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Zoe Keating
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After a scuffle, gained entry to my studio with a broom. I fear the other giant redwood spiders are currently plotting their next attack.
There is a spider on my studio doorknob that is about 3 inches across. I'm back in the house looking for a weapon.
The biggest problem with my forest studio is not the muddy path or lack of Internet, it is the huge spiders who wait for me on the doorknob.
ginger tea, peppermint tea, applesauce, toast....?
Trying to be helpful and use my distant memory of pregnancy-induced nausea to help Jeff with his radiation-induced nausea. Vaguely helpful.
He's an old black lab, this dog who somehow managed to get to our house w a broken leg. He was very hungry and thirsty. I'm hanging with him
Today's adventures include a whimpering, neglected stray dog with a badly broken leg. Poor guy is really suffering.
Render render render
I would like to thank the chocolate covered espresso bean tree for composing so much of the music in this episode of The Returned.
Tix to @amandapalmer's book tour shows/readings/who-knows-what-will-happen dates > (I'll be at Berkeley on Nov 21st)
There is always room on the internet for more cute kittens RT @anniebacon: also here are some really cute kittens.
Chemotherapy and radiation at the same time! Yeah! Here is a baby hedgehog:…
Normally it's a triumph when he eats a single bite of pasta. Expensive taste this kid.
My 4 year old just demolished 8 pieces of hamachi sashimi, 2 salmon nigiri and an entire rainbow roll. His favorite food clearly. #amazed
Alex reports, "Mama, there are puddles outside! Come on, we have to jump in them!!"
The cancer is a downer and apparently I'm not supposed to tweet much about my TV composing gig, so we are going to talk about the weather.
It's raining! Yay!!!
hang in there @darthclue. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo, z
I guess radiation therapy is nuclear war if you're a cancer cell.
Go science. Um.
Jeff's radiation starts tomorrow. What does radiation make me think of? Nuclear war.
Live the moment or record the moment? Discuss. #PersonalVideoIndustrialComplex
Night night. Xoxoxoxo
My poor guy. Some days are hard. Wish I had a magic wand. #fuckcancer
"Mama, this is not a tractor. It's a front loader."
What's not to love about the pediatric dentist when they have a toy tractor?!
Yesterday we had 3 episodes of housewide dimming lights and my computer UPS alarm went off. Just happened again. Hope it's not serious.
Chemobrain. Does it get better?
#brainz RT @geo_rube: @zoecello Yeah, but they uncomplexify after wine.
this is heart wrenching. read, please @neilhimself's account of his visit to Syria RT @amandapalmer:…
Brains sure are complicated.
Would like to start over this week please
good luck! RT @emily_cerciello: Attempting to channel @zoecello in this term paper... Into the Trees album is my ultimate study music
Wishing for a drug for cancers with PIK3CA mutations to make its way out of clinical trials sooner rather than later.
Sunday morning means listening to #cellokid's favorite radio show, @cartalk on @KQED
Thanks @google. Really. Thanks.
My Stanford Medicine X speech on lung cancer stigma is up on YouTube.… #LCSM #MedX
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.@caitprimate you are amazing. Meet in the lobby after? Although I won't hold it against you if you eat them during my performance #donuts
I don't suppose anyone has any time to stop at Voodoo Donuts before the show? #iamfeelingBAD
Oh my God, the shrubbery!! Portland, you are so climactically blessed.
I should do a separate opening skit! RT @greppy: .@zoecello is so awesome she is her own opening act @ekm02 @aladdintheater
The famous carpet of PDX. @ PDX