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What I like about being a Christian is the Jesus part.
It is a hard truth at times but truth nonetheless that God, in his great wisdom and affection and authorship of what makes a life truly abundant, is more interested in us knowing our Healer than our simply receiving a healing. The Lord himself is the greatest gift he can give us.
It’s recovering from the life-leaking burden of thinking you’ve seen it all. It’s awakening again. “Well now, would you look at that?”
It’s making peace with mystery. It’s rediscovering the wonder of childhood when living equaled learning. It’s this surprising satisfaction—near glee—when God reminds you how little you know. It’s tilting the head, squinting the eyes and thinking what a marvelous mystery is love.
I can’t think how 2 people devoted to the same God & called to the same ministry could be more different. They’re dearest friends. I thought a large part of the beauty of aging would be coming into deeper understanding. But I was wrong. It’s so much better than that.
Some of them make perfect sense. I have 2 Kimberlys. They’re best friends. None of us mind. We’re all special to one another but we respect—I’d say even enjoy—that some are particularly special. But then there’s Clare and Susan. Susan is in her mid-70s. Clare, her early 20s.
I grow only more intrigued by friendship. You know the kind. Friendships you can’t fathom missing. Like, you can’t think you’d even be the same person had they not come along. I’ve been an employer for 30 years now. One of the best parts has been watching friendships bloom.
Fellow Bible & crossword puzzle nerds: here’s the one from Galatians (our last study). I was just going to message it to my friend @rcollingsworth but then thought what the heck. It might whet someone’s appetite to do the series. If you know the book well, try it from memory 1st!…
We're so excited to announce the 2022 Living Proof Live Simulcast from our beloved friend and Bible-teacher, @BethMooreLPM with worship led by Dove-Award winning, @cottrelltravis - this October 14 & 15! Visit for more details and special pricing info!
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You can pretty well know @MelissaMoore77 and I are finishing up another Bible study series if I’m creating a crossword puzzle of an epistle. Lol. I love crosswords! Please tell me at least one of you has done the crossword in the back of the Galatians study!
I should probably pin the previous tweet.
I’m probably wrong.
All to say, growing basil has brought me a surprising amount of joy. Lol
Life is hard but I do think it is possible to maybe diversify some interests—something enjoyable & life giving—enough to make it a little less hard. I can’t help but think obsessing about the same thing over over on social media only makes us feel worse. Less heard. Less known.
give you some added things to talk about. I think maybe a lot of people have made social media their hobby and that it can easily become a place to obsess on that one thing—watch for other people to either affirm or deny your feelings—& grow increasingly miserable. I don’t know.
When you’ve been deeply hurt, I can’t say enough how helpful it is to develop some new positive interests. Grow something. Or maybe take some art/music/cooking lessons. Or take up walking 10,000 steps a day. Take a theology course. It doesn’t mean you won’t still hurt but it’ll
Here’s the thing: the answer to the unholiness in the church is never going to be the unholiness of the world.
There’s a way out of whatever mess we’re in, whether we’re caught up in religious corruption or in this narcissistic worldly culture, both of which will make us miserable. The same way out as those 1st disciples found. “Follow me.” — Jesus
Will we do everything but what God’s looking for? Or will we do what he’s been after all along? Will we turn wholeheartedly to Jesus? Pursue Jesus. Seek to learn how to love sacrificially like him? Walk in his truth & grace? Humble ourselves & cease exploiting God to get our way?
if, in recoiling from corruption in the church, we curl up with the world, we’ve just traded one bad religion for another. In blending in, we also forfeit all salt and light. We’ll never find the light by trading one degree of darkness for another. The test before us is this:
I was thinking this morning what a test is before those of us who believe in Jesus. He who still walks between the lampstands is faithfully exposing corruption in the church in order to deal with it & purify it. Many of us have understandably recoiled from seeing all the rot. But
My firstborn and her daddy. Texas forever.
I wish dogs lived longer. I can’t bear the thought of giving this one up.
My most beloved Queen Esther—my world’s best dog—can’t see or hear well anymore. Can’t run very far or chase squirrels anymore but, on a gator ride through our woods, both of us are young again. My happy, happy girl. I live for this smile. Dogs were one of God’s very best ideas.
Thank y’all so much for your fun birthday greetings! You guys are so wonderful and hilarious, I can’t bring myself to get off Twitter. As long as you’re here, I reckon I’m here.
was chicken spaghetti in the big pot and you would’ve seen pasta salad as well as a broccoli and cauliflower salad. They were chips and homemade dips and three desserts. This was in the slideshow but it still deserves a picture all its own. It’s puff pastry with a salmon filling.
Just a taste of Potluck at Living Proof. I couldn’t get all of it in! That watermelon salad!!!! Oh my WORD. Those sandwiches are homemade pimento cheese and, let me tell you right now, nothing’s better than real live homemade pimento cheese. And those are homemade rolls. That.,.
