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Stable Diffusion’s take on Apple Park. I guess the inner ring is for the extra-secret stuff.
Can’t believe there aren’t more videos and photos of telecentric lens shots. They’re basically orthogonal cameras in real life. There must be so many cool shots you can make… limited by the size of the sensor, but still.
“CAUTION: THIS PRODUCT WILL BE HOT AFTER HEATING.” From the label of something I bought at the grocery store.
This looks potentially very interesting. They use an eSIM to provide a random IMSI that changes periodically. I am not sure exactly how useful it would be in practice though, since the device ID will remain the same. Still, potentially very interesting…
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TIL that YAML marks the end of a document with a line consisting of thee dots (...). You know, computing’s universal symbol for “to be continued”. YAML uses it to mark the end.
@comex Update Animation runs on every tick, and Get All Actors of Class is an expensive operation that shouldn’t run on tick. If you hovered over the Get All Actors node, the documentation specifically tells you not to do this
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Anyone familiar with UE4/5 Blueprints who understands what this is and why it’s funny? Just curious.…
I lost another GitHub comment because there’s no draft system (and because Orion crashed). On the bright side, I had half of the comment saved, and when I rewrote the other half, it came out much better...
Pop quiz: If you run zsh -c 'for i in {0..1}; do /usr/bin/env >&/tmp/out$i; done' it will generate /tmp/out0 and /tmp/out1. These files will not be the same. Why?
Is there some C++ refactoring tool that can move method definitions out of line? e.g. class X { int x() { return 2; } }; -> class X { int x(); }; int X::x() { return 2; } Some googling only brings up a post about Visual Studio.
On the other hand, I can’t stand when translations end up with emphasis falling on the wrong syllables. It feels like a heavy weight being dropped and crashing down to the floor. Better to change either rhythm or meaning than to end up with that.
So satisfying when, by sheer coincidence, there’s some English wording that perfectly captures the meaning while tightly fitting the rhythm and pacing, maybe even rhyming.
Listening to English dubs of anime songs, I always think about the task of translating lyrics. Such an interesting puzzle, trying to fit a given meaning into a given rhythm without mangling either too badly.
@comex at the _very_ least it seems as though it'll end up requiring iOS to be a general-purpose OS to users, which is pretty cool
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My only disappointment is that it doesn’t seem to provide for alternate operating systems. However, there is another broad clause about equal access to “hardware or software features” which is… open to interpretation.
@comex Chrome team’s on it. Check out, coming in Chrome 105, courtesy of @rsesek and a kind engineer at Apple who replied to our filed feedback.
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My method for finding the tip I retweeted: 1. find the solution myself by reading xnu source code; 2. Google for ‘ipc_control_port_options’ to see if anyone else had found it; 3. wonder why I never found any of those results when trying to find a solution in the first place.
(This applies to Google Chrome when using amfi_get_out_of_my_way=1.)…
@comex ARM does! But it doesn't call it "FMA", because it's not fused in the rounding sense
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I wonder why CPUs don’t include a version of FMA that rounds the multiplication result before adding, so that compilers could safely combine multiplies and adds without worrying about changing the output.
If possible I’d like to measure the exact pitch, but I’m not sure what tool I could use for the job… other than something like a microscope that would be expensive and take up a lot of space.
If I were confident that would work, it wouldn’t be so bad: having to either wait 2 months, or solder, or just find the cable, is my punishment for being a klutz. But I’m a noob at this so it’s also possible I’m missing the obvious.
Ugh. I lost a ribbon cable from something I took apart, since I’m a klutz. No problem, just buy a new one, right? Well, I measured the pitch as being in the 0.75-0.85mm range, which is very uncommon. I found a listing for 0.8mm on Aliexpress… if I’m willing to wait 2 months.
Super Mario 64 speedrun on a drumset:
I could probably just write a script myself. At the end of the day, it’s just a glorified set of (website, username, password) triples. Strongbox can store more metadata but all I care about is finding passwords that are in iCloud but not Strongbox.
So, I’ve been using Strongbox (which uses the Keepass format) as my main password manager for a while now. But I also have random stuff in iCloud Keychain because it’s more convenient to let Safari fill in a password. There isn’t an easy way to sync them, is there?…
“Dynamic function replacement”, where Xcode tells the Swift compiler to build whatever file you’re currently editing in a special mode where functions can be replaced at runtime. Replicating *that* in Rust would be… difficult.
Calling SwiftUI from Rust would be a fun coup. But in practice? Having to wait for slow compilation cycles to test UI changes is a bugbear of mine. To do proper visual design, you need near-instantaneous feedback. I hear Xcode has some magic to do this with SwiftUI…
I was thinking more about how I would design a Rust-Swift bindings generator. But it seems one already exists:… I had my sights set higher, though. Imagine a bridge powerful enough to use SwiftUI directly from Rust… But would there be any point?
Is there a dyld shared cache extractor that works on the latest macOS and doesn’t mess up CFStrings? you know, other than the one I wrote myself and abandoned (pretty sure it doesn’t work anymore)
ADHD medications (specifically Adderall) are about to get significantly more difficult to fill, because of two reasons: - one of the major generics manufacturers is stopping production - the government is trying to crack down on Adderall, which means lower production caps…
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Or at least it rebuilt a lot of things. Luckily the machine is fast enough, and the number of packages installed to the environment low enough, that it didn’t actually take very long…
I ran `nix-channel --update` followed by `nix-env -u` and for some reason it decided to rebuild the world instead of downloading binaries…
Yet that wouldn’t mean that ethical questions didn’t exist, just that consent could not be a factor in answering them one way or the other.
Also, even if it were that, a transcript where it claims to consent to or reject something would be utterly meaningless, just as an actor consenting to something while playing a character isn’t equivalent to the actor themselves consenting.
And IMO, how to treat such an AI would be a /very interesting ethical question/. Yet it would still be ‘just’ a fancy autocomplete. Again, LaMDA is not this; rather, humans are gullible.
As a benchmark, suppose this hypothetical AI was capable of generating an entire novel indistinguishable from one by a skilled human author, with complex character motivations, etc. That would imply it really understood how humans think, even if it itself didn’t think that way.… Bad take. It is theoretically possible to make an AI that is as intelligent as a human but has no sense of self and just tries to complete sentences. LaMDA is not that, not even close. But you can’t dismiss an AI just because it’s ‘only autocomplete’.
Google Translate seems to do a good job for the most part, but…
TIL the Ukrainian government has an online guide to civil resistance.
Coinbase randomly started emailing me price updates for… Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Stellar Lumens. How useful. It wouldn’t do for the $0.55 worth of bitcoin in my account to lose value, I’ll get right on that 🙄
Modest proposal: Deprecate hard links in favor of reflinks. Then every file can have a single absolute path and parent directory... well, before mount shenanigans get involved, at least. C++ compilers are bad at optimizing dynamic_cast.
Am I the only one who /likes/ the aesthetic of Sonic Frontiers? Yes, even the random rails floating in the air. …Its physics look like garbage though.
iPadOS is getting SWAP?
Landlord held my security deposit as bitcoin
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Could not get "The Treachery of Images, but make it a YouTube thumbnail" out of my head.
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