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Jeffrey Zeldman
“Let him find his creativity.” @questlove on becoming Questlove (plus great Prince story).…
Of course. Maybe lunch next week instead.
@zeldman Just had a baby and trying to get iCloud shared photo stream working for friends and family is mind-bogglingly inconsistent.
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☆ Fresh at A good conference is a designed experience.…
And here’s what happens after “upgrading.”
This week’s @alistapart sponsor is @HackReactor. Take their 12-week immersive JavaScript program from home! Sweet.
@zeldman I hope you haven't crossed the photo streams!
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I like #iOS8, but it seems to have broken Contacts sync and “My Photo Stream.” Contacts don’t sync. Photos don’t stream.
I'm starting to think ZZ Top's "Pearl Necklace" wasn't about jewelry at all.
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Why is @foursquare in Turkish today? It knows I'm in NYC. I don't speak Turkish. How do I make it stop? @4sqSupport
Remember: #HTML5 Super Friends in old @happycog NYC studios, 2009. How quickly our world changes.
1987 Yo!MtvRaps was named after Yo!BumRushTheShow how many of y'all really knew that?
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Please help. Online Training: Make Apps & Sites Accessible to All by @knowbility.
"Help us create online training that is accessible to people with disabilities and the elderly.”
his 1st, Design is a Job changed my life MT @zeldman: This is the one you buy for your clients…
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No, friend on LinkedIn, you are not a “principle” at a design studio. Fair pricing is a principle at a design studio.
Tryin out a new diet where instead of eating food I spill it everywhere.
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Want to design better sites and avoid making junk? Take a cue from fine chefs! Welcome @jiraisurfer to @alistapart.…
☆ Coming 9/30: You’re My Favorite Client by Mike @monteiro–the newest title from @abookapart.…
There was this guy, sax player, used to honk all up and down the Q Train to Coney Island. Thought he was Sun Ra.…
You call yourself a salesman, you son of a bitch?…
kickstarter for a smartphone that explodes when drivers begin texting with it
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.@mleland A customer who accidentally breaks the numeric order gets publicly ridiculed.
.@mleland each customer is responsible for finding the customers who precede and follow her, and lining up between them.
.@mleland That’s not what Southwest does now. They assign every passenger a random number and make them line up in numerical order.
Southwest's boarding setup is anal and clownish. At gate waiting for A's mom to fly in from Chicago ... and...…
@zeldman wow I’m pretty sure that is a sign of the end of days
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Except for a few sweet hours with my daughter in the middle of the day, I'll spend all of today in cars, planes, and airports.
In my hotel room after #aeaaus, removing exclamation points from my error messages. @katekiefer
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If following #aeaaus made you @aneventapart curious, know this: there are just 15 tickets left for AEA San Francisco.…
Managing the transitions between screens is our new design challenge. It’s a challenge of imagination, not technology. @globalmoxie #aeaaus
“Design for sensors, not just screens.” @globalmoxie #aeaaus
Ladies. Mind the Gap: Designing in the Space Between Devices – @globalmoxie #ux #design #aeaaus
When you combine voice and gesture, you create magic. Expecto patronum, mofos! @globalmoxie #aeaaus #ux
“It’s not a challenge of technology; it’s a challenge of imagination.” @globalmoxie #design #opportunity #multidevice #gesture #aeaaus