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Is there a tool that can do something like ‘magnetic selection’ but for creating vector curves? I want to trace a raster image into vector, but auto-tracing the whole image gives bad results. I want to drag over individual strokes and have it trace only those.
@comex If you don't need WiFi 6 support, an Orange Pi 4B has all of the above plus an AP6256 chipset on board that'll handle 802.11ac, so you don't necessarily even need separate APs.
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Another thread:… This strikes me as likely to lead to a solution, but also time-consuming. I have enough random projects; for this I want something that just works...… suggests getting multiple devices - a mini x86 box to brute force the routing and a separate AP. Sigh. Seems annoying, and what about power usage? (That post is assuming you want SQM. Which I think I do.)
@comex No matter what hardware I use, I can't seem to get a full gigabit out of OpenWRT either. I had no issues regarding that with closed firmware, but since I want the features of OpenWRT I get to deal with ~750 mbit down.
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Are there any routers these days that _actually work_ with OpenWRT including all features? On the C7 (v2) I had issues ranging from Wi-Fi firmware crashing to hardware flow offloading not being supported (albeit I'm not sure if the hardware has this feature in the first place).
Sounds like I need to switch back to using my own router. I previously switched from an Archer C7 because it was actually limiting my speed for whatever reason. Possibly related to me running OpenWRT on it.
exciting updates about my Xfinity router! - After migrating settings like port forwarding from a traditional web interface served by the router to the actual Xfinity website, they are now… deprecating that website in favor of mobile app only. - UPNP is mysteriously not working.
I like when I click the ‘More Actions’ button on a Slack message, and instead of popping a menu, it *makes the entire message disappear*. Like, how does that even happen? Reactivity gone wrong?
I'm particularly pleased with the memcpy protection that uses the allocator to check bounds on memcpy operations that are to dynamically allocated memory. This has a super low overhead:… (2/5)
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In short, I don’t buy it. (But I’m just some random guy who’s never released anything on any app store, so it’s not like I have actual insight here.)
I can understand global exits, if developers were scared of GDPR enforcement for old unmaintained apps, didn’t want to take the time to either ensure compliance or exclude EU countries, and just removed the apps instead. But entries? It’s not hard to exclude countries.
In particular, it also seems borderline implausible to me that GDPR’s passage, prior to any specific steps by Google to enforce it(?), and prior to CCPA, would have had a dramatic effect on *worldwide* app entries.
(2) not having sufficient controls/procedures over data, which may strictly speaking be ‘illegal harvesting’ but isn’t what the phrase suggests. However, the original paper also seems very surprising to me. It sorely needs qualitative data about why developers did things.
It doesn’t seem plausible to me that half of apps are specifically oriented around harvesting private data, excluding (1) ad SDKs that many apps include, which did/do harvest data, but didn’t suddenly stop existing when GDPR was passed, and still exist;…
Good luck! I suspect you’re onto something when it comes to sustainably funding open source projects depended on by a few big companies.…
Alito: “Our decision concerns abortion and no other right. Nothing in this opinion should be understood to cast doubt on precedents that do not concern abortion.” That’s not how principled adjudication works. Either you’re being a political hack or your “only abortion” bit is BS.
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But no: at least some of them legitimately believe in and are [emotionally] committed to it. I guess this shouldn’t be surprising. If you see the new justices as restoring the Constitution to its true meaning, you‘d naturally see them as /enhancing/ the legitimacy of the Court.
When we had senators lying through their teeth to get control of the court, e.g. McConnell on Garland and Collins on Kavanaugh, all while liberals pounded them on SC institutional legitimacy, it made me think conservative intelligentsia just don’t care about that anymore.
It’s striking to me how many conservatives, e.g. on Volokh Conspiracy, are suddenly concerned about the Supreme Court’s institutional legitimacy - not because of the decision but because of the leak.
So it ends up finding rows where perhaps the y columns are unusual by themselves, or the x columns are, but there’s nothing surprising about y given x. I’m probably using the wrong tool.
Data noob here. I was trying to use PyOD to detect outliers, but it didn’t give good results. I think this is because I have ~30 ‘x’ columns and ~30 ‘y’ columns and I want to find rows where y is surprising given x… but with PyOD I have to concatenate x and y into one big ‘x’.
