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Cliches are the junk food of the literary pantry, much loved by lazy writers. But platitudes and worn phrases serve as signals to the reader to move along, there’s nothing to see here. Don’t push readers away, or lull them to sleep. Engage them with original, specific phrasing.
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Our AP Stylebook Online Topical Guide about the financial markets provides guidance for writing about the stock market and the economy. Inflation is one term you'll find in the guide, which is available to all users here: apne.ws/VNKYZSF
Disabled people are not monolithic. They use diverse terms to describe themselves. Many, for example, use the term people with disabilities. Both people with disabilities and disabled people are acceptable terms, but try to determine the preference of a person or group.
What's new in the AP Stylebook, 56th Edition? - An inclusive storytelling chapter. - An expanded religion chapter. - A revised social media chapter. - New guidance on writing about disabilities. - Expanded guidance on cannabis. And much more. Buy yours: apne.ws/GaVgXBu
We don't use the word cocktail in reference to a mixture of drugs. Instead: drug combination or simply drugs or medications. For example, HIV drugs or execution drugs.
Some spellings: cancel, canceled, canceling, cancellation; travel, traveled, traveling, traveler. Also: Capitalize "airport" as part of a proper name: LaGuardia Airport, O'Hare International Airport. And: TSA PreCheck. Finally: Amtrak, not AMTRAK.
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We use the spelling "flyer" for a person flying in an aircraft, and for handbills: He used his frequent flyer miles; they put up flyers announcing the show. We use "flier" in the phrase "take a flier," meaning to take a big risk.
The Stylebook's weapons entry offers guidance on terms including semi-automatic rifle, assault rifle, assault weapon, military-style rifle and modern sporting rifle.
Flair is conspicuous talent or style. Flare is a verb meaning to blaze with sudden, bright light, to burst out in anger, or to curve or spread outward. It is also a noun meaning a flame.
Generally, use a hyphen in modifiers of three or more words: a know-it-all attitude, black-and-white photography, a sink-or-swim moment, a win-at-all-costs approach. Consider carefully, though, before deciding to use more than three modifiers.
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We capitalize formal titles used directly before a name: Mayor Jo Hays. Lowercase a title when standing alone: The mayor rides a bike to work. Also lowercase titles in constructions that set them off from a name by commas: The mayor, Jo Hays, rides a bike to work.
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Use this style of uppercase and lowercase for amendments to the U.S. Constitution: the First Amendment guarantee of free speech, the Eighth Amendment prohibition on cruel and unusual punishment.
Avoid the word casualties, which can refer to either injuries or deaths. If authorities use it, seek specifics. If specifics aren’t available, say so: Officer Riya Kumar said the crash resulted in casualties, but she said she did not know whether those were injuries or deaths.
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We have a new Stylebook Online entry: Czechia, the Czech Republic. Both are acceptable. The shorter name Czechia is preferred by the Czech government. If using Czechia, clarify in the story that the country is more widely known in English as the Czech Republic.
Hyphenate up-to-date as a compound modifier before a noun: We bring you the most up-to-date news. Otherwise, no hyphen: Stay up to date with Stylebook Online. My calendar is up to date.
When you have a question about writing or editing, turn to the AP Stylebook Online search function. You will often get multiple related results. Check out a few to see if you get more context on your question. Learn more about Stylebook Online: apne.ws/GAJIwET
We now have an entry called “marijuana, cannabis.” It includes definitions for cannabinoids, decriminalization, delta, edibles, hemp and 420, among other related terms. You can find this in the new AP Stylebook, 56th Edition, and on AP Stylebook Online.
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When space is a consideration, such as in a headline, simply migrant(s) or immigrant(s) is acceptable as long as the context is clear in the first few paragraphs of the story.
The European Union and some U.N. agencies use the term irregular migration; that term is acceptable in areas where it is commonly used. Do not use irregular migrants.
Acceptable variations include living in or entering a country illegally or without legal permission. For people: immigrants lacking permanent legal status.
We don't use the terms illegal immigrant, unauthorized immigrant, irregular migrant, alien, an illegal, illegals or undocumented (except when quoting people or documents that use these terms). Many immigrants and migrants have some sort of documents, but not the necessary ones.
