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I’m wearing stranger pants. I like to know my pants.
A thing bothering me today is I’m wearing someone else’s pants. I dressed in the dark to keep from waking Keith & thought these were my usuals. On the way to the airport, I’m like, these aren’t my pants. I don’t own these pants. They’re not Melissa’s or Amanda’s or Keith’s pants.
Will be getting on a plane late morning to start my 2-flight journey to Virginia Beach for this weekend’s living proof live. I can’t wait!! We have some glorious Scriptures to study! Pray for Jesus to be greatly exalted and glorified and for him to marvel over the faith he finds.
I woke up with a drama hangover this morning. Not a drink hangover. Drama. Plus Creekie, the drama bringer, was sprawled across my torso which didn’t help. So grateful to God we didn’t lose our pup yesterday but I feel beaten with a stick. Alas the sun rises & new mercies abound.
Creekie is bone tired tonight. 1st pic, sound asleep on the couch earlier. 2nd pic, she put herself to bed. Our bed. It’s exhausting to run after your dad‘s Ford super duty for 2 miles only to give up, turn to a Mexican food restaurant for solace & no one feed you a beef fajita.
No words for our relief. Thank you so much for entering into our drama and praying for her return. I am well aware there are far more important things. Thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus thank you Jesus.
yell her name but crying by them. We’ve been so frantic & scouring every place/neighborhood we could possibly think to search and registering her lost everywhere under the sun. It is going to get really funny at some point that her refuge was the nearest Mexican food restaurant.
I will never be able to thank you guys enough for praying. Some of you will remember a very different ending 3 1/2 years ago with our bird dog preceding Creekie. We were so traumatized. We relived the whole thing today, all the yelling for her. Hours later, still trying to
What person among you, who has 100 dogs & loses 1 of them, does not leave the 99 & go after the 1 until she finds it? And when she has found it, she joyfully puts it in her car seat and, coming home, tweets all her friends saying rejoice with me because I have found my lost dog!
Y’ALL!!!!!! We have a lead!!!!!!!! Stay tuned!!!!!
Y’all, I can’t find Creek. Working at home today. Realized 30 minutes ago she wasn’t around. Keith had just left in the truck a few minutes before that & we’re scared she may have tried to chase him. I’ve looked all over our property.If you can spare a prayer, I’d be so grateful.
It might have something to do with the teetotalers driving people to drink comment. Or saying some people were showing their bottoms. Or other things that shall go unrepeated. Or my texts. Nevertheless. Call me quiet this morning and I’ll let y’all know when I’m out of time out.
I would tweet something but I got this vibe from the Holy Spirit this morning.
I just got a text from an SBC pastor who-is-a-good-friend-of-mine-and-who-shall-remain-anonymous-so-do-not-go-throwing-out-names-because-I’ll-have-to-deny-it and he said “The teetotalers are driving thousands to drinking.” Lol.
Let those of us who love Christ’s church never accept abuse as unavoidable. Never quit fighting it. Never dream of standing by & letting your church be a safer place for abusers than victims. Nothing is more outrageously antithetical to the gospel of Christ than church abuse.
Wanna tell y’all something. I didn’t suffer sexual abuse in an SBC church. (I’ve belonged to about 6.) It was my home that was unsafe. Church was always my shelter WHICH is one among many reasons I stand against church abuse. Because, for the love of God, it ought never be so!
If you aren’t SBC by denomination or haven’t dearly loved & served the SBC in the past so much that you still deeply care, please spare yourself the drama. But for those who are wondering what happened today in reference to the SBC Sexual Abuse Task Force, this thread is helpful.…
If you’ve hung onto wonder, what has helped you do so? I’ll read your replies with much interest though my work load today will keep me from engaging as much as I’d like. I truly believe wonder is woefully underrated. Your thoughts?
Does it to you or am I a hopeless romantic? Maybe the darkness needn’t expend all the energy of dragging us into a pit to drain us of joy & hope. It need only blindfold us to wonder. Just something I’m reflecting on today. Have you lost a sense of wonder &, if so, what caused it?
I was thinking, in terms of the soul, how repair often accompanies wonder. Being awake to variegated wonders of God, big & small, seems to me to have a mending effect of sorts on scrapes, stabs, splinters & cuts sustained from walking on the thistles & thorns of a fallen world.
Christian, picture where Christ would stand in reference to the abused and stand there in his name.
Philippians 2 memory group. I just couldn’t help myself.
Jesus will make all the difference in how this day goes. Stay attentive to him. Let him lead. He is the only one incapable of misleading you.
You guys are the greatest! I used every single one of my credits and I am keeping the list for when I build up some more. Thank you!!!!
Ok, you guys, I have lots of audible credits I’m going to lose if I don’t use them soon. I need recs for great audible books. They’re perfect for driving to work & back. Have any? Fiction (if it’s really good) or nonfiction either one but I’d especially like fabulous nonfictions.
