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Cool😎 I love it when anything bad happens to the government of china. It makes me really happy 😁 🔥🇨🇳🛰️🇨🇳🔥 ha…VRazOZHFuX
@TheHackersNews That is cool but I still do not like @Cloudflare=ass holes
This is bad😒 I feel every customer who's data is apart of this breach should get free@TMobilee for 2 years😠 & get free identity/credit monitoring services for the next 6 years!!!…ZZ2
@DMagazine I feel people really need to start moving out of oppressive red states. It's like if you are thinking of moving to a new state, you may want to look into how oppressive that red states is. #Texas=stupid #RepublicanParty=💩#Republicanss=💩 END-> The#RepublicanPartyrty🔥
Yo @Tubi your website is not letting me watch anything on Linux with Firefox v88.0.1 It keeps bitching that I'm blocking ads even when I have deactivated my @ublockorigin add-on within Firefox. So I can't watch anything because you people can't code for shit!!! #Tubi #TV #Movies
OMG @kalilinux Fcuk you & your lame fucking mirror list bullshit!! You hella sux at doing a repository!!!!!!😠�#kalil#Linuxux
I'm having a really bad day today. 😠😠�#BadDaydDay
Everyone is talking about the #Israelairstrike etc... But no one is talking about how #Palestine is not stopping #Hamas. I say to #Israel keep Bombing until Hamas is gone or until the people of #Palestine bring you all #HamasTerrorists. #IsraelUnderFire #IsraelPalestineconflict
@comcastcares Or you could get off your butt & just look at the loads of people who have No Internet in the east bay part of the bay area California & fix it🤯#XFINITYY =�#comcastst=#InternetDowno#Internetn#NoInternetn#ComcastOutageag#ISPISP's are dumb🙄)
Day 2 of No Internet!!! @comcast @Xfinity @comcastcares Where is your redundancy??!!!! Route round the problem!!! This is why we need some kind of bill with rules and regulations to deal with ISP's😠#InternetDownn#Internett#NoInternett#Comcastt=💩
Grrr #ComcastOutage started at 2:30am east bay Come on @comcast @Xfinity whatever🙄 Fix things faster!!!�#InternetDownw#Internete#NoInternete#Comcastst=💩
@AP whatever I say turn North Korea into a sheet of glass & be done with it.🙄
@Vince12017 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia Well if India wants to be dumb & buy missile systems from Russia that is their choice. I'm sure if Russia was to ever hit India the missile systems would stop working because they know how to bypass them.
@doccna10 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia Well I used it in that way because some replies make me out to sound like some republican & I'm so not. I always tell people that I believe India can become a kick ass country. I can see a so much potential in India & the people.
@doccna10 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia I Joined twitter on March 20th 2008 It's not my first rodeo & I know they all are in rage mode right now & they can't help it. The funny thing is I like the people of India & I feel hella sad about people dying in high numbers, this is the last thing India needs right now.
@doccna10 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia Look I don't know all of the facts about what the WHO did or did not do etc... so I can't judge that. All I'm saying is we are not the hart less dicks some people think we are. I'm not saying your hating but read some of the replies I've got.🙄
@juni77603930 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia "China was the first nation discover the covid" Yeah & they told who about it? oh w8 they told no one!!!!! They let it get out of control! & people died All thanks to who the asshole People's Republic of China 🔥🇨🇳🔥 So kiss my butt
@doccna10 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia It's like how can the United States of America help other countries if there is no United States of America anymore. All the people hating on me & the US just don't get how bad things are. Also I love how they all forget about the $2 billion sent to the WHO 🙄
@juni77603930 @lfrayer @SerumInstIndia "you cant blame china for the ignorance of India in handling the virus" Well you got me there on that one As for blaming china we sure as hell can. When the china gov knew about the virus they told no one. They always ignore things or keep things hush-hush. You can't trust #china
@lfrayer @SerumInstIndia guess it's just easier to get mad at the US than to put blame where it's due🙄
@lfrayer @SerumInstIndia I find it odd how no one is holding #China responsible for #COVID19 So when they start paying out mad $ to India & all other the countries impacted by #COVID19 When will they make it up somehow for all the people who died?
@lfrayer @SerumInstIndia Look people😒 do you see a superman S anywhere on the US flag No. Why because The United States of America Is fucked in so many ways we need to fix our own shit long before we go helping everyone or there will be no more United States of America. shit is getting crazy here.
@lfrayer @SerumInstIndia I find it funny how people are bitching to me "what about the Hydroxychloroquine India gave" Oh well it did not help with #COVID19 & It was the asshole orange-man who wanted it. Not me.
@lfrayer @SerumInstIndia I'm not saying they are asking the US to give the raw materials for free. I'm saying #China should give the India the raw materials for FREE, because #COVID19 is their fault.
