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Zoe Keating
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I declare the end of daylight savings now, a week early, so that it can be beer o'clock. Oh wait, it would be the opposite. Never mind.
Hm, it is new hospitality rider time. What do I need backstage....Jamison? Carrot sticks? A basket of kittens?
"But Mama, I've seen grown ups picking their nose too!!"
I wonder if payroll service for home help really is a niche or if people are just not reporting to the IRS ;-)
.@ZenPayroll awesome, thanks! Let me know when you have a solution that works for everyone. I don't want to be special ;-)
@zoecello Absolutely, it’d be wonderful to have you join us! We’d love to add household employees to our product roadmap in the future.
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.@ZenPayroll I wish I could use your service bc it's awesome. Your lack of support for working moms is unfortunate. Think about it?
.@ZenPayroll Too bad you don't support household employees. Like many female sole-proprietors of course I have company help & household help
I'm so grateful to have a new helper, she helps w my big guy and little guy, pesters the insurance co, stops the house from falling apart.
It's a bummer so many cool, disruptive services are only for the young & unencumbered. Like the way I can't setup Zenpayroll for the nanny.
I tried to watch baseball once. I remember the garlic fries at the stadium were really good.
Look, the huge sunspots facing Earth right now are probably not an alien invasion force but we should still shoot at them *as a precaution*.
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Look what we're playing! Thanks jeffrusso for reminding me of this game.
.@DayOldDonuts She's the 1st one I'd turn to! "Hm, Punk Rock party....I'm at a loss. I know! Martha Stewart!!"
Scientific studies will show there is a direct relationship between amount of wine consumed and the number of pans needed to cook dinner.
Punk rock is dead, clearly.
You just made my day. Thank you! RT @exlarson: Listening now to Zoe Keating on a gorgeous fall evening in NYC.
Martha Stewart Living inadvertently writes an Onion article: "How to Throw a Punk Rock-Inspired Party" >
Do you know this man? >>>> @jeffersonrusso. He's awesome. We are collaborating on the score to The Returned. Couldn't do it without him.
ok @jeffersonrusso, I'm a following you now!
Yes! RT @colinarnott99: When you say the Returned, is this a remake of Les Revenants the French zombie series shown last year?
Scaring the bejesus out of myself with slowed down, repitched col legno cello bow sounds for The Returned.
Caramelized apples with Greek yogurt. Best mom ever award please.
Hey @Pandora, nice job with AMP! I like it. I had no idea there were 56,217 Zoe Keating Pandora stations out there!
RT @lcsmchat: #LCSM Chat TODAY 10/23 8pm ET: Help for new stage IV lung cancer patients
Lung cancer research is poorly funded, yet it is the 2nd largest killer in the U.S. behind heart disease
The California Forest Scorpion, perhaps?…
That was exciting. Curled up with Alex to read him a story and saw a 2 inch long scorpion clinging to my pant leg. Eek.
@zoecello "An outfit is not complete unless it has cat fur on it"
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A new sweater is virgin territory to a cat. "Oh, she left this here so I would snag it up, make it look lived in. She will be so pleased"
Cat, what are you doing to my new sweater??!
After a scuffle, gained entry to my studio with a broom. I fear the other giant redwood spiders are currently plotting their next attack.
There is a spider on my studio doorknob that is about 3 inches across. I'm back in the house looking for a weapon.
The biggest problem with my forest studio is not the muddy path or lack of Internet, it is the huge spiders who wait for me on the doorknob.
ginger tea, peppermint tea, applesauce, toast....?
Trying to be helpful and use my distant memory of pregnancy-induced nausea to help Jeff with his radiation-induced nausea. Vaguely helpful.
He's an old black lab, this dog who somehow managed to get to our house w a broken leg. He was very hungry and thirsty. I'm hanging with him
Today's adventures include a whimpering, neglected stray dog with a badly broken leg. Poor guy is really suffering.
Render render render
I would like to thank the chocolate covered espresso bean tree for composing so much of the music in this episode of The Returned.
Tix to @amandapalmer's book tour shows/readings/who-knows-what-will-happen dates > (I'll be at Berkeley on Nov 21st)
There is always room on the internet for more cute kittens RT @anniebacon: also here are some really cute kittens.
Chemotherapy and radiation at the same time! Yeah! Here is a baby hedgehog:…
Normally it's a triumph when he eats a single bite of pasta. Expensive taste this kid.
My 4 year old just demolished 8 pieces of hamachi sashimi, 2 salmon nigiri and an entire rainbow roll. His favorite food clearly. #amazed
Alex reports, "Mama, there are puddles outside! Come on, we have to jump in them!!"