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Use spongy moth for the invasive pest formerly known as gypsy moth, a change approved by the Entomological Society of America in 2022. Gypsy moth is acceptable in a first reference explaining the new name until it becomes better known: spongy moths, formerly known as gypsy moths.
From our race-related coverage entry: In all coverage ... strive to accurately represent the world, or a particular community, and its diversity through the people you quote and depict in all formats. Omissions and lack of inclusion can render people invisible.
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We have expanded and updated our guidance on writing about disabilities. You can find this new entry on the terms brain injury, traumatic brain injury, brain damage and brain-damaged on AP Stylebook Online and in the new AP Stylebook, 56th Edition.
Lowercase and spell out titles in constructions that set them off from a name by commas: The U.S. vice president, Kamala Harris, was elected in 2020. Pope Francis, the current pope, was born in Argentina.
Ask the Editor is one of the most popular features of AP Stylebook Online. Editor Paula Froke responds to a wide range of questions from Stylebook Online subscribers. Check out highlights of some recent replies: apne.ws/Ssn6XY1
Sunday is Juneteenth, the traditional June 19 commemoration date of the emancipation of enslaved people in the U.S. On June 17, 2021, President Biden signed legislation making it a U.S. federal holiday. The holiday also has been called Juneteenth Independence Day or Freedom Day.
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AP style doesn't mandate that you get a manicure that coordinates with our cover design. But it's also not *not* recommended. twitter.com/ErikaH3ck/stat…
Our inclusive storytelling chapter says: People of any race are capable of racist behavior and assumptions (both explicit and implicit). Both women and men are capable of sexist assumptions. Older adults may view younger people through a lens of ageism, as well as vice versa.
Do have a pica pole on your desk? Our product manager, Colleen Newvine, worked in prepress at her hometown newspaper and still has hers. A pica is a unit of measure in printing, equal to a fraction less than one-sixth of an inch. A pica contains 12 points. twitter.com/grammarguide/s…
Avoid the terms child-free and childless other than in direct quotes essential to the story. They may be viewed as loaded or demeaning. If you must mention a newsmaker’s parental status and if it is relevant, use a neutral description such as "has no children."
In general, we spell out numbers at the start of a sentence: Forty years was a long time to wait. An exception is years: 1992 was a very good year. Another exception: Numeral(s) and letter(s) combinations: 401(k) plans are offered. 3D movies are drawing more fans.
ICYMI, here are some of our most popular AP style tips from the last year: apne.ws/vvxl3ib No, ICYMI is not in the Stylebook as shorthand for "in case you missed it." Sometimes even the Stylebook bends the rules.
We generally recommend using a hyphen to avoid duplicated vowels and tripled consonants. Examples: anti-intellectual, shell-like. But double-e combinations usually don’t get a hyphen: preempted, reelected. (Exception added in 2019, reflecting common usage.)
The word politics usually takes a plural verb: My politics are my own business. As a study or science, it takes a singular verb: Politics is a demanding profession.
If you want the helpful spiral binding so your print Stylebook stays open to the page you need, the only place to buy the new AP Stylebook, 56th Edition, is on apstylebook.com.
In the newly released AP Stylebook, 56th Edition: Avoid the vague terms high functioning and low functioning in reference to disabled people. Instead, be specific about the condition, and use descriptions of people’s ability levels only when relevant to the story.
Is it cannabis or marijuana? Should you write childless or child-free? How do you write about generations, such as Generation X or generation X? Order the new AP Stylebook for new guidance on these topics and many more: apne.ws/QzH6VyI
Don't use the term military training broadly. Be specific: She pointed to her six years as a Marine captain in Iraq, not she pointed to her military training. Police said the suspect was a cook at Eglin Air Force Base, not police said the suspect had military training.
New guidance: The terms marijuana and cannabis may be used interchangeably. The term pot is acceptable in headlines and generally in stories, though it may not be appropriate in some stories. Some prefer cannabis because of arguments the term marijuana has anti-Mexican roots.
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