I feel African American parents need to take a long hard look at the culture of their young. They keep acting like gang thugs, they need to evolve passed that. Perception is everything & if you don't want to be perceive as a criminal stop looking & acting like one.🙄
#Vaccine dose #1 I did not feel anything From when I was a kid I've had a high white blood cell count Always freaks out doctors & they run hella tests & find nothing They think I have an aggressive immune system. I had a feeling that I'd feel sick on dose#2 of the #PfizerVaccine
Yesterday I got dose #2 of the @pfizer #CovidVaccine💉🥳😁 Later that night I felt like shit with hot/cold flashes, my bones felt like broken glass, everything was aching & a bad headach#COVIDV#COVID19D#Pfizerz#PfizerVaccinei#Vaccinatedt#PfizerCovidVaccinei#VaccinesSaveLivesves
I'm not saying #KimPotter should not do some time for her costly mistake. I say 5 years. Lets face it he could have been going back into his car for a gun, the guy was not a good citizen. Had #DaunteWright not died that day, his future would be prison & he'd get out & go back in.
Everyone keeps making #DaunteWright out to be some good guy on @CNN🙄 The dude is a criminal & a thug! I've seen the court documents. He was charged with choking and attempted armed robbery of a woman & much…u#Newss#Minneapoliss#Minnesotaa#CNNN
Here's how I'm spending my #420Day Uncle Arnie's Iced Tea Lemonade 8 fl oz 100mg THC Talking Trees Hash: Motor Royale SHISH Extracts: GMO Cookies Hashish Richie Rich bud: Sno Batter #Happy420Day🤓#UncleArniess#MattsHighSodaa#SnoBatterr#Hashh#Hashishh#Cannabiss#Marijuanaa#EdiblessA
So @Dlink refunded me for the DGS-1210-10/ME Junk Switch. So I went & got a @Cisco Business 350-16T-2G Managed Switch 😁…i with 22AWG Cat8 & 23AWG Cat7 Solid Cables.#Ciscoo#CiscoSwitchh#CiscoBusinesss#Networkk#Networkingg#LANN#ManagedSwitchh#NetworkSwitchhB
Yo @Dlink I find it lame that my business switch came with a RJ45 to Serial console cable Who in the hell has a Serial Port anymore?🙄 So now the Web UI died on me & the only way to reset is via the console port that I can't use#Dlinkk#Networkingg#NetworkSwitchh#RJ455#SerialPortt
@Dear1 @pfizer & do I care what you think? oh w8 I don't. 🤣 un-like you I am a virology hobbyist & know more about viruses than you ever will. So stick to you drawings & wrench turning you caveman🤣
Today I got my #CovidVaccine💉 🥳😁 I got t@pfizerzer vaccine dose #1 & that is the vaccine I wanted! I feel fine, my arm is a bit sor#COVIDVI#COVID19D1#COVID?19#Pfizerz#PfizerVaccinei#PfizerCovidVaccinein#CovidVaccinesn#Vaccinatedte#MaskUpk#VaccinesSaveLivesv#Californiania
@WilliamShatner William Shatner You are awesome in everything you do.😎 "I don't like the way I look in what I do." I'd feel the same way if it was me. Remember "Your harshest critic is always going to be yourself." p.s. TekWar was awesome.
If you #Texans need something to burn for fire🔥. You could always burn that useless book the#biblee & grow a brain🧠#TexasFreezee#TexasBlackouto#TexasWinterStormo#TexasPowerOutagea#Texasx#Republicansans=❄️💩❄️
When the #TexasFreeze is done Freezing everything & everyone & the ice melts. We can plow under all the buildings and plant rows of flowers that spell out the words, "Too dumb to live" in letters big enough to be seen from space.🤣#TexasBlackoutt#TexasWinterStormm#Texass
I'm happy about the #TexasFreeze, it is poetic justice for all them #Texans who are anti #RenewableEnergy/#GlobalWarming This is what you get ❄️#Texas❄️ for being dumb. Have fun living like little house on the prairie🕯�#TexasBlackoutu#TexasWinterStormr#TexasPowerOutagege
I annihilated my mom with a #Cannabis edible I made with home-made #CannaButter>(Banana🍌Bread)😋She took it at 8pm & was High & Hella out of it all the next day😲 It's strong & she did not eat much. I felt bad for he#Weede#MedicalMarijuanaa#MedicalCannabisb#Marijuanaa#Edibleslfiy
Make sure you update sudo! After this #security flaw & the other 2 last year, I feel sudo needs a hardcore security audit. p.s. I never liked sudo😒#Linuxx#Vulnerabilityy#sudoo#Exploitt#Cybersecurityy#Debiann#Ubuntuu#cve202131566…O
@KaliRoseWolf which one of the vaccine will you get? pfizer, moderna, astrazeneca. I want the pfizer vaccine.
@UgoosLtd This update v0.3.9.1 fucked my Ethernet!!!! So now I have no LAN/Internet on my AM6 plus! Why don't you people try testing updates before you push them out😠#Androidd#TVBoxx#ugooss=n00bs
Yo @PizzaGuys🍕 your website is jacked! I can't order online, the website keeps bitching about the time & date falls on a holiday & today is no holiday. This is the second time it has done this to me.#Pizzaa#PizzaGuyss
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