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Zoe Keating
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many smiles :-) RT @tinystrings: when i need to focus, my go-to artists lately seem to be @zoecello and @solobasssteve #novocals
You'd better save up Gen X because medical bills will eat all your Social Security...and then some >>
doh! RT @jgpmolloy: @zoecello @SomaFmRusty It would suck to be in the “raw vacuum of space”.
Yeah Elon Musk, reusable rockets are like awesome and all....but what are you doing to get cellos into space??? #priorities
those spacesuit gloves are bulky, I hear RT @SomaFmRusty: assume you mean, in a space station or something, not in the raw vacuum of space.
I just want to play my cello in space. Is that too much to ask?
FINALLY RT @mmasnick: This SpaceX video is so incredibly awesome it looks fake.… I like living in the future.
sorri, this is a way better video of the @SpaceX F9R test flight
#cellokid & I have watched this video of the @SpaceX rocket launching & REVERSING AND LANDING (!!!!!) about 20 times.
Today @zoecello is haunting me. First in an essay tribute, then as soundtrack to a gorgeous poem by Warsan Shire (
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If you read the OED for pleasure you'll enjoy The Professor and the Madman > (re: #RIPOED
Many, many hrs of my youth spent happily reading it w a magnifying glass! RT @finebooks: RIP for OED (via @Telegraph)
A picture of where my studio construction project is today >
Buying paint for my new recording studio. Paint tomorrow, floors go in Wednesday and finally, after 5 months of construction, I CAN MOVE IN.
LONG LIVE @Radiolab !! RT @GirlLunarExplor: Hearing @zoecello everywhere! This morning it was on radiolab
Hearing @zoecello everywhere! This morning it was on radiolab
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Yup, record store day today. I am sorry that you will find nothing of mine unless it is in the used bin at Amoeba...
San Francisco's housing crisis explained :…
Any other artists thinking about abandoning Facebook now that they've throttled organic reach for Pages?
So gorgeous outside today. Trying to burn it into my eyeballs. Don't worry, I won't look directly at the sun.
It's coming but for now, rural areas like mine don't have the infrastructure for everyone to stream all their media.