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Zachary Quinto
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hey @jamesfrancotv would you go on a date with this guy?
in light of the staggering drought in california and the desperate need for clean drinking water in developing countries i opt for donating directly to project ALS in lieu of an icebucket challenge. thanks to @mattbomer and @sleepinthegardn for the nominations.
deepest condolences to the family of james wright foley who died with honor at the hands of barbarians. may such savagery be overcome.
this legit happened today. @milesmcmillan @donaljbrophy @thewiseavoidthewickedtwp with exuberant support from noah quinto. cc: @madonna
a little xy trailer time (with early 2000s bangs) after my pretend beebee @jamesfrancotv told me to put my salmon lips on his bagels.
my costar for the day...
too many legends are leaving...
just serving y2k new year realness with @jamesfrancotv (and our friend molly)...
a beautiful and heartfelt tribute to RW from my friend @joshgad
"o captain! my captain! rise up and hear the bells. rise up - for you the flag is flung - for you the bugle trills..."
fresh faced on our first day.
master multi-tasker. @jamesfrancotv
skinny bitch wig fitting with @jamesfrancotv
watermelon juice transports my heart to hawaii this afternoon.
"what you seek is seeking you." -- rumi
don't worry. BE YONCÉ.
trying to give you a smoldering pink eye selfie. always. is there such a thing...?
maybe one of the last fighters in the fire. somehow. as the plants invite me gently to the jungle.
the escalation of rhetoric is alarming.
we certainly are... @marie_elan
comic-con update no. 2: queen of the con. the stunning @hannahroseware get ready for the ride. j'adore. #hitmanagent47