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A #Cancer is too compassionate to leave you hanging,but they're not that foolish either and will keep their guard up.
A #Gemini can easily help out if you get stuck on an idea and need a little mental shove.
Never disturb a #Taurus from their sleep or you will pay the consequence.
As the first sign of the zodiac an #Aries will always do what they must to protect the people they love.
#Aries + #Taurus: The Unexpected Couple
#Aquarius + #Cancer: The Unexpected Couple
#Libra + #Scorpio: The Unexpected Couple
#Capricorn + #Gemini: The Unexpected Couple
#Leo + #Pisces: The Unexpected Couple
#Sagittarius + #Virgo: The Unexpected Couple
You don't want to be on a #Pisces bad side because they seem like their gentle people,but when they get angry they can be like the hulk.
#Aquarius understand things on a deeper level that most people can't even imagine.
A #Capricorn won't say anything behind your back that they can't say to your face.
Before a #Sagittarius let's you kill their mood they will cut you off because they're not gonna let you drag them down.
A #Scorpio can always see right through your bullshit and will sit there and see how long you are going to lie.
A #Libra is a complete package of beauty and intelligence. They are great people to bring to a party.
#Virgos hate when people tell them what to do and how to do it but they love telling other people how to do things.
For a #Leo lies can be hurtful even if they are the flattering ones. They always give the wrong people their attention time after time.
A #Cancer always know what a person needs when they are upset, even if they say the opposite.
A #Gemini is pleasant one moment, irritated the next, baffled the third and passionate the fourth.
A #Taurus can hold their ground for a long time.
An #Aries doesn't have time to stop and think they act off instincts.
#Libra + #Pisces: Introvert VS Extrovert In this relationship.
#Capricorn + #Gemini: Lack of Communication
#Aries + #Virgo: Always fighting about silly things.
#Aquarius + #Taurus: Too Stubborn for each other
#Leo + #Scorpio: Too controlling for each other
A #Pisces will love you like you never want to let go.
You may think an #Aquarius is being cold,but in reality they just don't like you and know how shady you can be.
None of the other zodiac sign is as ambitious or responsible as a #Capricorn.
They say if you want to know the truth, ask a #Sagittarius. They would never mingle with their words.
A #Scorpio sex game is always on point. They know how to bring the passion inside and out of the bedroom.
A #Libra will never tell you something straightaway, instead they’ll sit with it until they feel it's the right time.
A #Virgo will always have the last word.
When a #Leo really cares about you they will put their pride to the side in order to see you get what you need.
Better appreciate a #Cancer or someone else will. Not many people will put up with your bullshit like they can.
You never have to worry about awkward silences with a #Gemini.
As a #Taurus you give some of the best hugs and can make anyone feel good.
As an #Aries you're always open about what you like and don't like so people don't have to worry about you playing games.
A #Sagittarius won't tolerate someone sending them mixed signals. You either want to be in their life or you don't.
#Pisces aren't lazy they are simply selective in their interests.
#Aquarius are very good at picking out subtle signs of things you may think you’re hiding.
With a #Capricorns go-get-it attitude anything is possible for them.
Words don't matter to a #Scorpio if something feels off about you. If they get a negative vibe they will distance themselves from you.
A #Libras sign is represented by the symbol of Justice expect them to always lay down the law.
It take a lot of time for a #Virgo to show attachment because once they get attached to something they generally remain loyal to it.
#Leos have a mind of their own and don't need your input unless they ask you.
#Cancers are loving, sweet,and nurturing people. The only downside is their crazy mood swings.
A #Gemini can blow hot and cold at times. You just have to deal with it because they're not changing for you or anyone else.