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Zachary Quinto
The first of the 370 pallets of #Ebola aid are starting to load now at JFK airport.
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watch @FollowTheChair tonight at 11pm on STARZ!! and go see HOLLIDAYSBURG at the AMC times square this weekend. so proud of this show!!
.@FollowTheChair is riveting. Go Point Park! @annamartemucci's movie "Hollidaysburg" is avail on demand 9/23. @ZacharyQuinto @nealdodson
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so excited that HOLLIDAYSBURG sold out both screenings tonight at AMC times square!! if you're in NYC check it out this weekend!
HOLLIDAYSBURG opens in NYC in less than two hours! get your tickets NOW and get your tickets HERE:…
sending so much love and healing energy to @Joan_Rivers !!! no one is ready to go on without you lady!!!
Is there a logical reason for a 9 year old child firing an Uzi? LLAP
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a favorite quote presents itself on my way to the jungle. a good sign. literally.
you guys donatella and allegra did the icebucket challenge. everyone can stop now.
@RealMattLucas: RT if this is one of the weirdest things you've ever seen."… 100%
remember when julia roberts was married to lyle lovett?
.@Spockkie2230 has the right idea with his/her profile pic... let's do this. spocks to one million.
apparently @TheRealNimoy and i are in a dead heat for a million followers... i leave it to the twitterverse to carry us BOTH over the line.
national dog day portrait: SKUNK (sleepy knuckle eyes)...
national dog day portrait: NOAH (original gangsta)...
happy to be on the animal issue cover of @thewildmagazine shot by the talented @tetsukubota
@ZacharyQuinto @MrRPMurphy i am doing just that by helping fund childhood cancer research. Join me by clicking here…
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will @ZacharyQuinto get naked in @girlsHBO? Wait till u hear what Lena Dunham told me. #Emmys
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@WEIRD4L: @ZacharyQuinto literally so rude i dont respect you anymore blocked and reported” HAHAHA. GUESS I DESERVE THAT FROM YOU...
thrilled for NORMAL HEART and moved by the eloquence of @MrRPMurphy calling young people to stand up to FIGHT for something! heed his words!
benedict yes!! weird al nope.
literally watching the emmys as i change clothes between scenes for our movie... no complaints. GO FRIENDS!!!
my friend @billyeichner just KILLED IT on the emmys. hilarious as per usual...
also my newest dearest friend @lenadunham is receiving heaps of love from my heart as well... congratulations sweets!!!
may the list of winners please at least include: @MattBomer @jessetyler @MsSarahPaulson sending you all SO MUCH LOVE!!!
just got SO excited for my many dearest friends who are nominated for emmys tonight...
Life-saving supplies for health workers on the frontlines of #Ebola being loaded now at #FTWorth Alliance Airport.
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This vine of Jay Z being a dad at the VMAs is the cutest thing in the world…
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i also cannot (in an entirely different but no less powerful way).
my simultaneous infatuations with ann dowd and beyoncé are somewhat perplexing and yet all the more inspiring for their incongruousness.
Just thought I'd remind people that it is normal for people who create fine music, literature & laughter, to wish to continue being normal.
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a perfect sunday in the city with the sweetest munchkin(s) in the land. @sheder @jameslucy @milesmcmillan
rightfully arrested for wearing (my) crocs anywhere other than the jungle.
all this pretend is making me miss my real life baby. can't wait to see you soon @milesmcmillan ...
our family is growing @jamesfrancotv
please go to to find out more about this organization and donate whatever you can to help @DirectRelief SAVE LIVES!
right now @DirectRelief is working to raise $500,000 for an airlift operation that could save the lives of thousands of people at risk...
currently @DirectRelief is on the front lines of the ebola epidemic providing essential medical equipment and protective gear where needed.
.@DirectRelief has received some of the highest ratings for transparency and efficacy of any nonprofit organization in the united states.
honored to announce my partnership with @DirectRelief to raise awareness and be part of their incredible humanitarian work around the world.
hey @jamesfrancotv would you go on a date with this guy?
in light of the staggering drought in california and the desperate need for clean drinking water in developing countries i opt for donating directly to project ALS in lieu of an icebucket challenge. thanks to @mattbomer and @sleepinthegardn for the nominations.
deepest condolences to the family of james wright foley who died with honor at the hands of barbarians. may such savagery be overcome.
the one that got away.