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MONEY : The main functions of Money are distinguished as V EX A 1. V : ( value ) a store of Value 2. EX : ( exchange ) a medium of exhange 3. A . (Account ) unit of account en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Money
How to take part on the Vyndao Testnet 1. Open vyndao.com, click Alpha Test, or alphatest.vyndao.com 2. Alpha Test supports 3 Languages (English, Indonesian, Mandarin) ,you can choose one of the language options. 3. You must have a Vexanium Blockchain account
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Vexanium will hold Block Producers Online Meeting on 15 September 2020 to discuss the plans for Q4 2020. This online meeting will start at 18.25 PM (GMT + 7) and will run for 2 sessions:
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Vexanium will open a virtual booth on Indonesian Blockchain Conference which will be hosted by Asosiasi Blockchain Indonesia! This event will showcase the local and international Blockchain and Digital Asset Industry on September 15th 2020. Registration: indoblockchainconference.com
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Berikut ini kutipan dari Danny Baskara (Founder @vexanium) di Indonesia Blockchain Week 2020 Earning Managing Crypto Assets Using Mobile Wallet pada 24 Agustus 2020. Daftar dan hadiri setiap webinar IBW 2020 klik link di bio! #IBW2020
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Use Vexanium blockchain, FREE transaction (just stake cpu+ ram ) and also vexanium transaction speed is 100 Times faster than ethereum blockchain ( less than 1 second ) twitter.com/cz_binance/sta…
Watch #Vexanium #DeFi Day #Webinar: The New Beginning (Bahasa Indonesia) replay on Youtube: youtu.be/NFuXzUDLQrE Mengenal dasar DeFi: Apa itu Decentralized Finance dan bagaimana DeFi bisa mendisrupsi sektor finansial di masa mendatang #Decentralizedfinance #blockchain
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Hi Vex Partners! Vexanium will hold another webinar titled, Vexanium DeFi Day: A Beginning (The New Beginning). It will feature 9 speakers and will take place on Saturday, August 22, 2020. There will be 2 session for Indonesian and global.
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Q3 stimulus vote for blockproducers / node validators and there's new category for University / Campus as our commitment to support blockchain education twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Top 30 utility dapps ecosystem ranking base on public blockchain Ethereum, Vexanium ,Eos,Tron, Steem , icon, klaytn twitter.com/dapp_com/statu…
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blockchain mbuat sertifikasi dpt berjalan lebih baik PoE( proof of existence ) file, kumpulan data/ komunikasi pd titik waktu tertentu dicatat diblockchain Dan ga bs dirubah PoO ( proof of ownership ) konsep publickey+privatekey diblockchain pd ownership PoR Proof of Receipt twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Sertifikat berbasis blockchain mulai Dan akan menjadi trend karena data diblockchain adalah immutable ( alias abadi / tidak bisa dimanipulasi) Dan tracable .. saat ini perjanjian sewa / jual beli / harga gono gini juga sudah bisa dicatat diblockchain #Vexanium twitter.com/Beritasatu/sta…
R E X , ini Layaknya Decentralized AWS ato penyewaan resources sharing digital resources yg otomatis users bisa menyewakan resources nya kpada orng lain selama 30 hari otomatis mlalui smartcontract tidak memakai pihak ketiga, pembayaran deviden Dan sewa otomatis via smartcontract twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Semakin banyak asosiasi menggunakan blockchain khususnya blockchain vexanium untuk proses sertifikasi dokumen twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Jangan lewatkan webinar Blockchain Technology For "New Normal" Financial Industry pada hari Selasa tanggal 30 Juni 2020 pukul 14.00 WIB via Zoom Meeting. Daftarkan dirimu sekarang di bit.ly/webinar-umumreg
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#ATokenn is going to support $VEX send & receive function 🎉 Partner wit@vexaniumum, AToken is giving away 100,000 VEX account activation codes! ⏰Time: 19:00 29th June–19:00 10th July 2020 (UTC+8) 🎁Anyone is welcome to attenlink.medium.com/RHS1lIM9H7S4m#BTCB#cryptop#DeFieFi
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Bagi yang ingin Tau perbedaan Decentralized finance dengan centralized finance ataupun fintech sebuah Cara yang mungkin baru bagi kebanyakan orang dimana Kita hanya membutuhkan sebuah smartkontrak untuk validation diblockchain tanpa menggunakan pihak ketiga twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Artikel yang cukup bagus dibaca saat WFH mengenai peran blockchain di Indonesia katadata.co.id/berita/2020/06…
Vexanium BP Vote Stimulus Program is here! This program was created to increase the number of block producers and the number of votes existing now, in order to improve the blockchain network ecosystem of Vexanium. blog.vexanium.com/vexanium-bp-vo… #Vexanium #BlockProducers #Blockchain
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Hi Vex Partners! It's time for another monthly highlight! February has been quite busy for us but we are happy to present our precious activities throughout the month! Click the link below for full recap! blog.vexanium.com/vexanium-febru… #Vexanium #VexaniumHighlight
