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Hey @GRReynolds3 Wow! Now that is pretty clear that dem Boyz r not just Funkin' Around, Dem boyz r Rockin' & Rollin's some heads in the audience. Love it, thxs for the share. Bootsy baby!!!…
Yesterday we worked on the Ickey Woods former Bengals running back video. Looks like the football Gods r raining down on him with a Win!👍🤝kzN
Join me on Monday 11/21/22 at 7pm EST with the John Lennon Bus Instagram Live as we reveal the winners of the John Lennon "Funk Not Fight" Songwriting Contest! 🥰Thx u all for participating. One love, Bootsy baby!!!�@lennonbusu@gibsonguitara@Rokuku@hulul@SyncrMusici@thebeatlesenZ
Ok, now we Groovin' on a Sunday afternoon. Coming off of Hangover Saturday,🤪 Which one we rollin' with?🫢Where all my road digz at? Let's Gooo! Bootsy baby!!!🤩DzWWQ
It's hard to be Happy when u r not, but I must say; Happy Funkin' Funked Up Saturday Funkateers!😍 Where else we gonna find some love, we must continue to Funk & not Fight.🫢 Share the love from Bootsy baby!!!🤩💝@SyncrMusicM@Roku@Hvnnm
Happy Funkin' Funked Up Saturday Funkateers!😍Where else we gonna get some love if it's not from U.🫢 Come on & Share the love from Bootsy baby!!!🤩8PjXI
Happy Funked Up Fried-Day Funkateers!🎀 I'm feeling Thankful for my Health & Whatever I got Left.✌️ What's ur Mantra for the day?😲If u got love to spare, then u need to share.😍 Bootsy baby!!!🤩🤝🫡HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY SCORPIO BRO@StevieSalaseSalas as we get older, we get bosp4ThRI
Yeah @BassMagOnline I remember this so vividly. Maybe because I was not thinking, that's when the Funk comes down & u began to feel the Pulse of the Universe! The One give u something to come home too. Thx u for capturing this moment. Bootsy baby!!!…
Puppy Love in the morning, puppy love in the evening, puppy love all threw the Nite. Be ye such a supreme being, that we will always "Funk & not Fight"!🐶💝#puppyloveo#LoveTodayd#Funkyn@GoriaFantasmas@babytriggy3gy3 Bootsy baby!!!�TbGS8y
Handle ur bizness D-O-Double-G! UnkleBootsy baby!!!🤩…L
When the backseat ain't big enough for Foreplay! That's when u find out, Funk is, Makin' Somethin' Outta Nothin'. (Happy Funked Up Hump Day Funkateers)!🤘🥳🫡 Bootsy baby!!#PeaceAndLoveL#noGPSo#Getlostinthesaucea#loveona2waystreetrKxJ7
Happy Good Funkin' Birthday to our Kidd Funkadelic brother, Michael Hampton🎂 (born 11 15, 1956) is an American funk/rock guitarist. He's a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, inducted in 1997 with Parliament-Funkadelic.🥰Join me in celebrating his BD.🤘Bootsy baby!!!�pqx9Tm
All Funkateers are Custom Made, so stop living in the Shade! U r made in the image of "The One"! Be proud, Shine Loud & speak softly to the clouds. Even ur enemies will bow down.😲 (U Dig). Bootsy baby!!!�#pfunkateersr#funkmem#MentalHealthAwarenesss#youarenotalonen#custommaded6I
Who's wrong if nobody's right, who's Right if nobody's Left?😲 Who wants to glide in this Happy Monday Ride with meh? Let's Gooo! Bootsy baby!!!🤩�#MotorcycleLivei#borntoridei#Hesabadmuthat#Funku#Pfunku3BS
Do u wanna Ride & taste the beauty of the Skies?🛸 Jump on our little#rocketshipp 🚀 & encounter th#starfleetshipip! Go check out the Thxs Dulce & Kanela Second Life Adventures for making this happen 🚀 (from Bootsy baby!!!@GoriaFantasmatmEgSi
Released on November 12th, 1980 "Ultra Wave" album by Bootsy on Warner Brother records. The One was with me during this trying time along with those dedicated Funkateers!💝 Thx u all. Bootsy baby!!!🤩🤓😎🥳 Warner Brothers Recvm1DH
