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Dear @RiRi_gonewild since You are #Dotsama Lover like Me , have a look into @SubsocialChain , I think $SUB is perfectly suitable for You. 🥂🍾
Social Tokens will be The Next #Crypto Trend 🔥 The most promising project is@SubsocialChainn $SUB is an open platform that will help you create your own#decentralizedd version of the popular sites such as Medium, Twitter etc. It connecting social media with#DeFii $SUB is �Zj
Those who❤️#DeFi MUST take a �@portal_financee. It’s UNIQUE & will solve the problems of the industry ✅Built on $BTC using#fabricc ✅Strong privacy & security ✅Trax. cheaper & faster ✅Decentralized ✅Uncensorable ✅Interoperability #Portall Mission is to deliver FREEDOMo
Our Community round from #PolygonumOnline is open! Fill out the form by completing the tasks in it, and wait for the hour X. Whitelist will be closed on 15.11, don't forget to check your status. 👉Click to #GameFii#IDOO#Whitelisopenn#publicsaleej
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All the Projects That are $DOT & $KSM ‘s Parachain ⛓ are BEAUTIFUL , LEGIT & INTERESTING , but We all have Our Favourites ❤️ . Mine $MANTA $SQT $NUUM $SUB @ tag Your favourites Parachain in the comments 👇💬#Polkadoto#Kusamam#DOTBULLSL#Dotsamamfz
Why I'm so 🐂 on $DOT ✅$774mln fund, that will be distributed as time goes on & parachains are launched. ✅Strong technology ✅Developer team ✅Great community ✅Sharding more scalable than $ETH ✅Robust, Secure & Fast blockchain #PolkaDott will grow in the coming years !4
One of the #metaverse projects I ❤️ is @BitDotCountry $NUUM gives the chance to build Your own kingdom🏰 without requiring any technical skills. ✅ $ETH Compatibility Layer ✅Powered by Substrate ✅Cross chain ✅Low Gas Fee ✅Staking ✅Governance Opportunity of The Centuryl
We are in full #GameNFT season. Opportunities fall like rain 🌧 👀 o@PolygonumOnlinene What’s AMAZING about $POG is Players control the game by voting. No admin panels, only community, only hardcore! $POG IDO 🚀#DAODAO Maker 12th- N#Redkiteite :- 16th- N#GameFieFi :- 17th-Npow
Congratulations to @Aleph__Zero just launched its mainnet. $AZERO is a Proof-of-Stake public blockchain specializing in private smart contracts . It’s one of the most promising projects that have recently been launched & I’m sure it will do well . #AlephZero #Blockchain
There are still many people out there who don’t understand that $KSM & $DOT Parachains auction are true BLESSINGS fallen from the sky. It’s life time opportunity You can take LEGITIMATE top tier projects for Free. Dotsama community are lucky #Polkadot #Kusama #DOTBULLS
Which #crypto will make You a millionaire 💵 ? 🗳️💬🔁❤️ $BTC $ETH $DOT $LUNA
This is my 💼 waiting for Parachains. 60% $BTC $ETH $DOT 30% $LUNA $NEAR & current trends (eg. NFT, Defi, Metaverse , etc.) 10% Small Market Cap 💎 $SIN $ZAM others As a reminder invest only what You are willing to loose. If You liked it give 💬❤️ Others#Polkadotd#BTCBnL5
Gaming 🎮 is hot🔥 trend & one of the project I’m looking forward i@elfinkingdomom. It’s all in on#GameFiF#NFTF#PlayToEarnrn platform that lets users collect, battle, & farm to earn more with thei#cryptoto. $ELFIN has recently released its tokenomics EJ9
Only LEGENDS HOLD $DOT ! If You are ☝️ of Them 👉🏻🧞‍♂️🧚‍♀️🦹‍♂️🧛🧜‍♀️🧝‍♀️🧝🦸 👇 👇 👇 💬 #Polkadot
My mind🧠& My heart ❤️ have already decided which projects will SUPPORT. $ACA@AcalaNetworkk $NUUM@BitDotCountryy $SQT@SubQueryNetworkk $MANTA@MantaNetworkk Tell me in the Comment Which You will…T
