about this. Whether it’s a friend, spouse, a client, your child, a new friend or someone you will never see again, everyone you know wants “more of life”. Maybe for some, it’s more linstagr.am/p/CY_vxlYDZCp/5YL
❤️ I choose to live so I will have no regrets at the end of my life. ❤️ Here’s how… 👉 Imagine that it’s the end of your life and you were looking back on how you chose to live it. What would your regrets be? In the search for more success, fame, gr…instagr.am/p/CYtj-hWjr40/5u
❤️ Beautiful Sister. It’s time for you to speak up. It’s time for you to confidently take up more space. You deserve to be heard. You deserve to have your say. Your opinion does matter. You are worthy of having your words be considered and listened to.… instagr.am/p/CYoagpBDiTh/
❤️ Sadly, we lost my beloved papa last week. ❤️ The depths of how much I will miss him is unspeakable. Nothing and no one has shaped me more than he has. Everything I am today is a reflection of how he molded me (and how I now mold others to succeed, inc… instagr.am/p/CYbzvB3j1J5/
🎄 Merry everything to you! (We’re reunited and I couldn’t be happier) 🎄 For many, the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year. And then there are those who find it to be hard work making sure everyone else has a wonderful time…often it’s usinstagr.am/p/CX6N5ASDflK/dwe
🎶 I believe that all women have a song to sing (a calling) that only they can sing… …and that this song needs to be heard far and wide. Problem is, the mindset of most women business owners keeps their thinking (and reach) small. 🙅 What stops thinstagr.am/p/CXQdXJbjE86/dTz
✨✨ A woman feels her most attractive when she is happy and feeling confident. ✨✨ How do you become happy? Well, first, you don’t wait for others to make you happy. YOU make YOU happy. Prioritize doing all the things that make you happy. Something … instagr.am/p/CXLRT0iDJ6w/
With my Luc today, enjoying lunch in Paris…instead of flying all over the world. Two years ago, I talked with Derek about not being sure if our current business model was sustainable. Flying to the US 5 times a year, leaving my family behind was tak… instagr.am/p/CXBo1iSDDXL/
Just a little note to say how much I appreciate you. Thank you for following, thank you for all the love, the comments, the private notes. It has been a good year and a tough year too. You made it feel like I wasn’t alone. Sending you all my love and… instagr.am/p/CWtQ5ghjdyO/
You are in control of your feelings at any moment. It's a choice, here's now. (👉🏻 Swipe for meme.)   Many people believe that their feelings are caused by something outside of them, that they don't have the ability to change it. This is not true.  Atinstagr.am/p/CWlE-kcDSYc/sbP
Insist on having a very, very high quality of life (your business can provide you this)  Too many people live to work instead of working to live well.  Perhaps it’s because I was raised in France, where the pleasures of the senses are celebrated, but I… instagr.am/p/CWabR_lDDrG/
One of the reasons we initially moved to France was for adventure…seeking rich and vibrant experiences. 🤩 What helps the adventure is having the freedom to do what you love to do, and if you are an entrepreneur who builds a leveraged business that c…instagr.am/p/CVdSIalD7j0/w3
We have arrived in Italy for our two week unplugged vacation! 🇮🇹 One week in Bologna (« en amoureux », just Derek and I) and then our 16yo Luc joins us for week two in Puglia. (If you love Italy, good food and wine, follow my Story the next two weeks.)instagr.am/p/CVbLmpljbjI/GfR
Do you worry about what people will think of you if you get more successful? Here are my thoughts for you. 😳 I’ve spoken to countless women about their hesitation to grow their business (or go after a big dream in their personal life), because they …instagr.am/p/CVSRXIBjraq/A0
🦄 The things you are passionate about are not random, they are your calling. 🦄 Even though many people go through life (and business) feeling discouraged and believing they don’t have a purpose, nothing could be further from the truth. You exist forinstagr.am/p/CUsPmw2jlxS/OLo
🙏 Here’s what I once said to a boyfriend that made him respect me even more… 🙏 But first, some context: Have you ever noticed that many TV shows portray implausible, too-upbeat ways of being, where the overarching message is, “Only positive emotionsinstagr.am/p/CUcgMF6D6qm/80c
😩 Owning your own business can be SUPER-CHALLENGING. But it doesn’t have to be this way. Here’s how you turn things around. I’ve met countless women at the six-figure level (8K+ per month) who feel utterly overwhelmed as they are working super long…instagr.am/p/CUaCTjRDlZr/yI
🌻 Want to feel more confident in every area of your life? Start to reject rejection… 🌻 It’s very easy to believe that when someone rejects you, whether it’s in love, friendship, family, work, or otherwise, it’s because something is WRONG with you. instagr.am/p/CUXaJGPD9QT/47u
“Mama, can all my friends come over for dinner again this Friday night?” Coming from a teenage boy who wants it to become a tradition that “Friday Night Dinner is at our house”, is there a better compliment on earth? On the menu tonight, teenager-hap… instagr.am/p/CUN8Nu3DJ6A/
