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Zack Ryder
The Broski Elbow? Lol
I admit to big problems on JBL (not Cole) Show, BUT @ZackRyder and @HEELZiggler ARE NOT taking over!…
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The Zig Man & I celebrate taking over on the JBL show! @HEELZiggler @JCLayfield…
I'm just gonna shake, shake, shake, shake, shake......
"Named after a hot dog, you poor man! You poor, poor man!" #ghostbustersfriday
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So Star Lord was fat on a TV show?
I think Pandora is WAY better than iTunes Radio...
I just signed the petition "Minute Maid: Bring Back Ecto-Cooler" here...… @Ghostbusters30 @minutemaid_us
Somebody asked me today if I was retired
Sad the last ever issue of @WWEmagazine. I've had a subscription ever since I was a little kid.
There's still time to order this month's @lootcrate. This month's theme is GALACTIC! Use code BROSKI for 10% off!
“@JShaltz: @ZackRyder @kingsizeusa ASAP. Got any more hits up your sleeve? #hoeski” lol no. Workout/training montage though
“@Fleetwood_Dack: @ZackRyder big fan of yours but the goatee looks terrible mate.” Hahaha thanks bro
Was listening to "Hoeski" earlier today. Such a great song haha...
Roses are red Violets are blue If you love Star Wars I love you
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Woo Hah!! Got You All In Check
Billy Shakespeare wrote a whole bunch of sonnets #LFO #Rich
The Long Island Iced Z & The Zig Man @HEELZiggler are taking over the JBL show! @JCLayfield #ZRDZstickers
This week on the #JBLShow, have @HEELZiggler and @ZackRyder officially taken over the show?! PLUS @mrbelding's back!
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So .@HEELZiggler and @ZackRyder think I am vulnerable and they are taking over? NOT going to happen! JBL Show
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Just watched #NXTTakeOver...@KiddWWE is the man! FACT!
Perfect snack before bed @NutsNMoreUSA...but I'm almost all out!
My @originalfunko #PopVinyl collection is getting out of control...
This is going to be a great f'n time. Join us! FREE wrestling show FREE art show FREE beer @PatMyersArt @CreateAPro
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“@danham84: @ZackRyder Watching #MainEvent from this week, and I noticed a scar on your chest. How did you get that?" Google it
@ZackRyder @WWE You're no longer eligible for the Cruiserweight Championship, currently held by @wwehornswoggle
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Hey, please update my bio page. I'm now 225 lbs. You'll probably need to update it again soon as I'm bulking. Thank you. #ZACKED
Driving home to LI. I hope KFC is open near my house. #ZACKED
How sick did my brotee look tonight on #MainEvent?
#Raw tonight in Baltimore. I've had some pretty cool moments in that building. Maybe tonight I'll have another one.
Accidentally buzzed off a sideburn...UGH!
Just said TURN DOWN FOR WHAT in a text
I'll be in action tonight on #SmackDown...check it out!
@ZackRyder 2.5"x3.5" marker sketch I did last night. Been drawing my fave wrestlers while leaning how to use markers
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What happened to PG-13? This video breaks down the neutering of the MPAA, nicely done.…
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