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There are two expressions which are very easy for the tongue to say, but they are very heavy in the balance and are very dear to The Beneficent (Allāh), and they are, 'Subḥāna-llāhi wa-bi-ḥamdih and 'Subḥāna-llāhi l-ʿaẓīm' [Bukhari]
The faithful are also those who are true to their trusts and covenants and who are honest in their testimony; and who are properly observant of their prayers, These will be in Gardens, held in honour. #Quran 70:32-35
O Allah, Your forgiveness is more extensive than my sins, and I have more hope in Your Mercy than my deeds.
To Allah belongs whatever is in the heavens and the earth. Allah is truly the Self-Sufficient, Praiseworthy. #Quran 31:26
This is the Book! There is no doubt about it a guide for those mindful of Allah #Quran 2:2
Surely those who believe and do good will have Gardens under which rivers flow. That is the greatest triumph. #Quran 85:11
The signs of a hypocrite are three: Whenever he speaks, he tells a lie; and whenever he promises, he breaks his promise; and whenever he is entrusted, he betrays (proves to be dishonest) [Bukhari]
Whatever blessings you have are from Allah. Then whenever hardship touches you, to Him alone you cry for help. #Quran 16:53
If somebody recited the last two verses of Sūrah al-Baqarah at night, that will be sufficient for him. [Bukhari]
Ask forgiveness of your Lord: He is ever forgiving. #Quran 71:10
Qurbani: More Than Just Tender Meat Following in the footsteps of Ibrāhīm (ʿalayhis-salām), qurbānī or udḥiyah is the act of sacrificing an animal for the sake of Allah. For many of us, this experience is limited to filling out a donation form or enjoying some lamb biryani.
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O Allah, You know what I conceal and what I disclose, so pardon me. You know my needs, so fulfil my request. You know what it within me, so forgive my sins.
My Lord, Increase me in knowledge #Quran 20:114
Keep your sins private, and always seek Allah’s mercy. Avoid justifying or advocating these sins to others. As on the Day of Judgement you may see MORE than just your sins.
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Indeed, worship in the night is more impactful and suitable for recitation. For during the day you are over-occupied with worldly duties #Quran 73:6-7
And know that your wealth and your children are only a test and that with Allah is a great reward. #Quran 8:28
Shaytan will beautify desires. If we can’t control these desires, these desires will control us. Shaytan however will not be completely satisfied at this point, now he will whisper/suggest you promote and advocate these desires to others. Be mindful and keep in control #Taqwah
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He is the One Who created death and life in order to test which of you is best in deeds. And He is the Almighty, All-Forgiving. #Quran 67:2
By the heaven and the nightly star! And what will make you realize what the nightly star is? It is the star of piercing brightness. There is no soul without a vigilant angel recording everything. #Quran 86:1-4
VIDEO: Qurbani is a tradition from our Ummah’s father, Ibrahim alayhis-salaam, and was revived by our beloved Messenger ﷺ. Learn from Ummah Welfare Trust’s team in Syria how you can follow this noble tradition in the coming days. 01204 661030
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O Allah! our Lord, unto Thee be praise that would fill the heavens and the earth and fill that which will please Thee besides them. [Muslim]
Simple words that are easy to recite daily. Keep the remembrance of Allah moist on your tongue. سبحان الله SubḥānAllāh الحمد لله Alḥamdulillāh لا اله الا الله Lā ʾilāha ʾillā llāh الله اكبر Allāhu Akbar لا حول ولاقوة إلا بالله Lā ḥawla wa-lā quwwata ʾillā bi-llāh
No one can protect me from Allah if I were to disobey Him, nor can I find any refuge other than Him. #Quran 72:22
‘Whoever offers a sacrifice after the (Eid) prayer, has completed his rituals (of Qurbani) and has succeeded in following the way of the Muslims.’ [Bukhari] See the remaining #Qurbani quotas available for you and your families. Donate today. 01204 661030
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Indeed, Allah is my Lord and your Lord, so worship Him. That is the straight path #Quran 3:51
“When you make Dua, it is a sign that Allah loves you and has intended good for you.” - Ibn AlQayyim
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“The heart will rest and feel relief if it is settled with Allah and it will worry & be anxious if it is settled with people.” Ibn al-Qayyim
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You who believe, Fasting is prescribed for you - as it was for those before you - so perhaps you will become mindful of Allah. #Quran 2:183
حسبي الله لا إلـه إلا هو عليه توكلت وهو رب العرش العظيم [ḥasbiy Allāhu lā ilāha illā huw ʿalayhi tawakkaltu wahuwa rabbu l-ʿarshi l-ʿaẓīm] Allāh is enough for me: there is no god but Him; I put my trust in Him; He is the Lord of the Mighty Throne
Whether you speak openly or not, He certainly knows what is secret and what is even more hidden. #Quran 20:7
If you lend to Allah a good loan, He will multiply it for you and forgive you. For Allah is Most Appreciative, Most Forbearing. #Quran 64:17
Whether you keep your words secret or state them openly, He knows the contents of every heart. #Quran 67:13
May Allah remove your sadness
O Allah, grant me contentment with what You have given me and grant me blessings in it, and be a good guardian over everything of mine that is beyond my supervision.
O believers! It is not permissible for you to inherit women against their will or mistreat them to make them return some of the dowry as a ransom for divorce - unless they are found guilty of adultery. Treat them fairly. #Quran 4:19
Al-Kabir (The Most Great) & Al-Azim (The Magnificent) #DhulHijjah is a perfect opportunity to re-connect with the Names of Allah which denote His majesty and greatness. Amongst these Names are: al-Kabīr, The Most Great, and al-Aẓīm, The Magnificent...
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He is the One Who brought you into being and gave you hearing, sight, and intellect. Yet you hardly give any thanks. #Quran 67:23
Our Lord! Do not burden us with what we cannot bear. Pardon us, forgive us, and have mercy on us. You are our only Guardian. #Quran 2:286
For Allah does not like whoever is arrogant, boastful - those who are stingy and promote stinginess among people #Quran 57:23-24
Do you not see how Allah created seven heavens, one above the other, placing the moon within them as a reflected light, and the sun as a radiant lamp? #Quran 71:15-16
And Allah sets forth an example for the believers: the wife of Pharaoh, who prayed, “My Lord! Build me a house in Paradise near You, deliver me from Pharaoh and his evil doing, and save me from the wrongdoing people.” #Quran 66:11
It is Allah Who has sent down the best message - a Book of perfect consistency and repeated lessons - which causes the skin and hearts of those who fear their Lord to tremble, then their skin and hearts soften at the mention of the mercy of Allah. #Quran 39:23
Although ‘Islam’ comes from a word meaning ‘peace’, it actually means ‘submission’ i.e. a Muslim overtime is required to submit as much as he/she can to Allah as per His instructions in the Quran & Sunnah: Tongue Limbs Eyes Ears Heart Desires Time Wealth Emotions Lifestyle etc.
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The nearest a servant comes to his Lord is when he is prostrating himself, so make supplication (in this state). [Muslim]
Oh Allah, holder of all control, You give control to whoever You will and remove it from whoever You will; You elevate whoever You will and humble whoever You will. All that is good lies in Your hand: You have power over everything. #Quran 3:26
Here you are, being invited to donate a little in the cause of Allah. Still some of you withhold. And whoever does so, it is only to their own loss. For Allah is the Self-Sufficient, whereas you stand in need of Him #Quran 47:38
O Allah, make faith dear to us and beautify it in our hearts, and make disbelief, sin and disobedience hateful to us, and make us from the righty guided.
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