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Thank you for all participating universities, partners, and students! All of your support and enthusiasm for the past week really means a lot to us! Please look forward to our future events and let's meet again Vex Partners! #Vexanium #VGTC2020 #nodescommunity @Tokocrypto
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On going! Public lecture by our CEO, Danny Baskara, about Blockchain: Technical Development at @UGMYogyakarta #Vexanium #EduVEXtion #VexaniumGoesToCampus
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Hi Vex Partners! Our CEO, Danny Baskara will have a public lecture for Universitas Gadjah Mada students on Friday, 28th February 2020, with a topic of Blockchain: Technical Development. We will meet soon, UGM Vex Partners! #Vexanium #VexaniumGoesToCampus #UniversitasGadjahMada
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Vexanium protocol roadmap q1-q2 2020 ( bahasa ) twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
vexanium Q1-Q2 development plan , see you on 22nd January 2020 twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Vexanium protocol launch in July 2019 now have 40,000 account with more than 20 dapps and recorded more than 5 million records on the blockchain twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
[Dapps Incentive Program 2019] Hi VEX Partners! Here are the details for Dapps Incentive Program 2019 Phase One. It's still 4 weeks away but don't forget to join and get total Dapps incentives of 2.000.000 VEX! More info: ow.ly/QEjP50xq86W #Vexanium #Blokchain #Dapps
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[Nodes Blockchain Summit 2019] Blockchain technology, usability, and various blockchain information were discussed by speakers and panelists at the 2019 Nodes Blockchain Summit: Powering The Future. #Vexanium #nodesblockchainsummit2019 #blockchain #nodescommunity
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There's blockchainweek that we could meet people in blockchain industry on several conference after #sgblockchainweek this week, nextweek will be #indonesiablockchainweek and don't forget to attend vexanium summit event on 18th November in jakarta
[Nodes Blockchain Summit 2019] Hi VEX Partners! With a theme of “Powering the Future”, 12 professional speakers will deliver information in hope to educate the general public about blockchain and its importance in the future. Full articles: bit.ly/NBSummit19
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“Top 5 China Crypto Myths” Put up these slides for my talk at #InvestNYC China is different in a way that legislation/regulation can be pushed out overnight but enforceability is meh Next time you see “xyz is banned in China” better question its effectiveness first
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[Dapps Incentive Program 2019] Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium Incentive Program has officially begun! This program will run from today until 31 December 2019. Don't forget to submit your Dapps on Vexanium blockchain network. Further details: bit.ly/VexDIP19
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[Nodes Blockchain Summit 2019] Hi VEX Partners! Vexanium will collaborate with Nodes Community to hold a blockchain conference called the Nodes Blockchain Summit. Full articles: bit.ly/NBSummit19
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[BP Vote Tutorial] This tutorial will show you on how to vote block producers (BPs) on Vexanium blockchain. youtu.be/_GA_cp29x8M
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VEXANIUM Roadshow Goes to Campus! Jangan lewatkan kesempatan untuk belajar tentang crypto dan teknologi blockchain untuk menghadapi Revolusi Industri 4.0. Cek infonya di #Indodax #Event #Blocktalk #VexaniumGoesToCampus #Blockchain
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1-4 October , Vexanium campus roadshow UNAIR ,UNIV DINAMIKA ITS twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Congrats for all dapp competition winner let's build more decentralized application on vexanium blockchain twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
$VEX new market on Korean exchange probit twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
[Vexanium on Finhacks 2019] Hi VEX Partners! Our CEO, Danny Baskara is having a session as one of the speaker on Finhacks 2019.
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More Dapp will launch soon on vexanium blockchain twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Ram is basic resource on vexanium blockchain , Ram is required to store data on vex blockchain twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
Vexgift is Centralized App , help new user to enter Crypto space and Manage Crypto Staking or Mining ,airdrop using VEX Vexwallet is Fully Decentralized Wallet in Vexanium Ecosytem Download VEXWALLET here : play.google.com/store/apps/det…
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@dannybaskara, Founder and CEO of @vexanium talked about #Vexanium's goal to become a trusted #Ecommerce voucher and loyalty program, and how it is transforming businesses in Indonesia in an #interview with @abr_blockchain See more at bit.ly/2K3F09G #abr #DLT #tech
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Download new Decentralized mobile wallet for vexanium blockchain protocol ,and download also in Mac or PC version at vexanium.com twitter.com/vexanium/statu…
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