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👩‍🚀An oldie but a goodie: Forme@NASASA astronau@Astro_Cadydy join@laurenfosternycyc to discuss critical skills for building and leading teams, including resilience and trustcfainst.is/2XzfnXM8P#BuildingTeamsa#LeadingTeamsa#Astronautajvd
Are we going back to the 1970s? 🎙️Tune in to a new episode to hear Cheryl I. Smith, CFA, economist and portfolio manager@TrilliumAMM, discuss inflation, what we can learn from history about tackling financial crises, and more �cfainst.is/3s9OHrNa#Inflationo#FinancialCrisisiMg
We couldn’t host our Annual Dinner last year, but we still had an award winner! Congratulations to Heather Brilliant, CFA, winner of CFA Society Chicago’s 2020 Hortense Friedman, CFA, Award for Excellence!
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🎙️NEW EPISODE: Daniela Mardarovici, CFA, Co-Head@Macquariee drops in to discuss the importance of standing against the tide and explains why investors should own#bondss. Listen herecfainst.is/3yc8TeDT #ActiveManagementtc
Two ways investment management firms can succeed in the market 👇Tune in to hear the full archived episode w/@BrilliantHeathh, CFA, CEO, and President of@DiamondHillCMM. Download here:cfainst.is/3eB48DWG #ActiveManagementt#ValueInvestingg#InvestmentManagementtr
🎙️ NEW EPISODE: Tune in to hear Sébastien Page, CFA, head of the Global Multi-Asset division@TRowePricee and author of “Beyond Diversification” discuss why investors should go beyond diversification, whether the 60/40 portfolio is dead, and more.cfainst.is/3ybHtVM0T
🎙️ NEW PODCAST AIRING TOMORROW: Sébastien Page, CFA, head of the Global Multi-Asset division@TRowePricee and author of “Beyond Diversification,” discusses the importance of asset allocation and whether the 60/40 portfolio is dead. Subscribe to the showcfainst.is/34XQVilCc
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NEW EPISODE: @Pozen, management expert and co-author of @remoteincbook, joins us to discuss the most important skill for making it to the #Csuite, how employees and leaders should think about #remotework, and much more! Tune in here ➡️cfainst.is/3wwmcpD
#ThrowbackThursday ⚾ from the archives: @MSFalk, a partner @Focus_c_group, shares lessons from his fist love - #baseball - and how they can be applied to #investmentteams. Download here: cfainst.is/3mLLsE5
NEW Ep: @JClementMaine drops in to discuss how the #biodiversitycrisis is not just a social issue, but also a business and economic issue that requires urgent focus 🌎 He also shares why he became a#whistleblowerr. cfainst.is/3fXvljWKkN
🎧 Episode #464: What is an expert network? Find out in this week's episode w/ Troy Lavinia, CEO of Mosaic Research Mgmt. He shares his journey building one and explains why he believes optimism is an important element to being a successful entrepreneur.cfainst.is/3bVVdLU6G
This week is all about bubbles. Specifically stock market bubbles. David DeRosa and @laurenfosternyc discuss everything from the Dutch Tulipmania to his thoughts on whether or not bubbles exist in the stock market. Download the podcast here: cfainst.is/3wmZzn9
✨NEW EP. We welcome back @RebeccaFender, co-author of the report, "Future of Work in Investment Management." She shares some findings from a recent survey of investment professionals and discusses the challenge of building trust when employees are remote. cfainst.is/2QeiT6A
Q: When was the last time you were at your desk and had a TRUE moment of inspiration? Probably never, right? Ben Lucas from @KPMG explains why his viral post about daily exercise & time away from the desk resonated with so many people. Watch here: cfainst.is/3vLE678
It was great having @RobertGHagstrom back on the show this week to talk about temperament, #WarrenBuffett, and his latest book, "Warren Buffett: Inside the Ultimate Money Mind.” Download the episode here �cfainst.is/2QvlxVNrx
New episode drops tmrw w/ bestselling author @RobertGHagstrom. He and @laurenfosternyc talk all things #WarrenBuffett, including what it means to have “a money mind.” You’ll also learn some fun cocktail nuggets about #Buffett 🍸cfainst.is/34XQVilAe