🎉🎁GIVEAWAY 🎉🎁 f@DotbullsDAOsDAO to celebrate the partnership w@BlaseBonobosNFTsNFT . To stand a chance to WIN 👇DOTBULL#NFT #NFT follow both pages 👆🏻& just : 👇 👇 👇 💬 🔁…o/WAnlhFyTmJ
We are in full bull run , so every day We see new projects launched , but those of quality are few. This is my QUALITY list of upcoming projects @BitDotCountry @MantaNetwork @portal_finance @DigiCorpLabs @PolygonumOnline @ClayStack_HQ @Aleph__Zero @myDopamineApp 💬🔁❤Ay
I had no doubt that the 14th slot on @kusamanetwork was going to be WON by @BC_Pioneer Congratulations to the team & the CEO @RayLuCode They are passionate & serious builder , They deserve it. $NEER & $NUUM will be the leaders of the #Metaverse on $KSM, $DOT & beyond.…
DeFi is closing the gap between the individual & the financial oligarchy. You know when the mass will find out that in #DeFi can earn up 20% APY on stable coins , they will FOMO in the industry. My 🔝 Pick 👀#Polkadotot $ACA $M#LUNAticscs $ANC $ORIO#avalanchehe $QI#Investmentnzo
Between December & early February You will make a CRAZY GAIN 💰💵 from those 3 BEASTS $DOT through the parachains $NEAR announcement of grayscale that has invested in it & coinbase list. $LUNA launching 🚀 160+ projects & burning coins prog.�#Polkadotk#Near##LUNA##DOTBULLSBsSJMD
These days many people talk about web3 as if it is still far from being realized #Web3 is already HERE 👇. Two examples of applications that utilize Web 3.0 technologies are Siri & Wolfram Alpha. Soon $DOT will be the real leader. #Polkadott#DOTBULLSS4
Nearly 3.1 billion people worldwide play video games 🎮. Gaming continues to grow every year & has even overtaken 🎼 & 📽️ industry, making more 💵 than both combined. MY LIST of 🪙 focusin#Metaverseverse &#GamingNFTsgNFTs $ENJ $ATLAS $SIN No🚀 Yet $NUUM $ELFIN $POG $DGMV RQpcJdGD
❌Layer 1 has failed! ❌Layer 2 has failed! ✅Layer 0 $DOT successful in solving #blockchain problems 🥃🔴#Polkadoto#DOTBULLSL7V
Who Like Me is EXCITED & can’t wait for the HISTORICAL DAY 11.11 $DOT #parachain auctions 🔴 �#Polkadoto#DOTBULLSLS NO YES YES 👇 👇 👇 💬 🔁 a4w2N7J
$DOT basically solve two problems: ✅Scalability with the sharding technique ✅Interoperability through parachains that communicate with each others #Polkadot is composed 🔐Relay Chain ⛓️Parachains 🌉Bridges Consensus mechanism -Nominators -Validators -Collators -Fishermej9
Happy Friday! 🍹 You know what that means, right? Yep!#FollowFridayy Here are some accounts to follow that make this the cₕₐₒₜᵢc space that it is: @TLE_dot_comm@CryptoCowboyOGG@ol_tonee@kusamabinladenn@GldnCalff@Adri_cryptoo@Trobriand155 ₑₓₚₑcₜ cₕₐₒₛ �9p
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People have yet to realize how IMMENSE is $DOT. #PolkaDot will be the driving force for mass adoption 🔴❤️ You are an EARLY BIRD 🐦#DOTBULLSLTA
Those interested in participating in $DOT Parachains auction below 👇 You can find the total supply , allocation & reward of some projects. 🥃�#Polkadotd#DOTBULLSLzm3
The biggest event in the history of #blockchain is here👇-6 days away,but many peoples out there still don’t it 11/11 with the#PolkaDott Parachain auctions, history will be made & new wealthy peoples💵will be created! Let as many people know as possible 🔁❤️ about it 🥃 $fCDQ
Those who LOVE❤️ #Dotsama ecosystem & are very attentive 👀to the#dataa industry MUST not miss@SubQueryNetworkk parachain! Tokens: $SQT ✅W3F Grant ✅Investors 23@arringtonXRPcapp ✅Partners 16 ✅Github ✅Twitter ✅…v #Polkadott#DOTBULLSS
Invest in #Crypto as a Retail Investor. -Do fundamental research on the projects -Invest with the trend, but get in early before the trend plays out -Be a user of the products -Put in high conviction, concentrated positions and #hold. -Talk to crypto developers
