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Zoe Keating
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The entire @SagesScientists conference is streaming for FREE. You can tune into all the amazing talks & my bit tomorrow via Ustream. #SAS14
yup RT @jamenta: ... Interesting how much Quantum Mechanics is being discussed. We're finally catching up with Einstein& Heisenberg. #SAS14
My day today was with preschoolers in the kiddie pool & then at heady talks on the science of consciousness. #mindblown by both. #SAS14
Excellent question!! RT @samwrangle: Why are u not listening to Zoe Keating right now?
The sky in Carlsbad, CA. Yes, that is a rainbow. @ Carlsbad Beach
San Diego is so nice and warm! I can tell the sun will burn me in about 5 minutes though.
.@stephencgrant You know, I might watch TV, on purpose, if ads for skin scrubs normally featured Daleks screaming EXFOLIATE! EXFOLIATE!!
@zoecello because of this and your previous Dr Who tweet I now have a Dalek voice in my head going 'exfoliate'!
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So kind of you, dear cat, to lick the skin off my knuckles.
So many seasons of Dr Who to catch up on. It's lovely. Like money in the bank.
Happy birthday @BluePlasticJess !! Hope it's been a good one. Xoxoxox
Ok, I understand the ice water thing now, thank you Twitter. I'll take donate option! A friend lost her dad to ALS. It's grim.
Why are people are throwing ice on each other? I've been away, clearly.
At the oncologist's with Jeff for chemo #5.
Hey folks, my music is in a documentary called Captivated, airing tonight on HBO
I would like to do 2014 over again, and this time without cancer in it. Ok?
Check the CAPTIVATED trailer. Full film has music by @zoecello, @nilsfrahm, Peter Broderick of @ErasedTapes & more.
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Flipping protools/ilok nonsense. I still hate you.
Today is the big CT scan. We find out if the chemo is still shrinking The Thing. #scanxiety
#damn. The chemo has prevented Jeff's surgical wound from healing. Might have to take a chemo break so it can heal.
Lauren Bacall?!!!! WAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa
it is!! RT @DonnaCaughlin: Beautiful! Thx @zoecello for sharing. via @nprmusic: First Listen: @imogenheap, 'Sparks'