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🥾 1,000#MINII NFT SNEAKER BOXES WILL OPEN FOR SALE ⏰Time: 9AM, Sep 20th UTC 📍 INO Detail: - Selling Price: $120 BUSD 👟 About Mini box: - Mint price: $140 BUSD - Best ROI: 25 days Set alarmarketplace.runnow.io4tr See morblog.runnow.io/2022/09/16/ino…wt#Runnownow.#NFTsFcdr
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🌟Partner Annoucement -@Oxalus_ioo Oxalus is an NFT Analytics Platform where you may obtain quantitative blockchain industry information. Oxalus offers an analytics tool, wallet, and game hub in the ecosystem. #Market2477#OxalussE
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🛎️ TREASURY - The New World Is Born🛎️@thetreasurynftft is an NFT project consisting of over 7000 NFTs exquisitely designed and completely unique, inspired by famous works of art. 🔥 Read moreoxalus.io/nft/collection…AB#NFTsN#NFTCommunityn#TreasurysI8ZQ
Market247.ioG X@Oxalus_ioo Giveaway🔥 Stand a chance to get free 100$ today 🏆 100$ for 10 random lucky users 📅 Sept. 16th-25th, 2022 How to join? ✅ Retweet this post ✅ Finish all tasks required in the lidocs.google.com/forms/d/1nhkiI…PaBC) LET'S RACE TO THE REWAgdKD
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🌟PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 📢We are thrilled to announce that Oxalus has set a partnership wiRunnow.ioBXX �Runnow.ioGpBXX is a LifeStyle Gamification - Move & Earn project developed by KBG Studio to build a healthier world. 🏃🏃‍1j35FANw
🎉Congrats@kung_funguss on the big achievement! 😇THEIR NFTs are SOLD OUT CHECK THEM OUT!twitter.com/kung_fungus/st…Roz
🙉 Adopted Gorillas Club - Ape Collection on#Solanaa 🙉@adoptedgorillasas is an NFT collection o#Solanana by@molkivisionon. It is one of the most notable NFT projects with an impressive score on Oxalus Analytics💯 Read moreoxalus.io/nft/collection…6k#NFTsN#NFTCommunitynfmjk
🌟PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 📢Oxalus officially established a strategic partnership wi@DtoolsTeameam🚀 🔉Dtools, next generation of Web3 ALL-IN-ONE tool with 100K+ downloads, 7-8K DAU, 42K+ Twitter followers, 22K+ Discord members and 15K+ Pass owdtools.orgP8vwrpG
Top NFTs on #Solana traded by the best performing traders 🤔 The best way to explore & make money from a new potential NFT market like#Solanaa is that you can follow the smart money flow from the traders who are well-skilled and experienced 🙌#SolanaNFTsT#Solanan#SOLO#NFTsTK1
💥$50,000 CASH plus UNLIMITED NFTs ❤️REFER A FRIEND ❤️10 OWP for you, 6 OWP for your friend Top 1: $10,000 Top 2: $5,000 Top 3: $3,000 $500 for 64 random users each ✅Like, retweet, follow@OxalusWallett 🎁YOUR TIME IS NOWoxalus.io/referrals/Oxal…t9#Cryptop#NFTNoNL
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🎉RARE LION OWNER of@ZenLionNFTT 🤑10 Whitelists to make profit ✅Like, retweet, follo@OxalusEarnrn ✅JOIgleam.io/competitions/D…zO ⏰END: Sep 14#NFTGiveawaysy#NFTCommunityt#Airdropsps
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The number of new NFTs added to #OpenSea from Nov 2021 🤔 The major trend is to increase 📈 gradually over time, showing that the NFT market is still a potential hotbed for crypto projects. Besides@openseaea still maintains its position as a leading marketplace to trade NFTs. Q8p
🌟PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 📢 We are excited to announce that Oxalus has partnered wi@MysticMotorsNFTNFT 🚀 🔉 Mystic Motor is an action-packed car racing game where players race their unique FT car to earn real money 💯 👉 Readmedium.com/@Oxalus/oxalus…fTIEXno7
📣📣FINAL COUNTDOWN!! LESS THAN 2 HOURS TO END THE CAMPAIGN!! Over 120,000 PYM (equivalent to 250 USD) is waiting to be won by the next lucky Playermon Master. Want to be a part of this amazing opportunity? Please visit for more information about this:medium.com/playermon/play…qHN
