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Zoe Keating
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Thanks to everyone who gave me feedback yesterday on crowdfunding and patronage!
Tickets for my concert in San Francisco on June 20 are onsale now! >
Had a perfect view of the orange moon last night from the hot tub outside. #magical
:-) that was amazing to watch RT @kevinmarks: You know, @zoecello makes the perfect music for watching the earth devour the moon
yup! RT @rubyist: the Heisencello principle
THAT I'd really like to do. Love her x 1000 RT @rubyist: also if you could grab @KakiKing again and maybe hit the Midwest this time šŸ˜„
I tried to make videos of my process & discovered it was too long & non-linear. And I couldn't work when observed. I'm like an electron.
agree RT @FudoMouth: collab & live show(s) with @MMWBand -- a la their recent project with @nelscline -- would be brilliant!
YES! mixed in 7.1 last year for a planetarium show. amazing. RT @NickThayer: have you ever thought about mixing your music in 5.1?
RT @coreyschreppel: PledgeMusic. I'm starting to feel a stigma against Kickstarter campaigns as a ton don't deliver on their rewards.
cello karaoke, there's an idea.
and YOU could sing!! RT @Bigwobbles: cello covers of pop songs ( ducks)
thanks RT @blue_bec: Stories about how the music came to be - I love that about your live shows when you've spoken about inspiration
managing yourself does not always work
.@rstevens I could offer custom socks for each song! One can never have too many after all.
#whatdayawant vinyl, yes RT @johnnie_cakes: how about vinyl releases? Limited to backers or give backers first shot at them?
If you saw the state of my kitchen, you'd run away screaming RT @kronda: Wait you take cleaning requests? My kitchen could use some help...
noted ! ;-) I've been trying to do this my personal life too. thank you cards! RT @PrincessAuntB: also, a note. A note would be really nice.
that is often requested. planning that one RT @wjohnstweet: As a creator/remixer, access to individual loops would be amazing...
preferably with BBQ! I like that idea RT @hickmanish: Backyard shows this summer.
I warn you, I am a very silly dancer. Just ask @imogenheap, she's seen me. RT @blue_bec: a dance :)
noted! RT @kristy: Iā€™d never be able to afford it but a 1:1 jam session or lesson would be really really really cool!!
Yes, I know. It's amazing I've been able to get this far really.
I mean, new music is a given. There will be lots for anyone who wants it. But what ELSE is interesting to you? I have not a clue
What do you want from me? I am taking requests as I consider my album release. Um, clean requests ;-)