Our new Pups are 3 Months old & 1st time in the snow. Which one is Bruno & which one is Paak?😲🤓I know we can't tell either, but wait until u hear their new group called "Silk Sonic", the Bomb!🏆 Enjoy ur day, drive safe, Bootsy baby!!@BrunoMarsM@AndersonPaakP@silksoniconic4KLjVw
I'd Like to say Happy Veterans Day to all our Veterans & Thank you all for Your Service & Sacrifice u laid down for our Country. May God Bless u All...🫡🫡🫡 have A Great Day Today...From Bootsy & all the Funkateers!🤝✌️🤩🥳@USMC@usairforce@/sFvyfIY87u
Happy Veterans Day! Join us as we celebrate on the Club Funkateers Show�…J
Happy Dang near Friday, so Happy Thirst Day to u Funkateers!🫡 Time to "Funk not Fight" what would this world be, if there was no Light.🌞 Join me@lennonbusus & other Celebrities, Imagine oh what…5i (Music can calm the savage beast). Bootsy baby!!!MkD
These songs are so groovy &funky🍭 Don’t forget to submit your songs Today!☺️Click it…i Bootsy baby!!!🤩 Join me today at 5:30 EST on John Lennon IG-Live & Bootsy's TikTok Live at 6:00EST#johnlennonbusu#funknotfighth#songwritingcontests#bootsycollinsnCI
In order to lead the Orchestra, sometimes u have to turn ur back on the Crowd. Bootsy baby!!!🤩🤘Npv
No matter how old u git, the Funk never quit's!🤘 Look at this mug below & he's still hittin' it! Oh about that baby that's still suckin' on a pacifier.🤓😲🤣 Happy funked up & Delightful Monday to u. Bootsy baby!!!IL4UZrU
Pepperminte Patti & I wish u health, hope, friendship, peace & love on a day when we can all take a chill pill & be still. #funknotfight Bootsy baby!!!🤩 Thxs#bernardstewartt for the share.�sV
Give it up to my good friends Rehearsing for Saturday night at The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction ceremony at The Microsoft Theatre. #eurythmicsmusic #eurythmics #rrhof #classof2022 #mstheater (U deserve it) Bootsy baby!!!🤩🎸Avi
Let me come out my Sheet, so y'all can see what the funk I'm doin' on this Happy Funked Up Friday Funkateers!😲🤔#funknotfightgh#PutmyLoveinyourEyeE#ucanseemecomingi#leavethedooropenp01i
Hey @motdraw1 the funny thing is, I never knew JB joined IN doing Band Steps with us. Lol🤣I had No idea he watch us & knew our step routine. So to answer ur question, I must have taken his portion that nite Lol😂 My brother Catfish was Loaded to the Gills. Bootsy baby!!!�…pUeB
I woke up feelin' the Cheesiest Coach!😁 But then I got Funked Up!🤪 Hope ur day is a Happy, Hopeful & Peaceful One. Bootsy baby!!!…P#BeMoeFunku#DoDatFunku#FunkNotFightgKrV
Thank you @syleenajohnson for teaming up with me in this movement we have going on, can’t wait to work with you and Lets "Funk not Fight" Bootsy Baby!!!🤩P
We can get over the Hump, Stop the killings & Give a Funk! Step 2, Unify violence is corrupt! "Lets Funk & not Kill the will to Live", gotta change our appetite. Join us @MasterPMiller @BOOSIEOFFICIAL @babytriggy3 @icecube @FINALLEVEL @SnoopDogg @MrChuckD @unclelukereal1 Bootsy
My goal is to help connect the past, present & future as one. Happy Funky Blues Monday to all our Funkateers! Thxs @BrunoMars @AndersonPaak @silksonic for keeping Live music, Soul, RnB & funk, all the way Live! Now let's Calm the Separation Spirit Bootsy baby!!!🤩#FUNKNOTFIGHTTN
If I were ur Genie, I'd be singing Happy Halloweenie!😲👹🎃Deep lookin' crew right here.🤔🫣🤭We have a treat for u right…aMcVO2 (Love bearhugs). Bootsy bab#halloween2022e#Halloweenl#funkyhalloweenl#familyaffairy#funkateersk#FUNKNOTFIGHTODrozn1g
If I was a Genie, I would make sure u have a Happy Halloweenie!🎃👹🎃 Here's a rendition of "Monster Mash" done by: Buckethead, Emmaline & uhh Bootsy…VO2 (Enjoy ur Treat & watch out for the Trick Sand)!🤔 Bootsy baby!!!🤩🎸🫡
