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Just a little something I did in Photoshop today for some cross-over fun. #DragonAge #DragonAge4 #Solas #PhantomoftheOpera
After a bit of rest, I'm feeling better. My tooth extraction site is healing very well. That pizza and Disaronno I will have as soon as I am able to, like in 2 weeks or so, is going to be so delicious. 😋
Me: /sees someone mention some ppl should be burnt at the stake. Irrational me: OMG How offensive to us pagans and witches! Rational me: It's ok, the person probably was being stupid, and you're just hungry because of your mush diet from your tooth extraction. 😬
Seeing as there is no new trailer and nothing from Gamescom related to Dragon Age 4, I'm just going to leave this here. I'm actually quite proud of that logo I worked on in Photoshop lol #dontJudge 😁…h
In the latest #DragonAge4 trailer, I believe that #Solas is in the White Spire, the mountain in Antiva. #DragonAge
Do you need a laugh? Here are some silly bloopers from old Dragon Age videos. 😁
Today on the menu, I had to get creative. So far my post tooth extraction diet has been rather vegan. I am craving more meaty sustenance. So... I will be making the innards of deviled eggs. 😋 Hubby will eat the whites, and I will have egg mush. 😁
I can't wait to be able to engage in PHYSICAL ACTIVITIES again. Because of my tooth extraction, I have to refrain from CARDIO. Grrr. I will unleash my power and ravage /ahem someone as soon as I'm able. 😂 And eat pizza. Damn I'm craving pizza. As soon as I can eat solids, man!
Agrrrrr! There is an online store that MIXED up their authors. I dunno if my name appears on that other author's listing but they put HER name as the author of MY BOOK. Not her fault though. I know how it works. They took the info from the distributor and wrote the wrong name.
Just landed on this video of this 🤗ADORABLE🤗 banter between Cole and Vivienne. I love them both. 💚
TW: Dental surgery. Tooth extracted. Slightly longer than planned, root had fused to jaw bone BUT was a baby tooth. Dentist was gentle, it came out. Done and done. I am well so far. Now on to liquids, and for tomorrow I have potage type soup. I feel so fancy with my meal plan 😂
Thank you to everyone who applied to help create the 2022 Solamancy Zine! This decision was indescribably hard because of the sheer amount of talented applicants. We want to encourage everyone we were unable to select to continue creating because it was a joy to review your work!
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I think I got something stuck in the crack of the tooth that's getting extracted tomorrow 😂
Egg: Elvhen side up 😋😁 Steak: Medium rare Milk: Almond Alcohol: Disaronno Warm Drink: Rooiboos tea with almond milk and cane…oq
Is it me who just scoured @artfulorder's timeline to see all the Artbreeder art for DA characters? 🤭
You know what's worse than Solas tearing down the Veil, the Venatori, double blight, or Evanuris? You know what the worst monster could/might be in #DragonAge4? If the Blight Tainted Titan drinks from the goop. The. Worst. Monster #DragonAge
😂Today while recording a video I called Dr Chakwas Dr Sasquash. 😂🤭🤣
shmooze her. Sara & Reyes stay a thing. If Sara is my canon, then Sloan doesn't survive, she is with Reyes, & then when Scott wakes up & joins his sister, he & Jaal get acquainted, get closer, & eventually make eachnother's hearts sing. 🤗
joins her brother on missions, she runs into Reyes, he sweeps her off her feet & they make love in a cave. Scott knows & keeps it from Sloan. It's a bit complicated, but as long as Sloan doesn't learn, he thinks they're good. Sloan likes Scott, same haircut and all, so he can
Scott/Sara Reyes/Sloan choices + romances (A thread) If Scott is my canon, he saves Sloan but doesn't shoot Reyes. This is because Sara while in coma speaks of a dream of a Charlatan who swept her off her feet. Scott felt bad to think of shooting Reyes. When Sara gets better &
Published this today. I hope it is not tiresome. I'm new to blogging. (Will share using my other account)…
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Told someone about my SWTOR fic while in-game. Forgot to mention the smut part.🤭 Player was like "oh, it's smutty....not complaining." I hope they do enjoy it. 😬 That's always my worry.
It's time for my thoughts (and I have many) in regards to the supposed #DragonAge #Netflix series, show, wtv. I am very sceptical about it. I read through an article and have a lot to say for what I truly think and why that is. I also freak at the error 😂
Dealing with death is never easy. Hearing about it even for a stranger you never met can still affect us, especially when someone is murdered. When it happens a street away... Well, let's just say I'm still processing.
There is much #DragonAge lore & history in the Free Marches: Corypheus emprisoned, Estwatch abandoned, plots in Starkhaven, and Qunari invading Kirkwall. This Narrative Chronology includes events from Tevinter Nights in preparation for #DragonAge4
Just realised something. I think Davrin might be a healer. Ok, so I dunno if this is old news lol but I was on a healer in SWTOR and I literally said "Nobody dies on my watch." And then it hit me. Davrin in #DragonAge4 might be a healer.