Provence…my happy place. I long dreamed of buy a house here and host Life Design (and cooking) retreats there. That dream has now come true. ✅ Where most people dream for a moment, and then give up on that dream, I hold on to it and make it happen. … instagr.am/p/CUIA7hSji3g/
Enjoying every last moment with my pretty girl before she starts university in London. Being self-employed means the list is never ending. Add motherhood to the mix, possibly an aging parent, or a life transition and the list is even longer (maybe you k… instagr.am/p/CT7t5kLDGYh/
When your teenage daughter comes to you after dinner and says “Do you have more copies of your book for my friends?” 👍 #embraceyourmagnificenceeinstagr.am/p/CTxpiw-jPcw/U8
Celebrating yet another woman crossing the million dollar mark using our process… 🚀 …(and the year’s not over yet, she may just get to 1.25 million by year’s end.) If you need a little inspiration today for your own business, I would like you to k…instagr.am/p/CTondZyDlD3/TD
The life of an entrepreneur comes built-in with lots of zigs and zags, requiring constant positive focus, as well as opportunities for course-correction. It’s absolutely normal to have ups and downs, and we entrepreneurs need a place to safely and authen… instagr.am/p/CTffEwRDCc1/
🔴 Saturday night cocktail! 🔴🍸 Campari Spritz, my way. How you make it: 1/3 Campari in a large wine glass with 3 ice cubes, 2/3 chilled Prosecco. Garnish with an orange slice 🍊 for a sweet twist or red currants for a refreshing bitter twist. Nothiinstagr.am/p/CTaII6TDhF6/0C1xj
✨ You can increase your quality of life dramatically by doing just one thing per week to add more pleasure to it. ✨ Yes, it’s important to work on your business, and make good money. But have you ever thought of also working on your quality of life?… instagr.am/p/CTRdAwOD58N/
Seek the highest quality of life possible, on your terms… Every day, I will take a stand for you to choose bliss, chase joy, explore your own version of fulfillment, in all its forms. This can mean different things to different people. For me, a… instagr.am/p/CTEm81qjuBq/
❤️ A loving reminder about having the highest level of respect for yourself when considering who to let into your life, and heart… ✨ “The more you love and honor yourself, the more you will not tolerate anyone else betraying you, disrespecting you, … instagr.am/p/CS8zFn0jDh2/
Sometimes, when life takes a turn for the unexpected, the unexpected becomes sublime… Today, a little vignette (story) about what it means to #trustlife . We were supposed to meet super talented Sicilian chef @angeloingrassiacheftravel for a priva… instagr.am/p/CSxc7zxDIVv/
✨Finding bliss and joy on the island of Ortigia… ✨ You know how deeply I believe in you having the highest quality of life you can. Yes, it’s important to focus on work, create impact, and make good money. You need this as it gives you security and … instagr.am/p/CStS5L9D2M0/
Celebrating my birthday with my loves! 🥰 Thanks for all the lovely notes! I am so fortunate to have you in my life. I treasure you. 🙏🏼 Derek and I head off to Sicily tomorrow, just us (« en amoureux », as we say in French). 💃 (I’ll post pics in instagr.am/p/CShePj7jqGl/7KTqp
✨ Yes, you can pay yourself really well and have your freedom too (now, not later) ✨ I was on a podcast this week, and the interviewer asked me two questions… “You spent 4 weeks in Provence, and it looked like you didn’t work much, but your busines… instagr.am/p/CSbwgybD64j/
Leaving Provence after 4 weeks of bliss (yet happy our offer on a house here was accepted.) 💃 Looks like we will be taking ownership of our Provençal country house in a few months. Fragrant lavender fields, the sound of cicadas, olive trees, fig tr…instagr.am/p/CSPwU9lje1E/wc
16 years old today…and a lifetime of love for this boy. Luc, my love, my boy, my everything. So deeply kind, intelligent, respectful, good friend, a true gentleman, sovereign, a man, a successful entrepreneur already. A dream of a mother come true.… instagr.am/p/CR4lphbjdIa/
Poolside love coming your way… 🏖 Hope you are enjoying your summer?instagr.am/p/CR3_I1yD4FY/wL
#datenight ! Nothing is more important for your life than accepting the right person into your life. So many women settle, thinking they can’t do/get better than what’s in front of them (believe me, I knew what I was getting into when I said yes to th… instagr.am/p/CRwB8KOjfd9/
When referring to Provence, Elizabeth David, one of my favorite British cookbook authors, wrote the following… « Provence is a country to which I am always returning, next week, next year, any day now, as soon as I can get on a train. » I could no… instagr.am/p/CRgycLrjAMN/
My happy place…Provence. Here are a few pics from my day, in hopes to bring you some sunshine. ☀️ instagr.am/p/CRevU_ajJgE/
Hello from Provence! 🍋 Sending big love as we host our US family in the land of lavender… I’ve been quiet for a few days. Resting. Cooking. Pool time. Catching up on sleep. An hour of work a day. Visiting our favorite villages. Eating. Napping some …instagr.am/p/CRUkCL7DZsb/0e
When that whisper in your heart says, “Fly!” and it feels uneasy to let go… Have you ever felt that, despite the fear of the unknown, you just have to let go of one trapeze rung to catch another? It can be unsettling to stop doing something that y… instagr.am/p/CQrnFt1DsvE/
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