Learn why body language doesn't work for detecting deception and how investment professionals can save time and resources using D.A.T.A. @TheIntuitInvest shares the details on a new episode👉cfainst.is/3ejm19adk
It was a delight to have @MSFalk back on the show to discuss baseball, #bitcoin, #selldiscipline, and so much more! Make sure you check out the full episode here 👉cfainst.is/3mLLsE5B8
Charlotte Beyer author of the Research Foundation brief on “Relationship Alpha: The Emerging Competitive Advantage in Wealth Management,” explains what relationship alpha is and why it’s important and how advisers can better serve their clients. Podcast: lnkd.in/gEPTVYb
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That's a wrap! Hear the final ep. w/ @AllisonSchrager in our Research Foundation miniseries. She discusses how to balance risk and reward, big wave surfers, and her book, "An Economist Walks Into a Brothel." cfainst.is/3fPPtpz #RetirementPlanning #CFAInstitute
NEW miniseries episode is live 🔴 It was a delight having@CharlotteBBeyerr on the podcast this week to talk about the importance of relationship alpha, wealth management, and her recommended booklist. Tune in nowcfainst.is/3dhGOJMS #WealthManagementt#CFAInstituteei
Cryptoasset Podcast with Research Foundation author Matt Hougan - lnkd.in/gkRX8mQ Download Cryptoassets: The Guide to Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Cryptocurrency here: lnkd.in/gsh7s8J Please follow the RF Showcase page here: lnkd.in/e66zSKD #cryptocurrency
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Crypto “is a technological breakthrough…it’s going to impact society in a major way,” says @Matt_Hougan, CIO at @BitwiseInvest. He discusses valuation, risks, and what to watch for in #cryptoassets. cfainst.is/2NOjeM7 #CFAInstitute #Take15Podcast
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First episode of our miniseries is live! @laurenfosternyc and @Matt_Hougan, CIO at @BitwiseInvest, discuss valuation, risks, and what to watch for in the #cryptoassets. Listen now: cfainst.is/2NOjeM7 #Take15Podcast #CFAInstitute
📢 We've teamed up w/@CFAResearchFndnn for an exciting miniseries. Starting next wk, hear from@Matt_Hougann on#cryptoassetss,@CharlotteBBeyerr on relationship alpha, and@AllisonSchragerr on risk.cfainst.is/34XQVilA #Take15Podcastt#CFAInstituteer
Be sure to watch or listen to the fascinating conversation between @HermanWarren and @laurenfosternyc on this week's #Take15Podcast episode. #BidenAdministration  #Covid19Impact Listen on Libsyn: cfainst.is/2OxZxIR Watch on YouTube: cfainst.is/3eQsoCE
"Africa will have a seat at the table," says @HermanWarren, Africa Director for @TheEconomist in the latest #Take15Podcast. He discusses what the continent can expect from the Biden administration, the economic impact of the pandemic, and more. Watch here: cfainst.is/3qTc8mL
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CFA Institute proudly announces the first global Certificate in #ESGInvesting to help practitioners better analyze and integrate #ESG factors in investment practices. I want to thank @cfauk for developing the certificate, which we will now market globally. info.cfainstitute.org/ESG-Certificat…
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Tune in Weds to hear a NEW episode with @HermanWarren, Africa Director @TheEconomist. He discusses the economic & social impact of Covid-19 on S Africa and beyond and what Africa can expect from the Biden administration. #emergingmarkets #pandemicimpact cfainst.is/3eNRgeB
It was an honor and a pleasure to interview Professor @AndrewWLo for @CFAinstitute’s Take 15 podcast hosted by @laurenfosternyc. His work is so important and so timely. twitter.com/CFAinstitute/s…
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NEW EP: Professor @AndrewWLo and @anastdiakaki discuss his most recent work in healthcare finance and how #machinelearning is playing an important role in the investment industry. Listen here: cfainst.is/3etYyDU Watch here: cfainst.is/3t5eIrj
Listened to an outstanding new BBC podcast #DeeplyHuman with host @dessadarling today. The Paradox of Choice Dr. Barry Schwartz discussed has application to so many aspects of decision making. Definitely worth checking out.
