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Extreme weather can threaten medical care. There are lessons from health institutions that have weathered disasters: Fort McMurray wildfire, Hurricane Harvey, Japan tsunami. @NightShiftMD @cbcwhitecoat encore presentation: Sunday 6:30 pm ET / 7:30 AT / 8 NL
Climate change is fuelling weather-related disasters, and they have medical consequences. In an encore presentation @NightShiftMD speaks with health officials to find out how they weathered the crisis, and what lessons can be learned. @cbcwhitecoat today at 1:05 pm/1:35 NL
These are youth from the Tsleil-Waututh Nation (@tsleilwaututh) preparing eelgrass to be planted in Burrard Inlet in Cates Park, B.C., this past May. Young people are more likely to experience eco-anxiety, so please share the latest ep. of #TheDoseCBC with youth in your life. twitter.com/cbcpodcasts/st…
"Knowing ecological anxiety exists and is being recognized helps a lot of people, but not everyone." In the face of a changing climate, some of us (especially youth) are losing sleep, or weight, or hope. Nancy Blair identifies signs of who needs concrete strategies and support. twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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"Ecological anxiety is a rational response to what is happening in the world. In a sense, it's a sign that you're healthy." Therapist Nancy Blair is on #TheDoseCBC to discuss the psychological toll of climate change, and how to cope. smarturl.it/thedosecbc #COP26Glasgow
If you’re the parent of a child whose diagnosis of a serious condition was delayed due to COVID, DM or email us at [email protected]
"We're not there yet. But wouldn't that be nice, coming in for your one respiratory virus injection that will cover you for that season?" - @HotaSusy twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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The mRNA technology used to make COVID-19 vaccines could one day improve flu shots. Plus, protection from both viruses could potentially be combined into a single shot. Read more about the research raised by @HotaSusy on the latest episode of #TheDoseCBC cbc.ca/1.6228595
Sadie Vipond is taking her fight for climate action to #COP26. And so is her dad Calgary ER doc @jvipondmd. They’re seeing firsthand the changing climate’s negative effect on health. @NightShiftMD talks to the duo on @cbcwhitecoat 6:30 pm ET/7:30 AT/8 NL cbc.ca/1.6226087
There are reasons to get the flu shot beyond avoiding the flu, says @HotaSusy. For one, "our estimate is about a third of hospitalizations can be prevented." Another: influenza can trigger cardiac events, especially in older folks. More info via #TheDoseCBC with @NightShiftMD. twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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Flu season is upon us and @HotaSusy says "many of us are a little bit nervous about how it could look." With lockdowns largely lifted and COVID-19 still co-circulating, it's important to get the #flushot. Here's what we know about this year's vaccine: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
Do you have a fear of doctors? Barbara Old sure did. She avoided them for years. Even the time she broke her ankle and pretended it was strained. Then she found a lump in her breast. @NightShiftMD brings us her story. @gary_rodin Today @cbcwhitecoat at 6:30 pm ET / 7:30 AT / 8 NL
Today on @cbcwhitecoat: iatrophobia. Fear of doctors. Barbara Old had panic attacks and did everything to avoid them. Then one day, she discovered a lump in her breast. @NightShiftMD will tell you what happened. Today at 1:05 pm/1:35 NL cbc.ca/listen/live-ra…
As listeners suggested, @NightShiftMD caught up with an occupational therapist to talk about fall-proofing our homes. For starters, Marnie Courage (@enablingaccess) says we should assess our bathrooms, where "the majority of these falls are happening." smarturl.it/thedosecbc
Falls are the #1 reason why seniors end up in hospital. We reached out to a number of experts to find out what they consider to be overlooked risk factors for falls. Here are their tips. cbc.ca/1.6202152
Update: Pfizer has officially asked Health Canada to approve the first COVID-19 vaccine for children. Once the regulator approves, providers will be able to start offering the vaccine to 5 - 11 y/o kids. The latest episode of #TheDoseCBC will tell you all you need to know. twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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Dr. Brian Goldman @NightShiftMD visits a lab that investigates the most common causes for falls and how to prevent them at your home. Read more @cbcwhitecoat cbc.ca/1.6202152