Those memorizing out of the CSB, did you see this reply from @DrTomSchreiner? I’m considering changing my mind & going with Bible Gateway wording. You can memorize out of any translation you wish, of course! Just letting you know I’m going to look into it and may change my mind.
OK, you guys! I’m going to recite it at a pace we can perhaps do together. Don’t get discouraged if you’re not here yet!!! Just keep working at it. There’s no shortcut. You just say it over and over and over but what better words to think over?? I so appreciate having you along!
I see a variance in wording in my CSB Bible’s V.4 & Bible Gateway’s CSB rendering I printed out. (“not only…but also”) I’ll ask my friend @TrevinWax which is current but I want you to know I am going with my hardcopy Bible so you’re not surprised when I recite it. Pics of both:
Happy Lord’s Day, Jesus followers! This is to my Philippians 2:1-18 Scripture memory participants: I want to point something out to you memorizing from the CSB like I am, THEN in the tweet that follows it, I’ll record myself saying verses 1-8 and see if you can say them with me!
I am for real laughing out loud at your comments. This is the only reason I stay on Twitter.
I just had to turn in a creeper at the Kroger. Right in the frozens. Is nothing sacred?
I love to learn new stuff, don’t y’all? I couldn’t live long enough to learn all the things I’d like. I’d like to learn how to fly a plane & get my pilot’s license & I’d like to study astronomy and entomology and I’d like to learn to paint. But for now, vineyards & bees & herbs.
Really happy because I’m growing in my beekeeping and honey harvesting. Didn’t even wear my bee suit this time (too hot!) and not one sting. Super proud of my bees because we lost a good bit of the colony in our awful winter freeze. This sight is like a miracle to me every time.
leave them alone. Life on this earth is brutal at times and we all bear scars. Coldness itself is a scar. But I pray with all my heart that, deeper still, in the gorgeous words of the apostle Paul, we bear the marks of Jesus. He is below and above it all.
how much more committed he is to them than you could ever be. He may even presently be meeting them coming and going with all sorts of reminders of himself. Hemming them in. It’s possible when they are particularly defensive or oppositional that they’re mad because Jesus won’t
plunged deeper than the blades of abuse. Two, I want to encourage you, if you are a parent of an adult who no longer practices faith in Christ, it’s not over til it’s over. You don’t know how often the Holy Spirit may be reminding them what Jesus taught them. You don’t realize
default in my recitation to the KJV because the verses were 1st embedded in me in its wording. I bring this up because it cheers me for a number of reasons but two I will share with you. One, I have such hard memories from my childhood that I love knowing some glorious things
I love any music or any liturgy that leads me to worship God in the name of Jesus. But what I find fascinating is the thought that those truths embedded in us in childhood, those sacred things, those eternal things, are still in there. Even in my scripture memory, I still tend to
Kind of a weird and wonderful thing happens to me occasionally. I wake up right in the middle of singing a verse from a hymn of my childhood. Like a random 3rd verse! One I haven’t sung in decades. I’m not a hater of the worship movement so it’s not like I strongly prefer hymns.
Give yourself to a lifetime of writing if you hate your neck, shoulders, back, hips, knees, sanity & eyesight. And if you love to read. Love the sound of a book spine cracking, the scent of an unturned page & some writer’s phrase so sublimely put, you’re forced to read it aloud.
Dear whomever cut off Starbucks’ supply of toffee nut syrup just in time for September salted caramel mochas. You will stand before the judgment seat.
Someday I hope to actually get a whole tweet right.
So sorry I messed that up, y’all! Thank goodness there are worse things than reading 36 verses of Philippians before 8 AM.
Philippians 2:1-18! Not 1!
I grow increasingly concerned that we have a massive population of people who have placed their faith in Christianity rather than Christ. And an odd concoction of Christianity at that. Faith in Christianity is utterly bereft of power to save a single soul. Jesus saves.
A guy memorizing Phil 1:1-18 with us told me he was getting so much from it, he read it to a group recently. Got called a liberal. Gonna tell you right now, a lot of folks putting a checkmark in the Christian square are completely out of touch with the actual Jesus of Scripture.
Philippians 2:1-18 Scripture memory participants, is it coming along? Have you been able to advance into Vv 5-8? Stick with it! We’re daily being indoctrinated by the world to have the opposite mindset. You want your life to speak? Adopt the same attitude as that of Christ Jesus.
Let me simply say that, if Keith and I go broke, it will not be over the water bill.
Men who live in the country lack a firm commitment to indoor plumbing.
I’m an acquired taste and an astounding amount of people never really acquire it. Lol. OK. I’ll shut up now and get to work. Be kind to people today, folks. I don’t know anybody not hurting.
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