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Jeffrey Zeldman
@zeldman @beep as a current web design student, reading #designingwithwebstandards is life-changing! thank you thank you thank you
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Best thing heard at the Matisse show from a little girl: "This reminds me of Minecraft."
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Pentagon: We Could Soon Be Fighting Climate Wars
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The bad news is, they canceled our flight. The good news is, they put us on an earlier one which boards in 30 minutes.
Two hours early for a flight that's two hours late. Fortunately we brought a book.
#chicago #architecture #marinacity #wilco #towers
#marinacity #chicago #architecture #wilco
Marina City, Chicago River, Chicago: Designed 1959 by Bertrand Goldberg
#architecture #chicago #marinacity
#marinacity #chicago #architecture
"Why were you in Fargo?" What It’s Like to Carry Your Nobel Prize through Airport Security…
@zeldman I'm having trouble with the fact that someone actually wrote a book called The Trouble With Brunch. That's a whole book? Really?
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@saladinahmed @zeldman interestingly it says “choose a career or marriage” not “have a career and marriage”
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“The mealtime equivalent of a Jeff Koons sculpture.” Brunch Is for Jerks.
WWII propaganda comic about why America's great. Note the promise of women's rights, which was squashed by the 1950s.
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“On Web Typography” by @jasonsantamaria has been a very good weekend read so far. Learned a lot already. #VSCOcam
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Just posted! Today on @thepastrybox, I write about my awful, horrible, it'd-be-funny-except-it's-not forgetfulness.…
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OH: “I’ve just never seen so many muscular thighs in one place before.”
Watching the Chicago Marathon runners from 20 floors up. (@ Westin River North Executive Club in Chicago, IL)
Terrorism and the other Religions | Informed Comment…
#chicago #architecture #marinacity
My Comment Blacklist for @WordPress now contains over 13,000 spam-blasting keywords and phrases. Boom.…
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Dev.Opera — CSS: It was twenty years ago today — an interview with Håkon Wium Lie…
Our flight out is delayed 90 minutes but the kid is doing fine. Tripit alerts and iPad Mini make family trips much easier.
US Postal Service Releases a Series of Batman Postage Stamps to Celebrate the Dark Knight’s 75th Anniversary…
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“I like the ad but I feel it’s missing a giant wistful orangutan” #imaginethemeeting
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Andre Braugher, "Brooklyn Nine-Nine's" undercover comedian (Photo: Michael Asselin for NYT)
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“Despite everything, I believe that people are really good at heart.” - Anne Frank 12 June 1929 – early March 1945.
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City Room: New York Today: Glimpse the Hidden City
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"You will be rewarded careerwise for quietly producing great work" is one of the most instrumentally harmful memes to internalize.
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Good Dad is flying his daughter to Chicago to visit her mother, who now lives in that city. Ladies.
Two Park Avenue, NYC (1928, arch. Ely Jacques Kahn).
Raise your hand if you learned your HTML skills from books by the founder of @lynda, posts on @alistapart, and view source on @csszengarden.
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“These 8 Tricks to Selecting a Design Partner Will Amaze You” —@monteiro…
@zeldman that guy might have seen you through the reflection on the building. His head in the reflection is in your line of sight.
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13 Ways Designers Screw Up Client Presentations …and one weird trick that works every time.…
How Do We Know When People Are Looking At Us? (photo and story)
There’s more users with disabilities than people using IE8. Still, we tend to drop accessibility in favour of IE8 support. #fronteers14
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Men Loafing #nomad #nyc #manhattan #work #working #men
Metropolitan Life North Building #architecture #nyc #manhattan