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Cheryl Zimmerman repeatedly lost her footing & feared walks. Now, an innovative #falls prevention class lets her strut confidently. What questions do you have about falling & safety at home? Email [email protected] We'll answer on #The Dose Oct.20
Parents, if you haven't talked to your kids about vaccines, now may be the time. Clinical trials for child-safe COVID vaccines have been happening, and the first shot for 5 to 11-year-olds may be on the horizon. Get the updates you need via #TheDoseCBC: cbc.ca/1.6211257
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#Falls are a leading cause of injury death in Canada and many serious injuries result from falls at home. That's why #TheDoseCBC is putting safety questions from people of all ages to an occupational therapist for the next podcast. Email [email protected]
It takes a special skill set to give vaccines to kids, especially really young ones, says pediatrician @drflanders. Pro tip: children really look to their parents for cues on how to take vaccines. A "confident, positive" adult presence can go a long way. smarturl.it/thedosecbc
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As a pediatrician, @drflanders has been fielding vaccine questions from reluctant and enthusiastic parents alike. Now, with Pfizer set to submit a vaccine authorization request to Health Canada for kids 5 - 11, he's on #TheDoseCBC to review what we know: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
Dr. Allan Abbass @ISTDP digs deep to help patients get to the emotional roots of unexplained physical ailments. Hear how he helped a woman who hadn’t been able to work for 8 years. @NightShiftMD on @cbcwhitecoat at 6:30 pm ET / 7:30 AT / 8 NL
What do we know about Merck's experimental pill to treat COVID-19? Comparing it to a Trojan horse, @AntibioticDoc says the antiviral drug makes the virus "mix up its own code." More insights and questions from Canadian experts via the #TheDoseCBC cbc.ca/1.6202431
A key highlight from @NightShiftMD: The study Merck referenced in its press release must be peer-reviewed by scientists who are not connected to the research. Until then: there are lots of unanswered questions (re: side effects, effectiveness & more) about this new COVID pill. twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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You may have heard the buzz around Merck's experimental COVID antiviral pill — a first of its kind. Well, @AntibioticDoc has questions. She's on #TheDoseCBC to lay out the clinical trial results and crucial caveats for this and other new treatments: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
@AntibioticDoc has a lot to say (and not say) about molnupiravir the new #COVID19 antiviral from Merck. This week on @cbcpodcasts @cbcwhitecoat #TheDoseCBC. Always be sceptical, so says @TheSGEM
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How did wellness culture become a hub of COVID misinformation? Journalist @matthewremski (co-host of the #Conspirituality podcast) is on @FrontBurnerCBC to discuss the connection between alt health & anti-vaccine/vaccine-passport movements. Listen: hyperurl.co/FrontBurnerCBC
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COVID patients who leave hospital face a long recovery. @NightShiftMD tells us how a woman's care and support from @WCHospital helped her husband avoid the rehab ward. And, reluctantly give up his pet oxygen tank, Roxy. @cbcwhitecoat at 1:05 pm/1:35 NL
Kids get sick from so many bugs this time of year. "The ability to right away differentiate between COVID and other viruses would be so helpful." Today on #TheDoseCBC, @DrFatimaKakkar explains how rapid testing works and where they might be most useful: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
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Some experts are calling for more rapid antigen testing for COVID-19 in Canada. But how accurate are these tests and when should you use them? Today on #TheDoseCBC with @NightShiftMD: demystifying rapid testing with @DrFatimaKakkar: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
This week, Alberta set yet another record on the number of patients in urgent care. "I'm terrified of making a mistake at work that might cost somebody their lives, because we're so short-staffed," ICU nurse Mike Gaerlan told @cbcwhitecoat. Listen: cbc.ca/1.6188570
