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Zoe Keating
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You know what's evil? Mangos, that's what. Juicy, delicious, irresistible....and now my torso is covered in itchy hives. I hate you mangos!
Today you get to experience what Internet speeds are like everyday for us rural folk
Go to Click on MAKE IT STOP at the top of the page. There's a letter you can fill out. Then they call your senator.
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What the Net Slowdown Today is about:… THIS IS IMPORTANT AND IT MATTERS
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@zoecello I stopped wearing watches when I realized that even WITH a watch, I never knew what time it was.
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On the subject of connectivity, or lack thereof, I am so enjoying the lack of Internet or adequate cell service in my new music studio.
I definitely do not want a device that reminds me of what a sloth I am. Stressful just thinking about that. I'm going to have a drink.
I think I stopped wearing a watch in 1995 because I didn't like being constantly reminded of what time it was. Or something like that.
I stopped wearing a watch in 1995. Tempted by Apple, but I'm sticking to my reasons for not wearing a watch, um, which I no longer remember.
Gamma knife went really well!
Yeah!! RT @Bigguy95124: @zoecello He is getting his super powers installed finally!
Hanging out at UCSF, trying to pretend it is totally normal to for Jeff be wearing metal headgear screwed into his head with titanium pins
Just posted a photo @ UCSF Medical Center
Lung cancer patients under the age of 40 are a unique group that has never been formally studied until now:
Fir has no value out here. It's nutty RT @SomaFmRusty: Did that cost a fortune to cut down? Or does the value of the wood offset that?
yes, cost a lot RT @SomaFmRusty: @zoecello Did that cost a fortune to cut down? Or does the value of the wood offset that?
A report on what Sages & Scientists was like from @samarabay:…
Jeff has gamma knife on his brain on Monday! Go science!! Zap those suckers (15 of them)!
.@weblore1 more than 6 feet in diameter at the base. we have several douglas firs like that but this guy is leaning over the house.
This is about 1/4 of the tree being taken down in our backyard.
:-) RT @SheinAyres: @M_E_Winstead is going to be in the returned remake and @zoecello Is composing. Perfect.
RT @redgoldeden: @KimBoekbinder Whenever I lose half a pair I can't resist breaking into the Bob Marley classic "One glove... one heart..."
.@KimBoekbinder then during humpback migration season there is that Enya song...."Save the Whales"
.@KimBoekbinder Every winter I start singing "All you need is gloves" #fauxbeatles #groan
;-) RT @KimBoekbinder: "All you need is lungs... lungs lungs lungs." ♪ ♫ ♬ #scarysongs #fauxbeatles
I try to contain myself and politely educate when people ask of my chap: "How long did he smoke?" Um, never! #su2c @LungCancerFaces
FYI All you need to get lung cancer is lungs. My husband is stage IV and he has never smoked. @LungCancerFaces
this is what I've been working on the last couple for The Returned:…
that is really grim #cancerrates #su2c RT @GlennF: National Cancer Institute says 40.4% for all people, which is 1 in 2.5! Wow.
where we donate vs the diseases that kill us via @lil_lytnin & @LungCancerFaces
The stat that 1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women will get cancer is really shocking. Is that a new thing or has it always been so? #SU2C
Just read on @SU2C that "1 in 2 men & 1 in 3 women will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetimes". Holy cow.
great post on lung cancer research money, or the lack of it, from @lil_lytnin…
Today your job on twitter is to send virtual hugs to @darthclue. He was diagnosed with stage 4 cancer too. He needs hugs
Everyone send a giant hug to @darthclue
Reading up on The Internets about gamma knife radio surgery. Jeff is having it for his brain mets in a week.
:-) :-) RT @csdaley: In more pleasant news. Today began my now annual indoctrination of my students into the joy that is @zoecello's music.
@zoecello Zoe! We're crowdfunding to enable deaf people to access music/science events. A RT would be very kind:
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Hope it helps!! RT @SaintBrevity: @zoecello and Explosions in the Sky are doing their best against this morning's bad mood.
Excited to see @JadAbumrad discuss innovation, accompanied by @zoecello!… Thanks, NW Arts Alliance & @strangerslog!
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Yeah!! Sounds better to me RT @VCEden: @zoecello Remove the seats… And add bean bags?!
I've got the perfect solution to the recline/not-recline controversy....just remove the seats! You're welcome.
@RayBeckerman: American Voices: 'Knee Defender' Passenger Fight Diverts Entire Plane ~ @TheOnion cc @zoecello#ouch
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Any other knee defender incidents?
On an SFO-Berlin flight guy behind me used a knee defender. I asked him to please let me recline. He said no, flight attendant removed it.
No kidding!!!! RT @saintneko: amazing what 'not medically necessary' treatment can do when applied to saving lives.