In studio today recording an episode with @Matt_Hougan of #BitwiseInvestments on #Crypto. Look for it in a few weeks. Great stuff!
📢Fun fact for the week: The#Take15Podcastt now has its own YouTube channel! Click on the link below to subscribe to the channel so that way you never miss an episode! �cfainst.is/3ecvUXMDT
Will digital asset securities revolutionize capital markets? Hear @carlosdomingo, CEO and co-founder of @Securitize discuss digital securities and blockchain technology. #Take15Podcast #blockchain #DigitalAssets 📺 YouTube: cfainst.is/2OjS9Qyq �cfainst.is/3bRRMVGzz9
Will digital asset securities revolutionize capital markets? @carlosdomingo, CEO of Securitize, discusses the power of digital securities and blockchain technology w/ @laurenfosternyc on the #Take15Podcast. 📺 YouTube:cfainst.is/3c15iq77 🎧 Libsyncfainst.is/2Pxxdq3wBu
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What are #EsotericAssets? Listen to @laurenfosternyc conversation with Rishi Ganti, CFA, to learn why he believes this is an area investors should be hunting for opportunities in. 📺 Watch here:cfainst.is/2ZKiAS8i 🎧 Listen herecfainst.is/37GLVRX8Q #Take15PodcastsHl
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New episode w/ @camharvey, @DukeFuqua Professor & Senior Advisor at @RA_Insights, where we discuss: - #DeFi, #Gold, #Crypto - His undefeated record with the yield curve indicator - Studying under Nobel Laureate Eugene Fama Enjoy! cfasociety.org/orlando/Pages/…
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New episode w/ Fiduciary Law legend @BU_Law Prof. Tamar Frankel, who @jasonzweigwsj called "The Intellectual Godmother of the Fiduciary Rule" (hosted by @CC_Rock). We discuss: *Why focus on fiduciary law *Conflicts w/ advisors *Policy & reg. suggestions bit.ly/3jZQwn3
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🎧 "Wealth Matters" columnist and author@sullivanpaull shares his insights in this week's episode covering#WealthManagementt#Golff and more! bit.ly/3bhIhi3hO
Here's another great episode of @CFAinstitute's Take 15 #podcast 🎙️ hosted by@laurenfosternycc. The guest is BlackRock's Salim Ramji, CFA, global head of iShares and Index Investments.bit.ly/2Y0TxcIo
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Sam G Huszczo, CFA, CFP of @SGHWealthMgmt is this week's guest on the Take 15 Podcast 🎙️ presented by@CFAinstitutee. He and host@laurenfosternycc discuss Big Tech, antitrust issues, and much more. Have a listen! take15audio.cfainstitute.libsynpro.com/big-tech-and-t…gB
Four questions for your adviser: How do you get paid? When do you get paid? What am I getting for my money? What else will you do for me? via @ReformedBroker www-cnbc-com.cdn.ampproject.org/c/s/www.cnbc.c…
"This is the beauty of humanity: We adapt, we evolve, we move forward,” Larry Fink of @blackrock told @CFAToronto. "There are very few times when we don’t fix problems.” @laurenfosternyc via @Enterprising cfainst.is/34PuCg9
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The battle between human intelligence and artificial intelligence (AI) may come down to whether humans can successfully manage chronic stress, according to @StoroniMithu. @laurenfosternyc explains in this archival post. #EIC20Virtual cfainst.is/34GBuwg
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Do US election cycles sway the markets? @laurenfosternyc reviews the research in this archival post. via @Enterprising. cfainst.is/3kFhfVx
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This week on the Take 15 Podcast, @ChicagoBooth professor Randall Kroszner discusses central bank responses to COVID-19, the impact of lower rates on savers and plan sponsors, the toolkit to deal with future crises, and more. take15audio.cfainstitute.libsynpro.com/randall-kroszn…
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