Y’all are so fun. Every year my staff asks what I want for my b’day & every year I want the same thing. Some years, like this year, I have the guts to say it: All I want is Potluck Lunch. That’s it. Those killer cooks bring these fab random dishes. It is THE BEST THING EVER.
I WOKE UP SIXTY FIVE YEARS OLD TODAY. SIXTY FIVE, I TELL YOU. THAT’S SIX & ONE HALF DECADES, YOU MATH WIZARDS. I’M A SENIOR. OLD AS THE DANG HILLS. But don’t worry. I do not feel a day over 103. NO I do not wish I could be young again. It’s these old legs gonna walk me to Jesus.
Do y’all remember me posting the Lord’s cucumbers in my yard? Cucumbers I never planted that were nearly the size of small watermelons when I found them? I NOW HAVE THE LORD’S CORN IN THE SAME PLACE. I’m growing corn, folks. I do not fully understand my present harvests.
“I’m taking Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind today.”
by changing views of him. He is both in the anchor that holds us and in the wind that blows us. I’m just crazy about him is all I want to say this morning. The Scriptures delight me. Just when we think it’s all about parsing Greek verbs, God’s up there saying something like,
There’s no taming him. Often no explaining him. No containing him. No restraining him. No saying what he no longer does unless he explicitly said it himself. Our God is in the heavens and he will do what he pleases. He could not care less about his approval rating. He’s unchanged
“Today I’m going to take Elijah up in a whirlwind.” The Lord just does his thing. Breaks all our rules and, half the time, refuses to take our pious arguments seriously. Meanwhile he’s working a wonder here & another one there, owning it all, doing whatever His Holiness desires.
No idea how many times I’ve read that verse. Hundreds. But every now and then when debates over every jot & tittle of doctrine have everybody in a lather and every school of thought trying to prove they own the keys to heaven, I’m reminded of a God seated on his throne going,
My Bible reading this morning started with these words: “The time had come for the Lord to take Elijah up to heaven in a whirlwind.” I just threw my head back with glee over the marvelousness, the unfathomable uniqueness, the wildness & wonder of God. I mean, he’d calendared it.
And meet Dolly Parton. But they don’t have to be on the same night.
I’d just like one time to get to be at an NBA Finals game. Seven.
A fraction of victims ever come forward. A fraction of that fraction make false accusations. Slick predators & their smooth protectors—all criminals—have been believed over victims. I stand with the victims. I’ll stand with them to my last breath. That’s where Jesus would stand.
clue what it can do to you. The extent of repercussions. The disastrous relational decisions that are often made. The self hatred. Believe victims. It’s woefully costly to come forward. Are there ever occasions of false accusations? Yes. Sure there are. But understand this:
of my lungs, “Abuse can make you unstable!” Forgive me for putting it so bluntly but I’ve experienced this & want to speak for any others who have as well: Abusers make us crazy then call us crazy. It’s the oldest trick in the book. People who have not been abused have no
clear on events & completely stable when they come forward & they’re still discredited because those who receive the report can’t afford for them not to be. I’m saying OTHER times people are discredited based on their mental or emotional condition & I want to scream at the top
“crazy.” “That woman/man is crazy.” “You could tell she’s/he’s lying because she’s/he’s so unstable.” “He/She lied about this part. She’s/he’s lying about all of it.” I cannot convey the instability that sexual abuse can cause. Please hear me clearly. Many survivors are crystal
to sort it out, 3) the brokenness breaks apart the pieces like a puzzle and it’s a process to get them put together. Again, I speak only for myself & some I know. Victims can be discredited for seeming unbalanced, mentally unwell, unstable or, here’s the really effective one,
“they have changed their story.” You just don’t get it. When some of us first begin to tell, it is not at all uncommon for victims to share only a sliver of the story or the safest part of the story because 1) we’re scared to death to tell the truth, 2) we ourselves are trying
here because I may not use the right words. I so wish to point out the potential for mental and emotional chaos and the process it can take for the fog to clear on what happened to you. I continually see people debunk the stories of survivors who have come forward because
When an individual has been expertly groomed, indoctrinated on the narrative of mutuality of “love” and benefit, trapped in shame, intimidated by and made to feel beholden to the predator/org and like they are betrayers if they tell, the mental confusion can be rife. I need grace
There are things I so wish people understood about what sexual abuse can do to an individual. Please know that I am not speaking for all or even most survivors here. I speak only for myself and some others who have shared their journeys with me through years of women’s ministry.
I just think it’s good to know in advance that, on the feast day of, say for instance, Saint Benedict, you’re not having Eggs Benedict at church. Eat before you go. That’s all I’m saying now that I’m experienced.
I’ve only really had one big let down and it’s that I thought feast days at liturgical churches meant they actually ate at church. I know, I know! We do! We keep the feast! Don’t go getting fussy with me. It’s the best part. But I mean like chili dogs after the sermon. Not once.
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