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#NetZero is a call-to-action to increase #ClimateAmbition, but the language can be confusing. Which is why we've compiled a helpful jargon buster of the most common terms used in net-zero discussions and in relation to our new #NetZeroStandard! 👇sciencebasedtargets.org/blog/net-zero-…d #SBTii
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Companies are increasingly integrating action on #nature🌱AND�#climatete. But to secure #NetZeroro#NaturePositiveve future, we need governments a#COP2626 to incentivise investment i#ClimateActionon AN#NatureBasedSolutionsns. 👉More fr@WWF_DG_DG a@hm@Hweforum.org/agenda/2021/11…um40
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"What is the difference between a leading company and climate blah blah blah?" In the wake of new announcements coming out of #COP26, we take a look at what's still needed from business ⬇️ bit.ly/31TN60l
New Report alert! Our status report for the Business Ambition for 1.5°C campaign reveals that more than 1,000 companies are setting 1.5°C-aligned science-based targets! 🙌 Read more here:ow.ly/QCG550GKhTyk @globalcompactt#ScienceBasedTargetssZ
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There have been a slew of new climate announcements around #COP26. However, there is one thing missing in many corporate pledges: detail. So, what are we looking for? ⬇️ bit.ly/31TN60l
#COP26: A coalition worth $130 trillion made a pledge to put climate at the heart of finance and deliver the estimated $100 trillion needed for #NetZero over the next 3 decades. This is BIG - if they keep their promise. We MUST invest in the future we not only want, but need.
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Closing words from @WWFLeadFinance: These discussions don’t end at the COP. This is yet another step along the journey to get to 1.5°C. #COP26
IKEA's Andreas Ahrens: What does credible net-zero action look like? 1) It needs to be all encompassing and transparent. 2) Setting targets in line with science. 3) You need to turn goals into concrete roadmaps inside your company. #COP26
Günther Thallinger on credible climate goals: Have institutions delivered against their net-zero targets? If not, it will be fairly easy to see in 5 years time whether those targets were credible.
.@Fireynolds: It’s taken a huge mind shift (and, sometimes, regulation) to make investors think about social and environmental risks. How does anyone think it’s okay to make money at any cost, at the expense of exploiting people and the planet?
.@VPerezCirera: Recent reports show that we’re on track for a world that could be 2.7°C warmer. The choice of the word 'courageous' is intentional. We need courageous action from the private sector to help urgently reduce emissions for the benefit of people and nature. #COP26
Starting now at #COP26: How can courageous companies and investors lead in the fight against climate change? 💻 Watch the livestreamyoutu.be/VrET_vH3im0H
It's "Finance Day" at #COP26! So what do we hope to see? 👀@WWFLeadFinancee lays out the 3 things to look out for ⬇️ medium.com/@WWFFinance/fo…x
👏$130 trillion is an impressive number. Now those committed to#GFANZZ will need to#keepthepromisee. For those investors outside - why aren't you involved? Time to join the#RaceToZeroo. gfanzero.com/press/amount-o…C #NetZeroFinancee#COP266@climateWWFF#FinanceDayy@MarkJCarneyy
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What does corporate and finance sector ambition look like in a climate emergency? ⚠️ Join us at the #PandaHub at #COP26 at 14:30 today, or watch the livesteam: youtube.com/wwfclimate
⏰ It's almost time for our event at #COP26! On Wednesday, we’ll be sharing more about what private sector leaders are doing to develop credible commitments & take action for a 1.5°C future. Join us at WWF’s #PandaHub or online ➡️ youtube.com/wwfclimate
Sustainable solutions to the #ClimateCrisis won’t cripple economies... but inaction will. Not only that, but investing in our planet pays off big time – for all of us and for nature. 🌱🌲#COP2626 offers a chance to fund the future we need#WWFclimatetxe
📢 Just a few days to go before our event at#COP266! Join us to discuss how courageous companies and investors can lead in the fight against climate change. 📅 3 Nov ⏰ 14:30 GMT Join us at th#PandaHubub or onlineyoutube.com/wwfclimateg2O
How can courageous companies and investors lead in the fight against climate change? 🌍 Join the discussion with Günther Thallinger,@Fireynoldss, Lena Pripp-Kovac,@VPerezCireraa &@WWFLeadFinancee at the#COP266#PandaHubb or online! Livestreaming 3 Nov ➡️youtube.com/wwfclimate0i