Who can we Blame Shift today?🤔 Sly Stone said, Stand, in the end YOU'LL STILL be U. One that's done all the things u set out to do, STAND!🫡 No matter what the outcome is, now days it's deeper than just u. Lets Grow Ppl.😇We R Better than this.✌️ Bootsy baby!#funknotfightiFFb9
If u could just calm the world down with one song, what would it be? Just remember, without the Ppl, Nobody is famous.… (From my 1st Album) Stretchin' Out in a Rubber Band! Bootsy baby!!!🤩X
Ahh Man! Now this is what the World should be about! Am I living in another universe to know that this is what's important? I Love This & no matter what u do for a living, (This should be the Outcome) if Not, we all need Practice. @_KeepRockAlive_ we will be in touch. Bootsy baby…
Here's a lil Gooey Chewy from Bootsy going out to All my Scorpion Brother's & Sisters!🎂🥳🎂 Happy Birthday to U from the Boo Baby! My friends from space have not lost faith, let's funk in Peac#FunkNotFightg#SyncrMusics#JointheFunku#TheBeatlesl#Gibsons#LennonBusB@AppleMusicsb4J
Happy Birthday to my Scorpio Brother @Shmeeans & may u continue to Funk up the World with @lettucefunk! Bootsy baby!!!🤩🎸…Q4s
THIS IS FOR YOU! 💥We are called to love, not fight. Funk Not Fight. That’s actually the title of my next album! Submit your original music with the link below. Let’s make history through peace ☮️, love ❤️, and music 🎶. Thn@SyncrMusicic for working with me on this#funknotfighthWe
Funkateers, u have made my life, my year's, my months, my Dazes & yes I stopped taking that purple haze. Lol.🤣 My friends from space have not lost faith, but say's, let's funk in Peace. Thxs for All the B-Day Greetings, every life has meaning. Bearhugs from Bootsy baby!!!🤩t1k
CHAKALAKA baby Bubba to my funkin Birthday brother. Keep on grooving like you do I’ll be following you all the way down the road. @Bootsy_Collins @EllisHallMusic 🎉O
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I can not believe I've circled the sun for 71 years.😲 I've met so many incredible humans. We r all common Ppl trying to survive. The mission is to Keep Funk Alive! That Funk is All of Us! My Gratitude is my Attitude. Bootsy baby!!!🤩 U wanna…yG
Ahh @TheKidBrothers Thx u for spreading fresh healings to a world that is desperate for life that u guys send threw ur music.🎸 I love ur EP song "You". I'd like to Twist it & Spin it a bit. We talk, we funk! Unkle Bootsy baby!!!�…Oy
I woke up today with all of u saying Happy Funkin' Birthday Bootsy!🎂U mugs have Always been the best Funkateers!🥳Here is what Bootsy is…WW "This is our moment of healing, Grab it"🤝Thx u all for helping me fly above & below the radar. Bootsy babyKMTt
This is a Drop about Nothin'!🤔TJ-Mouse & Hollerin' Wolf just wanted u to recognize there space in time is comin' up on Hallo-Weenie!🤓🎃Be safe & stay away from the Trick-Sand. Bootsy baby!!!🤩�HkGFWLyz
Having the Biggest Party of ur Life today Funky Funked up Tuesday, so which one r u inviting?🤔Just one.😲Let's git this party shakin' & bakin' baba! Bootsy baby!!!🤩yPDEm
Happy from the ground up Funky Monday Funkateers & Rockheads that love beers!🍺 The weekend is over, but Bass Extremes we take u Lower! As bassist we fly low on the Radar, but like funk we shall rise to ur surprise🤣🎸🔥Join us for our Grammy consideration! Thx u.Bootsy baby!0YOXu
Let ur Light be heard & ur Voice be seen, throw ur Pain in the dirt & get on with ur Dream!🫡 (Happy Fun-Sunday)😍from, Bootsy baby!!!9pj
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