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Don't try to piss off a #Pisces because they'll just come back at you 10 times harder.
#Aquarius like to keep their distance until they can figure things out.
A #Capricorn can solve any problem and achieve any dream.
Nothing can stop a #Sagittarius from having a good time. They know how to ignore you until you fade away.
Only a #Scorpio knows how to really push your buttons and make you lose control.
A #Libra is perhaps one of the best people to go out and get hammered with. They always want everyone to have fun.
It's really hard for a #Virgo not to comment on something when they know the person is doing wrong.
A #Leo is not the loner type. They always got someone around the corner that's waiting to take your place.
A #Cancer will do anything for their family or friends.
#Geminis approach every situation with an open mind.
It's hard to calm a #Taurus down when they're angry and even more harder to sway them to your side.
An #Aries will go to war with you and they're always quick about getting things done.
When someone is being a jerk to a #Gemini they don’t get angry. They just laugh at the person because they know how misery loves company.
If a #Pisces simply don't care, they are not going to even pretend like they do care. They respect those who respect them.
An #Aquarius is a chill person with a motto that's simple: Don’t start none, ain't gonna be none.
A #Capricorn tends to reserve their fun and wild side to the people very close to their heart. They keep it classy not trashy.
#Sagittarius have no filter when it comes to their mouth they will always say the first thing that comes out.
A #Scorpio can from sweet to sour depending upon who they're dealing with.
When dealing with drama a #Libra would say something funny to clear the air and then move on to the next thing.
As a #Virgo you're flawless and everything you do is with precision.
When shopping a #Leo can burn through their paycheck in a matter of seconds.
Through all the bullshit a #Cancer will still be there for you. They love don't cost a thing.
Once a #Taurus finds someone they can trust and relate to, it's incredibly difficult for them to give up on that person.
An #Aries is someone that you will want “on your side” when going to battle.
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A #Scorpio Perfect Wingman: Capricorn Virgo
A #Libra Perfect WingMan: Leo Sagittarius
A #Virgo Perfect Wingman: Scorpio Cancer
A #Leo Perfect WingMan: Gemini Libra
A #Cancer Perfect WingMan: Virgo Taurus
A #Gemini Perfect WingMan: Aries Leo
A #Taurus Perfect WingMan: Cancer Pisces
An #Aries Perfect WingMan: Aquarius Gemini
#Scorpio,#Aries: Act Tough But Can Be The Sweetest Person Ever
#Virgo,#Cancer,#Taurus: Little Things Mean The Most To Them
When it's over for a #Pisces it's really over. There is no second chances it's you go your way and I go my way.
An #Aquarius isn't thinking about what happened yesterday or a week ago because they're too busy planning for tomorrow's activities.
If you want to attract a #Capricorn first you have to win their respect.
A #Sagittarius will speak the truth and nothing but the truth.
A #Scorpio is some of the realist and nicest people ever. You’ll only see their dark side come out when they've been pushed too far.
#Libras seem to have the whole package: beauty and brains.
As a #Virgo you don’t really expect any more of others than you do of yourself.
A #Leo is not the type to sit around and wait for anyone else to do something. They will take charge.
A #Cancer will care about you even when you push them away. They always go hard for the people they love.