$EWT is a Sleeping VOLCANO🌋 . The data speak 🗣️clearly@energywebxbx is the most active in building 🏗️ on $DOT ecosystem . ⚠️Watch out $EWT could wake up at any time…BPO
This is👇the proof why I’m so BULLISH 🐂 o@SubsocialChainin . Behind $SUB there are Great @AlexSimanm@shawntabrizii@bitfallslls & experts #Blockchainain industry. $SUB will be HUGE…mM2
$DOT 🔴will make 🔜 $ADA 🔵 & $SOL 🟢eat the dust 💨 🔴 🔵 🟢 🏎 💨 🚙 #Polkadot #DOTBULLSoo/9fycjhOqRa
I believe that #Metaverse will become a multi billion 💵 industry. Who love ❤️#Metaversee &#polkadott ecosystem must pay attention to@BitDotCountryy because it is SPECIAL! $NUUM allow You to own Metaverse 3D world, social tokens, NFTs games, etc. $NUUM LEVEL 🆙 the industrVb
Thank to #PolkaDot different chains ⛓ will be able to communicate 🗣 with each other increasing SAFETY 🔐& SPEED 🚄 , all this will lead to mass adoption in the short term. $DOT will make $ETH dream 😴 come True ! �#DOTBULLSO#DotsamaDhqB7FP3
There is a 🌊 of INCREDIBLE QUALITY projects about to be launched 🚀🪐 #Blockchainhain $AZ@Aleph__ZeroZer#DeFi#DeFi $PO@portal_financenanc#Data�#Data@SubQueryNetworketw#Socialnetworknetwor@SubsocialChainalCha#MetaverseMetaver@BitDotCountryotC#gaming 🎮#gami@elfinkingdomfUAti1ordlV
Those who are looking for new gems 💎in the#Metaversee#GAMINGNFTT#PlayToEarnn world should take a look 👀a@SinCityTokenen ✅Small MC ✅Stake 125% APY ✅Land Sale ✅CEX 🔜 ✅Swap 🔜 ✅NFTs Market ✅Casino🎰 ✅Buy back $SIN & burn 🔥🪙…ZUVeKlk
The #Metaverse #gaming #PlayToEarn industry will grow exponentially thanks to the new generations. There are many opportunities NOT to be MISSED! $UFO #UFO @TheUFOtoken $SIN #Sinner @SinCityToken $ELFIN #ElfinKingdom @elfinkingdom $NUUM #BitDotCountry @BitDotCountry
This month for #Polkadot will be HISTORIC apart ATH. 11.11 $DOT 's parachain auction. Congratulations to all who believe in $DOT & are here first for the technology & then for the price. @gavofhood @PolkadotBoss @faizanmzn @Ruch_9 @Scrapegoat2 @DotbullsDAO @HighFatApe @fabsbags
Did you ape in @SinCityToken private dump ❓ ➡️If yes then you should be up easy 80% in less than 10hr 💥 Buy alert - $0.269 Reached - $0.46 ++ With lot more fuel left, with#Landd sale announcement coming soon @Adri_cryptoo@Ruch_99 Follow us for more such#Alphaax
Retweeted by ADRICRYPTO🇮🇹🇸🇬
Who loves #metaverse #PlayToEarn #GAMINGNFT can’t miss @SinCityToken . Huge #buy opportunity at discounted price. $SIN will easily bounce back & once $LAND sale will be announced EXPECTED 🪐 @Ruch_99@TapasCryptoo@TGKThunderss@VcPinnacleeG
#Metaverse is the present and future , there will be many opportunities in this industry but the real 💎 , game changer are just few and@BitDotCountryy is on of them. I felt in love ❤️ with $NUUM and 💯 % I won’t miss it .…cK
These 🔽Top 5#Dotsamaa Gems 💎 have real potential to make life Changing Wealth 💎! Token Category $ACA #DeFieFi $MOVR #smartcontractscts $NUUM #Metaverserse $SUB #Socialnetworkork $SQT #Dataata 💬#Polkadotk#Kusamau#DOTBULLSBPmQCj
The #metaverse & #gaming industry will be the one that will grow the most in the years to come. My favourite projects are $UFO @TheUFOtoken $669 Milion MC $SIN @SinCityToken $12 Milion MC Next 💎 coming 🔜 $NUU@BitDotCountryry $ELFI@elfinkingdomom Metaverse Season is HerFK
$DOT has been a FANTASTIC investment , it is + 1443.2% from Aug 20, 2020 & it will likely continue being a FANTASTIC investment for the future. 🥃🔴 #PolkaDoto#DOTBULLSLP0
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