JSON is to JS as YAML is to▪️ Is there any project filling that gap? Since YAML is often used as just an alternate JSON syntax (ignoring its many other features), perhaps▪️should be an alternate syntax for JS that’s a superset of YAML.
there is an alternate universe somewhere where AWS EC2 has an API that lets you pay an arbitrary extra amount for instances in US regions, because it’s good etiquette to tip your servers
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To mark the end of National Poetry month: Two Roads, by Chris Harris Two roads diverged in a wood, and I-- I took the one less traveled by... Since then I've been completely lost. Thanks for nothing, Robert Frost!
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One patrol officer claimed they didn't engage in racial profiling, yet later in the interview provided an example of how they might solve a crime based on racial stereotypes, not understanding searching for someone based solely on racial stereotypes was racial profiling.
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Panic at Israeli airport as US family packs unexploded bombshell for flight home…
…I believe a free speech platform should have robust mechanisms for users to filter out unwanted speech, and Twitter really doesn’t. Block Together is not sufficient. Need better APIs.
Wow, this Musk thing is actually happening? Did not expect. As a frozen peach I like the idea of free speech platforms in principle, but I neither like Musk nor particularly trust him. Also…… 25Gbit would be cool to have just in my local network because it would allow streaming 4k120 video… uncompressed. Ultra low latency high quality game streaming from a PC across the house. Except, it might be cheaper to just buy another PC?
Not sure I ever consciously realized why the current Skype ringtone bugs me so much. It’s because the loop point is set wrong. The beat goes 1, 2, 3, 4, 1, 2, 3, 4, and then there’s an extra 1/8 of a beat before it finally loops. Like a dreadful shudder.
A. 3M VFlex N95 face masks. B. Design target body type.
Why is it *still* almost impossible to find USB-C hubs with multiple USB-C ports? Apparently they do at least exist now:…
Interesting. I’m about to turn 30 and I’d say I approve overall, though there are some things I strongly disapprove of.…
2. After seeing three takes on the same premise, I wonder what a non-comedy take would be like. Where the character who used to be an evil overlord actually acts like it. Maybe the real world softens them up, but in a realistic way, not overnight. Breaking Bad in reverse (lol)
Started watching The Devil is a Part-Timer. I’ve previously watched Kobayashi (great) and the beginning of Jahy (eh) which had similar premises. Thoughts: 1. This is good.
In 2018, Adora Perez gave birth to a stillborn son. While she was naming and grieving him, hospital staff were talking to law enforcement and CPS. Two days later, she'd be incarcerated on charges of murder. 4 years later she's still fighting her case.…
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TIL that turning off SIP also reduces Apple TV+ and Netflix video quality:… 🍲🐸
@DorothyERoberts I'm sure those people thought they were doing a good thing before, just like lots of cops and prosecutors think they're doing a good thing, but this is the reality of what they were doing. It's good they're quitting, and no one should replace them.…
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I wrote up some of my notes on interesting vulnerabilities from last year. This first one takes a deep-dive into the iOS ASN.1 vulnerability found by @xerub:…
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Wouldn’t it be neat if Make could output its own depfile corresponding to everything it built? It would be used for recursive Make setups, so that you don’t have to invoke the recursive Make at all if nothing it depends on changed.
Is there something like c-reduce but, instead of minimizing a file, it minimizes the *diff* between a file and some target file?
My ideal behavior would be something a bit more complicated like this:
I suppose one advantage of having less/no configuration is that you can pick a style that’s easy for machines. In this case: - gofmt does not break long lines, at all. - rustfmt and black (afaict) emit function calls as either “all on one line” or “one argument per line”.
I’ve had similar bad results with clang-format. I wonder if other languages have better formatters.
Currently manually fixing up the output of uncrustify, the C code formatter, which (after enough configuration) usually does what I want but sometimes produces insane results like
Going to be controversial for a moment and say that pretty much every corporate lawyer who says "AGPL v3 is too vague" would have said the same about GPL v2 in the 90s, and the real problem is that nothing sufficiently compelling has been released under AGPL v3
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