.@sciencetargets has launched the world's first #NetZeroStandard! Companies now have a robust framework to enable strong, science-based #ClimateAction and help them do their part to limit temperature rise to 1.5°C. Find out more: bit.ly/2ZxezDu #ScienceBasedTargets
LAUNCHED TODAY! The world's first #NetZeroStandard for corporates has arrived. 🎉 This is a momentous leap towards halting global temperature rise to 1.5°C. Be sure to join our exciting virtul events happening today. Find out more:sciencebasedtargets.org/events/launchi…14
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It's another Feel Good Friday today! We have over 2000 companies & financial institutions setting #ScienceBasedTargets! 🙌 With#COP266 approaching, the stakes could not be higher. We must continue to increase#ClimateAmbitionn and keep the goals of the#ParisAgreementt in reach.l
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⏰ The latest science shows we are running out of time to limit global warming to 1.5°C. Every company and country must act NOW. Learn how your business can join the companies committed to a 1.5°C future with @sciencetargets ➡️ bit.ly/3D91miX #ClimateActionDay
It's #ClimateActionDay! We are calling on companies to urgently align with @sciencetargets to limit the impact of climate breakdown. Find out how your company can take #ClimateAction today: bit.ly/3D91miX
Investors holding $29tr in assets demand 1,600 firms set science-based climate goals businessgreen.com/4037797/ via @BusinessGreen
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1/7 NEW RESEARCH: We have found that growing numbers of G20 companies are setting climate targets. But most fail to align with climate science. Read more at bit.ly/3EGVYoQ or in the thread below. #TempG20 #ScienceBasedTargets #ClimateWeekNYC
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📢 An exciting online event is happening next week! It has never been more urgent for businesses to take#ClimateActionn. We know#ScienceBasedTargetss help reduce emissions - but how can we scale this across the G20? Register now:bit.ly/3zeQqOwr @CDPp@globalcompacttb
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Governments cannot limit global warming to 1.5°C alone. Climate leadership by all parts of society - including businesses - will be crucial to reach a #NetZero future. Learn more about what your business can do to tackle the #ClimateCrisis ➡️ panda.org/climatebusiness
To protect people & nature from the worst impacts of climate change, we must limit temperature rise to 1.5°C. @sciencetargets #NetZero Standard will provide guidance to companies on setting net-zero targets in line with climate science. Learn more ➡️ sciencebasedtargets.org/net-zero
To limit global warming to 1.5°C, emissions need to halve by 2030 and reach #NetZero by no later than 2050. ⚠️ Business has a crucial role to play in reaching this goal. Learn more about what your company can do ➡️ panda.org/climatebusiness
It’s not a choice between planet 🌍 OR profit 💰 Takin#ClimateActionon can have a range of positive impacts (incl increased innovation & reduced costs) for your business, along with the benefits for people & nature. Learn more ➡️panda.org/climatebusinessNYy
The number of businesses committing to reach #NetZero keeps growing - but the definition used and the path to get there is often inconsistent 🤔 Launching ahead of#COP266,@sciencetargetss Net-Zero Standard aims to provide clarity ➡️sciencebasedtargets.org/net-zeroBa
#NetZero is our only future, which is why we’re launching our Net-Zero Standard later in the year. 🙌 Over 80 companies will be road testing it this summer, trying our tools for setting near- & long-term net-zero#ScienceBasedTargetss. Find out more:bit.ly/2Wbc5t2P
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🙌 700+ companies from across the globe are committed to a 1.5°C,#NetZeroo future. Find out how your business can join them by setting credible, ambitious,#ScienceBasedTargetss:ow.ly/9iPs50FSxbn5a
When done right, #NatureBasedSolutions can help companies deliver climate goals, support nature and address societal challenges. They're a win-win! 🏆 @WWFBetterBizz explains how they fit into#ScienceBasedTargetss and what’s coming soon ⬇️wwf.to/3CUGexCV
#Breaking ‼️ 39 million new nature-positive jobs🌿 could be created if governments reallocated just one year of subsidies harmful to nature - finds new @WWFF report, produced by@DalbergTweett. �wwf.panda.org/?3410966/39-mi…qb #TheRaceIsOnOn for #NaturePositiveve world by 2030#COP151lN
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❗ The recent #IPCC #ClimateReport shows we have irreversibly changed our planet - but there's still a chance to limit warming to 1.5°C and avoid the most devastating impacts of climate change. Every business, sector and action can help change our future. Every choice counts!