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⛲️ NEW! Introducing: Unlocking the Fountain, hosted by @keithmcarthur. For thousands of years, people have searched for elixirs that could delay death. Could new advances in medicine finally make this a reality? The first episode is out now: hyperurl.co/unlocking
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“It’s a living nightmare.” ICU nurse Mike Gaerlan tells @NightShiftMD what it’s really like in an Edmonton hospital struggling with a surge in ICU patients. @cbcwhitecoat at 6:30 pm ET / 7:30 AT / 8 NL #cdnhealth
It’s Situation Critical for doctors and nurses in Alberta. It’s running out of critical care beds, fast. @NightShiftMD speaks to ICU doc Raiyan Chowdhury and ICU nurse to find out what’s going on inside the hospital. #cdnhealth @cbcwhitecoat at 1:05 pm/1:35 NL
If you've felt sick sometime over the past year and a half, #COVID19 was likely your main concern. But with public health measures easing in many places, a variety of other respiratory viruses are reappearing this fall. Read our tips on staying healthy: cbc.ca/1.6185818
This week's topic is personal to @NightShiftMD, who had a fever, dry cough & swollen lymph nodes last week. His illness turned out to be bacterial, and the culprit: his daughter's new pup. @zchagla explains why you shouldn't let Fido lick you all over the face at the 15 min mark
Last year, COVID restrictions slowed the spread of other viruses, from the flu to the common cold. But with more of us mingling again, our bugs are also making a comeback. Today on #TheDoseCBC, we're asking: if it's not COVID, what is it? Ft. @zchagla: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
A third COVID-19 shot is now being recommended for certain immunocompromised groups (ex: cancer patients, transplant recipients.) Today on #TheDoseCBC, @BogochIsaac explains why some people need them now, while most double-vaccinated folks don't: smarturl.it/thedosecbc twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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Vote Canada Disability Benefit! All Canadians with a disability deserve a better quality of life! Hear @RabiaKhedr tell you what's at stake. #Elxn44 #CdnPoli #PolCan @CathyBrowne @Daniel_Blaikie @CQualtro @MikeLakeMP RT @NightShiftMD via @cbcwhitecoat ow.ly/Zqwm50GcrzB
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Disability issues and the election. @RabiaKhedr wants people with disabilities to have the same access to the same quality of life as able-bodied people. Rabia and her family talk to @NightShiftMD. @cbcwhitecoat at 6:30 pm ET / 7:30 AT / 8 NL cbc.ca/1.6175623
Listening to @cbcwhitecoat - and the topic is disability and election issues. So happy that all of our CBC coverage is converging this week! Here's another: cbc.ca/news/politics/…
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Six million Canadians live with a disability. @RabiaKhedr says federal parties need to listen to them. @NightShiftMD has a candid and colourful conversation with Rabia and her family on @cbcwhitecoat at 1:05 pm/1:35 NL. @Disability_WP
Third vaccine doses: who needs them right now? When might the rest of us need them? We looked into it on The Dose this week. @NightShiftMD talked through the science with @BogochIsaac. twitter.com/cbcwhitecoat/s…
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#RNs are at risk of burnout due to "the critical shortage of #nurses... across the country" — a pressing #healthcare issue even before the #COVID19 pandemic according to @cbcwhitecoat @NightShiftMD bit.ly/2Xq4CYb
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Canada was already desperately short of nurses before #COVID19. Now #nurses say they're hanging on by a thread. By @bweikle via ⁦@NightShiftMD⁩ ⁦@cbcwhitecoat#nursing #cdnhealth cbc.ca/radio/whitecoa…
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Today's episode of #TheDoseCBC ends on a compassionate note about vaccine equity. Although there are exceptions, @BogochIsaac reminds us: the vast majority of vaccinated Canadians don't need a third shot more than much of the world needs a first shot: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
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Do we all need boosters right now? No. Will we all need one at some point? Likely, yes. Do *some* of us need boosters right now? Yes. Today on #TheDoseCBC, @BogochIsaac simplifies the science of the third dose & notes who would benefit from a booster now: smarturl.it/thedosecbc
Re-posting this one in support of our wonderful health care workers who deserve nothing but our gratitude. Stop the protests at hospitals, please. #nbpoli #covidiots
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