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🎉TO THE VEGAS with@solanavegasclvbb 🤩20 WL for 20 top referrers 💵Let's get some CASH ✅Like, foll@OxalusEarnarn 👉JOgleam.io/competitions/7…r8kF ⏳ENDS in just 5 DAY#NFTCommunityn#giveawaya#airdropdrop
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Here 3⃣ GameFi projects coming to public sale this week 🥳 ✅@ookeengaa 3D NFT Play-Own-Earn ✅@BossFightersVRR World’s First VR / PC multiplayer action game ✅@SweatEconomyy Web3 Movement Project #NFTCommumityy#NFTss#IDOO#tokensalee#GameFii#BlockchainGamingg5
💥$42,000 EVENT 😱 WINNERS ARE REVEALED Top 1: 0x77a***92fea Top 2: 0x7e1***9f08a Top 3: 0x5ad***5C51E 👇$100 for 100 random userdocs.google.com/spreadsheets/d…HCfm ✅Like, retweet, fol@Oxalus_ios_io for more big even#NFTGiveawaya#CryptoyR8fs
DeerLuminati🤝Oxalus We partnered with@Oxalus_ioo and we'll be listed on their amazing NFT Analytics Platform😎 To celebrate this, they organized BIG giveaway ! Giveawy:gleam.io/H50U9/oxalus-d…6q Website:oxalus.iose Mediummedium.com/@Oxalus_io8I �XbUx
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🌟PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 📢 Oxalus have officially established a strategic partnership wi@solswipecardard 🚀#Solswipeswipe is the first project on Solana allowing users to access their cryptocurrency in a form of a debit card 💰 Read medium.com/@Oxalus/oxalus…EV3tH2D
We are happy to announce that @BitKeepOS has officially supported @Oxalus_io 🥳 Now you can access to Oxalus Analytics Platform in the BitKeep wallet app 🙌 Thank yo@BitKeepDailyly for this great news twitter.com/BitKeepDaily/s…1fG
🌟PARTNERSHIP ANNOUNCEMENT🌟 📢Oxalus a@spinellabsabs have officially set a strategic partnership🚀 🔉Spinel Labs, a DAO-based comprehensive infrastructure and one of the top 10 winner#BNB #BNB Chain Web3 Stars Accelerator, partners with Oxalus to en#Web3#Web3 mass adoptixrTbEf
#Ethereum is still leading in the race of NFTs 🏁 Which blockchains do you usually trade NFTs? Let us know 👇 $ETH $SOL $IMX $FLOW $RONIN $BNB $MATIC $WAX $PALM $PANINed
🙌 Which upcoming projects are you looking to mint? 💥 Here 4⃣ NFT projects coming to public sale this week 🥳 @LOFI_BUZZUZZ @SwordsofBlood_od_ @BlocKombatbat @YachtingVersers#NFTCommumityi#NFTsF#IDOI#tokensalea#GameFie#BlockchainGamingiXJ6
🤯THOUSANDS ARE JOINING, ARE YOU IN?🤔 We will soon remove all cheaters/hackers from the program to ensure fair event for all REAL users. Now you're welcome to spread out to more REAL friends! 👇🏻 LET'S DO IToxalus.io/referral?utm_s…pG#NFTs #Giveawayv#cryptocurrencyrtwitter.com/Oxalus_io/stat…VUOHkO
🧐 Take a closer look at the TOP 10 mentioned#NFTss on social network 🙌As always@BoredApeYCYC, an@pudgypenguinsns secure the top of the leaderboard. Which is your favorit#NFTcollectionon ?🤔�#oxalusx#NFT sOS8i
🎭 Moon Strike - A Sci-Fi NFT Collection🎭@moonstrikenftft is a collection of 5,555 hand-made 3D characters with the aim of combining Web 3.0 Ownership and Economy 💯 Research & Analyze your NFTs oxalus.io/nft/upcominga9#Moonstriker#NFTsN#NFTCommunityn7XMJ
You can discover and analyze hundreds of upcoming NFT collections on Oxalus Analytics, create your account here 👉oxalus.ioE
Here are the top 10 collections on Solana last week. There are 2 projects with over $1 M volume @HGESOL and @DeGodsNFT How can we find more potential NFTs like that from now? 🧐D
While the whole market is so gloomy, there are some exceptions. Let's see ABC @HGESOL, the NFT collection which has the highest 7D volume. 👀 ABC floor price rise ~700% in 7 days �rk
At present, the number of NFT users per week in Solana is nearly 120k. Compared to 200k users in Ethereum, this number is not bad huh? 😎 Btw, we can see most users are from#Mintss &#MagicEdenn �ZK
#Solana is one of the most popular blockchains in the crypto market, with a market cap of up to $11 billion and NFT volume of $200 M per week. 👀 So, is it the potential blockchain for NFT investment? �1v