Business leaders need to be confident that their #NetZero targets are in line with climate science. So @sciencetargets is developing the first global standard for companies setting net-zero targets. Learn more ➡️ sciencebasedtargets.org/net-zero
☀️ The #IPCCReport2021 is a stark reminder of what we already knew - there is no time to lose. 🌲 With the#ClimateSciencee behind us, the knowledge to build a#NetZeroo world is in our hands. �#ScienceBasedTargetsts are crucial. Read more in our new blogbit.ly/3jIkYm4i7
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⚠️ The latest #ClimateReport from the @IPCC_CH is a warning we can’t ignore. One way businesses can respond is by helping vulnerable communities build resilience through social enterprise. Learn more ⬇️ bit.ly/3xtLlRw
🌎 "Future changes to our climate and how they affect us depend on the choices we make today." 🌍 To prevent unmitigated climate disaster, each country, company and individual must play their part in limiting warming to 1.5°C. 🌏 There is no time to lose.#ClimateReportotwitter.com/IPCC_CH/status…gFU
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Companies must put equality and #justice at the heart of their response to #climatechange or risk exacerbating impacts on the most vulnerable people in society. Here’s how ➡️ bit.ly/3xtLlRw #ClimateJustice #COP26 #IPCC #ClimateReport @hina_tweets
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❗ A new #ClimateReport from @IPCC_CH shows the frightening future that awaits us if we fail to act on the #ClimateCrisis ❗ World leaders must listen & act NOW to ensure the 1.5˚C goal of the Paris Agreement doesn’t slip away. We're running out of time! bit.ly/3fNijWT
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⏲️ Global emissions must be halved by 2030 in order to avoid the worst effects of #ClimateChange. 🚨 There is no time to waste - read more about our bold new strategy. bit.ly/3ejQHYFz #ScienceBasedTargetss#ClimateActionnj
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🌡️ Just half a degree difference in global warming will make a HUGE difference for people and nature. Every moment we delay, the bigger the impact on our planet. We need urgent action to tackle the#ClimateCrisiss and limit temperature rise to 1.5°C!R
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🎯 Business leaders need to be confident that their net-zero targets are in line with#ClimateSciencee. 🙌 So we’re developing the first global standard for companies settin#NetZeroro targets. Learn morebit.ly/2Wbc5t2QP
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This decade is critical for tackling the #ClimateCrisis, and companies must set #ScienceBasedTargets that align with the goals of the Paris Agreement. 📋 Read more on how@sciencetargetss is making 1.5°C ambition the new normal. �ow.ly/fJOY50FvQPrR#RaceToZeror#NetZerorjU
When done right, Nature-Based Solutions for climate mitigation are a genuine win-win. We’ve put together an outline of how Nature-Based Solutions fit into Science-Based Targets and what’s coming soon. worldwildlife.org/blogs/sustaina…
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Decisive corporate climate action is crucial in the #RaceToZero, which is why @sciencetargets has announced a bold new strategy to increase #ClimateAmbition to 1.5°C. 🎯 Read more ⬇️bit.ly/2UbZGEzLM
We still can meet the 1.5°C goal of the #ParisAgreement - but only if we increase #ClimateAction. 🌍 @sciencetargetss has launched an exciting new strategy to accelerate corporate climate action and the#NetZeroo transition. 💪 Learn morebit.ly/2UbZGEzkfH
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