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Zoe Keating
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one time only, rebroadcast of the @ODCsf concert with me, @magikmagik & @Pacifboychoir on Wed Sept 24 at 7pm PST:
Lovely to see you !! RT @SomaFmRusty: Nice to randomly run into @zoecello at SFO tonight!!!!
Los Angeles. Traffic. Holy cow.
Thanks for the hoodie @American_Giant. It's pretty awesome, wearing it now
Ants, bees, termites and people are best survivors on earth. Why? They’re the best cooperators. Bill Clinton channels EO Wilson. #zg14
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And #ZG14 is a wrap! Thanks for having me. Now back to SFO. Pick up #cellokid and then work in LA tomorrow with The Returned folks.
I keep trying to take a pic of Bill Clinton onstage at #ZG14 but w the white hair, pale suit & stage lights he comes out like a glowy angel
“Be optimistic. The trend lines are more positive than the headlines.“ - #zg14 @billclinton
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"You should be optimistic, because the trend lines are more powerful than the headlines." @billclinton #zg14
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.@meredithperry learning about you and Martine Rothblatt made my week. Thanks for doing what you do against all the odds and naysayers
Ok...I think Martine Rothblatt is the most inspiring person I have ever met. "Nothing is impossible" #ZG14
Wow, the founder of uBeam, @meredithperry was very inspiring. She talked about her quest to create wireless power using ultrasound. #ZG14
That was amazing RT @invoker: “Sometimes being naive can be helpful when building innovative ideas” - @meredithperry, founder @ubeam #zg14
Google sure knows how to throw a party. I'm off to practice and then I play tomorrow morning at #ZG14
I am playing at #ZG14 in the morning! RT @viperphotos: @zoecello I can see Camelback from my office. Are you performing here?
Superheroes are actually just people who think stuff is heavier than it is, resulting in the further than anticipated flingage of stuff
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Emily's blog about her partner Burton's stage IV lung cancer
You know what happens when you put your name on my mailing list at a concert? I put that sheet in a shoebox under my desk, that's what.
.@Eric_Wacker I'm not working on my new album right now bc I'm working on music for this TV show: It airs in January
People of the Northwest, I have a performance w/ @JadAbumrad in Seattle on Sept 30th!!! Tickets are here:
My new studio seems to have acquired a name: "Going Downhill Studios"...because every morning I say, "I'm going down the hill! Bye!"
You know what's evil? Mangos, that's what. Juicy, delicious, irresistible....and now my torso is covered in itchy hives. I hate you mangos!
Today you get to experience what Internet speeds are like everyday for us rural folk
Go to Click on MAKE IT STOP at the top of the page. There's a letter you can fill out. Then they call your senator.
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What the Net Slowdown Today is about:… THIS IS IMPORTANT AND IT MATTERS
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@zoecello I stopped wearing watches when I realized that even WITH a watch, I never knew what time it was.
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On the subject of connectivity, or lack thereof, I am so enjoying the lack of Internet or adequate cell service in my new music studio.
I definitely do not want a device that reminds me of what a sloth I am. Stressful just thinking about that. I'm going to have a drink.
I think I stopped wearing a watch in 1995 because I didn't like being constantly reminded of what time it was. Or something like that.
I stopped wearing a watch in 1995. Tempted by Apple, but I'm sticking to my reasons for not wearing a watch, um, which I no longer remember.
Gamma knife went really well!
Yeah!! RT @Bigguy95124: @zoecello He is getting his super powers installed finally!
Hanging out at UCSF, trying to pretend it is totally normal to for Jeff be wearing metal headgear screwed into his head with titanium pins
Just posted a photo @ UCSF Medical Center
Lung cancer patients under the age of 40 are a unique group that has never been formally studied until now:
Fir has no value out here. It's nutty RT @SomaFmRusty: Did that cost a fortune to cut down? Or does the value of the wood offset that?
yes, cost a lot RT @SomaFmRusty: @zoecello Did that cost a fortune to cut down? Or does the value of the wood offset that?
A report on what Sages & Scientists was like from @samarabay:…
Jeff has gamma knife on his brain on Monday! Go science!! Zap those suckers (15 of them)!
.@weblore1 more than 6 feet in diameter at the base. we have several douglas firs like that but this guy is leaning over the house.