🔥OXALUS & KINGSPEED - GIVEAWAY🔥 Oxalus and Kingspeed are happy to collaborate on a giveaway with a total prize of 10 NFT boxes. 🎁 Reward: 10 NFT BOXES For top 10 referrers who finished all tasks ⏰Time: Until September 3rd, 202 Join nogleam.io/jFWk3/oxalus-k…X#KingspeederlW
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🎭 Zebra Labs - Bring Bauhaus to the Metaverse 🎭@ZebraLabsNFTFT is now on the top view of Upcoming NFTs. Only 2 days left for you to grab your chance for getting 1 whitelist slot for this unique project 🔥 Find moreoxalus.io/nft/upcominga9#Zebralabsl#NFTsN#NFTCommunityn5L3g
🐯 NFTigz - The NFT Tiger Collection 🐯@NFTigzgz is an NFTs collection aiming to collaborate with big-name artists to enhance the value of the project & give exposure to new and upcoming artists 🔥 Discover more NFTsoxalus.io/nft/upcominga9#NFTigzT#NFTsN#NFTartistsi0jbm
Did you know? 🤔 #Moneses an#MetaApepe both have their roots in traditional games.#Gritrit is backed by the big daddy in the traditional game industry, Epic Games. You should try these games because the gameplay and graphics are really different from other NFT games.NzHc
⚡️JOIN THE #AMA with @ElpisBattle⚡️ 🤩$100 in cash for those who join 👉SET NOTI NOWyoutube.com/watch?v=NZ2olU…jc ⏳TODAY at 13pm UTC, Thursday Aug 25 🎉SEE YOU SOO#NFTCommunityi#giveawayw#Airdropr1Tv
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We are very glad to announce that 10,000 members have joined us 💙 It's been less than 30 days since the launch of Oxalus Analytics, and we are just getting started 🚀🚀🚀 Join now & research your NFToxalus.io/nft/upcoming0a#NFTCommunityu#NFTs##OxalusxANTlj
⚡️JOIN THE BATTLE with @ElpisBattle⚡️ 🤩40 Hero NFTs 🤩100 Equipment NFTs ✅Like, follo@OxalusEarnrn 👉JOIgleam.io/competitions/k…7yW ⏳ENDS Sep 2, 202#NFTCommunityi#giveawayw#Airdroprop
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Are you following 3⃣ projects launching public sale this week?👀 $BNR $SPN $MOVE @bikenrun__@SPORTZCHAINN@moverseannn #NFTCommumityy#NFTss#IDOO#tokensalee#GameFii#BlockchainGamingg#MoveToEarnnd
New partnership with @Oxalus_io📢 Oxalus is the unique#NFTT Analytics Platform. Helps users to step into the#Web33 world with ease and enjoy all the benefits it brings conveniently. To celebrate we have WL + OAT giveaway🎇 To entergleam.io/competitions/F…k#NFTGiveawayw6Pi
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💥$42,000 EVENT 😱 HOW BIG IS THAT??? 💵REFER A FRIEND - MONEY IN HAND💵 Top 1: $20,000 Top 2: $10,000 Top 3: $2,000 $100 for 100 random users each ✅Like, retweet, fol@Oxalus_ios_io 🤔Tell your friends about OXALUS Platform oxalus.io/referral?utm_s…pG#NFTGiveawayv#CryptoCobcTv5
7, Currently there are a lot of NFTs from top collections appearing on the “warning list” because of the risk of being liquidated. 👀 Is this an opportunity for us to buy blue chip NFT at a cheap price? 🤔�48GK
5, People also panic withdraw ETH out of BendDAO for fear that the protocol would crash. 15 wETH ($25,081) left in the wallet that had 18,000 ETH ($29,160,000) in it just 48 hours. 🔍2
6, BendDAO has proposed to lower the liquidity threshold to 70% from its current 95%, shorten a liquidation amnesty window from two days to four hours and increase interest rates to incentivize more ETH deposits and repayments. 🚩
4, People are selling off NFTs on marketplaces because they fear that the floor prices of these NFTs will continue to fall if a large number of NFTs on BendDAO are liquidated. 💥
3, Many people currently borrow too much, leading to default => The amount of debt is greater than the floor price => No one wants to auction these NFTs. 😱
2, BendDAO's auction rule required the auctioneers to bid higher than the debt amount & at least 95% of that NFT floor price, the participant must also lock their ETH for 48 hours. 💰
1, BendDAO is a platform allowing users to use their NFTs as collateral to borrow ETH or deposit their ETH and earn yields instantly. If the price of NFTs drops, the collateralized NFTs will be liquidated and put up for auction. ⚖️
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