Found this little gem on the #SWTOR Reddit. Darth Marr has good taste in shows hehe #Mandalorian <iframe id="reddit-embed" src="…" sandbox="allow-scripts allow-same-origin allow-popups" style="border: none;" height="446" width="640" scrolling="no"></iframe>
FINALLY! DONE! My Free Marches Chronology. Took AGES! These chronologies always take longer than typical videos, usually are around 3-4 mins. This one: 13! The Free Marches have A LOT of history. Glad that's over with. Gonna render, export and upload for Monday.
😂 I may have skipped a word in duolingo. I am so asking hubby this later! 😋ZLn
Just soft blocked a bunch of spam accounts that were following me. I also noticed, despite getting a ton of new followers in recent weeks, I'm still at 1450. 🤔 Must be old spam accounts getting deactivated. Just can' wait to hit 1500 and do another giveaway. 😁
I KNEW I recognised Dr Archer's voice from the Overload DLC in ME2. Loghain Mac Tir. Also, Grand Moff Kilren. 😂 That Moff man. If you've done the flashpoints in SWTOR, you'll know why I love to hate him. He's a pain to defeat.
I forgot how hard Overlord hits. 😭😭😭 I am literally balling my eyes out. My brother is autistic. That last scene with the repetitive square root, it all seemed harmless, is what did it. Ok, deep breaths. Oh là làaaaaaaa#MassEffectLegendaryEditionion
Ugh, my eyelash line is so itchy and I keep sneezing, all because of some sawdust. And that's really the eyelashes, not the inside of the eyes. Like, it's weird lol.
Disco Tits! YEAH BABY! 😂 I love ittttt! Tits a bit odd No puns?…y
Ad be like: I've unlocked the secret, but it's too risky to tell you here, so you have to click the link, it's free (pretty sure link leads to a video to entice ppl to pay), and click now because you many never see this ad again and you'll miss your chance. 3rd time in a row. 😂
2/2 She helped me heal. And I love her arc. When I first heard her backstory, I realised she was abused and sexualised too. I love Miranda. She no longer triggers insecurities. I'm glad she's there. She's fictional, but IRL we'd connect on so many levels and help each other heal.
1/2 Miranda triggers people. The first time I played ME she triggered me. My ex who abused me said and did disgusting things that I hated sexy women as much as I hated my body at the time. But Miranda wasn't the problem, it wasn't her fault. She opened my eyes to the brainwashing…
I'm not sure I'd trust anyone but Peter Jackson to make a live action DA adaptation. Just saying.…
I think I've just created a new term: DAA DRAGON AGE ADDICT Hi, I'm Binky, and I'm a Dragon Age Addict.
Hate that my favorite feature from #DragonAgeOrigins, you know the actual ORIGINS, hasn’t been in the series (or any other game) since! CP2077 teased us with its lifepaths but we all know how that turned out 🙄 What was everybody’s favorite origin of choice from DA:O?
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We saw Solas's Orb in an #eaplaylive2021 logo, fiery and as though put back together. Is this just a tease and nothing more, or does it bear greater significance for #DragonAge4? These are my thoughts. #DragonAge
✨200 Follower Giveaway ✨ Thank you so much for following, I'm honored. Thank you for being here. Tis' giveaway time! 🙃 Giveaway ends 7/31 💫Rules💫 🍃Like and RT ✨Follow (New followers welcome) 🎨Comment with what digital art piece you would like. Fandoms and OC's welcoEhlS3C
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Spoke to the Nakmor warrior on Tuchanka about his small clan. Me: I'm sure it doesn't help that a number from your clan left the with the Andromedo Initiative. Should've gone with them, you'd be overlord of New Tuchanka. 😂#MassEffectLegendaryEditionn#MassEffectAndromedaa
HAHA The scientist Krogan on Tuchanka has the same voice as Thane.
Maxwell Trevelyan: Anyone who doesn't like puns, has a bad sense of humour and poor taste. /looks directly at Cassandra Cassandra: Ugh. Dorian: Perhaps more subtlety next time, hm? Cole: She hears it, repeating, at every reminder, always inside her head. It's...unbearable. 😁
14% got it right. 😁 My favourite franchises are, in order: Star Wars OEU Dragon Age Lord of the Rings Mass…4
@robertoblake “I don't measure a man's success by how high he climbs but how high he bounces when he hits bottom” ― General George S. Patton
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I would like to share a small chapter I wrote of how I imagined the ceremony of the vallaslin, hope you don't mind. There is also some info Involving Vianna's family, I recommend listen to this song linked in the notes, enjoy 💜
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Results this far are interesting.😁
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