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#Aquarius + #Scorpio: On a deeper level, you two have such different wants, needs, and ways of being that you clash every now and then.
#Aquarius + #Libra: The two of you will quickly form a bond based on genuine love and appreciation for each other.
#Aquarius + #Virgo: Both can be inscrutable hard to read which can end up making the relationship a quirky one.
#Aquarius + #Leo: They're both full of compassion, and as a pair have a big impact on those around them.
#Aquarius + #Cancer: Cancer demands a lot of emotional intimacy and you want space and independence. This can be extremely tricky for you.
#Aquarius + #Gemini: Both intelligent, talkative, witty, and unique, you and Gemini really get each other on every level.
#Aquarius + #Taurus: You appreciate how down to earth and genuine Taurus are and that's something you really respect in someone.
#Aquarius + #Aries: Your goals focus on doing good for everyone involved, while an Aries tends to be all about what’s best for them.
#Capricorn + #Pisces: A Pisces will help you feel comfortable to express your sensual side that you may not have tapped into for a while.
#Capricorn + #Aquarius: Extrovert meets introvert in this relationship. This is a pairing where there's a casual, yet detached attitude.
#Capricorn + #Capricorn: If you both don’t learn to let go and take turns leading, you may end up resenting one another later down the road.
#Capricorn + #Sagittarius: With a Sagittarius you will find yourself opening up to new things you have never explored.
#Capricorn + #Scorpio: A Scorpio will simply be too much for you: too much intensity, too much emotional depth, too much prying.
#Capricorn + #Libra: You are both unafraid of saying what you feel. A Libra can definitely sexually satisfy your every need.
#Capricorn + #Virgo: Sex will be exciting between you two. You can fully be yourself with and relate to a Virgo.
#Capricorn + #Leo: A Leo will be your hero and partner all wrapped into one. You will push each other to greater heights.
#Capricorn + #Cancer: A Cancer will show empathy that others can't, drawing a Capricorn to be more open and let their guard down.
#Capricorn + #Gemini: A Gemini’s extremely changeable and unpredictable nature will leave you feeling constantly stressed and on the edge.
#Capricorn + #Taurus: A Taurus shares your needs for comfort, stability, and security, which creates an easy and harmonious connection.
#Capricorn + #Aries: An #Aries make you feel like a kid again (in a good way). They will bring joy to your life.
#Sagittarius + #Pisces: They will help each other in ways that others can't.
#Sagittarius + #Aquarius: Good combination with an especially innovative sex life as well as intellectually stimulating to one another.
#Sagittarius + #Capricorn: They work well together,but if they disagree with something things might just fall out of place in a heartbeat.
#Sagittarius + #Sagittarius: Together you can create a fun, active life, full of unique experiences and amazing all-night conversations.
#Sagittarius + #Scorpio: A Scorpios tendency to spiral into negativity will put a HUGE damper on your generally optimistic way of life.